Thursday, March 3, 2016

Introduction to “How to Survive Nibiru”

I received this excellent comment from a very astute reader who sees my biggest problem on this blog: how to save your life. First the comment:

Anonymous March 2, 2016 at 10:02 PM

What I understood from Rabbi Glazerson's video is that we may be able to avoid the threat of Nibiru if we all do Teshuvah. Regrettably, even if we were able to see the two suns, most people will not do Teshuvah. They will attribute it all to natural phenomena. Therefore, as I mentioned before, I sense we will see nothing in the skies until it is way too late...Ms. AP
My answer (actually the beginning of the answer, since it is way too complicated for one post):

I agree that seeing the two suns will still not help the skeptics. Even all the messages from Hashem, which is what Rav Glazerson is giving us, do not negate the ignorance of people. Even the messages from Hashem through the Facilitated Communications individuals doesn't seem to register.

Seeing earthquakes like the one in Indonesia yesterday, 7.8 on the Richter scale or one of the other 33 earthquakes that happened within last 24 hours, might help the skeptic. Or, seeing one of the 37 volcanoes in the world that is erupting as I type this post might help.  All these messages are unprecedented along with all the extreme weather conditions being seen in the world now.  If your a skeptic, look out your window the answer may be there.

If that doesn’t do it for the one who is too lazy to research and survive, when Nibiru’s tail devastates the Earth with asteroids, meteors and rocks and kills two thirds of the Earth’s population, they will consider doing Teshuvah.

How about when it becomes obvious that the governments of the world, dictated by the global elite start to show signs of wanting us dead (actually that has been ongoing for decades). As an example: the US of Magog knows exactly where Nibiru is, exactly when it is coming our way and exactly when to impose Martial Law on the population to quell and kill the protesters and rioters who realize that their government representatives are only planning to protect themselves and eliminate us. They plan to kill us on the spot, as the active duty military have been trained, or ship us to one of the 800 FEMA death camps already in operation. (The skeptic will probably close their eyes to my last statement). Martial Law is scheduled to be implemented about two days before Nibiru is seen by the world (I learned this from a very prominent source that I can not reveal).

How about the under-the-table messages that military families have received about relocating away from the East Coast, the Gulf region and the West Coast?  These are areas that are expected to be under water as the oceans of the world rise (due to Nibiru).

I have been researching Nibiru extensively and seeing just how much the governments of the world are covering up its arrival. Finding out information has been extremely difficult, but not impossible. If I go by the amateurs who have written on the web and made YouTube videos, I would give up completely, since they say everything from it is a hoax to it is an alien invasion. Google “Nibiru” and see about 6,830,000 results. Ninety-nine percent of sites that I have read are with very little credibility.

I am working on a post of information that I have calculated myself and put together from very reputable sources. I hope to have it done next week, since I need probably another 15 hours to finish. I hope to include pictures of Nibiru from NASA’s Solar & Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) telescope designed to watch the sun and believe it or not get information about Nibiru (to help save the evil ones who funded the project with your tax dollars – ironic, isn’t it). These pictures have been hidden from the public as part of the evil agenda of your elected servants in the government, the global elite.

I also am working on a foolproof plan on how to totally protect yourself and loved ones from the hazards of Nibiru. In other words how to be in the 1/3rd group and avoid the 2/3rd group. Hashem has given us the answers to these questions of survival that will surprise you (it is in the Torah, Hashem’s words). This post also should be done by next week, B”N.

Please Mr and Mrs Skeptic, open your mind to the truth.  Remember, if you don't believe the truth, it doesn't go away.  Only by living the Absolute Truth, the word of Hashem, can you survive, thrive and find happiness now and for all eternity -- guaranteed in writing.
Another Rav Glazerson Torah Codes video containing Nibiru:


  1. You keep mentioning the global elite. And you've also cited Bush senior as part of this cabal and that he is Gog. Just looking at this on a practical level, it seems one has to suspend all good common sense and logic to agree with that. First of all, unless the rest of that family are the greatest actors on the planet,you don't see a hint of them displaying what you know. Secondly, are all the other big business titans , and political leaders who have so much money and power at stake , so oblivious too. They didn't seem to get this inside information, for they're acting as business as usual. What a massive cover up, and acting job, and no leaks, by EVERYBODY!

    1. The only thing missing here is research on your part and the part of all the sheep living in the world who don't have a clue of the reality of this world, they just follow their leader. There is so much documentation that I have seen for over 50 years, including many classified documents that I was privy to as an US Army Officer and government employee. I have had connections in the US government, the Pentagon and even European sources. I am in no way working in a vacuum on this subject and have written extensively on this blog and elsewhere; all with unshakable proof. Please don't compare your flawed human logical opinion with my thousands of hours of research. If you have done any research and found information to refute anything that I have presented, please show it to me and I will be the first one to humbly apologize. I take great pride in being open minded to the truth which is why I only believe Hashem as my best source.

      The other thing is Hashem's opinion. Are the many places in scriptures mistaken, are the many messages from the FC individuals and Rabbis mistaken? Only if you never looked at them do they seem like a mistake.

      So far as the big executives worldwide, you better believe they know the secrets of what's going on and how it is to their advantage to deceive the world; all for their personal agenda. As an example: Why have so many companies outsourced oversees instead of "Made in America?" Why are there gigantic cities built underground to house millions of people? What do they know that they think we don't (or hope we don't)? Books can be written on this subject, actually they have.

      The world is informed by the mainstream media which is completely controlled by the global elite. There is your biggest source of deception.

      Have you ever heard of the Bush cabal, the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, etc (many more evil organizations to research)? Do some very serious research and then decide what is real and what is deception.

      Also check out the education level of people in most countries, especially the US of Magog. It is not that the people don't know the truth, it is that they don't care. They know who won the Oscars, the sports scores from yesterday, the latest songs, TV shows and movies out, how to cruise the web, etc. But, they do not know who their leaders are, how their government set up or the fact that the government is stealing from them, how to eat properly, how to stay healthy, in some cases how to tie their shoes. This is all in scriptures about the upside-down fantasy world that will exist in the end of days -- NOW.

  2. Is it not possible for you to at least hint who your prominent source is? What is their prominence, government, military, religious etc.?

    1. My Prominent Source is Hashem.

      My other sources are several from Army Intelligence, US government and religious sources. I do have a source that is in contact with members of Parliament in the UK. In other words, I have contacts that have contacts.

      I absolutely cannot say names since they would cut me off from information. I am quoting sources from the past as well with whom I have lost contact.

      We are not dealing with good people when we refer to the evil global elite. Years ago I was in contact with two sources that gave out vital information to help people. They were both killed, because they tried to help people. I know of others who are no longer around because of their helpful efforts. I learned a while ago, it is not nice to put people in jeopardy who are trying to help. You are familiar with Assange and Snowden who are both in hiding because they tried to do the right thing (no they are not my contacts, but I have gleaned information from individuals like that, whistle blowers).

      I have even worked for individuals who got out of harms way, because they saw the evil individuals who were running the government. One such individual that I will mention was General Colin Powell. I worked for him in Europe and almost became his Protocol Officer. I am happy I didn't take the job since he left Europe one month after to become the Assistant National Security Advisor under Frank Carlucci. Why am I bringing up General Powell? He is a very good person who knew some of the horrors being done by Gog Bush, Jr, and didn't want any parts of it. They wanted to put him up for Vice President and he declined and got out of politics, B"H. That was a situation where a good person got away from evil in time. I have great respect for General Powell.

      I really cannot say anymore except that in the near future when we are in the world of truth, the world will know who were the good guys and who were the evil ones. But then, who will care?

    2. Reb Menachem: I wouldn't even say as much as you just did about contacts. Don't be goaded into saying too much. Not everyone can be trusted.

    3. Colin Powell supported Obama and that is when I lost respect for him. I don't mean to get into a whole political debate but you mentioning him did make me very curious and confused about what would have motivated him to do that?

    4. The last time I talked to Colin Powell was 1987. Do I know his present political views? Does it matter? Are you asking why a Black man got excited and supported a Black man to be the president? Does Hashem work in mysterious ways? I just know that Colin Powell was very nice to me and actually helped me with a tough situation.

      When the Bush administration was doing very evil things, he, all of a sudden, left politics. Could he have gone on to be president himself? A good possibility since, like Obama, Colin Powell was and still is very popular and liked. Of course, Obama lost much of that popularity, but when he started, he was a glimmer of hope for America -- another good reason why Colin Powell would have supported him.

      Do you know Colin Powell's feelings about Obama now after Obama has ruined the country and working on the rest of the world? Let us not judge an individual that way.

    5. Neshama, You are so correct about contacts and the idea of who to trust. I trust only Hashem, which is why I try to quote scriptures as much as possible as my proofs for subjects. I am not even sure if I can trust myself, since the last time I looked in the mirror, I discovered that I am still human.

  3. I think their are many orthodox Yidden in The USA that if Rav Chaim Kanevsky would say they should move they would. I haven't heard that he has told people to move. Second you say you have more proof that your writing and hope to put it out by next week. The sooner its published would be a lot better. Since if people have to run or etc. being as I think Rav Glazerson said something about March 22 doesn't give much time to do anything. The problem is if Eliyahu Hanavi would come and tell us to leave people would leave. People don't have money and means to just pick up and leave unless they're not going back to where they are leaving ever. I understand there are hints but that is up to how one explains Chazzal's. The autistic's from what I have been told can not be relied upon. If you have more info that would help save people it could be pikuach nifashosh and should take precedence to get it out.

    Thank you very much for all you are trying to do.
    I observed something funny yesterday. I put my iphone down and turned on the compass and set it to due North I happened to notice where the sun was in the sky and it seemed to be like where it would be in the summer (N to S). Suddenly I look on my compass which was just sitting on a counter and it moved 12-16 degrees and the sun I think went south like in winter. This hapened approximately 3:45PM NY time.

    Again Thank You for everything

    1. You have been hiding under a rock for a while, I take it. Rav Chaim, shlita, has been one of the most outspoken advocates of making Aliyah. He has been saying it for a while, telling us that Moshiach is at the door ready to come in. I am not going to give a list, but most Gedolei Hador have been saying it.

      I have been following the FC individuals since 1997 and they have been delivering messages from Hashem that have been validated numerous times. There are many places in scriptures that tell us to be in Israel in the end of days to greet Moshiach. The Torah Codes are also something that I have been involved with since 1991 and have thrived in life because of them -- I believe all messages from Hashem are my key to success.

      So far as you hearing it for the first time, I moved here 13 years ago thinking then that I was short on time. The signs have been obvious for decades, but only for those who have looked at them.

      I have said this many times over the past 4 years (since I started this blog). People are lazy and use their faulty human logic to make decisions, actually excuses. It is like the Jews in Germany in the 1930's who thought: How bad can it get? One who studies history, as I have, would see why 17 million people, many observant Torah Jews, left Europe through Ellis Island. They saw in the 1800's how bad it was getting in Europe and they escaped. The US and just about all other countries in the world have been so evil, so dangerous for decades that millions have made Aliyah. If you had seen the obvious instead of paying attention to your flawed logic, you would have been here years ago. Does that mean it is too late? No, I will talk next week about how Hashem loves you and will protect you. It is not a wait and see, it is a "what you have to do now," program of instructions. One additional note is that I had everything that I needed to retire at age 58 and move to Israel. How? I turned to Hashem completely. The answer is so miraculous that I know it was not my cleverness of brilliant ideas, it was Hashem completely (very long story).

      So far as why do I have to wait until next week? I very often put 10 to 15 hours into my posts. The research, the writing, the re-writing, the posting (I even run it by Torah scholars that I know). It takes time if I want it done the best way that I know how. I have been researching two posts for next week and have not really started writing them yet. Hashem puts ideas into my head, so it should be well worth it for you to read my upcoming posts.

  4. Could you answer please, כבוד הרב, the following obvious question. Why are you not afraid to write about all of this, if it appears to be so dangerous. After all, you are revealing a lot of information that the PTB do not want us to know about ? Why are the PTB allowing you to reveal what you are revealing ?

    1. My answer to you is straight out of the Torah. Before we left Egypt, Hashem told us to take the little lambs, the deity of the Egyptians, and parade them through the streets, right in front of the Egyptians. We tied them to the bedposts and later they became the Korban Pesach. We completely trusted Hashem and the Egyptians were powerless to do anything about it.

      When we do Hashem's work and completely trust in Hashem, we fear nothing other than Hashem. Why fear Hashem? Because if we are more afraid of people than we are of Hashem, Hashem will not protect us, and our enemies win.

      If I have information to help Jews do Teshuvah and save them, and I don't use it, I have failed in the eyes of Hashem and I am in danger. If my intentions are completely to serve Hashem, no person can harm me. The history of the Jewish people attest to this principle.

      I take it that you were using PTB as the Powers That Be. Well I turn it into something that I could never do: Pass The Buck. I will never be an individual who could help people and instead say: let someone else do it. The fact is: it is my responsibility and the responsibility or every "someone else" to do the right thing and help.

    2. Beautiful answer !
      Thank you very much, Rav !
      And may Hashem bless you greatly and provide you protection and help !

  5. Shalom reb Menachem and all the readers.
    To all those who pressure our estimated reb Menachem to go in details about his sources etc.please stop those infantile questions, there is a serious possibility that you can harm his security, his family and connections. If you don't believe what he says, believe his intention his only to help, they are no banners here, no advertising to make you buy any survival kit like in many other sites, etc. Only an outstanding commitment to Torah, Hashem's will, and to the sake of his human brothers. He can only loose here, when people become unfairly aggressive and pressure him to waste time in defending his obvious integrity, instead of concentrate on his main task: helping others, and he does it outstandingly well. If you don't believe, don't believe. Just remember the greatness of this man, who instead of filtering uncomfortable comments, chooses to respond publicly when his integrity in doubt. Thanks G-od most of the readers seem to be mature enough to distinguish between sincerity and dark intentions.
    Reb Menachem, even if for His own reasons Hashem decides to change his plans at the last minute, I will still thank you for the strongest and wonderful, unshakable message you transmit everyday in this blog: the personal example you give about the duty to help others. For me, it worthes everything.
    Thanks again and be blessed.
    Bessorot tovot for Am Israel and the justs of this world.
    Itzhak, Jerusalem.

    1. I thank you for your very kind words. I believe I even like myself more now. If you ever come to Betar, I would like to meet you.

      Something that I would like to stress. I am still human. I try to live a completely spiritual life, but the human side always gets in the way. I am always happy to hear from my readers, as long as it is something helpful to pass on to everyone. If anyone disagrees with anything that I say, tell me from your research where you found a discrepancy. Preferably, something in scriptures, you know, Hashem's opinion. If you just want to blow off steam out of frustration, send it to me as a private Email. I do not want to waste the time of my wonderful readers with a personal problem that doesn't help them at all.

      This blog is to help and even save you life, not to vent anger because one lacks scholarship and never learned the absolute truth, or how to live it. And never should you be nasty to one who wants the best for you and your loved ones. That is intolerable, since it puts you in the 2/3rd group. Hashem reads all my Email and notes who is helpful and who is..... (I don't say such language).

      It's not cool when you have the option to do it the right way according to Hashem's instructions.

      Thank you again Itzhak. I like to see good Jews being the example for others.

    2. I agree with this. I can even confirm, that rav Menachem and his family, save lives by thinking, speaking up and creating a real solution.
      All this because of their effort to do what Hashem wants them to do! Not many Jews in this era can say that.

      עוד 20 ימים לתענית אסתר !!!
      Says my luah.
      Orna Nitzevet

    3. Shalom to all who come here, and to Rav Menachem a special thanks.

      Itzhak, you said it all exactly as I feel and a lot of others who come here feel.

      We stand by, and stand for Rav Menachem!

      We are greatly indebted to him, for helping us see the Absolute Truth!
      I am first also deeply indebted to Hashem.

      All of Hashem's Creations are and should be indebted to Hashem.

      Hashem uses some people, whom Hashem wants - like He is using Rav Menachem to help some of us who pay no heed to what is Truth. Truth of TOrah!

      Any sane person can just look around him/her self, and see how utterly worthless and sinful this world has become. Worse i think even than in the times of Noah!

      So if those who read what our Rav writes and do not like it, I say to you then, stop coming to this blog. Simple.

      We all are still free to do and choose what we will.
      Hashem is causing things to happen, and its not as some think 'natural causes- or so called global warming' as governments would like us to believe.
      Hashem is in Charge. Its Hashem's world and we have polluted it with horrid things, and He wants to clean it, but being Hashem, He gives us a chance to first clean up our act.
      Baruch Hashem!

      Hashem is using Rav Menachem to help us open our eyes and to repent.. the time is now.. and i personally have much... so much more to do myself.

      May Hashem help each of us, who want to do just that. Amen.

      Rav Menachem, Hashem bless you and ALL your family.
      May Hashem help us all to do the right thing.
      Thank you Rav for the hours you spend doing as Hashem directs you.

      We are grateful for all your efforts. May we grasp and take in the full meaning and become what each of us needs to become.
      Amen and Amen.

  6. Hello!

    New video about Nibiru (Rav Glazerson):


    Kol Tuv!


  7. Thanks Rabbi Menachem!

    You did the right thing to warn us about it. If you zip your mouth about it then your hands will cover with the blood (Ezekiel 33:1-6). I appreciated your posts daily.
    HaShem, please fill Your Holy wisdom to his mind to discover more truth and easier for him to write. Thank you!

    Deaf Noahide

  8. This is off topic but, can you write something about "get close to Area 51 and see what happens to you!" Which I read on "breakingisraelnews" in a discussion about Nibiru? What is Area 51? Thank you

    1. I am actually writing something that will explain Area 51, which I believe is a cover-up for certain very Top Secret, even evil developments (like new horrible weapons to kill people more efficiently). The blog post that I am writing explains all alien sightings and where it is talked about in the Talmud. Yes, even ET is covered in scriptures.

      The entire link of Nibiru to alien life is bogus, and the imagination of people who are so obsessed with this fantasy world. People watch too much TV and movies, which make everything in this world a fantasy.

  9. I have tried to post earlier. Can you and Rabbi Gkazerson to a Torah Code search within your Nibiru code matrix and find your where the 6 million Jewish people in the U.S. Can go to if they are not in Isreal by the Time this Nibiru Event is to Happen.???

    1. Torah codes don't work that way. It doesn't allow you to just read information, it allows you to put in words and search for them in the Torah. The results should be statistically significant. But, you need to have the information yourself not to ask it questions and get answers. As an example all of us are in the Torah with every detail about us. Does that mean my date of death is in there? Absolutely. But I have to put in the date to find it, I can't ask the question: when?

      Go to my post of 26 March 2012, entitled "Sources of Absolute Truth," where I discuss the codes amongst other sources:

      There are YouTubes and websites about Nibiru that show a predicted map of where in the US flooding is likely. One such YouTube is:
      I have no idea of the credibility of this video.
      There are many more to review.