Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Shemini, 17 Adar Bet 5776 (27/3/16)

G-d, King of the World, created the world from A to Z. There are no mistakes in creation and no star was created by mistake. Everything that exists on earth - humans, animals, birds, fish, and trees - G-d created everything in His honor, and the choice is in man's hands. G-d brought Jews to the world to fight evil, to fight the impurities in the world, to turn the world from impure to pure, from evil to good, from hatred to love. There will not be a third world war, there will not be a third intifada, despite all of the conflict and complications between countries, it will continue until the entire world repents.

The forces of nature will continue to strike the earth everywhere. All of the Arab countries will fall apart and they will have no savior.

G-d is warning the people of Israel: do not leave Israel for the holidays! ISIS is all over the world, sometimes they look like nice people, but they reveal their cruelty in the end. When Jews are in the holy land of Israel, they are protected, no one can harm them and no one will have the nerve to come close to Israel. ISIS and all the anti-Semites harm the Jews that live outside of Israel. Israel is a protected land. Successful businessmen that invest overseas can leave and come back. Times are rough and ISIS is causing problems all over the world except for Israel. Hatred for the Jews is increasing, there will suddenly come a day when Jews will run and leave everything behind. Jews in Israel need to thank G-d every single second.

G-d loves Jews that have pity for Jews. Every person that has a high position in the IDF must guide the soldiers not to crush them and not to speak ill of them, not to jump to conclusions before everything has been verified. Dear Jews, you must watch over the IDF soldiers, they are only 18-19 years old. You must guide them on the right path and not take away their motivation. I don't wish upon any Jew to stand before a terrorist stabbing a soldier in cold blood. No one in the world can stand before the cruel sight of Jews beings stabbed in front of passersby. Everyone is a hero in their cozy office, but when it happens to someone, they become weak and see that they are nothing.

In the holy land, the holiday of Purim has gone by with joy in every home in Israel, there was nothing missing in any home or family. G-d gave gifts to all of the families in Israel; all of them had great joy! May this great joy turn into the revealing of the Messiah King in public! G-d wants the Jews to remember the meaning behind a holiday. For the people of Israel, every holiday comes with sadness and pain. G-d wants them to keep the holidays according to Halacha. Every holiday, G-d shows the people of Israel how hard it was, how the people of Israel were almost erased from the world and suddenly saw miracles, how G-d turned bitter into sweet and saved them.

In the holy land, nothing is missing. The rain comes with perfect timing, one hundred percent. The rain comes down in the south to destroy the tunnels. G-d doesn't ask anyone, He Himself destroys the tunnels. G-d is doing things that cannot be seen, saying things that cannot be understood, but eventually, everything happens accurately!

All of the citizens that hear noises in the ground - do not keep silent; tell the police and army, in the north and south.

Hamas, ISIS, and the Palestinians continue to dig 24 hours a day. They don't want peace, they want war with Israel.

In Egypt, Sisi is doing everything in Sinai desert to clean the place out; they are killing and being killed, opening and closing. There are many Egyptian soldiers being bribed from Gaza. Sisi isn't sleeping; he suspects everyone and fears betrayal. Sisi, there is a mole that wants to topple your regime. They are wrong; they will harm themselves and all of Egypt.

Syria cannot be redeemed; it has fallen and will not rise.

Russia has gotten rid of all of their old ammunition, and has done their training in Syria. They did good work and show the world their power and strength.

The United States is busy with the elections. Jews, instead of interfering with the elections, pray for G-d to give the United States the president that is right for the holy land. Jews must not interfere with the US elections, they can only pray.

In Turkey, there will be a full blown revolution. ISIS is planting seeds of destruction and driving all of the countries around Turkey toward Europe. Jews living in Turkey must come to Israel urgently. Don't wait for a second strike to understand, it is a shame! Jews in Israel - do not go traveling in Turkey. It is cheap, but it can cost your lives, don't say "it will not happen to me." In Israel, G-d is holding all of Israel with a Talit and a cloud of fire surrounds the borders.

Jordan is waiting for the US elections because they have millions of refugees that are eating it alive.

Lebanon is not interfering.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah don't have enough ammunition. Iran can't get it to them and Syria is dead, they can't help. There is no one to help them.

Iran is trying to send ammunition through Syria and Egypt, but they cannot attack Israel directly.

Esther the Queen and Mordecai the Jew keep them at bay every day. They have enlightenment from G-d that Israel is the chosen people, and they must not be touched! If Iran wants to do something to Israel, G-d will not wait one second; He will open the earth and swallow them!

Most of the countries in the world will fall apart financially, China, Japan, Asia, United States, and Europe don't have blessing in industry. G-d wants them to be subject to the state of Israel! The key to luck and blessing all over the world is in Israel!

G-d hates lust and is revealing everyone, be careful, repent now. All of those who take bribes, cheat, steal, they are all being revealed. G-d hates assimilation, alcohol abuse, drugs and gambling, it harms the honor and future of man.

There will be no tsunami on the beaches of Israel, only outside the borders of Israel. The people of Israel will continue to pray to G-d and all will be good.

The Messiah is everywhere working! G-d is hiding the Messiah. When the time comes, no one in the world will be able to stand against the Messiah, no person or country, not wind, fire, or earth, no nation and not the nuclear bomb. All of the clowns and those who mock will lose their lives; G-d is speaking in riddles so as not to take away free will. The Messiah is coming to bring order to the world in this generation! Every great rabbi in Israel knows who the Messiah is, where he lives and what he is doing all the time! They are afraid to reveal it, afraid that it will lower the value of their greatness. G-d has stopped postponing. The end is near! G-d is giving the people of Israel and the entire world all of the signs. It is in our time!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

There is a very interesting article in Arutz 7 for all out Noachide friends. It looks like a message to you from Hashem.

Chief Rabbi: Gentiles living in Israel must observe Noahide Laws


  1. Thank you Rav,
    Just one question, how would a Noahide prove that he/she is Noahide and not pretending to be one?

    Would appreciate your answer.
    Hashem bless you and all who come here.


    1. I have two answers. Hashem knows and would have no problem exposing a fake. Second, any decent Rabbi could determine very easily with very few questions.

      Also, in the near future the fake anything will be part of the 2/3rd group -- problem solved. Trust Hashem, His plan is perfect.

  2. If anybody wants war it's the Likud party. No country has attacked Israel in 40 years.

    1. The greatest motive for the wars of the past 100 years was to make money. In several cases, the US of Magog financed both sides; what a windfall that was. Did you know that the US set up the financing for hitler, yemach shemo? It was Prescott Bush, Gog Bush's father, who set it up. What a proud family, one of the wealthiest in the world, and trying for more.

      The greatest reason for war in Israel has been hatred. Likud has nothing to gain by war, either great financial benefits, since they are puppets of the US of Magog and let them make a lot of money; or, killing an enemy, since the world is Israel's enemy.

      Israel has the perfect solution to all its problems -- Hashem. In the near future there will only be the Moshiach party and all will be good.

  3. So is Nibiru a no show or are you still counting on it? Gill Broussard has said the search will begin in December 2016 hoping a sighting for Pesach 2017. Thoughts?

    1. Gill was the one who told us 26 Mar 16. He gave us a chart showing exactly where is was and when it would be here. As I recently wrote, I am not paying any attention to people anymore and only getting my info from Hashem.

      The 5776 for Geula and Moshiach is a definite. The Star of Jacob, Nibiru is also a definite and according to the FC individuals (which is from Hashem), Torah codes and other signs from Hashem, it is soon. The codes in scriptures are consistent with the FC individuals.

      I saw a video of Gill saying that when we see Nibiru, he will be able to give us a better estimate. With all the pictures from Hubble, SOHO and thousands of people around the Earth, I conclude that Gill was bought off by the global elite who did not like what he was saying before. Yes, that is speculation, but it solves the mystery of Gill Broussard changing 180 degrees.

      I trust no one but Hashem. Do I still think that Nibiru is not too far off? Absolutely. Otherwise, what is the explanation for the great changes on Earth that are suppose to happen when Nibiru approaches? What about the sun seeing changes, that would only happen when Nibiru is close? We have way too much evidence that all is closer than we think and unless someone can come up with definite proof otherwise, I will stick with the signs Hashem is giving us.