Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Answer to a Very Pertinent Question

I received two messages from someone who comes across as very good person asking a very legitimate question. I decided to not put his or her username to avoid any possibility of Lashon Harah. First the comments:
March 24, 2016 at 11:18 PM
Yes, this is a very important message...but, seems quite humbling, to the Jewish people who do not have the money to fund their trip to Israel, pay for an expensive apartment, find a job for English speaking Americans, pay for food, clothing, etc? What do they do?
March 25, 2016 at 3:01 AM
What if we want to come to Israel, but do not have the money?
My response:
I have two answers for you that you won't care for, and another answer that you should like much more.

One, when the danger is so terrible, make a trip here on vacation, just to escape.

Two, I said this before, a while ago: if you don't have the money, it means you didn't turn to Hashem for help. This world of testing and allusion is not real. How well things go for you is strictly dependent upon how you, measure for measure, turn to Hashem. I have watched tens of thousands of people over a half century, and it has been totally consistent. Hashem has never, and I mean never, let down anyone who followed His ways. There is no such thing as: Hashem wanted to help someone, but couldn't. That is only in the mind of the skeptic.

Then there are those who give it lip service. “I did everything correctly, and it didn't happen for me.” Those people need the most Teshuvah. Instead of correcting their mistakes, they only think they did, or worse, pretend they did as if to trick Hashem into believing they did everything. They only deceive themselves.

I have received over ten thousand comments and Emails over the last four years on this blog. I am amazed at how many times my readers made statements about how lenient they can be on serving Hashem. They have a Rabbi who tells them it's OK not to be so strict; they found a charlatan on the web that gave them permission to do less, or worse, the wrong thing; they read a book about how much they don't have to do; this could be a long sentence so I will end it with, etc, etc, etc. Excuses are in no short supply.

I have had this comment about not being able to just drop everything and move to Israel many, many times. I have also mentioned how many decades the signs of danger have been prevalent. Thirteen years ago is when my family made Aliyah. We saw plenty happening then and realized it was time to come home. Any Jew paying attention to the evil world and the direction that it was going should have been concerned decades ago. If one studied scriptures, he or she would have seen the handwriting on the wall.” It was so obvious how bad it would get as we got closer to the Geula, and the many warnings about being in the safest place in the world for a Jew. That, we were told thousands of years ago.

I have also mentioned many times how history repeats itself. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in Philadelphia where many of my neighbors were Holocaust survivors. This was in the 1940’s right after they were liberated. They didn’t want to talk much, but yet they couldn’t keep it silent. I also lived in Germany for six years and spoke to many people, both Jews and non-Jews who lived through that dark time in history. One thing I learned was how the Jews of Germany in the 1930's thought that assimilation was the answer -- just blend into the goyishe population, after all they were our friends and neighbors, before they turned on us. And besides, how bad can it get? These people also had decades of horrors happening around them, and yet they never left. Good people who didn’t study Torah and who didn’t pay attention to all the messages that Hashem was sending. I am happy to report that there were 17 million Jews and non-Jews who saw what was happening in Europe and fled though Ellis Island at the beginning of the 20th century. Why then did so many Jews not heed the warning and get out? The same reason that so many Jews today never came to Israel over the past 20 years or so. How bad can it get? Hashem will protect us. Look how bad it is in Israel. Another long list of excuses, including: “It is not so bad here.” One caveat that I saw with Holocaust survivors was that they all turned to Hashem when things got so bad.

I have heard interviews on the web, and even heard from people that I have kept in contact with, who have said that the US now is much worse than Germany was in the 1930’s (this of course, includes the rest of the world outside of Israel). How can they say such a thing? The fact that we pay more attention to scriptures that are telling us so is one reason. But, how about the 800 FEMA camps that are already in operation, with millions of plastic coffins in storage. The concentration camps of Europe didn’t appear until the war started in 1939 with most of the death camps going into full operation with “the final solution” in 1941. If you thing hitler, yimach shemo, was an evil, diabolical tyrant, it is even worse what Gog Bush, Sr has in place with his cabal. They do plan to wipe out 93% of the world population to facilitate their New World Order. To make it worse, nobody fears this most evil of tyrants – he has is well hidden, his agenda and real personality. Even Obama, who works for Gog, is in the best position of power to carry out his evil plan, comes across as such a nice guy. hitler was barbaric and everyone knew it, out leaders today are worse, since they hide their evil ways.

A third answer that is a more pleasant thought. I know that what I have said so far is not pleasant and perhaps even very disturbing, but I wish to make some suggestions to avoid perpetuating the horrors of these days. There are so many Jews and even righteous non-Jews who pray to Hashem for complete protection from the coming devastation. But, how many are praying that Hashem should take them out of harm’s way by putting them in Israel. All Jews should be praying to still go to Israel before the end. All Jews should be doing Teshuvah about the mistakes they made by trusting the leaders and the evil governments instead of making every effort to leave. There is an old expression: “America, love it or leave it.” I left it and even let my passports run out to never go back again. Any relatives that want us to visit get the statement: “you come here instead.”

I am still curious whether miraculously all Jews and the lost tribes (all who are righteous non-Jews who are actually the lost tribes, and will be in Israel as well) will find themselves in Israel before the chaos grows to unbearable levels. Why? Because of the evaluation I did from Megillah 17b showing the sequence of events. The return of the people in exile happens before the devastation and the announcement of Moshiach. I am hopeful that Hashem is telling us in the Talmud, and other places, that His love and protection for all good people is a definite. We can never understand the hidden ways of Hashem, but we sure can benefit from those who follow His not-so-hidden ways.

I just want to make one statement to every one of my readers. If everything that I am saying about Nibiru, Geula, Moshiach, etc is totally wrong, but you react as Hashem has suggested, you will be much better off. If everything that I say is correct, you and your loved ones will be alive and experience much less suffering. Right or wrong, you win. It only requires you turning to Hashem and following His ways – a win-win situation. I mention this because I still continue to get Emails telling me that so-and-so thinks otherwise. It doesn’t make any difference. The time to do Teshuvah and bring yourself closer to Hashem is always today. It says in the Talmud that we should do Teshuvah the day before we die. How do we know when that will be? The point is: we don’t, so do it wholeheartedly as if tomorrow is the day. Good advice from Hashem.

Tomorrow, B”N, I have another helpful suggestion.


  1. I made aliyah with no money, and B"H He has taken care of me. We always have food, we always make Shabbat and we manage to pay the rent and bills, not always on time, but they are paid. The trick is re-orienting the mind as to what we "need" vs. what we want in life. Anyone can make aliyah, money is not the key. Detaching from the material and re-attaching to the spiritual, this is the key. And, if one can do it, one can make aliyah with only $500 and survive, happily in the Holy Land. I am happy to speak with anyone who wants to learn more. I made aliyah 8 years ago, come July, B"H, and never once looked back, even though I left family and friends, including grandchildren in america. Please tell them, they can do it. Don't come out of fear or panic, come for love.

    1. I can't thank you enough for such a beautiful inspiring comment. I have witnessed the same with others who came here with nothing, turned to Hashem completely and made it, in some cases, made it very comfortably.

      May Hashem bless you and your family, and bring all of them here very soon. B"H.

    2. Dvora, I would like to talk to you about it. About 7 years ago I had sort of a vision in which I was standing here in west Texas. But I was tall enough to se the whole of the US and even the curvature of the earth. I saw a darkness, what I would cal an evil darkness spreading over the planet coming from the west. I looked towards Israel and saw that was where the only light was. I heard a voice that said "Get there NOW!!" Then I woke up, shaking.

      My problem is, and I look for advice on this, the door has seemed shut on me. I am in my estimation a baal teshuvah, though I havent made a genetic connection. Technically I would be a Noachide that pursues all of the mitzvot, not just the 7. As I have heard, I must convert. Then maybe.

      I have been to a website I think, that mentions the demographics in Israel and that more observant Jews are needed, and I though I want to be in that number.

      Any advice you or The Absolute Truth can give?

    3. Joined to Israel: I have more questions than I have answers.

      One, of course is family. Do you have anyone to talk to even relatives that are not where you live?

      Have you checked genealogical services the can trace your family?

      There is a DNA test that actually checks family background, and can tell you if you are Jewish.

      What was your growing up years like. Did you experience any faith observance? Do you think that your parents may be of different backgrounds?

      I actually have many more questions and can even help you with some of the questions that I have asked, but through private Email. It is not proper to go through such a private matter on a public forum. Contact me at:

      Just as a side note, there was a very interesting article on Arutz 7:
      Chief Rabbi: Gentiles living in Israel must observe Noahide Laws

    4. Dvorah, how do we contact you? I am getting things going through NBN...the more info the better! Agree, if doing aliyah do it for love not fear. Ms. AP

    5. Absolutely. Hashem is making it all scary out of tremendous love. He knows that fear is effective, but it should be fear of Hashem (fear of not doing His will), not fear of the unknown to come.

  2. To answer the point above, i do not have money to come to Israel, well when you make aliyah you get a free flight, an enhanced luggage allowance and there are today many benefits available from Nefesh B Nefesh. To answer the question I have no money for an expensive apartment, so you do not live in an expensive apartment you live in a cheapo apartment in a less popular part of Israel.

    When all hell blows up, how much is your life worth! It is similar to Germany in 1938, if you get out now you can sell your possessions and come to Israel, if you wait, you may loose your life or come to Israel with just what you can carry!

    1. There are Rabbis who have said that. If you don't come now, you may find yourself leaving in a hurry with just the shirt on your back.

      If you have things to sell such as a house, a car, furniture, appliances that may not work here anyway, whatever, sell it, take the allowances that you get from making aliyah (you get from Israel, even if you are not Nefesh B'Nefesh), and do it.

      Is is a great inconvenience? Absolutely. Is it better than being forced to leave with nothing at all? Absolutely.

  3. Trust me when I say that you can just pick up and move. I have done it (long before I even knew who Hashem was) and everything works out. If a gentile couple can do it without any trust in Hashem (although now I see that He was taking very good care of us), then a Jew who has Hashem's promise of care can easily make the move.

    1. Hashem sees your future. Since He knows who will turn to Him and who will go astray, He helps the potential righteous person in advance. Of course, if you don't put off turning to Hashem for everything, Hashem makes it better for you even sooner.

  4. If I cannot convince my husband to make aliyah, I must wait. I daven every day pretty much all day long that Hashem should get us there. That is all I can do short of abandoning my entire family.

    1. When your husband sees Nibiru in the sky, fear might have him out the door before you. Of course, you and family may already be here before the devastation peaks. Trust Hashem; He takes care of all who are faithful to him, even husband control.

    2. Rachel, there is a halacha about children allowed to disobey parents and wife her husband when it come to leaving for Eretz Israel!
      My daughter did, and now afterwards, her Israeli father is happy about her being home and having a young, Jewish and Israeli family!

  5. .... The second such example is found in halacha twenty. Based on the Mishna (Ketuvot 110b), the Rambam rules that husband or wife may coerce their partner to immigrate to Israel. Should the wife refuse, the husband may divorce her with no obligations to pay the Ketuvah. Should it be the husband who refuses he must divorce her and pay the entire Ketuvah. In both these examples we see that the Rambam is of the opinion that living in Israel is of halachic significance....

    1. I have no idea who you are but you are heartless. If we have to die together so be it but there will be NO DIVORCE. I go nowhere without my husband and children. Period.

    2. Who am I? Someone who works many, many hours a day trying to save the lives of Jews and righteous non-Jews (at great expense to me without any compensation -- actually that is not true since Hashem pays the greatest dividends available).

      You didn't get Hashem's message. All Jews, including your husband, children, parents, etc, will be here soon and totally happy and fully following Hashem's ways -- guaranteed in writing. I am only telling you how to come to the same conclusion with the least amount of suffering and discomfort. Your welcome.

      That is not heartless, but completely selfless. Talk to people whose lives I have already saved (of course, I can't give out those names, it would be Lashon Harah, but some have already posted the fact on my blog).
      Look at about 10,000 Emails that I have gotten over the past 4 years (which are private even though many of them were comments that I posted). About 99% were positive comments and 1% were idolaters who are fighting Hashem as well as me.
      Pay close attention to what Hashem is telling you through scriptures, FC individuals, the Rabbis, putting dangers on Earth and my mission of help for all good people. No one, including me advocates divorce, except those who are divorcing themselves from Hashem, chas v'shalom.

    3. Rav, I wasn't calling you heartless, just the other person who spoke of divorce.

    4. Once again, I humbly apologize. I know after having a heart attack that I definitely have one of those.

      I do apologize for something else. I have complete control of the comments posted here, and I should never have allowed somebody to say such a thing to you. Hashem will punish that person, but He will let me know that I have to read the comments more carefully. That is probably what this is all about. Thank you Hashem, I got the message.

  6. It is not as simple as you make it out to be. I cannot abandon my family. It Is so easy for someone to judge someone else's life but without going into all the details so that you can shoot down each one, we are not in good health and have elderly parents in ill health, one of them just passed away, as well as a teen child who died a few months ago, and struggling just to get through each day in this world as it is. We have given it over to Hashem and if He doesn't want us to survive Nibiru, then He will take us as He took our loved ones via cancer. If He wants us to survive Nibiru, He will get us out of here somehow. But you don't tell a grieving mother and daughter to "disobey" (rather go against) her ill husband for the greater good. Really, think before you post. I was talking to the second commenter, not Rav Menachem. Rav, please daven for us.

    1. Do you really think that my immediate family moved here and that we didn't leave many relatives behind, including sisters and brothers, one of which was killed in an auto accident and others who were very seriously ill in hospitals or died? I know exactly what you mean (and possibly much more, most of our relatives are in their 70's and 80's). But, I will tell you a very interesting fact. Both my wife and I have had very serious, life threatening, hospital illnesses over the past 7 years. In both cases we had miraculous surgery that saved our lives. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if had been in the US of Magog, we would both be dead!!!! My wife had such a serious medical problem that people get flown in from the US and Europe for the procedure that was done by a world expert surgeon here and almost nowhere else. I had a heart attack that from the time of the attack to the operating table with full staff operating was under a half hour. They revived me three times and told me if I had gotten there any later, I wouldn't have survived. I also had a top notch surgeon whose techniques were so state of the art, that she did it completely without cutting me open. If I had been in the states, I wouldn't be typing this now. Also, we left the hospital stays after a combined 21 days with no cost. Israel is so far ahead of the rest of the world with medical advances and a medical insurance program that can't be beat. You also have no problems getting a good Jewish doctor (many who are observant, and do things according to Halachah).

      The message from Hashem was so obvious that I have problems with your thinking that I am not considering situations, or being insensitive. Also, check statistics and you will find that longevity is much higher in Israel than other places in the world. The US is decreasing (a male is about 76, while Israel is increasing around 82).

      If I compared my present situation to what I had in New Jersey, you would be amazed. The water here is clean, the air here is clean, the food is much better, except for what Israel imports from America, the healthcare is: see above, the Kedushah is: look above, the learning, the availability of davening, books, mikvahs, Yeshivahs, the lack of Jew-hatred, the security (check statistics to see who is in far more danger than Jews here), etc, etc, etc.

      This can be very long message so I will stop here. Just know that the message from Hashem is crystal clear -- WE BELONG HERE. Any excuses we have, and I know the list is long, is insignificant to the benefits (and I didn't even bring up the near future).

    2. Dear Rachel, i read these comments after a long time. I am Noahide. Somehow i can empathize with you. For whatever i am worth to Hashem i am including you in my list for those whom i daven for. I also daven for my own family.

      Rav Menachem, i had no idea other than just now as i read about how you and your dear wife went through so much, operations etc; and came through with flying colours. Baruch Hashem..
      I feel bad now when i have troubled you so many times with my petty problems.
      You know, as i have told you, you have helped me in getting closer to Hashem.
      I pray that all who are searching ( God's Chosen) and wanting so much to go their G-d given homeland, Eretz Israel..that Hashem will hear each and every prayer. Just hang on to Hashem.. the world needs you all, you the Chosen Nation, the Jews,.. without you we are nothing.. because of you all and the Light that so many pour out to us, (thank you Am Isreal) is how so many will be saved.You are the Light to the nations.
      Dear Rachel... hang on tight to Hashem. He will help you.. Amen and Amen.


    3. Dear sc, we should never ask for testing, if we do, we are showing arrogance to Hashem -- "bring it on, I can handle it." If we ask for a test, Hashem will make sure we fail it.

      On the other hand, when we are tested, we should benefit from the event. Hashem is testing us to help us grow and correct our mistakes. He wants us to get the most out of it, but as humbly as possible.

    4. Rav, i do not understand.. where did i ask Hashem for testing? Please tell me..
      Thank you.


    5. You didn't, King David did and found out the hard way -- don't ask for testing.

      The King said to Hashem: that it is brought down: the G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac and the G-d of Jacob; why does it not say the G-d of David? G-d answered: they were all tested and passed. King David made a big mistake and said: Test me too. Hashem did and made sure he failed. We are not supposed to be arrogant and tell Hashem to test us. In fact in our prayers everyday we say: Do not bring us into the grasp of sin, nor into the grasp of transgression or iniquity. Do not cause us to be tested, or brought to disgrace. Let us not be ruled over by the Evil Inclination.

      There is much more to that prayer, but the important thing is that we should do Hashem's will to accomplish our correction, our Tikun and not have to get the correction the involuntary way with testing.

  7. Rav, you misunderstood me, in both my responses I was responding to the person who suggested I divorce my husband rather than stay here. And my describing our situation speaks more to the emotional inability to pick ourselves up and go when we are paralyzed by grief and dealing with the elderly who cannot be moved at this time. Sometimes practical issues interfere, such as these: when already overburdened by the death of a child and a stroke-caused inability to read and focus on all the minute details required to make such a huge move, it becomes difficult to convince the rest of the family that moving right now is the answer. There are many holy rabbis who are still here. There must be some scenario where geula will include getting us out at the right time even if it is the last moment. And if not, then to paraphrase Esther Hamalka, if we perish, we perish. Better all together as a family than split apart from our loved ones.

    1. I humbly apologize if I misunderstood you comment. You have sounded like a very righteous person in the past with the best of intentions. I hear your frustrations in your comments.

      My biggest problem is the testing of the end of time is severe, and I get a lot of it in my Email. The problem is similar to the reason for Jew-hatred: if you can’t kill the message, kill the messenger. I have been getting a lot of readers using me as a scapegoat recently. They don’t like the message that I am trying to convey from Hashem, so I get blamed for their problems. I don’t mind if they blame me, if it makes people feel better, but is doesn’t solve their problems.

      I have already started a blog post on this very subject. It has one and only one purpose to continue to help good people. We live in very frustrating times, but they are not times to give up or look for excuses, but to do true Teshuvah and solve problems.

      All that you bring up will be resolved. The unsheathing of the sun will solve the medical problems; the moving to Israel for the whole family will be so simple. Everything will happen exactly as you want; all you need to do is completely turn to Hashem to make it as easy as possible. There are always two ways to solve problems, (1) the easy way and (2) the difficult way. I am just suggesting: choice number one.

  8. We have already turned to Hashem completely, we did that as a family at our daughter's deathbed. What I am saying is that we will have to have some if that unsheathing take effect before we are able to make a move. Please pray for us that it happens soon, we have all been through so much.

  9. Dear Rachel, even before you could type out your comment, Hashem knew what you would say..
    Hashem will help you, and you are on my list for all those I daven to Hashem for..
    He sends tests, yes, but also Hashem will not test us beyond what we cannot endure.
    It will work out for you.. Just hang on to Hashem He is there for you and all your family.
    Somewhere i think in Psalms ? not too sure there is this one line, that i repeat when i need help.. and have trouble with worrying:

    with love to all..

    1. Psalms 46:11 Desist and know that I am G-d; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted upon the earth."

  10. " If I cannot convince my husband to make aliyah, I must wait. I daven every day pretty much all day long that Hashem should get us there."

    Dear Rachel,

    To see what the halacha says about leaving for Eretz Israel, even disobey parents or, Chas ve shalom, divorce, let us see, how important it is! Perhaps you can let see this to your husband. When I saw your messages, I had to think about Naomi.
    Impossible situation.
    Many of us got, have impossible situation. I can guarantee you that.
    There is nothing but Hashem. All the difficulties are to test us.
    When I started to loose piece by piece of my secure life in galut, I did not listen to Hashem! I wanted to solve things by my own logica and power.
    When we hold on on something more then Hashem Himself, many times we loose it, to let us come close to the One, who loves us tremendously. All Jews are one, One....we are part of Hashem and right now we are told to come home.
    All the mitzvot we do in galut, is just practice, the real thing is Here!
    Please ask Hashem to give you a way together, and come home for with Hashem, nothing is impossible...
    Your impossible impossible situation in the past...
    Rav Menachem gave me the best Hashem.
    I did.
    My family (most of it) is in Eretz Israel, because I ignored cancer, lack of financial resources, and so on I by trust in Hashem, returned home before it was to late!
    Not everything is solved yet in my own flawed human logica, but Hashem knows exactly what He is doing. My heart go out to you and any Jew that is not home yet.

  11. אורנה ניצבת I have already been tested over and over and am exhausted mentally physically and emotionally. You are not in my shoes. Don't judge or ever dare compare yourself to me. I'm happy for you that you are in Eretz Yisroel. I would like to be there too. When Hashem is ready, my family will be there, but it is not something I can force or rush. I ask you please not to persist in your line of commenting to me. You are hurting more than helping.

  12. " In our deeds and with our prayers we help Mashiach ben Yosef, and by acting with all our strength when the awakening comes from below, we will achieve the unity of Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben David who are “the tree of Yosef and the tree of Judah.” At first they will be in your hands individually, and afterwards “they will be united in My hand.” The unity of both are the foundation for the unity of the Holy One blessed be He and the Shechina, and thus the completion of the Redemption."
    This is the reason for writing a blog, commenting, and sort of arguing, if needed.
    We are all just a little part of a big plan. Everyone equally important. The ones already home, stretching hands and heart out to all the others.
    When a Jew see another one in trouble, he/she do all is possible to help.
    The Shechina is now here in Israel.
    Soon the evil will take completely the other parts of the world in his hands, and at that moment, I am holding my heart...all of us listen, and are home before.
    Time is up.
    When you see that Tadmor is fallen, and at the same time planned to be raised up in April (pesah), in every corner of the earth....
    Please, put the dots together.
    Tadmor= lower then gehinom,
    Temple of baal;
    Elyiahu ha Navi, in past killed all the baal priests;
    Going to kill as one of the princes of messianic era sameh himself=the yetzer ha ra.
    Now timing:
    Seder pesah=
    Kos Elyiahu
    When we open the port=door for Elyiahu ha Navi, the world
    Wants to open the port of ...tadmorim.
    The last fight...
    Any one of you can argue as they please.
    Are you sure you want to be out there, when all this is happening?
    This is my wake up call to all the real NESHAMOT of Hashem.
    Follow the Shechina and be safe!
    This year be Yerushalayim!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And to all dear Noachides, hold on tight on Hashem.
    Perhaps come for a holiday.