Monday, March 28, 2016

A Very Important Hint to Successful Prayer

I have talked about the fact that prayer works.  In these days of final testing I am getting Emails from people who are having personal challenges that seem very difficult to overcome.  Hashem does not give us a test that we can’t satisfy.  But, our own attitude and performance in doing repentance and prayer can make all the difference in the world as to how easily the situation will be resolved.

There are many tips that I could give you or should I say that I have already given you over the past four years, but one big one that I feel needs emphasis is: “how you talk to Hashem.”  I must say that this topic was sparked by readers who have said that they are waiting for Nibiru to come and solve all their problems.  I tell them that Nibiru is only a sign, and that one must do all the necessary effort to make the time of Nibiru successful.

As an example: I have several readers who have medical problems and are waiting for the unsheathing of the sun as I mentioned in:
But, I told them that the unsheathing of the sun, may not work for them if they are ignoring Hashem's messages.  The healing is completely dependent upon the individual turning to Hashem.

The healing could start worldwide, and one could find oneself not be worthy of it.  When I talk about personal attitude, and how you react to Hashem's messages, I am not guessing, it is the only path to salvation.  I have had individuals asking me to pray for them, which I have, but it is meaningless, unless each individual is doing his or her part. 

I am not guessing at this, and my proof is that I am getting many, many results from all over the world of people who are seeing tremendous improvements in their lives already.  I am also seeing people who failing to help themselves due to a terrible attitude.  It is so obvious that everything is measure for measure and not based on whether Nibiru is close or not.  When I say that the world will get so scary that every Jew will do Teshuvah, it means that all will come around to following Hashem, but not with the same spiritual level.  I have mentioned that a million Jews will have a million different levels of Tikun, correction, perfection.  Their futures will all be with Hashem but at different levels.

I have had some personal miracles in my family proving to me the impossible happens when the individual completely turns to Hashem and causes it to happen. 

The system is not that we pray to Hashem, and He makes a decision about whether He wants to help us or not.  Hashem never makes a decision.  He gave us a foolproof system that allows us to cause our own good fortune and healing.

I will give you only one example of people who have failed, since they have made the same ridiculous mistake.  I have heard from those who have said: "Hashem obviously doesn't like me."  That is called bribing Hashem, since it means all I have to do is try to make Hashem feel sorry for me.  When people try to trick Hashem with such meaningless words, they fail and do not accomplish success.  It is actually going against Hashem’s system and causes the situation to be worse.  Another way of bribing that I have heard many times is the individual that says:  “Hashem, You do this one thing for me and I will go to Synagogue every Shabbos.”  That is such nonsense since Hashem sees every Shabbos in one’s life and knows whether the person is sincere or just trying to trick Him.  It doesn’t work even if the individual would go every Shabbos – bribery is not how we deal with Hashem.

The best prayer for healing as an example is you asking for the healing of others.  In the Shemoneh Esrei we do not pray for ourselves, but sincerely want Hashem to help others, all Jews that need healing.  Then entire Shemoneh Esrei is in the plural – we, us.  The system works for those who use this formula, since we are included in the ones needing the healing.  This once again is not trickery or lip service, since we are totally honest in wanting to help others.  In other words, Hashem gave us the most perfect prayer to accomplish everything we want.  The person who tells me, I don’t use organized prayer, but just like to talk to Hashem from my heart.  That is good as a supplement, but to ignore the prayer that definitely works, leaves us with something less than perfection, and leaves us possibly with our prayers not being successful.  Hashem wants us to take care of each other and help each other.  If we pray in the singular, Please Hashem, cure me, Hashem looks at that as selfishness.  When we are concerned with helping everyone, Hashem is much more concerned about us.  That doesn’t mean He makes a decision at that time.  It means that the wording He gave us works when we consider others.

The “me” wording doesn’t work, unless you are in a very specific situation yourself.  I have been in situations such as a car breaking down and “me” needing help.  I just looked up and asked Hashem: How are you going to help me out of this situation?  In every case it happened miraculously, because I always turn to Hashem for everything.  The last time, as an example, it was a couple of hours before Shabbos; I didn’t have the time to call a tow truck, so I just locked the car on the side of the highway and asked my question of Hashem.  I put out my thumb and about 10 seconds later a truck stopped.  This was weird, since trucks don’t stop for a guy with a beard, a black suit and Tzitzis hanging out (fringes from my Tallis katan that I always wear).  I got in and noticed that truck driver was wearing a Yarmulke.  He asked me: are you going to Lakewood?  I said yes, and he took me to my front door.  Hashem works in mysterious ways, but if we ever meet, I have about two hours of boring stories like this to tell you.

Enough said for now.  My advice is: don’t reinvent the wheel.  Hashem’s system works perfectly.  Just use it correctly and you will be in awe of how all can go your way.  In these days of final testing, we need all the help we can get.  Hashem gave us all the help we need; let us use the system to our greatest advantage.  It works.


  1. Yes it works, I have been in many situation's and I always turn to HaShem and it always works out. Sometimes we have to wait for salvation, in my case I had problems with my hands and it would not go away, when I started work as a volunteer in the kitchen for needy people in Beit Cham 2 weeks later I noticed I had and have no problems with my hands, I also have many more stories like this. I pray and I talk to HaShem and ask what do I need to correct as the problem is in our nefesh.. this is great advise from the Rav., take it. Shavuah Tov

  2. Hello? I am sure there are also people who would have quite a different tale to tell. But I agree, we should all have patience, pray, and matters will improve - at least a little.

    1. Read my comments above. I am treated as though I know nothing of the hardships of life. It is just the opposite and I am extremely sympathetic to the problems of good people. It is the biggest reason Hashem tells us in the Torah not to "stand by the blood of our fellow." If we don't help each other, we are as guilty as our worst enemies.

      I have no qualms about what I do, no matter how harsh I may seem some times in my delivery. Saving peoples lives is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, since most fight you, rather than work with you.

      Also, consider that I am not a Rabbi with a wonderful bedside manner. I am a retired US Army Officer with a sense of discipline. I know that people are very lazy and complacent about helping themselves and others. We are in a time that a nice approach is meaningless -- staunch reality needs to be drummed into the heads of the lazy and complacent.

      This is not a saving of lives for the next couple of years, this is for eternity, both the saving and the quality of life. Not easy to get across to people who keep asking "how bad can it get?" Pardon my English, but "you ain't seen nothing yet."

      Thank you for your comment. I realize that you have your heart in the right place. I just need to vent my frustration, and I apologize if I used your comment to do so.

    2. Rav, sometimes I guess we tend to forget that you are human too. Trying to help your people and others too.
      And sometimes it is so sad when you get messages asking perhaps "how you know" or "Your not a Rabbi" etc;
      It is not only Rabbis who teach, its some like you too who try to help those needing help, and trying to open the eyes of all to see the reality of the times we are in.
      I know Absolutlely 100%, that Hashem will bless you all the more for doing this great work for so many.
      Hashem bless you and your family and Eretz Israel, and all good peoples everywhere. Amen and Amen.

    3. Hashem always reminds me that I am still a human being. Every time I stub my toe, or cut myself and see blood, chas v'shalom, or sneeze or cough (this is too long a list), I remember that I am still a physical clumsy human being. The best part of all that is that Hashem is testing me to see if I get angry, or thank Him for paying attention to me and helping me grow. Nothing in life is random, it all has a purpose.

      I have a particular blog post subject in mind that will expound on this point a lot better. Hopefully, B"N, I will finish it today. No guarantee, after all I am only human.

      So far as blessing is concerned, I have an overwhelming amount in my life, bli ayin harah. When one sees a toe stubbing as a blessing from Hashem, what can I say?

  3. Lakewood? I was under the impression that you lived in Israel. Or is there actually some place in Isael called "Lakewood"?

    1. We moved from Lakewood 13 years ago. I definitely live in Israel.

      It is brought down that when Moshiach is introduced, Hashem will move all the Synagogues and Yeshivahs to Israel. In Lakewood they believe the whole city will be moved to Israel. I have already picked a spot near me where Hashem could place Lakewood. I still have dear friends there and I would love to have them and the Yeshivahs of Lakewood nearby (and some of the great Kosher restaurants).