Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fascinating Discoveries about Nibiru

In all my research about Nibiru, I recently came upon a fascinating thought about how Nibiru is going to heal the righteous and eliminate the wicked. I remember years ago reading about the unsheathing of the sun in the end of days. I also remembered that Avraham received healing from the unsheathing of the sun:
“He (Avraham) was sitting outside his tent as the day was hot” (Gen. 18:1) The Talmud Gemara (Bava Metzia 86b) explains that Hashem removed the sun from its sheath and the sun healed him.
Investigating further brought me to the Gemara in Nedarim 8b which states:
In the name of Reish Lakish: “In the future (in messianic times) there will be no Gehinnom (Hell), rather Hashem will remove the sun from its sheath; Tzadikim will be cured by it and Reshaim, the wicked ones, will be judged by it.”
However, further study (Midrash Bereshit Rabbah 6:6) brought me to the verses in Malachi that I had posted. I asked: What is the significance of removing the sun from its sheath? And how is the sun both the tool used to judge evil ones, and also used to heal righteous ones? The Gemara above is based on several verses in Malachi (3:19-20), the closing of the book of prophets, where the prophet describes the end of days. The verse states: “The day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the wicked people and the evildoers will be like straw and Hashem will burn them up and totally consume them. But a sun of righteousness and healing will shine for those who fear my name, with healing in its rays…” I thought that this was referring to Nibiru as the “sun of righteousness,” but I realized that Nibiru is a brown dwarf star whose temperature is very low, about 200 to 300 F.

After further research, I found many other places in scriptures that talked about the unsheathing of the sun in the end of days. Once again, I was not lacking information; I was overwhelmed with how many references Hashem had given us to this process of healing and destroying the wicked. For brevity sake, I will leave it at that and continue on to my fascinating discoveries.

What is the sheath of the sun? The Midrash above telling us that "there is a sheath around the sun's orb," and explains it is the meaning of the verse: "He has set up a tent for the sun" (Psalms 19:5). This sheath is mentioned in several places in the Sages' writings, in which they imply that were it not for its existence, life on earth would suffer terribly and perhaps even perish.

Yet, as much as we can see the sun with the naked eye or through a filter, it clearly has no visible sheath or covering. On the other hand, the Sages beheld the same sun, yet firmly insisted that a sheath exists, because the Torah states that it is there. In this age of spacecraft and X-ray photography of the sun, do scientists have something to tell us on this subject? The answer is plenty. They are totally aware of this covering and the fact that if it weren’t there we would not exist. Similar to the Ozone layer surrounding Earth, Hashem has provided us with protection that makes life on planet Earth possible. Once again the scientific evidence is too involved for a discussion here.

A quick note about another concept that I discussed. Before the flood, the Earth was not on its axis. The sun’s energy was much more intense and it provided the tool that prevented sickness. It was also the reason why everyone on Earth lived to 800, 900 years of age. The sun overhead on a population that was concentrated in a single area of the world provided a very different situation for health and longevity. I mentioned that the Earths access is changing and that Nibiru will probably cause the same situation on Earth as existed before the flood.

With all this in mind, I now know that Nibiru is not the sun that will heal the righteous, but that Nibiru is affecting the sheathing of our sun and will bring it to the healing sun of righteousness. This doesn’t take away the miraculous idea of the sun healing all good people; it just shows us how Hashem is doing this miracle.

Now the next mystery. I have been seeing pictures of the sun as Nibiru approached, and orbited our sun. There is a very crazy phenomenon that has been captured on many pictures, that scientist are not sure what it means. There has been a halo around the sun that has been growing. I realize that this is not a halo but a bubble or a spherical phenomenon that surrounds the sun and is getting bigger. I know it appears to be a camera lens created halo. I thought the same thing, but that wouldn’t explain the fact that it seems to be growing over time. I am continuing to investigate since this has also shown up on pictures that use high filtering. I don’t know yet, but I do find it very interesting. Here is a picture of the sun taken last week. I know that the halo effect is seen in front of the mountains below in the picture, which would support the idea of lens refraction. I will try to get better pictures of this and a more scientific explanation:

Since a halo like this is the light of the sun refracting off of some energy source or possibly the sheath that was around the sun and is growing. That is a possible speculation, but it leads me to believe that Hashem is giving us an indication that in the near future we could either be encompassed within the sheath or that the sheathe will dissipate and no longer shield the sun’s high energy. Either way, is this setting up our sun, once again, as a healer for all the righteous? What I just stated is only a possible guess on my part. I am still doing research on the matter and may have more pictures available from a particular source tomorrow.

I don’t have all the answers, but I may not need them. If we are talking this week, the week found as a good possibility in the Torah Codes, around Purim, we may have many answers. The important discovery is that Nibiru probably will not be close enough this week to do its flyby, but that the miracle of this week may have more to do with the unsheathing of the sun. As I said more research is needed, since organizations like NASA and other astronomical sources are still with their evil agenda of silence. The recent messages from Hashem through the FC individuals confirmed that.

I do have some additional good news. There has been a problem with something else that I have talked about: the order of events and the timing. I will not go into it now because it is very involved, and truthfully I haven’t finished typing it up yet. Tomorrow, B”N, I hope to cover this subject with some very interesting possibilities.
New subjects:

My wife is an avid quilter. She has been making quilts since the 1980’s. It has never been for money, it is always for chesed, kindness. She heads up a group of Jewish women who know the meaning of kindness and helping others. They have made many quilts for Israelis injured in terror, for sick children, for gifts for simchas and recently for cancer patients.

On my wife’s blog (we all have to have a blog) she posted a letter from a quilter who also makes quilts for patients. I want to share that letter with my readers. I ask you to go to my wife’s blog. Why? It is a good example of what Hashem wants from all of us in helping and caring about others. You want to be ready for the craziness coming up? Let my wife and her friends be an example of how to insure Hashem’s love and protection for us.
The Quilting Corner 

Also, I have talked about how prayer works. Read this article about one of Israel’s secret weapons, which just happens to be a weapon you possess: 

See you tomorrow, B”N.


  1. I do not know the source of this. I only received it as teaching from one of my teachers, but he told us that in the end of days, the evil gentile will say "If you had only given us mitzot we would have kept them better than the Jews." Hashem will say here is one mitzvah for you... sit in your sukkah along side of the Jews. Hashem will then cause the sun to shine brightly and while the righteous sit in their sukkot studying the evil ones will kick down the walls saying that nobody can keep that mitzvah. Perhaps we will see something like the unsheathing of the sun this coming fall.

    1. That is excellent and is also from the Midrash (and talked about in Talmud). I was going to include it here, but it required more explanation, and as I said above it was getting too cumbersome that I had many more examples than I needed.

      Thank you, it is a very good example that pertains here.

  2. Rav Menachem, breaking israel news, has too many xtians putting their comments there about their man god.

    I do not know why if it is Jews running that why they allow these comments.. they ought not tol But then again perhaps they feel, all are good, and that perhaps the xtians may be right in the end, so they are playing it both ways?
    They should not allow these other comments, and also i have noticed most comments there are from the xtians. Only a few from Jews.

    1. Geez Rav. you posted your comment twice :)

      I purchased your book, and went through comments there.
      SOmehow or the other i came across someone who was a Jew, and then found the jc guy.
      He is supposed to have been born in a very Orthodox Jewish family, and his grandfather was a great Rabbi..
      He gives on his blog(which i will send you, only if you wish, but it will be directly to you via email. You will have to let me know via this your blog).
      So let me know, I am as you know a Noahide. I read that and felt i have to do something like tell this guy off.
      But i wanted to consult with someone first. So let me know, and perhaps you can enlighten a lot of people after you read it.
      Will wait here for your answer.

    2. You are absolutely correct, and it is playing into my hands, since I started to write a blog about that very subject.

      You will notice that every article and video from a good Jewish source is being commented on by idolaters, and in most cases with an attempt to debunk the subject. Why? They are getting very desperate and trying to manipulate Hashem's messages for their idolatrous purposes.

      Read the book of Ovadiah that tells of their end coming, and believe that we are getting such signs, even desperation, that it is soon, B"H.

      I even got a review on on my book from an idolater. I should be displeased, but the Jews are smart enough to see around this nonsense -- it has increased sales of my book.

      Hashem works in mysterious ways -- even in trying to get the Jews of the world to turn to Him. Jew-hatred has always been a good tool to get Jews angry and combative. Hashem knows exactly what He is doing.

    3. SC, please send it to me, since I want to talk to the individual. I don't believe we are talking the same individual since his comment on was not about my book, it was just vengeance on a comment I made on a YouTube video.

      You need not tell him off, since it is probably not the same person. However, if you do have a Jew who went astray, I want to help him, not tell him off (more of turn him on).

  3. Thank you Rav.
    So the tail devastation of Nibiru is not going to manifest itself onto planet earth in the very very near future like is being discussed?

    1. Correct. It is my topic for tomorrow, since I am trying to guesstimate time frames. You might want to remove one of your "very's" on you comment, if you catch my drift.