Sunday, August 6, 2017

Where does "Palestine" come from?

Watch this excellent video about “ISRAEL and PALESTINE: The Words that turned history upside down” by Yehudit Shier Weisberg

This presentation is totally accurate. It lets us know why Israel is by international law from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Such agreements as the UN Resolutions, the Oslo Accords and other agreements do not by international law override the San Remo Treaty, and therefore are not binding (or even legal). Therefore, all the land in Israel is Jewish land. The only occupied land in Israel is Jewish land that Arabs are claiming is theirs. Even according to the Geneva Convention if a country is attacked and wins the war the land remains with the sovereign nation. The only reason that the world thinks we should give the Arabs land is out of Jew hatred. Of course, Hashem, Who is the true Owner of the land, has made it very clear to whom He gave it.

The fact is the Arabs have 650 times the land that the Jews own. They have never said in Arabic that they want the land, they just want all the Jews and other non-Muslim people DEAD. The popular expression in Arabic is: “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” They have not been too successful with us Saturday people, but they are having a good time taking over the US, Europe, etc. It is unfortunate that the Jew-hating world believes the nonsensical propaganda of the Arabs, and in turn are facilitating their own demise (the end of the Sunday people). Hashem at work.

So far as the statement that before 1948 the Palestinians were the Jews, I still have Jewish neighbors who were born before 1948 who can verify the fact. I have one neighbor who told me how the Arabs refused to be called Palestinians before 1948, in the same way today many Arabs don’t want to be called Israelis.

What is coming up in the near future? Israel will be much, much larger than it is today. Hashem’s plan to return the Jews and the lost tribes to Israel will require much land. Moshe was told the borders in the Torah, which includes certain Arab countries. Even international law will be null and void when Moshiach is announced as King. The land will all be according to Hashem’s law – the Torah, B”H.

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