Monday, August 21, 2017

The Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017 and Beyond (continued)

There are so many news articles, websites, blogs, videos, etc covering the eclipse. It is such a big deal, but not just for its interest value, there is so much covering the danger that is expected and the fulfillment of prophecy.

I would need many more days to research and write all that I am seeing about this historic event, but if you look at the calendar, today is the day – time is up.

I talked yesterday about many aspects of the eclipse including the path across the US of totality. It is so obvious that Hashem has this on a perfect path to accomplish measure for measure exactly who will be affected by the devastation to come. Since the solar eclipse is a negative omen for non-Jews, it must be happening to bring chaos to specific non-Jews.

If we continue the wording in the Talmud that I posted yesterday, Succah 29 we see reasons for the eclipse and even for whom it is happening (note that the eclipse is happening on the 29th day of Av and just happens to be covered on page 29 of the Gemarah). The most fascinating reason that I wish to mention is “homosexual activity.” I was amazed at the fact that the US Supreme Court could actually sign into law for all 50 states to have a blatant disregard for Hashem’s commandments. I know there are many examples of other subjects as well, but to take such an abomination as taking the sacred blessing of marriage and saying it is allowed for gay couples is the worst travesty of justice and, according to the Torah, is punishable by death.

Hashem put us on this Earth and commanded us to “be fruitful and multiply.” Such a beautiful commandment does not mean that we can cheapen and devastate Hashem’s plan as we want. Marriage is not a physical commandment, but is a spiritual one. When we talk of creating soul mates, it is not just a cute concept to describe the love of a man and woman; it is the actual predestined completion of a couple who share the same soul. It is even more defined for Jews, since the soul of a Jew cannot combine with that of a non-Jew.

But, to make a combination of people who are the same sex, we find that not only impossible, it is an abomination to Hashem. That is why Hashem gave us two commandments. Leviticus 18:22 very specifically tells us “a man cannot lie with a man as one does with a woman, it is an abomination.” (This is where the non-Torah scholars like to point out: but it doesn’t talk of a woman being with another woman – it is elsewhere in scriptures, so please don’t point it out to me). The more emphatic commandment is Leviticus 20:13 which tells us that men who are involved in such an abomination are to be put to death, and that the blood is upon themselves.

One would say that the western culture would never write a law that would put gays to death, yet since this world is run by Hashem, with the laws coming from Hashem, all of this is telling us that the eclipse, its devastation to follow and even the more devastating effects worldwide from Nibiru will satisfy that commandment. I have been saying for 65 months that everything in this world for each one of us is “measure for measure,” now we have a very good example of Hashem keeping to His word.

I know that I am going to be asked: if Jews are gay and are being included in the 2/3rd group isn’t that strikingly different from what we have been saying about all Jews being in the 1/3rd group? There are two answers. One is that a practicing gay Jew will suffer; he or she will be taken from the world and cleansed, possibly in Gehinnom and then returned for an eternal future. The other answer is that all gays who think that they are Jewish are very possibly Erev Rav and will suffer the pain of the 2/3rd group.

I wanted to mention that I said “practicing gay.” Homosexuality is a very difficult test from Hashem, very likely brought from a previous life. If the homosexual person comes to this world and lives as normal a life as possible (marrying a true soul mate, having children, etc), doing complete Teshuvah, that person has passed the difficult test and will be greatly rewarded. If being gay is treated as an opportunity to come closer to Hashem by not violating commandments, Hashem will greatly reward that person for following His ways. Obviously, if the person wants to defy Hashem and be proud of this affliction, even wanting to participate in parades to celebrate the abomination, that person is doomed and will receive the death penalty as commanded.

There is much more that could be said about this subject, as well as other subjects for which the eclipse will have a deeper meaning, but the most important point that should not be missed is that Hashem told us this would happen 3329 years ago on Mount Sinai. The fact that we are seeing prophesies being fulfilled is miraculous and inspiring. We should all look at this as such proof that Hashem loves us and wants to help us to a future of immense joy and goodness. Even the fact that so much is appearing in the media and on the web about the mystical aspect of this event should reassure us that coming closer to Hashem and living His Absolute Truth is the only way to salvation. There are videos of Torah codes found about the eclipse with a definite message of doing Teshuvah to speed up the coming redemption. That was also put in the Torah 3329 years ago (Hashem knew that we would find it now).

This idea of Hashem helping us is not just with the eclipse, it is with everything that is happening in the world today. I received an Email telling a story that just happens to include a beautiful message from Hashem:

During Synagogue services today, we were told of a miracle that just happened in Barcelona. The relative of one of the men who survived let someone know and our Rabbi shared the (true) story this morning. It goes something like this: A group of Jewish men had just finished a meal at a kosher restaurant in this tourist hub in Barcelona. Following the meal they decided to go outside for a bit, just to get some fresh air. Soon after, someone from the restaurant came outside and told the men that they needed people for a minion (a quorum of ten men for prayer service). All of them decided to go back in and be part of it. Two minutes after they went inside a van with terrorists plowed into pedestrians and started their act of destruction - right by the spot where the men had been standing. An incredible and true act of Divine Providence saved these men.

I remember dozens of stories from 911 with similar Divine Providence. One story told of a minion that was on the 80th floor of one of the twin towers. They had finished their Morning Prayer service but realized they didn’t have a Shofar, which is blown every morning during the month of Elul. The minion proceeded to the 20th floor where another minion was. They had a Shofar to complete the service. As soon as they arrived at the lower floor, the first plane hit the floor that they had just left, B”H.

I myself have told of having orders twice to go off to war when I was on active military service (Vietnam and the Gulf War). Both times something came up that curtailed my deployment. I also had a situation where a friend was piloting up to Virginia for the weekend and asked me to go along. I was eager to join him and his friends, but at the last minute something occurred and I backed out of the trip. Monday morning I was informed that the plane crashed and my friend and five of his buddies perished. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hashem is there for me and takes good care of me and my family.

I have many more mystical topics to cover, but not necessarily dealing with the eclipse. The biggest message that I want to convey is that nothing is random in this world and everything that is happening is the plan of Hashem. It is completely for the purpose of helping the righteous and eliminating the wicked. That becomes much more obvious with the passing of every day. Just know that if you and your loved ones are following Hashem, you are in the 1/3rd group and will go forward to the most unbelievable world of truth, happiness and goodness.

If you are still a skeptic or even worse a non-believer, consider yourself a fool. The proof of what is necessary to have all the goodness of Hashem is becoming so obvious, with the time remaining being so short to get it right, that you have to be with your eyes closed or completely asleep to reality if you still think you know better. The suffering for which you could be setting yourself and your loved ones will be horrible. If you are such a gambler to ignore everything that is going on in the world, just make sure you can tell your loved ones later on why you completely messed up their eternal future, chas v’shalom.

Nothing that I am saying is speculation; the proof is beyond obvious.

Tomorrow I hope to continue with more proof about the coming days after the eclipse, B”N. The information is way too extensive to continue here. I must mention that a very large black area has been seen on the sun this is a possible area of intense radiation that if it hits the Earth will cause great disruption sooner than believed. I had mentioned that something like this could knock out the WWW, worldwide web. If it is what Hashem has planned, then it was nice knowing you, since my blog will be no more. Of course the good news is that the end of the WWW could be replaced with the WWR, the worldwide redemption, B”H.

Note: If you are in an area to observe the eclipse, be aware of how dangerous it is to gaze in the direction of the sun, even for a very short time. The total eclipse will only be in an area about 70 miles wide across the US and totality will only last a couple of minutes. If you look at the sun only seeing a partial eclipse, it could be the last thing that you will see in this lifetime. Please, please, please use some common sense and don’t think that just because it is not hurting, it is not damaging.


  1. The total eclipse will only be in an area about 70 miles wide across the US... There are 70 nations of the world.

    1. Hashem is consistent; He sends us messages all the time. Everything that happens has significant numbers, names, gematria, codes, etc. It is one of the many ways that we know Hashem is here and running the show.

  2. According to the Torah there is no marriage by the goim. They don't need a ketubah or any ceremony to be intimate, let alone the approval of some useless idol-worshipper. But homosexuality is an abomination for them as well. If the couple is living together and they cheat on each other, it is considered adultery.

    Of course I recognize that Hashem despises this abomination and is going to punish those who engage in it, sooner or later. Honestly, I feel pity for them, I don't hate them, since they only damage themselves for eternity... except for those who desecrate Hashem's name by making "proud" parades and trying to make their sickness acceptable to society (which they accomplished for the most part in the western world). Their problem is even worse than someone privately making sins in their bedroom, without publicizing it. And it's something worse multiplied by a million doing such a horrible thing in the holy city of Jerusalem, where Hashem decided to make His presence rest. Nevertheless, I'm more anxious to see our enemies on both the alt-right and the alt-left get destroyed and go express to Gehenom or Kaf Hakela. They don't know what's waiting for them. They think this world is "hefker". You can do basically whatever you want, as long as you don't get caught by the police. You can insult people all day long, make lies in the press, do all sorts of immoral acts, spread lashon harah, racism and rotten ideologies on the Internet. They don't understand that if you mess with the Jewish people, you go directly against the Master of Universe, Who won't forgive the enemies of His children. The same goes for all those filthy liberal Jews spreading their gayness all over the world, always making the Jewish people look like a wicked godless nation, supporting the enemies of Israel and poking their nose into other people's business. It's incredible how some Jews (mainly erev rav?) traded the holy Torah for false beliefs and ideologies, "broken cisterns that cannot hold water." They will get destroyed with their fake ideas forever, unless they do serious teshuva. They are a living chillul Hashem, not much better than the antisemites (not to mention they don't keep Shabbat and basic mitzvot, which is the key to have Olam Habah in the first place). If those traitors think they are going to get saved just because their mother is Jewish, or because they have a last name like "Cohen" or "Goldberg" (although many of them are not Jewish), they are living in delusion, not very different from radical mohammedans who think they are doing a favour by "fighting for Allah", but they only desecrate His name. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that our enemies hate Jews because of the "Chomskys" of this world. They use that sad reality as a pretext, since antisemitism exists before Marx and Trostky, and before the haskalah promoting assimilation, and before the modern world. After all, we can't forget there were horrible massacres, blood libels and persecutions in the Middle Ages, when most Jews were keeping Shabbat, the mitzvot, were ready to die on kiddush Hashem and were living SEPARATE from the goim, usually in ghettos (maybe the problem was that they were not willing to make Aliyah). Besides, Hitler didn't target a specific group of Jews. He targeted both religious and secular, right-wing and left-wing, rich and poor, capitalists and communists, pretty and ugly, ashkenazi and sepharadi, Zionist and anti-Zionist, rootless cosmopolitans and hardened chauvinists. Esav will hate Yaakov no matter what, even if suddenly all Jews reject liberal ideas and move to Israel. They will use "the cruel Jew among the nations" as a subtitute for "the subversive Jew among society." It's worthless to explain those antisemites that not all of us are bolsheviks, or bankers, or Israel has a right to exist, or we don't drink Christian blood... (end of part 1, keep reading)

  3. Part 2:
    ...they will always find another pretext, regardless of how stupid it is. The more we try to please them, the worse it becomes. We only have to please our Father in Heaven.

    HOWEVER, all those left-wing Jews in America and other gentile countries light up their hatred even more, like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Because of them, many people perceive us as the biggest promoters of homosexuality, loose morals, communism, socialism, race-mixing, etc. Via Hollywood, the media and the banking system, instead of associating us with the holy nation we are (or should be), they blame Jews for undermining the traditional fabric of society and culture and bringing the country to the point of destruction. It's true that there are Jews like that, who lost the path long time ago. But this reason won't serve the antisemites in their trial, since they should have realized very easily that not all of us are like that. In reality they are jealous because of our success and because Hakadosh Baruch Hu chose us among the nations to be His most dear treasure. If I were a God-fearing gentile, and read in the Bible how much Hashem loves the nation of Israel, for my own good I would try to do everything I can to help the Jews, just like someone who wants to gain favour in the eyes of the king by helping his son. They read that "the nations are like a drop in a bucket; they are regarded as dust on the scales; he weighs the islands as though they were fine dust..." AND THEY STILL HAVE THE NERVE TO GO AGAINST HIS PEOPLE??? The only reason why Hashem hides Himself is to let those people sink even more and accumulate more punishments for themselves in the afterlife.
    I REALLY can't wait to see the end of all those disgusting wicked people...

    Whether you like it or not, the fact is that only Zionism and the State of Israel brought some relief to the Jews after so many persecutions and genocide, because now we have an army and the capacity to hit the enemy who wants to destroy us. We can live as a free majority in our own land. Hashem let this secular movement triumph because religious Jews were not willing to make Aliyah without Mashiach. Rav Kook criticized those religious leaders who thought we had the merit to be carried out to Eretz Israel in heavenly clouds, which is total nonsense. They were too comfortable in galut, so Hashem gave them a lesson we will never forget. Rav Yehuda Alkalai warned that we have 100 years from 1840 to immigrate to Israel nicely or else! Some of them in Monsey still refuse to get the point, while secular Jews in America... for the most part, they don't even care, they betrayed their God and their nation long time ago. Unfortunately, it will be too late when the US of Magog takes them to FEMA camps and discover that "the land of the free and the brave, with equal right for all" is a deception, just a dream like was in Germany before the nazis. A Jew will never have a real home outside their land in Israel. There's an incoming civil war in the US, fueled by the "deep state" (Gog Bush? Obama?) behind the curtains. I think this will be the pretext to impose martial law and begin "depopulation" while they hide underground, but that's only speculation. What about the Jews? Well, as I said before, for different reasons both the left and the right are our enemies. The "fringes", alt-left and alt-right, are no longer so "fringe". Sure, there are still some decent conservatives like Steven Crowder who support Israel and reject antisemitism, but even if they wanted to, they will not be able to protect American Jews when the chaos starts. My fellow Jews in America, make Aliyah and eliminate the diaspora... or the diaspora will eliminate you! Now it's time to run. Pack your bags and come home. Later airports will be closed and you will get destroyed with the whole of Edom.

    ✡✡✡ Mashiach now✡✡✡

    PD: Querido Menajem, no sabía que hablabas español. Eso me hubiera ahorrado tiempo. jeje

    1. Everything you said is muy interesante, but I don't have the time to comment on much of what you said. Perhaps at a later time, B"N. Mil gracias mi amigo.

  4. I have seen so many comments from both Jews and non-Jews stating that this eclipse is an omen for either good or evil. All the postings I have read made me remember that Luzzatto wrote in Derech Hashem that Hashem set up this world in such a manner to make it appear that the world is under the influence of the stars and the planets, although He controls everything. To the non-believer the world is controlled by the zodiac, to the believer the world is controlled only by Hashem. One is allowed to go in the path that one chooses. The miracles that you mention prove that Hashem is taking control of the fate of the individual who believes in Him. I could also write a book on the many miracles that He has performed for me, a lowly Noahide who is just trying to do right. Although part of me says that the eclipse is just a natural event that was going to happen whether I believe in Hasham or not I know that He does nothing without a very good reason. I am not a prophet nor a dot connector, but the events that have been happening in the US during the past few months show that we have come to a time when we must either shape up or get shipped out with extreme prejudice. I think I have said it before, but it bears repeating now, this is the time for all believers to engage in sincere repentance, prayer and charity. I also pray that I am part of the 1/3rd, but if I am not, then I trust in Hashem's true judgement knowing that I will receive only measure for measure.

    1. You are correct in most of what you say. There definitely is an influence by the stars and constellations that we were born under, but that is do deep it is not a discussion for here. The Zodiac is a Jewish concept and fascinating at that.

      There are other things that you are bringing up that get into my post for tomorrow. See you then with hopefully some satisfying answers.