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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Ki Seitzei, 5 Elul 5777, 27.8.17

The Holy One, Blessed be He, everything starts from Him and everything ends with Him. Since talking with Moses in person, since He spoke to the children of Israel at Mount Sinai, and to this day, the Creator of the World is talking to us through nature through natural disasters, through complications and conflicts between states, through mishaps, problems and blows in the foot or hands, things that happen to people every day. In other words, all the blows and problems that a person encounters suddenly, unintentionally, also all good things that surprise him - everything is from the Holy One, Blessed be He. This is known as the Holy One, Blessed be He, acting in the 'natural way'; the Holy One, Blessed be He destroys in a natural way all the Arab states, and intertwines and complicates them. He does anti-Semitism in the world, natural disasters and floods. This is his speech; this is the language of our Father's speech in heaven with the whole earth and the Jewish people.

In Barcelona, ISIS hit a hundred and thirty people and killed some of them. They planned to hurt and kill only Jews, but the Creator made a miracle that does not show that there were no Jews at that time. "This is the speech of the Creator in a natural way. "The Father in Heaven is going to intensify anti-Semitism much worse in the world and increase the flow of refugees and infiltrators to Europe to help the Jews immigrate to the Holy Land." The beginning was in Africa, almost everyone fled; now it is in Europe. They will also flee from the Arab countries; the next place is the American continents, the US, South America and America North. The Creator of the Universe calls upon all Jews: "It is a pity for your life and your body, go urgently to the Land of Israel!

Just as a Jew cannot be in the center of Syria or Lebanon, a Jew must not be abroad.

There is going to be a very difficult situation in anti-Semitism and various ISIS attacks, the oceans and other seas are very angry, floods and tsunamis will come, to take places of lewdness and abomination. Do not wait to come frightened to the Holy Land.

Jews in the Holy Land, do not leave the Land of Israel during the holidays! The most protected place in the world - the Holy Land. The Creator is in the Holy Land; the Creator of the World says to the Jews: 'I am your Father, you will be with me in the Land of Israel on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Everything they tell you about going abroad is all in one interest, only money, money, money and honor!'

The United States has sites and bases in Israel; that's why it gives money to Israel, and the US knows that one of the safest places in the world is the Land of Israel. The US backbone is the Land of Israel, and the US does not believe in the Arab countries. Trump sent an emissary to Israel, and the emissary did not know who was against whom.

Russia has backing from all the Arab countries, it sells them arms and ammunition, through which it controls the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared Putin in advance and made an agreement with him: If Iran makes problems for Israel, the IDF will destroy everything that comes from Iran.

Iran wants to sow its venom in Syria, because Syria and Iran are cruel. The IDF will not allow them to breathe. It is forbidden to let Iran connect with Hezbollah on Syrian soil, and the IDF will destroy Iran from below, and the Holy One, Blessed be He, will destroy Iran from above.

The infiltrators and the refugees occupy and kill Europe, and Europe kills the infiltrators while they are at sea. The Europeans dislike infiltrators and refugees because they think they deserve everything.

Syria will continue to be erased, no one can help, not Iran, not Russia, not Hezbollah. Car bombs, problems and killing will continue.

Turkey, ISIS is eating it, rebels want to topple Erdogan, he will kill or not - they want to topple him.

Jordan is full of infiltrators and refugees. They eat each other and the King of Jordan can do nothing.

Hamas and Abu Mazen - they are fighting for the chair.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels continuously.

In the Sinai Desert endless wars will continue.

Egypt, in place for Sisi to engage in the purchase of weapons and ammunition and digging under the Suez Canal - he better take urgent care of his people for livelihood and food because hunger is growing and spreading throughout Egypt. It is worth it for him to repair the economy and not to invest money in weapons and ammunition in the direction of Israel and elsewhere. If he continues with his program to harm Israel, the Creator will open the Aswan Dam and cover all of Egypt.

Lebanon is at war with Nasrallah and Hezbollah.

In Europe there will be many more attacks and murders; Europe is boiling. He who takes pity on cruel ones will end up being cruel to him. They opened gates for Muslims, infiltrators and refugees, and now they got into trouble.

Jews are not allowed to be abroad; the Land of Israel has everything. Jews who travel abroad think they are 'ventilating' and 'cleaning their heads' - they are spoiling their heads worse than bad! They return to Israel with evil demons and spirits. The Goyim hate the Jews because they succeed in everything.

In the Holy Land, the Jews of the right and the left must unite and love each other. Do not chase or hurt. “The end of a thief is to hang.” Let the Holy One, blessed be He, work. Do not shame someone, there are courts. Do not blame a person if there is no proof yet. Instead of making a controversy in the Land of Israel and slandering, they should go to work, volunteer and study. The goyim are happy and laugh when many Jews argue with each other.

Wealthy and affluent Jews should not invest abroad. Companies that have a 'charity fund' should give only to Jews in the Land of Israel. Every wealthy person who has a 'charitable fund' and gives to gentiles will go bankrupt. If they give to the Jews in the land of Israel, they will have a blessing in money!

Dear Jews, be careful on the roads and the crossings, there are many terrorists who want to run over pedestrians; you have to keep your eyes open. Caution! Even at a green light you have to look well before you cross.

All bribery, theft, cheating and lewdness men are caught.

Jewish parents, do keep your children away from assimilation, gambling, drugs and alcohol.

In the month of Elul, the Holy One, blessed be He, waits for His sons for Selichot and prayers, to remove all the peels from them so that they will be pure and clean, and on Yom Kippur eve to embrace His children for a long and good life.

The whole world is Gog and Magog, chaos and natural disasters. All nations and countries will cry out and cry to the Holy One, blessed be He, and ask Him for mercy to save them. Everyone will know that there is redemption for the Jews and there is a Messiah!

Messiah travels back and forth in the Land of Israel, and the majority know him. The Messiah, by the way of the Creator of the Universe, does the wars of Israel, protects the Land of Israel, and everything that he says is fulfilled. The Messiah helps every Jew, no matter whether he is wealthy or poor, religious or non-religious, all of whom are equal in the eyes of the Holy One, blessed be He. The Messiah, the servant of Hashem, wants to save all the Jews!

The Creator of Israel guards the borders of Israel with a wall of fire, and the Messiah serves as the messenger of Hashem, working twenty-four hours - defending the Holy Land. What was once, the tribulations and the difficult wars, the Land of Israel has undergone is today running out. The Land of Israel is protected and sheltered; this is not what it used to be. All Jews in the Land of Israel have a sense that the spirit of the Messiah is hovering. The Messiah protects, guards and opens the eyes of Israel. We are in a very good and beautiful time that there is the Messiah, the messenger of Hashem, and the Holy One, blessed be He, above. The Holy One, Blessed be He, prepares the people of Israel to receive the Messiah in public!

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