Wednesday, August 23, 2017

An Excellent Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Shoftim, 28 Av 5777, 20.8.17

The Creator of the World and the merciful Father of the World says “I told the Jews who live in the US that anti-Semitism will intensify and the Jews will have to fold and flee from there. Many people are mocking and scornful like the people of the desert generation who made a calf, and like the generation of the desert who mocked and slandered the Holy Land. All the old generation of the desert who mocked and ridiculed the Holy Land, at the time of Moses and the spies, were all buried in the Sinai desert. Our Father, merciful and compassionate, says to Jews living in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia: "You think that abroad is modern and elegant, the material is yes, but not you, the people are primitive." Cars, airplanes and advanced technology - it's a modern world, but you are primitive. Whoever seeks material, pursues money, does not understand Hashem's providence in the world and does not observe the Commandments – that person is primitive, because in the end he will go to prison. So, now everyone in Israel and around the world is seeing the truth; there is a lot of anti-Semitism in the US and everywhere in the world.

In the United States there is a very large earthquake among the people living there and the Jews; they hate the Jews and everything will be revealed in public. Trump came to power to make order and cleanliness, and because of his son-in-law, hatred has doubled. Neo-Nazis are a great danger in the United States.

Jews living abroad: Money is not a force. Even during the Nazis and the Holocaust, the Jews had a lot of money, they were the smartest and the richest in the world - the Nazis came and murdered six million Jews. Immigrate to the Holy Land! In The holy land, the sea is holy, the synagogues are holy and our Father in heaven is in the Holy Land. Clouds surround the borders of Israel and the fire of the Creator of the world protects the Holy Land; and yet, "You must be very careful for your souls."

Seven billion Goyim hate the Jews. They know that the Jews have a strong spiritual force, and are afraid of them.

In Barcelona, ​​Spain, the Holy One, blessed be He, made a great miracle for the Jews. The killing took place on a mostly Jewish street. The Creator made a miracle and removed almost all the Jews from this street - a very great miracle! The Jews who saw what happened there will be traumatized for a long time. They need to escape from there urgently; this is a warning! This time it happened like this, tomorrow they would directly hit the Jews living there. The Creator says to Jews living abroad: "Run away and go to the Land of Israel, better now! Get organized and come to the Land of Israel! ‘Father in Heaven is a Father who calls to His children: 'My Jewish children, anti-Semitism is burning, you see the hunger on their faces, like animals who want to eat the Jews.' The Jews abroad say: 'What else will happen?' Father in Heaven tells them: 'Do not try me, the blow in Barcelona was very hard one, and it was a great miracle for the Jews; it came to warn you; go up to the Holy Land. It can happen anywhere one hundred times stronger.

Trump in the United States will help and assist the Holy Land, but Jews living in the United States will not get any help from Trump and his government. Trump is under pressure and tension because the people show him they like him, yet he is disappointed with the people.

The United States and Korea "got off the tree." Father in heaven lowered them pleasantly and slowly.

North Korea is disappointed that it has not been helped to be strong against the US. South Korea – humble.

Iran is more dangerous than everyone else. Once Syria was the cruelest in the world, today it is Iran. It is constantly looking for ways to transfer weapons and ammunition to Hezbollah and Nasrallah and all kinds of places, in order to harm Jews in the Land of Israel. It is scared to death from the IDF, and yet the IDF must be vigilant and watch for new movements coming from Iran and elsewhere. The Iranian treaty with the United Nations, a white page, does nothing; the Iranian people will blow up the Iranian president and explode, patience. Iran does not openly go out against Israel; it sends scientists and professionals to activate Nasrallah.

Hamas is busy with the tunnels and is busy stealing the large amount of money coming.

Egypt is busy in the desert of Sinai; Hamas is busy in the desert of Sinai; ISIS is busy in the Sinai desert, and the extremist Muslims in Egypt are busy with how to overthrow Sisi. If Sisi will not be strong, they would devour him. Sisi, they are using you; be strong, be with Israel honest and truthful - you will only have good.

Jordan, the king is a good friend of Israel, and yet in Jordan, he shows that he hates Israel. There are lots of groups of heavy terrorists there of all kinds.

The Israeli government must not to give up even one inch of the land of Israel to the Palestinians, whose goal is not peace; they have one goal, to destroy the Land of Israel

The impurity is celebrating strongly with Hamas and the Palestinians. Those who pity the cruel will not have pity from Heaven.

Many terrorists are leaving from Turkey. There is a nest of terrorists and ISIS, and from there they go out to the whole world.

The goyim living in the Land of Israel, with blue identity cards, are very dangerous. Do follow them and search and check their villages and homes. They are waiting for instructions from Abu Mazen and their leaders.

Syria is being eaten up by itself; every time it takes air to breathe it again is suffocated.

Russia gets what it wants, it is happy with its part.

China takes patents and robs them; they are friends of the good and the bad.

Iraq is the same and will continue to be so.

East Jerusalem - IDF be alert. IDF soldiers go three together and not in pairs! IDF soldiers, do not believe the Arab children; they disguise themselves as poor and they are very dangerous; they have traps.

Israel must be vigilant in the borders and stop the infiltrators; their goal is to defile the Holy Land.

The world will continue to experience extremely difficult natural disasters – fire, harsh winds, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis. The Holy One, blessed be He, is fed up with a world of deceit, adultery, bribery and murder, and wants the world to be of goodness and love.

The whole world is afraid of World War III - they are right. The Creator says no, it will not be; it will not be! It will be the revelation of our righteous Messiah in public and the establishment of the Third Temple! The world is upside down, chaos and Gog and Magog; the Creator of the world is quietly preparing the revelation of Messiah in public and building the Third Temple!

Jews are a chosen and holy people from the days of our forefather Abraham; come to Israel urgently!

The whole world is in chaos and Gog and Magog, except for Israel. The whole world is in confusion and complications. In the Holy Land of Israel - tranquility and quiet, a land flowing with milk and honey, waiting for the good day to come, and they will all be subject to our righteous Messiah. The Messiah is working twenty-four hours until the Holy One, Blessed be He, will give the righteous Messiah the signal to act and work in public.

There is tension and pressure in the world, free hatred, anti-Semitism, they say that the end of the world has come, that a Third World War is at the beginning, according to what it is happening. This seems to be true, but our Father in Heaven says, 'This is not the end of the world. These are the birth pangs of Messiah.’ A woman before birth is in severe pain until the baby comes out. The Messiah should be born in a big way, and the whole world will beg the Messiah in Israel to help them. The end of the evil world for the Goyim; for the Jews in the holy Land of Israel, this is the beginning of the New World!

Dear Jews, the Third Temple has not yet been established, but there is a third Temple! The awakening of the Third Temple has begun. The reason why people are looking and finding one treasures and antiquities of the First and Second Temples, is that for the Holy One, blessed be He, this is the beginning of the construction of the Third Temple!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website
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  2. Ze'ev Jabotinsky traveled around Europe giving his "Er kumt" speech in shuls all over Eastern Europe, that Hitler Y"Sh was coming. Not many paid attention to Ze'ev which set up their own demise once Hitler invaded each of their home countries. So incredibly prescient was Zeev Jabotinsky zt"l. We need someone with the weight of a Jabotinsky to go into shuls in Brooklyn giving the same speech!! But in the case of Brooklyn, the ones coming are the roving gangs from adjacent neighborhoods to Borough Park or Flatbush, once society collapses or after an EMP strike. And the ones coming are just as likely or even more likely to be coming from BLM as/than they are from the KKK.

    American Jews: Eliminate the diaspora or the diaspora will eliminate YOU! The US is dangerous. Even if you have enough merits to be protected by Hakadosh Baruch Hu in schmutz lahaaretz, it will be much harder than in Israel.

  3. Clarification of my previous message: It was for decent observant Jews who voted for Trump in Borough Park or Flatbush, not the liberal traitors. Unfortunately we have enough leftists in Israel with blood on their hands because they want to be loved by the world. If you want to make Aliyah, please leave your pathetic liberal leftist hangups in America. We don't need that nonsense in the holy land. Here, just worry about what Hakadosh Baruch Hu thinks. What the menuvalim who are running this world think will just get more holy Jews here in Israel killed. If you don't want to change your rotten ideology, it is best to leave you in FEMA camps. For those proud Jews who don't support the Arabs... you don't have to change who you are. Just change your address to a holy one (and start keeping Torah and mitzvot in case you are a secular conservative, it's easier to adjust your mind to the Torah than if you were a rotten wicked liberal who loves Obama, immorality and rights for murderers).

    But I'm sure my friend Menachem thinks otherwise. He's more optimistic, he thinks all authentic Jewish souls who were in Har Sinai will make teshuva and became tzadikim in the end, although it will take them a lot of suffering. I wish he was right. But why do you need to suffer? JUST MAKE THINGS EASY FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY!

    1. You are correct except for the end. The being optimistic and thinking that "all authentic Jewish souls who were in Har Sinai will do Teshuvah and became Tzadikim in the end" is Hashem's opinion; I just happen to share the idea.

      But you are correct. We will all be happy in the end, but with different levels of testing and suffering -- measure for measure commensurate with our needs.