Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Readers’ and My Response to My Interview on Israel News Talk Radio

I received many responses to my interview, both as comments and personal Emails. I must start out by saying: I am so proud of my readers. I am truly blessed with meeting some super people because of this blog. What was the most consistent response that I got, that put such a smile on my face? My readers complained about my spontaneous answers to the questions I was hit with during the interview. Readers telling me that after reading my blog for years, they knew that I knew better, and that I gave weak answers during the interview. That makes me feel so good to know that my readers are recognizing the absolute truth when they hear it.

Rather than go through all the responses that I received and that I am continuing to receive, let me review some of the questions that I fell short of, as though I haven’t read my own blog (I really need my readers to keep me honest).

This is in no particular order; it is just as I remember from the interview and from my dear readers’ responses.

In talking about Torah codes, I was told that there are many possible responses that will be based on the free will of people. That is not true since Hashem is not in “time,” He is infinite and knows everything that was, is and will be. That means that every thought they we will have, every word that we will say and every action that we will perform is known to Hashem. When He wrote the Torah and put everything in it, Hashem saw every free will decision that we will make in the future and the outcome of every situation that we have yet to influence. The Torah doesn’t tell us all the possibilities. It tells us exactly what will happen, what will be the final results.

If you read my post of 12 June 2013 entitled: “Sources of Absolute Truth”  you will understand that the Torah is the genetic code, the blueprint for the universe and all that is in the universe, including each of us. If I do a DNA study of a single cell, it does not give me all the possibilities for the organism that will grow from that cell; it is the actual blueprint from which the cell will reproduce. A cell from a baby tells me in the DNA code what will be the hair color, the eye color, the shape of the head, etc, etc, etc. It only has one pattern that it follows and that is the program of the DNA.

The Torah was seen by Hashem two thousand years before creation (a reference to our timeframe, not His) and put down in the 304,805 letters exactly how the universe will be and how history of everything will happen. We don’t look into Torah codes to find information; we are seeing the script that we are living. If it is not in the genetic code which is Torah, it will not happen. We are living our lives according to the string of letters of the Torah. Of course, as I said, it already includes all decisions we have yet to make.

Another subject that I was queried on was that since there are so many Buddhists or Hindus or even devout Xtians that are good people, am I saying that they won’t make it to the 1/3rd group, just because they are involved in idolatry of sorts? First of all, let us define a good person. If I look at the Ten Commandments as a guide, the first five are between people and Hashem and the second five are between people and people. That means that if someone is involved in any way at all with the abomination of idolatry, they are in the Eyes of Hashem not living the commandments. By definition, they are not good people. Hashem gave us all our instructions in this world on how to be totally happy and successful. It involves a love for our fellow human beings, but it cannot in any way deviate from our love of Hashem, the One who gave us life.

Let us not go by our flawed human logic in this upside-down fantasy world to determine what the absolute truth is and what human nonsense is. Hashem is the only source of goodness. If we want to be called a “good person,” it has to be by Hashem’s standards, not ours. Come Judgment Day when we get our report card for how well we lived on planet Earth and what we deserve, measure for measure for our eternal life, it will only be by Hashem’s judgment, not by human standards.

There is so much about Nibiru that I could say, but I really believed the most important point was missed. Hashem created Nibiru, Hashem told us all about Nibiru in our scriptures, especially its role in bringing the worldwide redemption, and Hashem is controlling Nibiru exactly according to His will. For us to question whether it exists is total nonsense considering I found it 409 times in the Bible. It is almost like saying: if I have not seen Nibiru, it does not exist. With that attitude why would anyone believe in gravity, just because Hashem told us about gravity? The obvious answer is: “but, I can see the effects of gravity; I am not floating around.” So, I would have to ask: does that mean all the crazy unexplained gravitational and magnetic effects of Nibiru disappear just because we haven’t seen them?

By the way, there is a full solar eclipse to happen on 21 Aug (Rosh Chodesh Elul). It will be seen as a total eclipse in the US from the Northwest to the Southeast. For a few minutes it is predicted that Nibiru which is near the sun will be visible during the time of the total eclipse, when the sun is completely covered. Be careful not to look at the sun when it is not fully covered. Even a small area of sun can be dangerous to look at.
I was questioned about the validity of the messages from the Facilitated Communications individuals. Once again like gravity if we don’t personally know all that has happened, it doesn’t go away. I have said numerous times: whether we believe it or not, the truth doesn’t go away. I mentioned that I have been paying attention to these beautiful souls since 1997, 20 years. Not occasionally but reading and analyzing every message that they have given us (or should I say Hashem has given us.

If you want very informative information, there are two books that I have (there may be more, but I don’t have them yet), that tell the truth about this phenomenon of individuals who are physically in this world, but are spiritually connected with the real world and Hashem, its Proprietor. The books even talk about connections that have been made with people in comas or, believe it or not, an 18 month old baby, who physically was not verbal yet, but whose soul is thousands of years old and totally aware of all. The books are “Secrets of the Soul,” and “Galia, Messages from Heaven.” Both books make you a believer of the FC technique and its possibilities.

Let me tell you of an incident with Galia, a Down syndrome girl who until she was 11 years old never communicated with her family. When her mother heard about the possibility of conversing with her daughter, she immediately set up a session. The mother was very nervous at the possibility of having a conversation with a daughter she loved dearly, but had never talked to. The mother came to the session and reached in her handbag for the list of questions she had written at home to ask Galia. The mother realized she had forgotten to take the list, but Galia told her mother through the facilitator, not to worry. Galia answered the entire list of questions in the order that the mother wrote them, without the mother asking one question.

I have two friends who know the Golden family very well and their son Binyamin who I have quoted numerous times. One of my friends told me the same type of story. When his father wants to ask Binyamin a question, if he is already with a facilitator, Binyamin has the answer already tapped out before the father asks the question. When people ask Binyamin a question, very often he will answer with “Hashem has not told him the answer to that question,” therefore he doesn’t have an answer. Binyamin is the one who told us that the redemption was to take place in 5776, but Hashem told him that we were not ready and needed more time to do repentance. Am I saying that Hashem didn’t know we wouldn’t be ready? Absolutely not. Hashem caused us to do more repentance by telling us it was 5776 and then giving us more time. Everything that Hashem does is for our benefit; we need only to take advantage of it.

Since I always like to ask the question: What does Hashem have to say about the FC individuals? The answer is in the Talmud, Bava Basra 12, which says that after the prophets were no more, prophecy will be given to the children and the Shotim (the translation of which gives a connotation of an individual who cannot talk). We also have in the Torah in Parshah Shoftim, the test for prophecy. If an individual consistently tells of things that will happen and they come true, the messages came from Hashem. Hashem controls the charlatans of this world who make money by predicting. They guess at many, many predictions and then when something just happens to work, even though it is as vague as can be, they advertise their prediction and hide all the mistakes they made.

The predictions of Galia, Daniel, Menachem (not me), Moishele, Binyamin and others have been spot on for decades. No guessing, just very definite connections with Hashem.

When Hashem sends us messages, we should never think “we know better.” There is nothing more beneficial to our lives than studying Hashem’s ways, His Torah, hearing His daily updates on what is going on and living our lives according to the absolute truth we are being told.

I tried in the interview to only talk about what has already transpired. It was misunderstood when I was told, “we will see if these sources happen.” I was only talking about decades of events and categories of the truth that HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED (PAST TENSE). I never got into what I feel is coming up since I was not believed in what Hashem has already told us about the past that was 100% accurate.

As an example, I am presently working on connecting the dots of events happening in the world and verses in the Bible that very much appear as prophecy, once again, being fulfilled. I have learned my lesson and will not even disclose this information until it is much more proven and not just a very good possibility. I know that any time I say that I found a possibility and it doesn’t happen exactly the way I mentioned, there are those who do no research but who are always ready to tell me “you don’t know what you are doing.” Why do I continue to probe possibilities? For one and only one reason, to try to give my readers a hint about how much time we have until the game is over. Judgment Day is close. I call it the “The Too-Late-Date.”

It says in the end of the prophet Daniel that “the end is sealed until it is time.” We are not to know exactly when Moshiach will be announced since most would stop everything and just wait for the time. The most important repentance, prayer, helping others, learning Torah and doing the commandments is now before the too-late-date. It is not a time to relax and wait; it is a vital time to step up the action of coming closer to Hashem. An effort now means a better eternal life for each of us and our loved ones.

Yes, the time is close. When? I am not a prophet but I do see great signs of all being done by Rosh Hashanah. That means the month of Av or at the latest that month of Elul. We must always believe that it is today. I said by Rosh Hashanah not on Rosh Hashanah, probably long before. That means that everything might be done by then. When is the most important day to us, the too-late-date? Treat it as tomorrow at the latest. The Talmud tells us that we should do repentance on day before we die. Since we don’t know our last day on Earth, it means today we must do the best repentance, the best improvement, the best correction possible. We must treat tomorrow as the too-late-date. Today is our last chance for a tremendous eternity. Today is our last chance to sign up for the 1/3rd group.

Don’t mess with fate, especially since Hashem has given us the greatest opportunity to happiness beyond our wildest human imagination. Hashem told us in His Torah, Deuteronomy 30:19 - 20:

19 This day, I call upon the heaven and the earth as witnesses [that I have warned] you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live;
20 To love the L-rd your G-d, to listen to His voice, and to cleave to Him. For that is your life and the length of your days, to dwell on the land which the L-rd swore to your forefathers to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob to give to them.
Now you heard it directly from Hashem. It is truly the only way to go from this second on. To my dear readers: keep up the good work; you will be so, so happy you did.


  1. Amen v'Amen.

    Todah Rav. You always try to reach out and help so many of your blog readers.
    Its up to us now to do as each of us have to, in emunah, (i am trying but now and then i fail myself), just have to never give up, and to keep looking up and reaching out to Hashem.
    May Hashem help each of us humans to do as we have to as indivduals... May Hashem give us all the strength and help, all who are trying their best.. Amen.
    Hashem bless you and yours, and Am Israel, and also all good peoples of the world... Amen.

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