Thursday, August 17, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Re'eh, 21 Av 5777, 13.8.17

The King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, brings redemption to the people of Israel, redeems the Jews from all over the world and brings them to the Holy Land. If we want to understand what is happening in this world, this is "Gog and Magog" – the Jews will come to the Land of Israel to settle here. If they will ignore His warnings, the Creator will continue to complicate and divide the whole world, except the Holy Land, to shake and shudder it with the elements, the floods, the volcanoes, inferno and fires, severe winds and storms. The earthquakes will continue and tsunami will not be late. All this is done by our Father in Heavens so that the Jews will flee from the lands of the Diaspora and immigrate to the Holy Land so that the Jews who live in Israel will not go abroad. It will also be that all the people who wish to disturb the Holy Land of Israel and the Jews in the Land of Israel will be preoccupied with the floods, earthquakes, fires and storms The Creator of the world confuses them and brings quarrels among them, diseases and in short: the ten plagues of Egypt.

Any country that will work with the Land of Israel, in trade and in any other fields, that will support the Land of Israel and the Jews, will immediately feel the help of the Creator of Heaven. If they will continue to deceive the Holy One, Blessed be He, the Creator will continue to strike them very hard, until all the nations and all the presidents and kings understand clearly that they must not touch the Holy Land of Israel, but praise the Holy Land and the Jews who live in the Holy Land.

Outside the borders of Israel there is 'Gog and Magog' and 'chaos,' and within the Holy Land of Israel: The Holy One, blessed be He, protects and guards. The best economy in the world is in Israel; love and peace is in Israel; the most advanced technology in the world is in Israel; the best army in the world is in Israel; the best doctors in the world are in Israel, because there are angels with them coming down from heaven, and it is only in Israel. When the Jews in the Land of Israel will stop playing soccer on Shabbat, they will take the World Championship! Shabbat is the source of the blessing and one who does not observe the Shabbat, loses the source of the blessing.

What remains to be repaired in the Holy Land of Israel? That the Jews on the right and on the left would be united - that would be the joy of the Holy One, Blessed is He!

All the countries of the world are afraid of a nuclear war, they are all afraid of death because they have families, children, grandchildren, and if G-d forbid there would be a nuclear bomb, it will not distinguish between good and evil, all will be destroyed. Before a country sends a nuclear bomb, all will know. Everyone wants to push the button, to destroy the world first.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, the King of the Universe says to all the nations on Earth: The Land of Israel is flourishing and growing, all the Jews of the world must come to the Land of Israel; the Messiah is in the Land of Israel working and acting, building the Third Temple. The world will not be destroyed, nothing will happen! There will not be a third intifada, nor a Third World War, and not a nuclear war. Everything that happens, all the chaos in the world, are solely for the sake of the Jews so they will come to the Land of Israel and for all the countries that disturb them to be in 'chaos.' If they will redeem themselves, they will have only goodness.

Israeli government: do not to believe a word from China, they are concerned only with themselves; they care only about themselves and you must not give them any information, knowledge or patents.

Russia, Putin is happy, selling arms and ammunition, doing what he wants and what he wishes, he does not see care of anyone.

The United States, Trump is afraid of a missile war; the world is built today with millions of missiles; there is no work for tanks, armored personnel carriers or any other armored vehicle. Every missile has a tremendous power of destruction.

The Gaza Strip, Hamas take all the money they receive and complain that they have no money. They give money to the workers in the tunnels instead of letting the citizens have something to eat. They continue digging tunnels; the Creator will not let them succeed. They dig and reach the Egyptian border. The Holy One, Blessed is He, gives sickness and disease with the tunnels.

Egypt, Sisi has a strong headache, he entered a dead end. There is a great hunger in Egypt; there is a mess in the Sinai desert; the Gaza Strip is making a mess for him; ISIS is creating for him a mess; the extremist Muslims are creating for him a mess, and in short, they want to eat him alive and he does not know how to get out of the situation. The Creator is telling him: connect with the holy land of Israel with integrity and truth - you will have plenty of welfare, protection and shelter without end.

Jordan, the king speaks outwardly as if he is against Israel and in secrete he is protected and sheltered and loves the Land of Israel and the Jews. It is hard for him to take over the cruel evil; all day he puts out fires.

Turkey, Erdogan is threatened and executes all people so as not to have a revolution; he is in great fear. In the end, he will have a revolution from ISIS and the rebels.

The Muslims are filling all of Europe with refugees. Even though they are killed in all kinds of places along the way – nothing helps.

In France there is a big mess. Everything that happens there is terrorism. They say it is not terrorism, to try to keep it quiet.

France, England, Spain and Belgium will be severely beaten.

Iran is proud of the nuclear bomb they are producing.

Syria, there is no cease-fire; there is a continuation of the most brutal war. No one will stop the killing until it is erased from the face of the earth.

Nasrallah is under the ground; he is finished and dying.

Lebanon does not want war; they do not want Nasrallah.

Natural disasters will continue, as long as the Jews continue to be disturbed. The sea is raging and noisy, wanting to take over and purify the earth, and the Holy One, blessed be He, stops it for now. There is an angel in the sea waiting for the instructions of the Creator of the Universe.

The Holy One, blessed be He, says to all the nations of the world and to all the presidents: Anyone who wants to disturb the people of Israel, I will reveal them naked in front of all the television screens.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, cleans the land of Israel and discloses all the people of lewdness, bribery, deceit, adultery and theft, and embarrasses everyone in the media. There is no exception, religious or non-religious.

It is forbidden to hold demonstrations against a person who has not been convicted. All the disturbances against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are from money that came from abroad to a group of mostly non-Jews and a few left-wing Jews, to bring down the right. They have no problem with Netanyahu; they want to topple the right-wing government in order to destroy the Holy Land. They are looking for a political way to destroy the State of Israel. Netanyahu is a wise man, a wise politician who does not agree with them. The Holy Land succeeds in economics, in the army, in real estate, in technology, so they want to topple the right-wing government due to jealousy.

Dear Jews, protect your sons and daughters and explain to them not to mix with the Gentiles. The Jewish people must not humiliate themselves and be assimilated into gentile societies.

Jews need to observe the Commandments, the 613 mitzvot, pray, study Torah, give tzedakah and tithes, as the Holy One, Blessed be He wants it and will give them goodness without limits.

All the affluent and wealthy Jews who 'throw' their money out of the Land of Israel, who buy property outside of the Land of Israel - the Creator is very angry with them. All wealthy and affluent Jews, who have charitable funds, must give only to Jews living in the Land of Israel, to the needy, to synagogues and batei midrash, to yeshiva students and mikvahs. First of all, the poor of your home, your city and your country. The Gentiles have donations from all over the world, filling them with money from all directions. To the Holy Land there are the rich and wealthy Jews who will give charity and donations. If they give to the Gentiles, they will greatly anger the Creator. They will go bankrupt, the Creator will shame them in all the media, they will return to being average people and eventually begging.

The Messiah, our Just one, acts and works, travels from place to place, helps and saves. His soul works day and night. The whole world knows that there is something special about the people of Israel, in the Land of Israel, that protects them. All the nations of the world know with certainty that there is a messenger of Hashem, a man of Hashem, who protects and guards the Holy Land of Israel. Also for the people of Israel, some of them know and others who are more stubborn want to see clearly. Anyone who wants to see clearly, when the Messiah will go public to the people Israel on his long awaited day, that person will come to judgment. To all the opponents and unbelievers in our time, in our generation, the Messiah exists and works! He is like a normal person but he is the Messiah! The Holy One, blessed be He, speaks from his throat and tells him what to say to the people of Israel and to the entire world. Every Jew feels and is aware that he has protection and shelter around him, that there is something from above that protects him. But when it comes his time to leave the world, there is nothing to interfere, these are heavenly accounts. Death and life are in the hands of the Creator alone.

In order to avoid being flogged or tormented, every Jew must observe the commandments given by the Holy One, Blessed be He. Always ask the Creator that the Messiah our Just one be revealed in our generation, now, in public. All the signs in the world attest to the period of revelation of the Messiah, the discovery of the foundations of the First and Second Temples - in order to continue building the Third Temple! When the Messiah is revealed in public in the Land of Israel and in the world, all the goyim will flee on foot outside the borders of Israel - the time is near! Everything we've written here is all precise!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website


  1. Dear Reb Menahem
    Thank you for your amazing blog, for all your insight and inspiration.
    About the latest R Nir Ben Artzi message. I especially appreciate the last two sentences. And I understand it like this: Imagine you see an abandoned house, the door is open. You enter and feel thrilled that nobody is there. You stay and make yourselves at home. Then one day the real owner comes home. What do you do? You get scared and run as fast as you can, because you know, this is not your home. I can see that happen in Israel soon. When the enemies and all fake friends of Israel realize who is the rightful Owner of the Land and the legal inhabitants of this Holy Land, they will all get scared and simply run away.
    Shlomo Ben Avraham, Jerusalem.

    1. I like your way of thinking, but I do believe the happy ending will be more miraculous. Hashem can just make them all gone in an instant, including the Erev Rav.

  2. Internet exists people around the world -Jews particularly- got access to internet, this is nice to say to a jew ''come to Israel' but when a jew sees on internet that it is almost impossible for a young jew to buy property or find a correct job and the food here is twice more expensive than in London or Paris ( yes there is places where you can buy food half the price there). How can you convince me other than saying ''Come to Israel'' that the cost of living will not prevent me to tudy Torah amd make mitsvot which is the reason behind settling in Israel!

    1. First of all if you believe Hashem and all the messages He has given us, all the places around the world that you refer to are not going to exist in the near future. The Jews will be in much worse condition then we were in Germany in the 1930's (far worse). If you don't believe that, and only believe the Arab propaganda that tell lies about Israel to try to keep Jews from coming here, then you are basically saying I don't trust Hashem, chas v'shalom.

      The unemployment rate in Israel if far below that of most countries. The availability of everything is here and won't be elsewhere SOON. The tremendous loss of jobs, homes, retirement plans, freedom around the world tells us that ISRAEL IS THE ONLY SAFE AND COMFORTABLE PLACE FOR A JEW ON PLANET EARTH.

      The internet and all its deception will be gone soon. Nibiru will create such a magnetic effect that an EMP will be nothing compared to it. Only Israel is protected by Hashem and will thrive. The US of Magog, Europe, etc, etc, will not exist soon. When the Moshiach is announced and becomes King of the World, Israel will be the only place left -- guaranteed in writing (if you believe the words of Hashem).

    2. AngeIP, Hashem Bless you.

      I am sure Hashem will protect H-s Chosen wherever they are.. Amen.


    3. תודה רבה לך
      thank you for your kind words.

  3. Ocean receded from coast and Harbor of Brazil ! Why?

  4. Brazil:

  5. Nibiru Germany

  6. Chile


  8. Gog mgog war is war of Goyim and goyim
    Goy. Against Goy

    1. Give me a reference in scriptures to which you are referring. Gog is a person who is a leader in the country of Magog and everything written in scriptures tells us it is against the Jewish people and the destruction of Israel (Ezekiel 38 and 39, Zechariah 14 and many other places).