Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hurricane Harvey -Flood - U.S.A. in Bible Code

As we have seen so many times, when someone wants to divide Israel or try to set up an unfair peace process that is not good for Israel, there is always a natural disaster that happens to the perpetrator.

Rabbi Glazerson shows that hurricane Harvey came when the US of Magog came to Israel to try to restart a useless process that could only be detrimental to Israel:

An urgent request for assistance.  One of our dear readers is about to make Aliyah with her family.  They are all set, but have a need for additional funds, since they have not been able to sell their house in time.  I have been saying for years how we can come closer to Hashem by helping others.  This is a beautiful opportunity to come closer to Hashem by doing such a act of kindness for a very, very special Jewish family.  Go to this webpage and help; Hashem will pay you back in kindness tenfold:
The Chesed Fund

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