Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017 and Beyond

There is so much in the news about this once in a lifetime solar eclipse that will scan the United States on 21 August 2017. As with anything that is from Hashem, there is so much hidden about the event and what it could be causing in the aftermath. I have compiled a list of possible events that may happen. Some of this is speculation, but all of it is dot-connecting and significant for the upcoming worldwide redemption.

Let us begin with what Hashem has to say about eclipses. In the Gemarah of the Talmud there is a Baraisa. A Baraisa designates a tradition in the Jewish oral law not incorporated in the Mishnah (the written laws of the Talmud). "Baraisa" thus refers to teachings "outside" of the six orders of the Mishnah.

The Gemarah in Succah 29a cites a Baraisa (the capital letter wording is the actual translation from the Talmud; the small case completes the thought to clarify meaning):

The Rabbis taught in a Baraisa: DURING THE TIME THAT THE SUN IS STRISCKEN, it is A BAD OMEN FOR IDOLATERS (Stricken means: when its light is diminished). During the time that THE MOON IS STRICKEN, it is A BAD OMEN FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE.

The Baraisa explains why the Jewish people are associated with the moon, whereas the idolaters are related to the sun: FOR THE JEWS CALCULATE the yearly cycle ACCORDING TO THE MOON, i.e. they use a lunar calendar. Therefore when the moon is stricken we relate the omen to them. THE IDOLATERs, however, calculate the yearly cycle ACCORDING TO THE SUN, i.e. they employ a solar calendar. Therefore, when the sun is stricken we assume that the omen was intended for them. When the sun is STRICKEN while it is IN THE EAST, i.e. during the morning, when the sun is in the eastern sky, it is A BAD OMEN FOR TH0SE DWELLING IN THE EAST, since the sun was smitten while above them! When the sun is stricken while IN THE WEST, i.e. during the afternoon hours when the sun is found in the western sky, it is A BAD OMEN FOR THOSE DWELLING IN THE WEST. When the sun is smitten while IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SKY, i.e. at noon, IT IS A BAD OMEN FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD. When THE FACE OF (THE SUN) IS SIMILAR TO BLOOD, i.e. it appears reddish in color; it is an omen of death by SWORD which IS COMING TO THE WORLD. When the sun appears darkened in color, similar TO A SACK (A sack made of goats’ hair, which is dark in color, Rashi; cf. Maharsha), it is an omen of ARROWS or HUNGER (i.e. times of famine) that ARE COMING TO THE W0RI.D. When the sun appears similar TO THIS AND THAT, i.e. it appears to be both reddish and darkened, it is an omen of both the SWORD AND the ARROWS OF HUNGER which ARE COMING TO THE WORLD.

Another aspect of Divine punishment:


After discussing various natural events which portend evil tidings, the Baraisa qualifies this statement:


The Baraisa asserts that a solar eclipse is an omen for the idolaters; when the moon and stars are an omen for the Jews. The sun is in the center of the sky, and thus above everybody in the world, its influence extends to everybody (Rashi ).

A person suffering from hunger develops a darkened pallor (Rashi ). [Thus, the “darkened” sun is symbolic of the “darkened” face of a person dying from hunger.]

Every nation has a corresponding angel which intercedes on its behalf in the heavenly tribunal [for example, the angel Samael represents the nation of Esau] (Rashi; see Derech Hashem 224:8). These angels are smitten together with the nation they represent. Cf. Maharsha. [Rashi to Exodus (12:12), however, defines the word deities, i.e. its idols. See Sfas Emes.]

Exodus 12:12. That verse foretells of the downfall of Egypt through the death of its firstborn.

Thus, together with the fall of Egypt, their god, i.e. protective angel, will also be smitten.

Back to me.  Something I have noticed with the comparison of the moon to the Jews and the sun to the non-Jews is the proportions involved. The sun it approximately 399 times further than the moon to the Earth. Also the sun circumference is 399 times that of the moon. What is the significance of 399? The number of non-Jews in the world today is about 399 times the number of Jews. There are no coincidences.

Let us get into details about the eclipse. Go to this website for an Eclipse Map – August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. This tells us the exact schedule of the eclipse at each location in the US:

What are the actual effects that we might expect from the eclipse? The most obvious effect is the excessive gravitational pull on the world that will occur due to the sun, the moon, the Nibiru solar system and even several of our own solar system’s planets all being on one side of the Earth. Being directly over the US, which is the only nation that will see a total eclipse, could have a very devastating effect on certain unstable land areas. The greatest effects will be felt from the Northwest to the Southeast, which happens to be where the lowest population of Jews is in the US.

Reports from seismologists have shown that the eclipse makes the unstable areas prone to major earthquakes within 2 weeks of the eclipse, not immediately. This includes the well-known San Andreas Fault along the west coast. Even more volatile is the Cascadia Subduction Zone which is a fault line north of the San Andreas Fault. The Cascadia is more in line with the eclipse and has been very unstable in recent years. There are predictions of an earthquake exceeding 9 in intensity which will kill many, and cause a tsunami on intense proportion.

Next we have Yellowstone National Park which sits on a subterranean chamber of molten rock and gasses so vast that it is arguably one of the largest active volcanoes in the world. This area has been very unstable with thousands of earthquakes registered in recent months.

Then we have The New Madrid Seismic Zone in the center of the US. This also is a very dangerous seismic area, that the worst gravitational effects of the eclipse will devastate the center of the US. There are other fault and unstable areas of concern, but those are the areas that seem to pose the most danger.

These natural disasters are all possibilities, but more probable are the effects happening when the Nibiru solar system passes by Earth. The gravitational and magnetic effects will be much stronger and much more lethal. There are so many reports, articles, videos, etc available about the eclipse and its expected effects. I have spent many hours on them and even had some of the more professional reports listed here. But, I noticed this blog post was getting way too long and boring to include it all. I recommend you Google and YouTube the eclipse and do your own research, especially if you are in an area of question.

Why is Hashem doing all this? As told to us from many sources, including the weekly messages from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Hashem is sending the Jews of the world the message to come immediately to Israel where the weather is beautiful and the mayhem of the earth isn’t happening. Even more telling is when the Rav mentions that Hashem will continue all the earthly upheaval until the Jews and the lost tribes are safely at home.

One other effect that may occur is a natural electromagnetic pulse, EMP, from our sun. When conditions are correct with sun an EMP happens. If due to the gravitational pull in the direction of the Earth, that EMP could come straight to the Earth and do considerable damage. Is this a great excuse for one of the enemies of the US to send a very destructive EMP?

An EMP is a burst of energy from a nuclear bomb which is detonated very high above a country and has the effect of destroying all electrical and electronic devices in its path. This means all electric grids would go down, a total loss of power. All vehicles, aircraft, computers, phones, hospital equipment, water pumping stations, etc, etc, etc, would be permanently disabled. We are not talking a possibility of it being fixed; an EMP attack would render all effected systems no longer usable. It is estimated that with a total loss of water and food availability much of the population would perish within weeks.

There are several countries that have this capability. North Korea has put up two satellites in recent years which go directly over the US and could possibly carry a nuclear device. North Korea’s recent test of a possible ICBM, I believe was a diversion. It is the least likely way that they would attack the US. Iran has the capability and has sea vessels off of the US border with the possible way to carry out such an attack. All the big powers such as China, Russia, India, Japan, etc all have the capability.

Of course the country with the greatest ability and desire to carry out such an attack on the US is, ready for this, the United States of America. The global elite have been planning the New World Order for decades. It does include the elimination of 93% of the world population, including the population of the US. My proof of this is extensive and even includes classified documents that I obviously cannot discuss here, but that I was privileged to view during my close to 40 years in government service (including my military career).

There have been so many false flag operations perpetuated by the US government and the Pentagon, that I could fill a book with all the details. There is tremendous unshakable proof that 911 was an inside job created by the Gog Bush, Sr. cabal. One unbelievable proof was that War Games were occurring on Sep 11, 2001 simulating hijacked aircraft being used to hit skyscrapers. It was the excuse that NORAD used for not having intercept jets available to knock down the four hijacked jets. What nonsense that an exercise preempted the real crisis. That absolutely cannot happen unless it was planned in advance. Actually there is documentation of the entire 911 scenario that was created and planned in the late 1990’s.

So having documentation and a plan in advance seems to be the way the US carries out its very sophisticated false flag operations. Let me introduce you to the exercise for power failure: EARTH Ex 2017, planned for this Wednesday, 23 August 2017. Go to The Electric Infrastructure Security (EIS) Council website to learn what your government is telling us – more accurately deceiving us (be sure to click on Videos to see the wonderful effort they are doing to educate us):

Is there any reason that the exercise is occurring after the solar eclipse? Is there a connection they are hiding? We will know this week, but will it be too late to do anything. I anticipate that the global elite will be in their underground bunkers, which are EMP protected. I also know that the FEMA concentration camps will be available to help or exterminate those who survive.

Watch this video entitled “FEMA Prepares for Black Sky Event Across America.” It does not really talk about FEMA but it gives much information about activities happening in the US and around the world. The only correction that I make is that the moderator refers to Nibiru as Planet X rather than the brown dwarf star that it is. There is only one system out there coming towards us and that is the companion sun to our sun, Nibiru, its 7 planets and the millions of miles of debris ahead and behind it, accompanying the Nibiru solar system. Watch the video which also includes OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History:

I have presented much speculation about upcoming events. I am still not a prophet so I can only speculate with my research and my dot-connecting. The dot connecting is by comparing what is happening in the world to what Hashem told us thousands of years ago through Jewish scriptures. Also, the messages from Rabbis, Mekubalim and the Facilitated Communications individuals. Everything is matching and everything is from Hashem. It is all good news since it is the indication of the end of this upside-down fantasy world and the beginning of the world of goodness, truth and happiness, the worldwide redemption and the introduction of the Moshiach.

I am not telling all this to get you to listen to the evil governments who are keeping you from preparing and keeping you in harm’s way. I am telling you that we are out of time and that Hashem’s instructions are absolutely vital for our survival. Yes, it is a good idea to have bottles of water, canned foods, candles and even some medical supplies available.

Yes, it is a good idea to treat this very seriously since your life and the lives of your loved ones depend on it. But, there is still no better advice than “turning completely to Hashem with repentance, prayer, helping others, studying Torah, doing the commandments, etc, etc, etc.” You have heard it here many times, but right now, today, this very second it is more vital than even any time in the history of this world.

If you are in Israel, stay, do not plan a trip outside of Israel. If you somehow can get to Israel immediately, do it. If not, turn to Hashem completely. I do believe that all the Jews and all the righteous non-Jews will be protected, and even possibly miraculously find themselves here in Israel very soon. But, no matter where you are, your only chance of being in the 1/3rd group and going on to the tremendous world of Hashem is by turning to Hashem, trusting Hashem and following His instructions to the letter.

I have certain prophesies that I am still dot-connecting that provide even more viable proof of the end. I will not disclose these until I see them actually happening and/or being fulfilled. This is speculation that I will keep to myself until it is so obvious that you won’t need me to point it out.

It all looks tremendous, which it has to be, it is all from Hashem.

I also believe that when Nibiru is close there will be no more WWW, no more internet. The level of magnetic, gravitational and even radiation effects will render the internet unusable. Of course if there is an EMP attack, that too will make your computer or cell phones only usable as a paperweight or a doorstop.

What will we do for good information? I am glad you asked. “Turn to the Jewish Bible!!! Read Hashem’s instruction directly!!! It will be the only reliable source of the absolute truth – our key to survival, B”H!!!!”


  1. Thank you so much for keeping us informed!!!

    1. You're welcome. I am working on more information to post tomorrow, B"N.

      It is so good to hear from you YK. Don't be a stranger.

  2. mi estimado amigo rav. estaba ansiosa esperando tus noticias hoy. gracias. estamos en la misma onda, yo pienso que lo que usted dice es verdad. muchas gracias. Hashem le bendiga y proteja, bendito hombre. tu amiga, Dana.

    1. Translation: My dear friend Rav. I was anxiously awaiting your news today. Thank you. We are on the same wavelength, I think what you say is true. Thank you very much. Hashem bless you and protect you, blessed man. Your friend, Dana.

  3. siempre recuerdo Yellowstone, cada dia está peor, los uSA tienen un horrible cosa allí, ¿quén será salvo el dia que se abra la gran caldera?

    1. Translation: I always remember Yellowstone, every day is worse, the USA has a horrible thing there, what will be saved on the day that the big boiler opens?

  4. I read your post since 2015 , Im fascinated with your power of transmiting information and giving us that power to take the right way and follow hashem instructions , today I can feel that your power is increased and without saying it directly you are telling us that the events are extremly close.
    First thanks at all , you have a beatifull soul that want to help the jews return to hashem , and please continue giving us instructions to do it well , tomorrow ill be expecting your post

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Tomorrow will be a continuation of information about the eclipse, but it won't be complete. I expect to have another post on Tuesday about some of the aftermath effects expected, B"N.

  5. Gog. Umegog is the war of Goyim against Goyim. War of the Goyim Goy will fight Goy. It's there war

    1. Read Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Zechariah 14. It is against the Jews. But the war against the Jews is basically finished. Any war that happens now will involve the Goyim outside of Israel. Whether it will be called Gog and Magog or not is immaterial.