Friday, August 11, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Ekev, 14 Av 5777, 6.8.17

The King of kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, Creator of the heavens and the earth, chose the Jewish people to purify themselves, to sanctify themselves and to make the entire world repent. The gentiles who want to convert will convert without interest; will convert from their love of Hashem.

The Holy One, blessed be He, is going to further strengthen the activity of the world's natural elements: heavy mud landslides, earthquakes, buildings will be swallowed up in the earth, fires will continue in the buildings, tsunamis will continue, floods will continue, eruptions of volcanoes, harsh and fierce winds, complications between planes and ships, all to warn all the nations in the world: 'Do not touch my chosen Jewish people, the people I chose, and you better listen to the voice of the Jewish people who live in the Land of Israel!'

The Holy One, blessed be He, pleads, the Holy One, blessed be He, begs the Children of Israel not to assimilate with Gentiles! The Creator is very angry that the chosen people are being destroyed; it reminds him of the primitive serpent, the plot of the snake that struck Eve. Jews, men and women, who live with non-Jews, their souls leave them and they become non-Jews. The assimilation must stop and seven years of prayers are required in order for them to return to their souls. The Holy One, Blessed be He, says to the Jews: The goal of the Gentiles is to destroy the chosen people, who the Almighty loves most. The Gentiles intend to defile the daughters of Israel and to destroy the people of Israel, as was the case with Balaam in Shittim

Every mother and father must explain to their sons and daughters that we are a chosen people, and that after the destruction of the First and Second Temple we kept our faith system and holiness in all the communities in the world so as not to assimilate. The Holy One, Blessed be He, says: 'This is my request; this is the main thing: first, not to assimilate with gentiles!' The Holy One, blessed be He, wants His Jewish children to Him, He does not want them in a mess. The Jewish people are a chosen nation, white and clean of multiplicity. The Holy One, blessed be He, says: 'If I wanted the world to be mixed up and complicated, without the Jews I chose, I would do it that way. But I, the King of the Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, chose the Jews from every nation and language on earth, to have a people! So, please, dear Jews, do not assimilate with Gentiles! Jews who live with Gentiles should separate from them unless they are converted. There is not much time left for conversion. When the Messiah comes out in public in the near future, he will separate and split Jewish and Gentile spouses.

Jewish parents, prevent your children from drinking heavily, gambling and drugs.

The Holy One, blessed be He, wants the right and the left Jews to be united with love and respect for each other. There is no Jew on the left or right, who does not do a few mitzvot every day.

The Jews in Israel invent patents, the best medicines, the best agriculture, the best ammunition, the best economy. The Jews are smarter than any other people in the world. The Holy One, Blessed is He, enters only a Jewish brain; the mind of a non-Jew has no soul, and the Creator enters only a pure and holy place.

Dear Jews, The Third Temple will be built in our days! The Messiah has all the plans of the Third Temple. The Arabs go crazy when archaeologists discover more and more that the people of Israel were here thousands of years ago, that they discover the pillars, the foundations of the First Temple and the Second Temple. The Holy One, Blessed be He, proves to everyone, through archeology, that it belongs to the Jewish people! Opens the eyes of the archaeologists and tells them where to dig. The Arabs are afraid that Israel will control them and reveal their lies.

A large proportion of the Arabs with a blue Israeli identity card are more dangerous than the Palestinians around and inside Israel. They are making hundreds and millions of shekels from selling arms and ammunition to the Palestinians. The most difficult thing is that they annoy the Holy One, blessed be He, when they purchase apartments in Jewish settlements and apartments among Jews, they are the most dangerous. They do not recognize what the Jews and the government of Israel are giving them: bread to eat, work and earnings, benefits endlessly, and national insurance gives them hundreds of millions more than Jews in Israel. With all this - they are against the Jews, betray them and harm them in the Land of Israel.

Abu Mazen has given up and continues to despair. He has aged, feels old and is finished. Life is over, barely speaking, barely walking, barely eating, and his children living like princes. A lot of money went to his children and he believes that his job in this world is over, he's right.

Hamas cannot find itself and is confused. They have complications in the Gaza Strip, digging tunnels twenty-four hours a day, and the Holy One, Blessed be He, complicates the directions of the excavations and confuses them. One of the examples: They dug one tunnel in the direction of Israel and suddenly find themselves when they end it and exit it at the Egyptian border. Nevertheless, the Holy One, blessed be He, asks the Israel Defense Forces, whom He loves very much, not to be complacent. Miracles are always there, but when you rely on them, they do not come. When a person makes an effort, a miracle helps.

Egypt has a lot of problems with ISIS and the extremist Muslims, there is heavy hunger. Israel does not rely on Egypt.

Iraq, they have no basis and no power. They are confused, hate each other. They have the heart and brain of an animal, of revenge, destruction and killing.

Europe will be filled with Muslims who will rule it. They hate the Xtians and do not like the Jews. The Europeans are tired of them; they resent and are disgusted with the infiltrators and refugees who have flooded Europe.

In Syria, there will always be killing and complications, this will not stop. All countries around Syria are defending themselves, afraid that ISIS will reach them.

Turkey, ISIS tells Erdogan what to do: All the Jews flee from Turkey to Europe - from there they have to come to the Land of Israel.

The United States and Russia have always had tensions, pressures, pain and trouble between them for many years now, they will not make war between them because they both need each other like a husband and wife, fighting all the time – sometimes in peace and sometimes with quarrels. They will not make war to prevent the destruction of the world.

There will be no Third World War; there will be no Third Intifada, only a Third Temple to be built!

Jordan, King of Jordan - nothing. He is acting as he is against Israel for show, while in fact he is in contact with Israel. All the streams and clans in Jordan - all are against each other.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are fighting against the rebels in Syria, because Lebanon will not let them enter and take territories from it. Thousands are being killed, the ammunition is running out and they are collapsing.

The IDF is bombing all the ammunition coming from Iran to Hezbollah. Let's be smarter and on alert: it is the Almighty who bombs all their ammunition and weapons!

Iran will not do anything against Israel; it is sending arms through the Arab countries to harm Israel.

All the Jews who live abroad and have no job on behalf of the Israeli government: return urgently to the Land of Israel.

All the corrupt people, the thieves, the fraudsters, the zealots and the bribes, from the most religious to the non-religious, from the left and the right - all are revealed.

The Creator of the world cleans and purifies the world, wants the people of Israel to fulfill the Commandments and wants all the rich in Israel to donate to the needy, yeshivas and Torah scholars, kollels and mikvahs.

Invest and build houses in the Holy Land! All the buyers of homes in Europe and the United States: the day will come when the Muslims will take their homes, the law will not help them, there is no law, sell everything and invest in the holy land of Israel. Build the Negev, the Western Galilee and the Golan Heights, Samaria and Binyamin, the Arava and the Jordan Valley.

Our righteous Messiah protects and guards the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces and the Holy Land. Even when he rests a few hours at night, his soul protects the Holy Land. The vast majority of Jews in Israel and most of the gentiles in the world know that the Messiah is here. There are those who do not want to bend over to our righteous Messiah, because they do not want to change their character, but want to stay with the evil inclination in their bodies; they are loyal to the Yetzer Harah. Every Jew knows in his heart who the Messiah is. Those who are waiting and waiting for the Messiah - even though he will delay - are the first to merit being next to Moshiach Tzidkenu (our righteous Messiah).

The Creator is the best Father and Educator in the world. The Earth and the Jews on Earth are a very complicated school and the Creator of the world, our Father in Heaven is both father and Teacher and guides us.

Our Father in Heaven gives things to the Jews - not easily, because in order to reach every good thing one has to make an effort. The Holy One, blessed be He, makes it difficult for the people of Israel to bring the Messiah out in public, so that the Jews will appreciate very much what the Messiah is. The Holy One, Blessed is He, wants the people of Israel to struggle, pray, learn Torah, and ask the Creator of the Universe for the King Messiah. Then the Messiah will soon be out in public!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website


  1. Shalom Rav Menachem and everyone,
    I realize it's been mentioned before that there will never be a nuclear war?, but it seems a probable scenario someday to start the times and events to the 2/3's of the population being destroyed.

    All it would take is for a few nukes to be exploded to darken the sky's for a years length or more depending, which would at first undo most all modern conveniences and lifestyle.

    Same as well if something such as the caldera in Yellowstone were to go off for example. During this time mayhem and famine would abound, and all civility for the most part would soon be a distant memory. All the worst things one could ever imagine would become the norm worldwide. Unmatched strife and discourse on a scale never seen in all of creation.

    I am not Jewish and used to be xtian as I've mentioned before in other posts. I reject jc/yeshu, and the NT (Non Testament), and everything that I used to know and accept as the so called "truth".

    It's quite a lonely place as a gentile who is now cursed many times by those who I used to be a part of, for taking a stand against the doctrines and falseness that they and I use to promote, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Unlike many xtians I see on the web and elsewhere, I never had any moments or thoughts in my mind to take on the Jewish people and try and convert or belittle them to xtianity. When I was xtian and would hear people sometimes say wrongful things about the Jewish people, it always struck me as a "red flag" and "off kilter" and never made sense to me, but now I see this type of thing all the time online which is troubling to see.

    Anyhow long story short. I know I'm far from what is expected of me via Torah/Tanakh. Tanakh is where life is, and for much of mine I've been outside it. The Most High knows it and I know it.

    May we all be blessed to be counted as worthy before the Most High of Israel who has no comparison. It is hope that many will turn to His ways, His statutes, and His instructions before it's too late. Myself included wherever I fail which is much.

    Thank you for listening,
    Shalom Dave.

    1. It is good to hear from you; I like your comment.

      Since Hashem is completely in charge, how the 2/3rd group will meet their end will be exactly according to Hashem. The obvious devastation the Nibiru will satisfy the largest part of the equation, but there are right now about 15 wars that are ongoing in the world. There have been ten of thousands of casualties in the past year (it may be much higher, I don't believe we know). Hashem has taken many out of this world by natural disaster, medical problems, homicides, so-called accidents, etc. In other words, Hashem doesn't need a world war to eliminate the evil of the world or to even give a good person a final Tikun; Hashem has a plan for each one of us and it is not random, it is exactly according to what we need and what we deserve.

      I personally think that Nibiru may do its devastation before a world war ensues. Yes, the world powers are planning, but Hashem's plan is the only one that will happen.

      So far as your effort and the effort of other righteous non-Jews, Hashem loves you a trillion time more than we could ever love Him, and He has a very beautiful future planned for you. Keep up the good work and you and your loved ones will have such a tremendous future way beyond human comprehension. That is what I for 24/7; it is nice to see you joining me.

      Be aware, you don't have to be Jewish to receive Hashem's infinite love and mercy.

    2. Thank you for The Absolute Truth and your wisdom Rav Menachem.

      I hope however things are going to happen soon, that many should find their way back to the Most High before the clock is up and the time is set.

      Shabbat is here soon where I am in 45 or so minutes. Israel is 6 hours ahead so it's well under way there.

      May you and yours have a restful and peaceful Shabbat.

      Shabbat Shalom,

  2. "Every Jew knows in his heart who the Messiah is." Who can this be referring to?

    1. There are two words in Hebrew for "to know." One means to know something, the other is used when we know somebody. This statement was to know something, which means it got distorted in the translation.

      I believe from the Hebrew that the Rav was saying that "Every Jew knows in his heart that the Messiah is here." It is more of a connotation of that Hashem is making us aware that the soul of Moshiach is alive and well in our generation. It is even a strong feeling that we are close to his introduction.

  3. The Jews in Israel invent patents, the best medicines, the best agriculture, the best ammunition, the best economy. The Jews are smarter than any other people in the world. The Holy One, Blessed is He, enters only a Jewish brain; the mind of a non-Jew has no soul, and the Creator enters only a pure and holy place.

    1. It is a very deep subject, but the Jewish soul and the non-Jewish soul are different. Too deep for a discussion here.

    2. I agree with all the incredible things the Jewish people have done and can do and will do 100%.

      As it is said that people will see about the Jewish people,(and the reality check that non-Jewish people need to pay attention to) The God of Israel is with you. Zechariah 8:23

      As far as the soul goes, and even though I'm not Jewish, I would rather this world as it is just be over with already, and for the rule of the earth to be rearranged as the Most High of Israel would have it be.

      Both my wife and I want this world and it's ways to be finished no matter our fate, and we are aware that our righteousness or merit if we have any at all would be small.

      In saying this we hope before HaMashiach is revealed, that many people will find their way back to the Most High. Both Jew and gentile before it's too late.

      If we merit to survive and to see the whole earth and it's peoples having the worldwide knowledge and understanding of the Most High, the Temple built, HaMashiach, and all things foretold in Tanakh, how amazing that will be!

      If we do not merit this then it needs to happen for those that do, and soon! Both my wife and I are not exempt from the pollution of this world, and struggle against things as many others do.

      As stated earlier it will/would be nice to finally have it all over with, but we hope that many find their way before that day unfolds as the Most High God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would have it.
      Dave and Sherry.