Friday, August 25, 2017

A Golden Opportunity

I generally don't post on Fridays, since I believe all Jews should be getting ready for Shabbos, not cruising the web.  But this urgent request that I have posted needs more attention.  It is such a great opportunity for my readers to fulfill the requirements of doing Teshuvah by helping fellow Jews in their time of need.

I therefor repeat an urgent request for assistance.  One of our dear readers is about to make Aliyah with her family.  They are all set, but have a need for additional funds, since they have not been able to sell their house in time.  I have been saying for years how we can come closer to Hashem by helping others.  This is a beautiful opportunity to come closer to Hashem by doing such a act of kindness for a very, very special Jewish family.  Go to this webpage and help; Hashem will pay you back in kindness tenfold:
The Chesed Fund

And Have a Good Shabbos

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