Sunday, August 7, 2016


The Midrash (Rabbah Shmos 15:21) teaches that Hashem will bring forth ten new creations in the era of Moshiach:
1. He will create a new light for the world.
2. He will bring forth a freshwater spring from Yerushalayim whose waters will heal all illness.
3. He will create trees that every month will produce new fruits that have curative powers.
4. All the cities of Eretz Yisroel will be rebuilt, including even Sodom and Gomorrah.
5. Hashem will rebuild Yerushalayim with sapphire stone that will glow and thereby attract all the nations of the world to come and marvel at the beauty of the city.
6. The cow and the bear will graze together, and their young will play together. (See Yeshaya 11:7).
7. Hashem will make a covenant with all the creatures of the world and banish all weapons and warfare. (See Hoshea 2:20.)
8. There will be no more crying in the city of Yerushalayim.
9. Death will perish forever.
10. Everyone will be joyful, and there will be an end to all sighing or worry.
The list is basically telling us that the world will be carefree and completely enjoyable. The changes are even more extensive than this, but the idea should be very clear, we are talking a world with no problems, no hatred, no hurting, no fear, no Yetzer Harah, just 100% joy and love. A place of so much goodness, we really can’t even come close to imagining.  I should add that the disease of skepticism and negativity is contracted because of the Yetzer Harah.  With all the obvious proof that the goodness is immanent, the only way someone could still be so ignorant and be skeptical is that he or she is giving into his or her Yetzer Harah, who is giving you the Tikun the hard way with additional problems and chaos in your life.  If you don't see the obvious proof, go back and read my last 100 blog posts and open your eyes to the world outside your window.

I have written about Hashem not hiding from us anymore:  He is Hiding Behind Nature
Just being in His presence, being aware of Him all the time is complete joy and peace of mind. All the pleasures we have in this world if added all together from our entire life would not even come close to a moment of joy in the presence of the Almighty.

In recent months I have been getting many stories from my readers of personal problems. For the most part I am being asked: “what can I do, my life seems to be getting out of hand?” I have mentioned many times that this is the end of the end of days and that all that is happening to each of us is our final testing, the final correction that each of us needs to reach Tikun (תיקון), which is a Hebrew word meaning "Fixing/Rectification." It is setting us up for the World to Come, Olam Habah, which will be so perfect in every way, and, once again, beyond human comprehension (I could give you some description, but I wouldn’t have a clue as to how tremendous it will be).

The above list tells us that when Moshiach is crowned and the world miraculously changes, all the problems will be gone, both of the world and all our personal problems. As an example a popular complaint is: we do not have enough money to pay our bills, or we have such medical problems that make life a living hell. The answers are simple. It is brought down that “righteousness will be the currency of the future.” The higher our spiritual level that we develop now, the richer we will be later. Not rich with money, which will be no more, but rich in spirituality and closeness to Hashem. All our needs will be taken care of. We will not have bills to pay, insurance to buy, mortgages, anything financial to worry about.

This should create thousands of questions, but we are talking a world so different, that to compare it to this present upside-down fantasy world would have no basis what-so-ever. Let me give you an example of something most of us are familiar with these days. Most movies that are made use tremendous computer graphics to cause anything and everything to happen on the screen. Such fantasy makes the movies very exciting, but when the movie is finished, we are back to the mundane world we live in today. What if I told you that the Creator of computer graphics is Hashem, and that anything you see so miraculously in the movies today is possible in the future? I am not talking war or killing; those things may be exciting on the screen, but are no fun in real life. Those horrors will be gone. But, as an example, how will we travel in the future? The science-fiction of teleportation (beam me up Scottie is how many of you may relate to that subject), is not sci-fi at all. It actually occurs several places in the Torah (Eliezer being sent to Ur Kasdim to get a shidduch for Yitzchak, Yaakov going from Bet El to Yerushalayim to Shechem instantly, when close to three million Israelites left Egypt instantly). It will be our method of transportation in the future. We will only have to will ourselves someplace and we will instantly be there. When will that happen? I don’t know, but it will happen. There are miraculous changes in this world that will occur over the next 214 years, the time of Moshiach up to the year 6000. What is the time table for all the changes is a mystery, but it will happen. Since death will be no more, we will experience it.

Now, that I got you all excited about the tremendous future that you and your loved ones can have (even though I have been trying to spark the excitement for the past 52 months on this blog), let us talk about how intelligent you are or if you are still a skeptic ready to throw it all away. I have mentioned that skepticism is extremely dangerous. Not having all these wonderful miraculous changes is not opposite to missing out, it is opposite to possibly great suffering and punishment. There are no gray areas, you are either going to be in the 1/3rd group or the hellish 2/3rd group. We are talking paradise or hell. None of this is speculation, but thousands of years of history as proof. Anyone who says “I will believe it when I see the proof,” has his or her eyes closed. The proof is so extensive and easy to see. Hashem is not hiding the Absolute Truth, He unfortunately has members of His creation who just don’t look at the proof or, even worse, think they know better.

I am telling you that we are so close to the redemption, that there is no decision anymore. You will either turn to Hashem and go on to a tremendous future, or set yourself up for such a horrible future that you will cry and kick yourself forever for being so stubborn. Why am I so much more concerned about your welfare than you are? It is what I am commanded to be by the One Who created all of us. If you tell me to mind my own business, which I have been told, I am telling you, YOU ARE MY BUSINESS. I have a commandment in the Torah:

“You shall not stand by your fellow’s blood. I am HASHEM.” (Vayikra 19:16)
You shall not stand by [the shedding of] your fellow’s blood: [I.e., do not stand by,] watching your fellow’s death, when you are able to save him; for example, if he is drowning in the river or if a wild beast or robbers come upon him. — [Torath Kohanim 19:41; Sanh. 73a]
But, since I know that the near future looks bright for all who turn to Hashem and do His will, I am not allowed to say: “me and my loved ones are good to go, who cares about anyone else,” chas v’shalom, I would be violating a very important commandment. I have a great love for Hashem and His Torah; they are my ticket to a tremendous eternity. I have a tremendous love for my fellow Jew and for all righteous people, Jew or non-Jew. I can only be one way in life and that is to want to save you and your loved ones as much as I want to save me and mine. Help me fulfill that commandment. Save yourself! Turn to Hashem for the coming week with full intention and “direction of heart.” Make yourself worthy of all the miraculous changes about to happen. You will someday thank me, if I don’t thank you first.

One last note.  We are all one with Hashem.  Your positive attitude helps everyone on planet Earth.  If you have a negative attitude, you hurt every good person.  Please, start listening to your Yetzer Tov and ignoring your Yetzer Harah, it is a great benefit for all of us.  


  1. Rav, you couldn't have been more clear. Excellent post.
    I have a question: if I by mistake thought that these ten days started after Shabbos (when it started on Thursday), and therefore ate meat on Thursday and Friday; is it over for me?
    I really wanted to observe these 10 days fully but I feel so dumb that I am not going to accomplish it because of such a stupid reason. If I sinned just tell me, it's a shame but well, I'll get what I deserve.
    And yes, I am the same guy who asked you when it started.
    Thanks. B"H

    1. We human beings make mistakes. When we had the Temple, if we made a mistake we would be allowed to bring a sacrifice to the Temple and be completely forgiven. The problem is when we are defiant. If you knew that Friday was the first day and you decided you didn't want to be observant, that is unforgivable. When it is a human error, Hashem is fully forgiving provided we do Teshuvah. What Teshuvah? Admit your mistake, make sure you don't repeat it, and perhaps a sacrifice of money to charity as an alternative.

      Hashem knows your intentions and is totally merciful to His faithful subjects. That is why we can look forward to such a tremendous future for those who turn to Hashem and only want to do His will. You not taking your mistake lightly is exactly what Hashem wants from you, and all of us. Keep us the good work.

  2. I probably misunderstood, so terribly... but understood that because of Shabbat...we were not supposed to stop eating meat on that day, but after Shabbat , but to observe the other things to show our feelings of the loss of the Temples and desire for the Third Temple and Moshiach... what to do now for me? Full intentions to observe these things, but i ate meat over Shabbat. ????

    1. The ten days go from this past Thursday night (4 Aug), the 1st of Av to a week from today, Sunday (sundown, 14 Aug), the 10th of Av. No meat or wine during those ten days. Shabbos doesn't count, which means that yesterday and this coming Shabbos (13 Aug), we can eat meat and have wine.

      Shabbos is actually Tisha B'Av, so it won't be the fast day, which is put off to Sunday. We do not fast or mourn on Shabbos, so not only no fast, but total allowance of meat and wine (or grape juice).

      Above I told Anonymous what to do if a mistake was made.

    2. But this coming Shabbos Aug 13 (if Moshiach is not here yet) we must conclude eating and drinking before sunset - not only meat and wine but any food and drink - until Sunday evening after Havdallah. (There will be no Havdallah this Motzei Shabbos (Saturday evening) until Sunday evening. We just say "Boruch hamavdil bein kodesh lechol" - "Blessed is He who separates between the holy and mundane" and can then continue the weekday work.)
      Shalom E.

    3. You are correct with some variations. Many Shuls hold two candles together (not the braided Havdalah candle) and do the blessing over fire, Motzei Shabbos. Some do it at home.

      You are correct that Havdalah is Sunday night instead, but the candle and the spices are not used.

  3. Is chicken considered meat? I never heard before that one wasn't allowed to eat meat on Shabbat if it was in the 9 days.

    1. You are permitted to eat any kind of Kosher meat on Shabbos during the nine days, including chicken, turkey, duck, etc. Nobody ever said that you have to avoid meat on Shabbos except when Yom Kippur is on Shabbos, which is the only fast day that we observe on Shabbos.

    2. Yes, chicken is considered meat and may not be eaten in the 9 days. However, as the Rav said, chicken and any other kind of meat is permitted on Shabbos.

    3. My apologies. Misinterpreted what you wrote. Many thanks for explanation.

  4. I received two comments that I will not be posting. One is too personal a message, and the other contains very improper language (even though the poster of the comment probably doesn't even know).

    My post tomorrow will address the improper language problem that is so prevalent these days.

  5. Rav,

    If on the other post the autistic child in the camp said that Moshiach will come on a Friday - doesn't that contradict the idea that Moshiach can come on any day? It sounds from his words that this is more or less of a definite.....

    1. It is brought down that Moshiach cannot come on Shabbos. Friday is possible, but Elijah the Prophet will not announce him on a Friday (even though I believe Elijah will announce his coming about three days before it happens).

  6. Let Moshiach come the earliest he can - even on Friday - and he will already answer all our questions. Let him just come.
    Shalom E.

  7. I am not following any news, just couple of blogs and Jewish press, especialy something from Tzvi Fishman. Please let me see on here when Elyiahu anounce Mashiah Tzidkeinu, may it be now!!!!
    Toda rabba,
    Orna Nitzevet

  8. Wow, friday could be very big possibility, for the mourning will be rejoicing and the ever lasting Shabbat can start!
    My seven years old started to sing Lecha dodi so loud and clear that people from outside came to ask what was happening.
    There is something in the air....the Holy sparks are uniting.