Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pennies from Heaven

Sent by a dear reader; thank you for this wonderful message.


  1. Thank you Rav for posting it, and Gd bless the lady who passed it on to you.
    Yes, so even when it rains in ones life.. Gd is there..

    In all things Gd is there, Thank you Hashem.
    Even in the littlest and mundane things, like "pennies from Heaven"

    I needed to see this today..

  2. Is there an alternate link? Not working on my phone.

    1. No, this was sent to me and I had to copy it to post it.

  3. Where can I download the sof sof torah program? I mean that software you use for searching codes in the torah

    1. The one that I use I purchased from a company named TES. Go to:

      There is a free codes software on line, but it is only the Torah, not the Tenach and it is very limited. Google Torah Codes software.

      Of course, everything we are talking about is in Hebrew.

  4. Rav,
    If i email you my full name, (english ofcourse, as I am Noahide) would you be able to see if i happen to be in the Torah Codes, like maybe to help me grow more better, B'H, I am through Hashem's help and very good, Jewish friends who are helping me (includes you), I am getting better everyday.
    Hashem bless all these very very dear to me now..
    I can name them.. but they may not like it. But I intend to email and tell them.

    So would you be able to see my name in Torah Code?
    just being inquisitive..

    1. Everyone and everything is in the Torah codes. Me putting it in will mean nothing, since I would need to know much more about you than just a name. Also, there are 600,000 ways that information is encoded. This would be worse than the proverbial needle in a haystack.

      One possibility is if I know your birth date as well. I could search the particular verses that are commensurate with your date.

      Just be aware that a name will probably not be together as one, but will be in close proximity of each other (a first name to a middle name to a last name). As an example: Menachem appears in the Bible 901 times with an ElS of 100 or less. Robinson appears only once in all of Tenach, but with a letter separation of 19541 letters. Why? Because there have probably been over a million Robinson's in history, and the code has to include all of us. What is interesting is that all my family names from Abraham, my paternal grandfather, to Betzalel, my oldest grandson, are included in the 19,541 letter separation. But also all the basketball players named Robinson (that is not me).

      The other problem is knowing how to transliterate English names into Hebrew. One letter off and it is invalid.

      Send it to me. The worst that I can do is not find it, or not be sure, if it is a very common name. For you, I will try. Don't forget the birth date (don't be embarrassed, I already know how young you are).