Thursday, August 11, 2016

Irreversible Damage and a Nibiru Possibility

One of our dear readers sent me this article that appeared on Please read the article all the way through, it is so important to understand what happened, and the fact that it pertains to each one of us:
Irreversible Damage
If ever there was a story to teach us the true ways of Hashem, this is it. It comes at such an important time with additional messages. Hashem’s mysterious ways are all good, and that is exactly what we are seeing in the world today. Everything that is happening to each one of us is for the final Tikun, and is precisely what we need.

I am still getting messages from readers telling me that their problems, and even their suffering, is getting worse. Yes, it is the most difficult concept for a human being to comprehend, but Hashem is helping each one of us to the max. This is the end. Whatever we have not accomplished over all our lifetimes in this world is being dealt with now.

As in the story above, I know people who have been very observant all their lives and wonder why they are having such problems. They only think that they are doing everything correctly, and are ignoring any deficiencies from past incarnations. Since we do not know these deficiencies, we must work on everything to complete our Tikun. We do not know our situation, nor what we still need to reach a very happy Tikun. Only Hashem knows and He is cleaning it up for us now, the end of the end of days.

In the story above they were put to the test, but no matter how severe their anguish, they still trusted Hashem and the problem was miraculously resolved.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hashem is completely running the show. Everything that is happening is according to His plan. Since we don’t know our own situation, we can either complain or have complete faith and trust in Hashem. Yes, there are plenty of things we can do to alleviate our situation as in the story above. We can stop thinking that we are doing what we should be doing and making great improvements every day. If we believe we don’t need improvement, then we have just found the source of our problems.

Read the messages from Hashem, if we have problems, then Hashem is telling us we need more correction, more growing, more Teshuvah. It is so obvious that no one sees it. Stop acting like frail human beings with our flawed human logic and start living the Absolute Truth that Hashem is insisting we do these final days.

I have said it before, there is no such thing as Hashem wanting a particular individual to be saved, and he or she got away from Him. Hashem knows the finest of details for each one of us, and what we still need. All we need to do is trust Him and let Him run the world.

I still get readers sending me all kinds of news articles about this or that horrible thing that is happening in the world. STOP LOOKING AT THE NEWS; IT IS ALL NONSENSE AND A TEST FROM HASHEM TO SEE WHO BELIEVES IN THE TRIVIA VERSUS WHO ONLY TRUSTS HASHEM AND HIS PLAN FOR THE END!!!!! We can only be fearful of an event, no matter what it is, if we don't trust Hashem's protection and love.

It is all good news and will end soon with the best of all news: “Moshiach and Geula.” We are so hung up on the trivia and nonsense of this fantasy world instead of preparing for the real world to come. How do I know that this is all good news? We have been told for thousands of years that these things will happen in the end, and they are happening.

Pay attention to reality and laugh at the fantasy; the craziness that is presently planet Earth. I have been reminded recently that when Hashem gives us Geula it will be by surprise and instantly. That is why I say that not only could it happen at any second, but it should be our entire focus 24/7. Help yourself and your loved ones by realizing what Hashem is doing for you (some may say doing to you), and be smart about making it easier.

Please, please, please we are just about there, don’t make it worse for yourself by complaining, being a skeptic or any negativity. Hashem loves us a trillion times more than we could ever love, and He knows the absolute best action that we need to perfect ourselves. Work with Him not against Him. You will be tremendously happy when you see the final results.

I thank the reader who sent us this article; he has given us great chizuk in the ways of Hashem.

I have talked about the Fridays that are upcoming as good possibilities for Nibiru and Moshiach.
Here is another excellent find by Rav Glazerson.  Please watch:
Threat and Warning - Nibiru in August 5776

The most important thing about this find is its placement.  It is in the text in Bamidbar about the Star of Jacob, Nibiru.  


  1. Rav, I read the story of this really great miracle, and burst out in happy tears, literally,,,, when i read that part where the father calls Rachel's mother, and asks her to talk to someone... the mother hears a voice saying .'Hello Ma"
    The power of prayer!.. of faith in Hashem..
    At this time to read this.. when the whole world seems upside down..
    thank you for sharing and thanks to the person who sent you the story.

    Hashem bless all. Amen.

  2. I thank you for your constant chizzuk. Sometimes I really believe Hashem is talking pleading with me to have faith through my trying personal circumstances through your words.

    1. I thank you. I try very much to only give Hashem's words, not mine. Hashem has told us that the end will be with the most difficulty, since it is the final attempt at getting it all correct, Hashem's ways.

      It will all change soon, and all this will be like a bad dream that we will wake up from and be in the real world, Hashem's world of only goodness.

  3. hi Rab ,you said some days ago you have an important information to be revealed in this days.are you going to share it with us?

    Thank you for your excelent and deep point of view and the the way you share it with us really careing about every single story.
    thanks at all

    1. I have figured out certain possibilities to happen from my dot connecting in the Bible. Until they happen, I cannot disclose the information. I still hold that I am not a prophet, therefore when events happen, then I can tell you where in the Bible I found it, if anybody cares, after the fact.

      Why is this important? Because, I am talking major Earth changing events that appear to be close.

  4. Thank you so much for what you are doing to help Klal Yisrael. It helps me to remember that our perspective in this world is a nano-SPECK. Hashem's perspective is infinity!

  5. New Table of Moshiach in Birkas Yaakov in Parshas Vayichei Rav Glazerson: