Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another Message from Hashem; Pay Attention!!!

On Shabbos I was reading about the three week time of mourning that we are presently observing. I started to read about the nine days of the Hebrew month of Menachem Av and came across a very interesting statement. It was in the book Guidelines, by Rabbi Elozor Barclay and Rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger, the section about what is forbidden during the nine days that I came across an obvious message from Hashem. First the wording in the book:
What is forbidden during the nine days?
All forms of rejoicing are forbidden. One must also refrain from certain activities as a sign of mourning.

The main restrictions are:

· Making improvements to one's home or garden.

· Laundering.

· Wearing new or laundered clothing.

· Making or buying new clothes.

· Eating meat or drinking wine.

· Bathing for pleasure.

Then it says: Whoever refrains from rejoicing during the first ten days of Av will merit to witness ten miraculous changes that will occur at the end of days.
This piqued my curiosity, since it is unusual in the Guideline series (there is a very well authored book for each Jewish Holiday) to have such a mystical statement. The fact that it came to my attention this year, the year of the “end of days” was none other than a message from Hashem that I need to pass on to you, my dear readers.

We are being told that if a Jew strictly observes the time of mourning, these ten days, he or she will be blessed to receive the wonderful miraculous changes, the goodness that Hashem will bestow upon the world, upon His followers for eternity. That is the best deal I have ever heard. It is better than being handed the winning lottery ticket, since the payoff will be forever and ever and ever and (this goes on forever). All we have to do is go cash in the winning ticket and enjoy our prize.

I was curious to find out more about this statement. What is the source and even what are the ten miraculous changes? The source turns up in several places, but the main source is covered in the Talmud, Tractate Taanis 26b. There are additional sources, but it is not my purpose here, to get deep into the wording; it is all from Hashem. I have not found the listing of the 10 changes, which is definitely a question that would come to my comment area. More interesting is that fact that I can think of more than 10 changes that will happen (no more sickness, no more death, no more evil, no more hatred, no more problems, abundance galore, happiness galore, etc, etc, etc) so whatever we are being given as an easy way to greatly thrive, succeed and be happy, it is well worth adhering to the request. After all, would you turn down a winning lottery ticket because you are too busy to cash it in? Then don’t turn down this gift from Hashem, which is worth so much more to you and your loved ones.

I am still hopeful that the period of mourning will be cut short by the introduction of Moshiach, the flyby of Nibiru, the start of the worldwide redemption and all the miraculous goodies that are imminent. Please, put aside your flawed human logic for once and believe that Hashem is giving you the greatest opportunity for an eternal life beyond your wildest dreams. Starting this Friday, the beginning of the ten days, and cash in your winning ticket and be very stringent about the observances for the ten days (include everything that is for the three weeks as well, no weddings, no playing or listening to music, no haircuts; look it up). You will be as happy as can be.

One additional note: Since I know that many of my readers are not Jewish, I would say that following these requirements for the ten days may be very prudent, especially when you find out that you are a member of the lost tribes and actually Jewish. Why take a chance when there are enough winning tickets to go around.


  1. With regard to this, "will merit to witness ten miraculous changes that will occur at the end of days,"
    'Who' includes who? Everyone on Earth will witness the same things? Or only the Jews and righteous non-Jews will witness (see) these things? According to the wording it seems only those who keep the stringencies? Where will everyone else be? You may not be able to answer these questions, nevertheless the questions pop out by this statement. Thank you

    1. The ones who will not witness the miraculous changes will be in the 2/3rd group, deceased. All Jews and righteous Jews, the 1/3rd group of good people will experience these changes, but to different levels of spirituality.

      I have mentioned that about 2.5 billion people will survive, but that means there will be 2.5 billion different levels of experiencing the miraculous changes. Measure for measure, we will each get what we deserve.

      My entire premise here is that for such a short time of doing Hashem's will, we can get such a tremendous benefit forever -- we should all take advantage of this gift.

  2. Jennifer Ionescu, your comment that you sent was too personal to share with my readers. With full respect for you and your family, please write to me on Email (just so I can get your Email address, not the entire comment) and I will gladly assist you with your questions.

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  4. Thank you so much for these words of chizuk. I'm also keenly aware that we have spent countless lifetimes and have come so far to be here now. What's a little more effort after such a long journey to get to this amazing moment in time?!! We've been climbing a long, steep hill and now we need to propel ourselves forward with an extra burst of energy to make it to the finish line, G-d willing!

    1. "Thank you so much for these words of chizuk" is more appropriate for you, and your excellent comment. I wish I had said that.

  5. This truly is a message from Hashem. As a "baby steps" baalas teshuva (now with 4 children) I never observed the 9 days strictly. This year it has been on my mind and I was struck with a thought: if the Bais Hamikdash is rebuilt this year, then this is my very last chance to fulfill this mitzvah. So I decided to do it for the first time this year. PLEASE G-D it will also be the last time!!


    The Midrash (Medrash Rabbah Shmos 15:21) teaches that Hashem will bring forth ten new creations in the era of Moshiach:
    1. He will create a new light for the world.
    2. He will bring forth a freshwater spring from Yerushalayim whose waters will heal all illness.
    3. He will create trees that every month will produce new fruits that have curative powers.
    4. All the cities of Eretz Yisroel will be rebuilt, including even Sodom and Amora.
    5. Hashem will rebuild Yerushalayim with sapphire stone that will glow and thereby attract all the nations of the world to come and marvel at the beauty of the city.
    6. The cow and the bear will graze together, and their young will play together. (See Yeshaya 11:7).
    7. Hashem will make a covenant with all the creatures of the world and banish all weapons and warfare. (See Hoshea 2:20.)
    8. There will be no more crying in the city of Yerushalayim.
    9. Death will perish forever.
    10. Everyone will be joyful, and there will be an end to all sighing or worry
    Ruth Brunell, Jerusalem

    1. I also found this source and was in the process writing the 10 miraculous changes. I thank you so much, you saved me much work.

  7. Rav, I have a couple of technical questions about this period, since this will hopefully be the first time that I will observe strictly these 9 days.
    1) Music is everywhere and sometimes you can't prevent to listen to music or it appears suddenly. Does this count as a sin? If it does how can I prevent it?
    2) Does this period start after this coming Shabbos?
    3) If I have a really important event (with music) does this mean that I cannot go?
    4) Does Shabbos go inside this period?

    Sorry for my ignorance. Thank you.

    1. All good questions. Answers:
      1. Try not to be in places where music is. I always have earplugs on me. If I am somewhere that I can't avoid the music, I put in earplugs. The better idea is avoid such places.
      2. The period started last night, Thursday evening. Today is Rosh Chodesh Av, the 1st of Av, and it goes to 10 Av, a week from Sunday.
      3. If it has music it cannot be considered an important event. If it is a secular event, which may be a pleasant, happy event, it is not in keeping with the 10 days of mourning and should be avoided.
      4. Tomorrow and next Shabbos are included, two times we Shabbos in the ten days. The restrictions of meat and wine are relaxed as well as singing (we wouldn't be listening to musical instruments on any Shabbos).

      There are good websites that give you detailed information about the 10 days (called 9 days normally, but this year the 9th of Av is a Shabbos, so we commemorate the day on the 10th). Here is a Chabad site that will help:

  8. Seen it too for my self today Chicago il, all u have to do is put ur phone camera in black and white mode and take a picture of the sun in the am hours