Thursday, August 4, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Masei, 25 Tamuz 5776 (7/31/16)

Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d warns every country and person in the world not to mess with the "peace" treaty with the Palestinians and Hamas, who want to take land away from the holy land of Israel. Want peace with the Palestinians? Do it without taking a centimeter of the Holy Land! Real peace is done without giving up even one centimeter of the Holy Land! A country or person that tries to take or give land from the holy land of Israel, or are involved in it, the country will be destroyed and the person will die in terrible agony. They took Gush Katif from the Jews and banished the Jews from there, and everyone who was involved in that and supported that has no peace or quiet for him and his family, not in life and not in death to this day. G-d does not want more land to be taken away like they took Gush Katif. The Israeli government must be vigilant, stop looking for ways to advertise yourselves! When the Prime Minister watches over the borders of Israel, every citizen will love him, and so long as the Messiah is not publicly known, he will remain the Prime Minister! It is not strange.

Every country that bothers Israel will have ten modern plagues sent from G-d. Everything that is happening in the world, outside of Israel, is Armageddon and chaos - catastrophe. G-d is cleaning and purifying the earth and wants to make the world a world of love, there will be no more death in the world. That is G-d's goal. Those who listen to G-d's will, will live, those who don't will be in trouble.

There is a cloud that surrounds the borders of Israel and G-d is asking the Jewish people to pray three times a day and obey the commandments. "Don't fight against me, it's a shame, I am stronger than all of you. You don't see me or hear me, but I see and hear all of you".

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have been persecuted by gentiles, their envy is eating at their hearts, and G-d is erasing all of the Arab countries around Israel.   G-d chose the people of Israel and is making miracles for them, destroying the Arab countries, destroying every country and person that bothers Israel. The Jews don't know enough. The world knows who the Jewish people of Israel are. G-d is fighting for the Jews who don't know enough.   G-d is asking all of the Jews who are real Jews, left and right, religious and secular, to unite and come together. Stop with the pride and desire for control!

The world is in chaos; don't trust any gentile, not Hamas, not the Palestinians, not the French, and not the Egyptians. Everyone wants to get rid of the refugees and infiltrators in Europe and Jordan and throw them in a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, to destroy the state of Israel. No fear dear Jews, they will not succeed!

Hamas is digging tunnels fast, there is no machine as fast as they are in the world - it is their passion for blood. The Israeli government must find and develop machines that will detect the tunnels. The Israel government must know that Hamas and the Palestinians don't want peace; they want to destroy the Holy Land. They are trying every possible way to bring drugs for free to youth, and alcohol, and bring youth to gambling and assimilation in order to destroy the youth of the Holy Land. They also want to take land from the Holy Land so that nothing is left. Wake up, dear Jews and youth!

The state of Israel must support the IDF and the commanders must teach the laws to the soldiers.

Syria is being erased from the earth. They only reach the news if they kill thousands in one day. In the meantime, they are killing endlessly. There is no redemption for them, and there will never be.

In Turkey, the killing that Erdogan is doing is digging a hole for himself. Every day, he is killing his body guards and making people who suspect him disappear quietly. Everything will turn around on him eventually. The Turks started to wake up and the second revolution that will happen will succeed. There was a revolt, and G-d stopped it so that the Jews in Turkey and Europe could come to Israel. There will be a second revolution in Turkey, and Jews must run from there while they still breathe! ISIS is in Turkey, and refugees from Syria and Iraq. All of the dangerous people of the world who have no conscious are in Turkey. They want to kill Erdogan, and they will. When there is a revolution in Turkey, there will be no going back. Turkey will be like Syria #2! Europe will start to get tens and hundreds of thousands of crazies with no conscious.

In Egypt, they want to harm Sisi. Sisi needs to take care of his people, who are hungry, and take care of ISIS, Hamas, and extreme Muslims who are making a mess in Sinai Desert. Sisi better not interfere and try to influence the peace with the Palestinians by taking land away from Israel. Today, he is interfering and he wants to get rid of Hamas, the Palestinians and ISIS, and throw them in a Palestinian state.

In the US, everyone is waiting for elections. Obama is supporting Hilary Clinton because she knows the biggest secrets that are kept deep. If Donald Trump wins, he doesn't care about anyone, he will reveal all and clean house - that is the reason they are afraid of him.

In Russia, Putin doesn't care about anyone and any country in the world. Whoever touches him gets burned. He is very smart and knows who to love - the Jews in Israel. He loves the Jews - G-d will watch over him!

Lebanon doesn't want to interfere with anything, they are happy over what is happening to Nasrallah and Hezbollah and that Syria is being completely destroyed.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have had their wings clipped; they have no hands, no tail and can't do anything. If they had the opportunity, they would make a big mess. G-d is taking care of them and created a protective wall around the borders of Israel.

Everything that Iran sends to Hezbollah, gets bombed on the way by Israel. Iran is sending people quietly to shake things up. G-d is saying: I, G-d, will continue to bring upon you fire that you have never dreamed of.

China wants to eat up everything in Israel. They know that the Jews are smart so they are stealing businesses, copying and stealing patents. G-d will destroy China, China will be destroyed and there will be chaos there.

Dear Jews, everyone that has a business in China must bring it to Israel. Millions of Jews are about to come to Israel. Do not be blinded by the gentile's money, there is no blessing in it. Jews, create factories in Israel, they will be blessed.

Japan is occupied with the earthquakes. There will continue to be earthquakes.

Iraq is dead and alive, alive and dead.

Jordan is waiting for the elections in the United States. The king of Jordan is guarded 24 hours a day. There is no quiet in Jordan; the refugees are causing chaos.

There are places where they make weapons in Hebron and northern Israel, the Shin Bet and Mossad didn't find all of them, there are many more. They are in homes, and there are tunnels in homes. Arabs are waiting for the day when they will rise and attack Jews in Israel. Everyone is talking about it, in the north, Jerusalem, Samaria, Binyamin and Gaza, they are reporting and updating and are in connection with each other.

All of the white and black collar criminals, people to take bribes, steal, cheat and live off of others will be caught.

G-d is creating Armageddon and chaos in the world, confusing all of the nations like the Babel Tower. G-d is showing the people of Israel what He is doing for them. Eventually, not long from now, the world will cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah King!

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  1. Rav Menachem,

    from Rabbi Nir's following statement, it would possibly sound that Moshiach's arrival is not (Chas Vesholom!) imminent!

    G-d is creating Armageddon and chaos in the world, confusing all of the nations like the Babel Tower. G-d is showing the people of Israel what He is doing for them. Eventually, not long from now, the world will cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah King!

    1. I have a question. Will there still be chaos in the world for the evil ones even after Moshiach is introduced? In other words, if Moshiach were introduced today, and we accepted him completely, would we not start to enjoy the pleasant good world of redemption right away even though the wicked, those who don't think they need Hashem, may be still suffering with tremendous chaos?

      I do not know that all the evil ones will be eliminated once Moshiach is crowned. The entire idea of measure for measure is to be doing the right thing before Moshiach is introduced, and then not even noticing that the world is still changing, while the righteous are experiencing the goodness of Hashem.

      I have mentioned that the 2.5 billion people who will survive will experience 2.5 billion different levels of spirituality and goodness. It is just very prudent to set up for yourself and loved ones the best possible situation now. It is another part of the gift that I mentioned of observing the 10 days and enjoying the miraculous changes that we will be overjoyed to receive (I am preparing a blog post of those ten changes for an extra incentive, B"N).

  2. Amen selah! Shabbat Shalom

  3. Is this article saying that Benjamin Netanyahu is the Moshiach ben Yosef?

    1. No, it is saying until Moshiach is crowned we still have to tolerate, and try to work with our leaders -- they are the ones who could help or hurt Israel for now.

      Influencing the leadership here has been productive, when one considers we started out in 1948 with a completely secular government and have greatly improved over the years. There is more Torah study in Israel now than in the past two thousand years (maybe much longer).

      Moshiach ben Yosef is a much more mysterious concept than known. We may have to wait for Eliyahu Hanavi to get that answer.

  4. Netanyahu has a heart for The people And does not compromise as far as I know with The land. He also stands for Israel And The Jewish people Worldwide not a bad choice at all! Arzi is also pretty positive about him.

  5. Here it is officially! (I mistakenly entered the wrong site earlier. Please delete that comment.)
    NASA Television's Live Space Station program will be phased out in August and discontinued Sept. 1.

    Chodesh Tov Umvorach!

    Can we expect the exodus into the bunkers worldwide to start anytime soon?

  6. It seems ShiratDevorah has posted them already, with a link to you!
    "blog post of those ten changes"

    1. I have them written up with much discussion to be posted Sunday. I have said for years that if something is good, it should be on every Kosher blog, not just one. Any message from Hashem should be reaching as many Jews as possible. I have told other blog monitors that they can use anything that I post, and not even have to give my name.