Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I Do Get Interesting Email

I received this from one of my dear readers (a friend), which was full of very interesting bits of information, that I thought I would pass on to you:

Rabbi, on August 2, 2016 you mentioned (http://bit.ly/2aMPeH6) that a 13-year-old boy with autism* said that Moshiach is definitely coming this year (5776), on aFriday (and that we just have to wait and be ready [doing  what we must to prepare ourselves, Teshuvah, Tefillah, Torah Study, helping others and the commandments, etc. (see Yalkut Shimoni, Tehillim 106:865 “פעמים”)]

Did your readers miss THIS STORY?

Rabbi, the kid isn't lying. Even though the Novi says, “For the L-rd G-d will not do anything unless He has revealed His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos3:7). Yet, “From the time the Beis HaMikdash (Jewish Temple in Jerusalem) was destroyed, prophecy was taken away from prophets and handed over to the shotim [mentally unbalanced people]” (Bava Basra 12b).

Therefore, the Zohar says, “When the days of the Messiah approach, even children will be able to discover secrets of wisdom and through them be able to calculate the end of time, then it will be revealed to all” (Parshas Vayeira 118a). 

This 13-year-old autistic boy fits what the Zohar is saying! However, "... the specific hour of his ‘coming’ of Moshiach does not appear to be known to anyone, even the Moshiach himself” (Zohar 2, 9A) [See http://bit.ly/2cmq48s, page 4 and 2].

In 2011, Rav Chaim Kanievsky was asked about the significance of developments in the Middle East. His response was, “People have come to me and said that it’s ‘Gog and Magog.’ We cannot know. But it’s probable that any unrest that G-d creates shows that the Messiah is coming and that we must begin to prepare for it and become stronger” (See Mishpacha Jewish Family Weekly, February 24, 2011, In Quotes).

The boy said "we  just have to wait." Rav Chaim Kanievsky said on June 15, 2016, that Moshiach is already here. He will reveal himself very soon. http://bit.ly/29QNu3L  As the Yalkut Shimoni says, “Rabbi Yitzchak stated, ‘The year that Melech HaMashiach will be revealed…” (See Yeshayahu 60:499, for details). On Motzei Shabbos of July 20, 2016, he said that the only thing that we need to do now is wait; as in, anticipate the imminent arrival of the Moshiach (http://bit.ly/2ahs9l2). As we say every morning, “By the end of Days He (i.e. Hashem) will send our Messiah, to redeem those longing for His final salvation”(Birchas HaShachar “ישלח לקץ...”).

*Sometimes the words of our Gedolim are too good to be true. However, the Gemara assures us, “The tzaddik decrees and Hashem fulfills” (Kesubos 103b). It also says, “He will do the will of those who fear him” (Tehillim 145:19).
Thank you very much for all this effort to give us good information.


  1. PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Conspiracy theorist and author of the upcoming booking book, Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family, Roger Stone alleges that former President George H. W. Bush played a role in the 1981 assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan.

    Stone, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, claimed he has done research to have found a second gunman at the scene on the grounds of the Washington Hilton Hotel.

    “There are two shooters in the Reagan assassination attempt, not one. I give you photographic evidence and eye-witness evidence of a second man standing on a balcony holding a gun, who can clearly be seen in the uncropped photos and I traced many of the connections of the Bushes to the Hinckleys. It’s more than you’ve been told.”

    He maintains the motivation for the plan to kill the President was Bush’s desire to shift away from Reagan’s foreign policy and help institute a one world government.

    “I think it is more than possible because one has to understand the backdrop here and that is this story is missing from Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan book entirely. Al Haig, Reagan’s Secretary of State and Vice President George Bush are fighting over control of foreign policy. George ‘Poppy’ Bush is for the ‘New World Order.’ Haig has the quaint notion that he’s Reagan’s man. This is supposed to be Reagan’s foreign policy, more conservative than what Bush wants. There are two different executive orders sitting on Reagan’s desk. One giving authority to Haig. One giving authority to Bush…Then there’s an assassination attempt on Reagan and he comes back, three days into his hospital stay he signs the order putting George Bush in charge of the machinery.”

    Stone also believes a massive cover up continues to hide the truth.

    “The Government says five bullets and I traced the trajectory of five bullets and the angle at which the bullet enters Reagan could not have come from the crouching position of Hinckley and if it bounced off a door, where’s the chip of paint or evidence that it did? There’s none. The government won’t release any of these records. They’ve never released the photos.”

    1. Very interesting, especially since Gog Bush Sr. was Reagan's Vice President which means he would have become president with Reagan's demise.

      Thank you, it is more icing on the cake of the evil of the Gog Bush cabal.

  2. Getting close!

    1. The picture shown at about 15 seconds into the video is what Nibiru looks like. It is a dwarf star, a different solar system which is a binary companion to our sun. IT IS NOT PLANET X!!!!!