Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Va’eschanan, 11 Av 5776 (8/14/16)

Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d is warning the Jews: "Don't say I didn't warn you! Jews living outside of Israel must run from there like fire! Do not waste time and think it won't happen to you!"

G-d is warning: Every country that wants to establish a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, and take land from the holy land of Israel, will disappear from the world, be destroyed economically, and will be stricken by the forces of nature. Anyone who tries to interfere to establish a Palestinian state and take land from Israel - they will die and be judged for what they did.

Read closely: Gush Katif, which was taken from the Jews, is not an opening to continue. It is a warning not to do it again, ever! All of Gaza Strip, without its residents, will belong to Israel! This is not strange.

The government of Israel must be united and be respected to one another. Do not look to be written in the history books and do not seek fame. The people chose you to protect the holy land, the state of Israel that is being bothered with hatred from all over the world. Anyone who fights for the holy land will be loved by G-d. Whoever wants to give land away will not succeed, and will have serious problems with G-d.

The forces of nature will continue to strike all over the world - fire, wind, water, earthquakes, and floods.

In Europe, there will be chaos and Armageddon.

China, Japan, and Iran will go up in flames because they are taking prosperity from Israel.

Syria will continue to be erased; wars will continue there. They are killing each other; they don't know who's who.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are delusional.

In Turkey, ISIS is destroying the country and the Turks are destroying themselves. Everyone thinks that everything is calm in Turkey. Erdogan thinks that all is well. He has killed ten thousand of his people, and everything will backfire; there will be a revolution. Europe isn't saying anything about the mass murder that Erdogan is committing because he is supposed to make sure that refugees don't enter Europe. Turkey will fall, there will be a revolution and tens of millions of refugees will enter Europe without anyone to stop them!

Jordan is being eaten away by millions of refugees every day. The two-faced king pretends to love Israel and Hamas and Palestinians.

In Egypt, Sisi is trying to appear modern. He is connecting with the people of Israel, not out of love, but because he trusts Israel more than any Arab country to protect him, so that he can continue to clean out Sinai Desert.

Hamas and the Palestinians are working together to establish a Palestinian state and banish the Jews from Israel. They will be the ones to go in the end.

Extreme Islamists, Hamas, and ISIS have huge tunnels in the Sinai desert, where they move goods, weapons, ammunition and long-range missiles to Gaza. In Gaza there is a huge amount of long-range missiles, they are underground ready and aimed at Tel Aviv and Haifa. The Shin Bet and Mossad must look into this as soon as possible. The ammunition is not visible but it is ready within a minute for use. They continue to dig tunnels from Gaza to Israel in two levels that are 5-10 meters apart. They think that if the IDF discover the top level, they won't discover the lower levels. They are wrong.

The IDF, Mossad, and Shin Bet will continue to look in Arabic villages in Israel. They have ammunition and weapons in tunnels. They learned to create tunnels and dig in levels and hide so that no one will believe there is a full tunnel with weapons and ammunition. The IDF, Shin Bet, and Mossad need to look into this!

In Hebron, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank there are also tunnels. The IDF must open its eyes.

Iraq is destroyed.

Russia loves the Jews in Israel. Putin is laughing at Erdogan.

The US citizens should not be confused from a fake smile, they must vote for the right person. The right person will love the holy land of Israel and won't let anyone touch it. Hillary and Obama are hiding things from the past and are afraid they will be revealed in the media, that is why Obama wants Hillary elected.

G-d is creating a Babel Tower out of the world, but in Israel all is good.

The government of Israel and people of Israel must support the IDF soldiers.

All of the business people with factories in China, Turkey and Jordan must take everything from there and build in Israel.

There must not be discrimination between races in Israel.

Israel is surrounded by a cloud; G-d is here protecting the holy land of Israel!

The entire world is confused and in panic; they don't know what the day will bring.

Criminals will be caught in the next few months, some in public and others quietly.

Employees in municipalities all over Israel should be careful; some of you are going to be caught.

Rachel our Mother is helping the Messiah below; and, Leah our Mother is helping the Messiah above - both are responsible of the Messiah son of David. Rachel is asking all of the Rabbis in Israel to unite, to cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah King! Everything is close to the revealing of the Messiah King in public! G-d is saving more and more Jews! Not long now, He won't wait for anyone any longer, He will crown the Messiah King in the holy land of Israel! The Messiah is flesh and blood, born of a woman in the holy land, working and operating, and soon he will be known by all! It is in G-d's hands, he will decide and the day will come!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. Some very very interesting cautions, with precise info. Sure hope someone in the govt is reading this and will act on it IY"H

    1. You are right, it would be nice; but, it is more likely it would read on the Rav's website in Hebrew.

      SOMEONE ELSE, but just wanted to repost it.

      David, Europe said...
      Let me present an opinion about a new interpretation of this verse דרך כוכב מיעקב וקם שבט מישראל.
      In this verse the words כוכב and שבט amazingly perfectly match the notions of a PLANET(כוכב) and its TAIL(שבט) made of meteorites !!! Indeed, the word שבט can be translated as a "branch", "rod", "scepter", objects which all grately resemble the shape of this planet's meteorite tail. Especially the translation as a "branch" matches very well the nature of this planet's tail as a "branch" attached to the main body of the planet. Further, it is possible to translate the prefixes מ in מיעקב and מישראל as not meaning "from somewhere" but meaning "BECAUSE OF SOMETHING". With all these assumptions, we can present here our novel translation of this pasuk as:
      It would mean, that the Planet Nibiru (כוכב) is described to pass along its orbital way (דרך) near the Earth, which would cause its attached "Branch", "Rod" of the meteorite tail (שבט) to raise, come up (קם) against the Earth which would pass through this meteorite tail, an event which would bring much calamity and destruction to the nations of the Earth, and all these severe judgements are going to happen because of (מ) The Nation of Jacob (יעקב) and Israel (ישראל), as a Dinive punishment to the evildoers from the Nations of the world and to the evildoers from the Erev Rav, who have been and currently are oppressing from both sides the True Nation of Israel, the Real Jews, faithful to The G-D of Israel and to His Holy Torah.
      ברוך יי לעולם אמן ואמן
      ימלוך יי לעולם אמן ואמן

  2. "Russia loves the Jews in Israel"

    I'd like to believe that, but after Putin signed a pact with Iran and Turkey, I'm not sure anymore. I don't trust anyone, except Hashem.

    1. There is probably something lost in the translation, it more likely means respects Israel for its great intelligence, industrialization, stability and military dominance. Israel is one of the few self-sustaining countries in the world, if not the only one.

      Also, like many of our enemies, most countries see deep down inside that we are protected by a Higher Force.

    2. Thought you might find this interesting. Claoking device to block

    3. Very interesting. Everyone has been saying that the chem-trails are being used to cover up sightings of Nibiru, but they are more for poisoning the air and killing people. But this cloaking device is really unique and a good sign that we are close. They are desperate.

    4. I hope you were able to watch the entire video, as he gives an example of how they use it. As you said before that Hashem has a
      name on all the Rocks that will head to earth to wipe out the wicked. (paraphrase)

  3. Nibiru getting large

  4. Another large nibiru




    1. I am not too sure what we are seeing in this video. It is not the way Nibiru appears now, but it definite is something there. It may be part of Nibiru's solar system -- its seven planets/moons. I don't know since the experts are still tight-lipped about it all.