Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Devarim, 3 Av 5776 (8/7/16)

King of King, G-d, is warning every country and person in this world not to touch the holy land of Israel! You live of Israel, the entire world feeds off of the Holy Land! G-d can give the whole world to the Jews - He gave them the Holy Land, and from there reached out to the entire world. G-d is warning the world: Do not touch one centimeter of Israel! Do not take even one centimeter from Israel! Want to make peace with Israel? Stay on your own land; you have a lot of land!

Ministers and members of parliament want to be modern - this modernism will cost you dearly. G-d is telling you: The Jews are an ancient nation, do not give parts of Israel away. Start being serious, get out from under the influence of the US, France, Palestinians, Hamas, and Egypt who want to create a Palestinian state, heaven forbid. The government of Israel and the Holy Land must wake up! They want to bring all of the refugees and infiltrators and throw them in a Palestinian state between Jordan and Israel. They want to put tens of millions of refugees from Europe in a Palestinian state. The government of Israel and parliament members - none of you will be written in the history books. All those who touch, took or gave to the gentiles Gush Katif have suffered and are suffering to this day, on earth and in heaven! Gush Katif is not a precedent; it was a warning that must never happen again!

Dear Jews living in Europe and the US, come to Israel urgently! Do not say that you weren't warned. Your lives are worth billions. The gentiles won't differentiate between religious and secular Jews, with tattoos or without; they will look for all of you one by one, and G-d will help them look and find the ones hiding.

The economy in Israel is very good, everything is good in Israel. Only in Israel are there four precise seasons.

You must not be prideful on the road and anywhere else. Pride takes man out of this world and humiliates him. When a Jew chooses the right path, everything opens up before him. Even if he is sick and believes that he will get better, he will get better. In every sickness that man has, he must be modest and know in his heart and mind that he cannot control this world, only G-d can!

Gaza is collecting missiles. Hamas is digging many tunnels with multiple levels. The IDF destroys the top tunnel, but underneath it is another tunnel. It confuses the people who search for them because they think they destroyed the tunnel and don't know that there is another 5-10 meters underneath. Hamas is investing huge resources to get to the big base in front of Gaza, because they want to humiliate the IDF soldiers, heaven forbid, who are the strongest in the world. This is the truth! They are digging toward the biggest and main base; there are tunnels that have not been discovered. The army bases must be very careful. Hamas and the Palestinians are collecting ammunition and weapons in huge quantities, they want to surprise us. The Mossad, Shin Bet and IDF - it is there job to prevent this.

In Turkey there will be a revolution like never before. Erdogan is killing and killing. There will be revenge that will turn all of Turkey into blood.

Syria is being destroyed, and erased from the earth. It is     G-d's doing.

Lebanon is happy that Syria and Hezbollah are being destroyed.

Hezbollah can't do anything; they are trying to steal ammunition from the Syrian army. They have more hidden ammunition, and they are saving it for an emergency.

Jordan is filled with refugees, millions of refugees, and Israel is helping and protecting Jordan. Jordan will also be destroyed.

In Egypt, Sisi is trying to destroy ISIS in the Sinai desert and the people who are resisting his regime. Sisi wants so-called peace to create a Palestinian state, but his intentions are to get rid of ISIS, Hamas, and the Palestinians and put them in a Palestinian state.

France has the same interests as Sisi.

They have forgotten one thing: There is G-d in the heavens and on earth protecting the Holy Land!

In the US there is a war between good and evil. Whoever loves the holy land of Israel will be elected president of the US.

Russia is sitting and waiting, not afraid of anyone in the world. They attack anyone who speaks out and bothers them.

Iraq is lawless, dead.

China is trying to take patents and factories from Israel, take the mind of Israel industry. Israel needs to beware of them and G-d will destroy the economy in China and create complications and chaos there.

Jews must take their factories out of China, Turkey and Jordan and create factories in Israel. If you laugh and don't want to do it, you will remain with nothing.

G-d is warning Iran that if they only try to harm Israel, G-d will fill them with fires, there will be fires everywhere.

The natural disasters will continue - floods, winds, storms, dust, earthquakes, and great fires.

Jews in Israel and the world must not assimilate. Parents and especially mothers must watch over the sons and daughters of Israel, watch over your children and explain to them what it means to be a Jew. The Arabs have a trick, they bring drugs and alcohol to Jewish youths for free to destroy them. The Israeli government must appoint a minister to take care of the problem of assimilation, drugs, alcohol and gambling.

G-d is warning: You must not discriminate between the different ethnic groups in the holy land of Israel; they are all Jews! You must unite and help each other. Whoever discriminates will be discriminated by G-d.

The entire world is confused, scared, they don't know what the day will bring, what will and will not be. The modern world does not understand what is happening. The world outside the borders of Israel is in chaos and Armageddon. They are killing each other and don't know why. The entire world is a Babel Tower.

All of the plans made outside of Israel go wrong. All of this terrible confusion around the world is so that everyone calls out to G-d. Everyone who wants the leadership of G-d and the Messiah will call out! The Messiah is active and working. Why isn't he publicly known? Because some people are for him and some are against and don't believe. G-d is giving the Rabbis in the Holy Land visions in their dreams about the Messiah and salvation. Some are afraid to talk and some are jealous that they are not getting the dreams. G-d will put the message that there is a Messiah in their minds, whether they like it or not!

G-d is saying: No one can say "I didn't know that there is a Messiah in the world, in Israel". Every Jew knows that the Messiah is in this generation. Whoever is lazy and resists cannot complain later. Like it or not, soon the Messiah will be revealed and the its first-come, first-served!

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  1. Thank you for posting!

    1. It is my pleasure (actually it is my job; Hashem made me do It).

    2. Shalom Rav, as i see it, Hashem never makes anyone do anything. Hashem suggests, and then its up to the individual to want to do it or not.
      So he put that in your mind, and as you have freewill you chose to do what Hashem suggested, why?

      Cause you are the Moses of our times, and you are leading us onto the path of righteousness.

      Back from holiday,
      Thank you Rav.. Hashem bless you and all who come to this wonderful Oasis...

    3. S/C you are too kind, and probably more righteous than me. In fact you are probably the return of Sarah or Rivka or Rochel or Leah or Esther or who knows (Hashem knows).

    4. Rav, it is very kind of you to say this..
      but i blush because i know my past.. and its not anything to be proud of.
      Yes i am trying and now I know i will succeed in just doing all the good i can, only with Hashem's help.

      I am at the point when i am considering very seriously to convert, and am praying and asking Hashem. May Hashem guide me.
      Hashem bless you and all who come to this blog Amen and Amen.

    Aug 7 really visible !

    1. This is a very questionable video. I know that Nibiru is closer to the Earth than the sun. To see it behind the sun is not possible. It looks correct in size, but just in the wrong place. Also calling Nibiru a planet is incorrect. It is a dwarf star, a sun that is greatly reduced in intensity. It may look like a planet, but it is not. Besides, it is called the Star of Jacob not the planet or comet of Jacob.

  3. A Descendant of the Goan of Vilma A delightful Talk on the Kochav !

  4. Anonymous sent me two videos of Nibiru. One is:
    The Kochav advancing ,
    which is very interesting.

    The second has music to it that we shouldn't be listening to this week.
    It is interesting, but the music which I think even contains a woman singing, is not proper for my readers.