Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Baruch Dayan Ha’Emmes: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis A’H; Pioneer In World Of Kiruv

I would like to express my personal grief at the passing of a true Torah scholar, and pioneer in helping the Jews of the world find Hashem.  As a Holocaust survivor, she knew the evils of this world, yet she taught such a positive message that brought many Jews to following Hashem.  I am greatly inspired by this remarkable woman, and know that she has achieved a very high spiritual Tikun.  Her books and video tapes are highly recommended, if you want to know and live the absolute truth.

I have personally learned much from the Rebbetzin.  Go to this YouTube list and learn from the Rebbetzin:

Read this excellent tribute to Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis A'H in The Yeshivah World: 

Words could not possibly explain this tremendous loss to the world.


  1. My memory Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis was when she gave a lecture, and she ended her speech by saying that if you take the first letter of the Torah and the Last letter of the Torah and you put them together you have LEV "Heart" --from the first letter to the last reveals the heart and love that "of G-d for us".....
    As she finished her speech, and headed toward the table to sign books for people, I waited until she had a moment and showed her where the mathematical equation for PI was placed in the Torah,(considering she
    mentioned a beautiful Gematria with LEV, I thought to share one with
    her as well.

    From Dovid

    My condolences RAV....

  2. Dovid, would you kindly share this "where the mathematical equation for PI was placed in the Torah” with the blog’s readers too. Thank you

    1. I will give Dovid a chance to respond, but I can tell you there are several places in Tenach and elsewhere that define PI. Instead of me explaining it, I found some websites that do a good job, while we are waiting for Dovid's response:

    2. Dear RAV and NESHAMA,

      To All readers, Please do a search on what Pi is, so that you can understand it's true meaning. Though most of you know, .Here is a small sample, for those who may not..please search Pi

      The circumference of a circle is its perimeter or the length around it. The distance from the center of a circle to its edge is the radius. The distance from one side of a circle to the opposite side (twice the radius) is the diameter. The area of a circle is the number of square units inside the circle.

      there can be no “final" digit of pi, because it's an irrational number(Not capable of being expressed as a whole number or as a ratio of two number) that never ends. Mathematicians have also proved that there are no repeating patterns in the digits of pi. Again, to read further on what Pi is, do a search...

      NOW that we have established what Pi is...we know that it is INFINITE and considering the fact that TORAH holds all the knowledge and wisdom in the Universe with in it. We know that
      Equation for Pi is there.

      So let us go the source in the Torah that represents all that is. Let us go to the creator, that created all things that have been created.
      The creator that has no boundaries and no limits. for everything the creator has created has limits with boundaries. The creator G-d.

      HASHEM is infinite. so let us go to the word אֱלֹהִים and you will see
      the answer if you look deeper, in the Gematria/Numerical value of אלהים

      א ALEPH 1
      ל LAMED 30
      ה HEI 5
      י YUD 10
      ם MEM 40

      What we have in HASHEM's name is 3.1415 the equation for Pi..
      Now let's us go a little further on this, Take a CIRCLE and divide 5
      (5 letters in אֱלֹהִים) In other words, 5 divided into 360 gives you 72.
      72 represent the 72 name of HASHEM(Divine Names)..Now you can add 72 and you have TET ט , which means TRUTH , eternal Life, all
      Truth ,all that is , HASHEM.....

      The information was told to me when I was a child , the wise Rabbi told me things of what is to come. That I would be "one of the survivors" of "number"....Though this is up to Hashem for how can the Rabbi know of the life I was to live and the choices I would make in the future. Even though he had kind words for me. To this day I am not sure what he meant by the word "Survive" and of what tragic events that would unfold., he would tell me things in private that at the time was beyond my comprehension of such depth, or as a child to grasp the reality of the great loss of life in this world that is to come...Yet, at the same time even when I was as a child, I never felt like one., I felt old and everything I would see around me was like living in a fog, and felt more comfortable with adults, growing up rarely have I seen TRUTH before me..there was a moment at that time when I tried to imagine what there was before the colors of white of the stars and black of space, to envision in my mind what is before everything, and to somehow find an image in my mind of something (even though I have believed in G-d as far as I can remember,) I tried with all my heart and soul and being to go to a place in my mind to see what was before, hard to explain, my heart started beating fast, I was so close to feeling something real, seperating from this mundane world, I started to faint to the ground, the moment was gone, I was so close, and lost that connection to something real, it one of my saddest moments in my life. I have never been able to it again. When MOSHIACH comes, when the day comes that the Jewsh Nation, and Rightous non-jews, merit the day we enter the World to Come...We shall all be in a world of Truth and what IS....REAL....and we will be able to feel to a greater Level Hashem's presence and G-d willing see the TRUTH in ourselves.,
      shortly after I had this prophetic dream, but I will share it at a later date.

      With Love to All


    3. Phenomenal, Dovid. An amazing dvar Torah for the Shabbos table. Thank you.
      Shalom E.
      math and number lover

    4. Thank you for your kind words. Have a good Shabbos. I am working on something in regards to the Torah,ELS, but Moshiach will be here before I can find the door...


  3. I thought the first letter in Torah (written) was a beit for Bereishis not a lamed ?

    1. And the last letter is a lamed, so you have to reverse the order and you have Lev.

    2. Dear RAV, should I just delete my last long reply regarding PI and just put leave the answer, If it was to much, you can delete it and put the answer. with your own words...I hope you had a chance to read it and what you thought of the Gematria.


    3. I don't read, I devour such information. It would take me a good hour to review and research. I looked at it quickly with great interest, and hopefully, later today will be the in depth review, B"N. Thank you very much.

    4. Thank you for posting it..It is important to me that you "devour" the entire reply, what your personal thought were on what I had to say at the end of the reply and that you saw where PI was found in the TORAH...Thank you..

  4. I had the zchus to travel to Eretz Yisroel with Rebbetzin Jungreis at the age of 15 with one of her many Hineni tours. This was in 1980. She had an enormous impact on me. She will be missed... But hopefully not for long!

  5. Rome !!

  6. Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis was, mammash, a queen of the Jewish people. She had a transformative impact on my life and I loved her dearly. Shamayim has gained a powerful advocate for Klal Yisroel. Only Hashem can fill the void left here in olam hazeh by such a great neshama. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

  7. Dear Neshama, Your answer and for all is below, enjoy the read. let me know that you have read It...