Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Everything is for the Good???

I have readers that notice how I always say that everything is from Hashem, and everything is for the good. Yet, there are those who question: Is the death of good people at the hands of a terrorist a good thing; is a baby left in a hot car to die, chas v’shalom, a good thing; is sickness a good thing; are accidents good; is the loss of a home, job, pension, etc a good thing, etc? All valid questions that can only be understood when one understands Hashem’s world and its purpose.

Let me explain a very difficult concept that I can give you many, many details, but no human being, including me, really has the ability to comprehend. Planet Earth is not the real world. This is a place that Hashem created for the purpose of our spiritual "Fixing/Rectification, Correction, Perfection,” better known as Tikun. We are only here to accomplish a purpose and then go back to the real world. It might help if you read my post of 4 May 2012, entitled: 
This Explains It All.

And my post of 17 April 2012, entitled:
The Soul

Since Hashem is giving us an opportunity to fix ourselves for all eternity, and He gave us the tools to do so (a physical world with the commandments to accomplish), all we need to do is get our purpose on this world accomplished. Unfortunately, we usually don’t accomplish this in one lifetime, so Hashem allows us to come back several times to continue the mission – fixing ourselves.

There are several possibilities for each one of us in a lifetime. One, is we reach Tikun, accomplish all the commandments, and move on to our eternal reward forever and ever. Second, we accomplish some of it and have to return in another life to continue, hopefully, to complete the task. Hashem is not in this allusion of time, which He created for us to navigate through this lifetime. However, not being in our time means He sees exactly what we will accomplish before the fact, and knows if we need to stay or be taken out for Tikun in another way. We also have the possibility, unfortunately, of accomplishing only evil and never reaching Tikun. That is a hell of a group.

Hell, by the way has two purposes: one is to cleanse and the other to punish. If we just need some additional cleansing, we may leave Earth and have a short stay in Hell then go on to the real world for reward (there are a lot more details to this that I will not cover here). Then there are those who were so evil that Hell is strictly a punishment.

The system is much, much more complicated than I could described here, since there are so many variations and possibilities in Hashem’s very complicated system for us to be helped. Very important word that I just used is that Hashem has given us this system to help us get to the highest level of spirituality possible. One might ask doesn’t Hashem have the ability to put all of us at the top? Once again, Hashem did not create us as robots, but gave us His characteristics in His image (not physical, but spiritual) to help ourselves.

So, let us apply this information to our questions above. Let us even get more complicated. Scenario: a commercial plane crashes and 200 on board die, chas v’shalom. Were they all meant to die at that moment? Yes! Hashem put these particular souls together because their time was up. But, the 200 who left this world together had 200 different situations of need to complete this tour on Earth. Some were close to completing Tikun. The final trauma of a plane crash and their death was the final correction needed. Some have completed as much as they could on Earth, and since Hashem saw that they would accomplish no more (at least nothing positive to help themselves), Hashem removed them from this life. Some would not accomplish anything and would actually hurt others if they were to remain; hence they were finished. The idea with all this is that they received what Hashem could give them in this life, took advantage of it or not, but had to leave since there was nothing else to be gained by staying.

I have to add a caveat: the loves ones who remain are being tested as well, which means that the demise of a loved one is Tikun for those mourning the departed.

Another caveat: the horrors of the world such as terror, plane crashes, even weather disasters are not caused by Hashem. He only uses them to provide us with the Tikun we need. Am I saying that an earthquake is not from Hashem? I am saying that it comes about because of the negative energies that come from the people living on this planet. When people decide that same sex marriages are OK by civil law or that abortions are OK by civil law, we are the ones who have set up the energy levels for destruction. If we would all follow Hashem’s will, there would by total peace and calm worldwide. Of course, once the Moshiach is in charge we will have that peace and calm.

Let us get specific about another situation. There are times that a person is close to reaching completeness in a lifetime, but only needs a short experience on Earth to finish. This is when a baby would be sent back, and does not live beyond a short time; exactly the amount of time to finish the Tikun. I wanted to make it clear that this is not a case of the baby wasn’t doing enough or was a mean person and had to be removed; it is definitely from a previous reincarnation that this baby only needed so much time.

I experienced this when I lived in the states. A neighbor of ours had a boy who developed Leukemia at age two. It progressed and at age 4 he left Earth. At the Shiva, his mother stated: she was aware that her son only needed these four years, including the suffering, to complete his Tikun and that it actually was a happy occasion for her son. Not too many people on Earth are at the spiritual level of this mother, who truly knew Hashem’s system and why she lost her son. An event like this is not bad, it is sad. For the departed, it is an extremely joyous occasion reaching the Tikun, and going on in the real world of eternal reward. For the family remaining it is very sad, yet it is additional Tikun for the family members.

I should mention that the Facilitated Communications individuals are all in this situation of just needing additional Tikun to complete a very high level of spirituality. They actually know who they were in the previous life, and why they had to come back. If they are chosen by Hashem to relay messages to help the people on Earth, they are aware of that also, and know that the helping is their Tikun.

We learned this lesson years ago from Galia, who was a young girl in Israel who knew that she was her grandmother in a previous life, who did not complete her Tikun. She came back with a severe case of Down Syndrome; she was not physically in this world, but totally in contact with Heaven. Galia was a behavioral problem until the age of 11 when her mother heard about Facilitated Communications. Her mother thought after 11 years of not communicating with her daughter, who she loved dearly, that she possibly found a way to talk to Galia. The mother was so nervous at the first session set up with a facilitator, that she realized the list of questions that she wrote to ask her daughter, she left at home. Galia told the mother not to worry and answered the questions in order as the mother had written them. The mother knew without any doubt that she was talking to Galia’s soul, and from that day forward Galia was no longer a behavioral problem. Why? Galia explained that it was like she was let out of prison, and could really be with her family.

One additional detail about Galia that adds to our conversation here. When Galia was 15, she told her mother that she would be dying in thirty days; she had completed her Tikun and was ready to leave Earth. The mother was greatly distraught at losing a daughter, that she loved so much. Galia explained how horrible her condition was on Earth, and the fact that she didn’t need this place anymore; her mission was complete. Part of her mission was to change her family from a secular family to an observant Torah family; and, she greatly succeeded at that task. Galia also added how excited she was to be going to the real world, where everything is wonderful; she was totally aware of the reality of this world, and the real world. She told her mother that she did not want to be here any longer than she had to, especially when she knew exactly how wonderful a place it was that she was going – the real tremendous world, with no physical problems. I highly recommend the book “Galia,” that her mother wrote to relay this story with a happy ending.

I know that there are thousands of questions that could be asked, considering I tried to tell you a very complicated system in as short an essay as possible. The most important point is that Hashem is infinitely merciful and wants only the best for each of us. His system of measure for measure is designed for us to earn our good fortune for this life and for eternity. To try to outguess Hashem, and the true ways of this world is fruitless and completely ignorant. Hashem gave us all the tools to succeed and the knowledge to use those tools.

The problem is we are out of time. The worldwide redemption has come for all Jews and righteous non-Jews of the world. We will all get Tikun soon but, as I have said before, a billion different people will receive a billion different spiritual levels of Tikun – levels that we will have to live with forever and ever.

If I told you that following Hashem for the next two or three weeks (I am not predicting, just giving an example), doing His commandments and stepping up the observance of all His instructions, will result in a billion years of reward beyond your wildest dreams, would you consider it? If I added that by completely doing Hashem’s will for a mere two or three weeks will wind up in a trillion years of goodness and happiness for your family, would that sound good? If I added that two or three weeks will get rid of all your personal problems, and you will only have joy for the next quadrillion years, would you like that? There is no such thing as time; it is an allusion that will disappear when we are in the true world of love and goodness. Just know that eternity is forever and ever and ever, and even though we will not have time, we will be aware of the level of spirituality, the closeness to Hashem that we had achieved, and will live with forever. We live forever! Our physical bodies will eventually become totally spiritual. All our physical needs will be gone. We will then know spiritual pleasure and joy that is so far above any physical joy we knew on this planet, that we will kick ourselves forever when we know what we could have had versus what we settled for because we thought we knew better.

Hashem gave us a hint to the transparent spiritual existence that we will all have. Our finger nails are see-through, as Adam and Eve were when they were spiritual beings in the Garden before the sin. They were not physical, but Hashem gave us a glimpse of their spirituality and ours in the future as finger nails.

A few more weeks of saving ourselves and our loved ones is absolutely vital to our eternal life. We are so concerned by the upcoming devastation from Nibiru. However, it too is all good news since it will wipe out the evil of the Earth and completely heal the righteous. We just need to be in the correct group with Nibiru and beyond. Thank you Hashem for all the opportunities that you have given us to survive, thrive and go on to such a tremendous eternity. Please Hashem, help us with wisdom to take advantage of Your mercy and do the right thing.

This entire world is an allusion. Nothing is real. I can always tell the level of education of the individual that I am telling this at this point. The ignorant one pounds on a table and says to me: this is not real? I tell that person: wow an Infinite Source of Intelligence, Who is running this world, couldn’t fool you, could He? Yes, the world is an allusion, and Hashem has no trouble making us believe otherwise. Yes, it is our reality; it is what Hashem wanted us to experience. It just happens to be Hashem’s imagination, and not real. I have mentioned that even scientists are aware of this and believe that the universe is a hologram, a perfect computer program with nothing random. They won’t go as far as saying: it has to have a Designer, but they are scratching their heads in wonderment.

I treat everything like it is a test to help me go into the real world at a higher spiritual level. When the real world starts soon, we will fully understand the craziness of this world – that is exactly what it is CRAZINESS!!!! (Sorry, I didn't mean to shout).

Not taking everything so seriously and realizing that absolutely everything is for the good; it has to be; it is from Hashem. It will become evident soon, and will be the only way to live. Having full faith in Hashem is all we need; everything else is nonsense.

Additional note:  I will be very selective with comment posting on this essay.  I know that there will be comments that will not help any of my readers, which is the purpose of comments.  Personal stories can be sent to me as personal Email, unless it enhances the subject and helps my readers.  Nasty comments will be discarded since obviously the individual didn't read this essay or didn't understand that making such a comment could destroy the one who comments.  Be nice; we are here to help, not to experience your lack of scholarship.


  1. I am not sure if this comment will help or not :-) I have gained so very much by reading "The Garden of Emuna" So much, in fact, that I have read it about 3 times already and I need to read it again. As for this world being an illusion... if one gets down to the atomic level of substance one will find that what we call real is actually nothing more than empty space. That table that can be banged on is in reality nothing more than mostly empty space.

    1. I have not read The Garden of Emuna, but I am a big fan of Rav Shalom Arush, shlita, so it must be good.

      What you bring up about matter being empty space is fascinating. Even the attempt to prove that there is real matter with the Higgs boson is deceptive. They never found the boson all they found was an area of energy which appeared to be a level that could support the boson. All they really wanted was to justify the over 10 billion dollars they spent and hopep for more.

      They have never discovered any real matter, but then again one wouldn't find real matter in an allusion, unless the Creator of the allusion wanted it found. Everything in this world is pretend, except for Hashem -- He is the only reality.

    2. Shalom Rav, This latest write up of your blog is such an eye opener!!
      Thank your Rav!!
      Not only do you help us, your readers and faithful followers of your blog to acquire faith and complete trust in Hashem, to all peoples, but you give us more to 'open' our brain cells, so to speak, to learn more, and take in our hearts the truth of Hashem and H-s Commandments.

      Thank you Rav.

      A very dear and precious friend of mine gifted me this book: The Garden of Emuna. I am still reading it. May she be blessed.
      Hashem bless you Rav, and ALL who come to this wonderful Oasis. Amen and Amen.


  2. Aynode, please send me the details about what happened to you, I am not clear on the word that you are using. It sounds interesting, but I need clarification.

  3. From Dovid
    When you say "two or three weeks" as opposed to just saying two weeks or making a statement, even though you used it as an example...My question is, Do you feel, sense, or have any personal indication that in two to three weeks the world may very well experience an event, world wide, wether it be Nibiru or some other catastrophe.?? or am I just reading into your post or just feel
    you have much to discuss on the events at which you will disclose at the proper
    time....Main question below.
    I feel that Nibiru and what is to follow will happen over a period of time and not all at once, HENCE the 10 plagues in Eygpt..Based on the below information.
    I was thinking that perhaps there is a correlation between the time frame of the 10 plagues Eygpt and how long/months/days/ of each plague and the time frame of Nibiru"HAIL (meteorites,rocks,debris,asteroids, and how each event that follow will be like the 10 plagues...

    That HASHEM will give the world a chance to change and for the Jewsih People to get to Isreal, or just for the mere fact that Pharaoh was given a chance after
    each plague to let the Isreal Nation go perhaps after each event coming to this world soon that there will be a moment for the world to repent and change...Do you think there is a distict correlation, with pharaoh, Moses and the ten commandments. So I did a search on days between plagues and though there is more on this subject you can see some of the plagues time table is below. I hope maybe some of this was meant for you to see and add to what you know
    and maybe you will be able to give us some clarification or further details of what we can expect,
    How long did the 10 plagues of Egypt last?
    By: Steve Shirley
    A: The Bible does not tell us the answer to this question, and as a result, there are numerous guesses. These range anywhere from about a month to about a year (the Jewish Mishnah says 1 year). Based on my studies, I am guessing about 4-5 months. Here is why.
    We do know several facts for sure. First, the Bible says in (Ex 7:7) that Moses was 80 years old when the 10 plagues started after he spoke to Pharaoh. After the plagues were done, and Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go, they wandered in the desert for 40 years (Num 14:33-34, 32:13). Moses died at the end of the 40 years at the age of 120 (Deut 34:7). Therefore, if Moses was 80 at the start, wandered 40 years, and died at 120, the plagues had to have ended in under a year.
    I believe we can narrow this time down even more by looking at a few other facts. We know the duration of 3 of the plagues. The first plague lasted for 7 days (Ex 7:25), the 9th lasted for 3 days (Ex 10:21-23), and the 10th was for one night, beginning at midnight (Ex 12:29-31).

    continued to next reply

  4. While we don't know the length of the other 7 plagues, it is my guess that none of them were much longer than these. I don't think they could have withstood them, except for a very short period of time. For example, I read somewhere that it would only take a few days for a swarm of millions of locusts (the 8th plague) to destroy every bit of green vegetation in sight. This being said, if we make the average length of each plague say 4 days, we have a total of 40 days that the plagues lasted. This is also a Biblical number that corresponds with the lengths of other punishments i.e. 40 years of wandering in the desert (Num 14:33-34, 32:13), 40 days of rain for Noah's flood (Gen 7:4,12), Goliath tormented Israel for 40 days before God helped David kill him (1 Sam 17:16), God gave Nineveh 40 days to repent or be destroyed (Jonah 3:4).
    The biggest problem we have is not knowing the length of time between the different plagues. My feeling is that it was not a lot of time. A few other facts can help us in making this determination. I believe that the timeframe between the 7th plague (hail) and the 10th plague (death of the firstborn) was no more than a few months. I say this because (Ex 9:31) says that when the hail came, all of "the flax and barley were ruined, for the barley was in the ear and the flax was in bud." (Ex 9:32) "But the wheat and the spelt were not ruined, for they ripen late." We know that "flax and barley" are in bloom in February, with wheat and spelt being in bloom a month or two later. Also, when the 8th plague was sent (swarms of locusts), God said they would destroy "every plant of the land that the hail left." (Ex 10:12). This means that it shortly followed the hail, still before the wheat and spelt were in bloom (probably in late February or early March).
    We also know that the last plague fell either in late March or early April, because that is the time of the Jewish Passover, when God passed over the houses of the Israelites and did not kill their firstborn because they had the blood of the Passover Lamb covering the doorframes of their houses (Ex 12:21-27).
    Therefore, the timeframe for the 7th plague through the 10th plague was almost certainly no more than a month and a half to two months. This works out to about 2 weeks at most for each (the length of the plague plus the warning proceeding it). If we carry this out to the other 6 plagues, we get 12 weeks. So, the total is 20 weeks or about 4 to 5 months for all 10 plagues

    1. I wish to keep this short because of a lack of time on my part.

      The two or three weeks was the possible time for Nibiru. I think it may be even sooner, but with a total lack of credible information, I can only guess. It is a long explanation how I am guestimating the event, that I will not go into here.

      If you look at the Yalkut Yonatan ben Uziel, who tells us very detailed information about how the plagues will occur again before this Geula, you will find that the plagues have been ongoing for a while and are almost completed. This is also a very long discussion, beyond a comment here.

      Everything points to us being very close to the Geula and not taking a while for it to occur. There are Rabbaim that say that the Geula process started in 1948 and is coming up to a conclusion soon. Will there be additional events happening after the Moshiach is anointed and in charge? Probably, but you will have to ask Eliyahu Hanavi and Moshiach when they are announced for those details.

  5. Aynode: absolutetruth613@gmail.com The Y word.

  6. What a coincidence! I was reading the story of Galia for a few days. It's very touching. She helped her mother (grandaughter in her previous life) to do teshuva shlema, although she grew up completely secular. Galia also revealed interesting secrets about the purpose of life, the court of heaven, spiritual pleasures, Gehenom, Kaf Hakela, juicy topics, etc: http://dani18.com/uploads/GALIA_ENG_MESSAGES_FROM_HEAVEN.pdf

    THANK YOU HAKADOSH BARUCH HU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!! (I'm sorry if I was angry at you because of the persecutions suffered by Am Israel, I know you are a fair judge). I'm so proud I did teshuva. I hope it was enough. I want to save my parents, but they have no clue. They don't want to understand. Beezrat Hashem my merits will protect them anyway, so we will receive the redemption together. I love them so much.

    1. Galia also told us about events that would be coming, such as the Intifada before it happened. She was a good proof that the FC individuals are in touch with Hashem.

      All Jews are either observant Torah Jews or will be later. They, including your parents, will be completely with Hashem when Moshiach comes, and we no longer have a Yetzer Harah to stifle us.

      When Hashem is no longer hiding behind nature, and allows us to become aware of Him, all will be 100% observant.

  7. BH

    Kol HaKavod!!
    And I also like very much your style writing and your sense of humor. Very much.
    Sara from Mexico City

    1. And I like your style of writing and sense of humor too. I also want you to know that I have a sense of serious.

      It is so nice to hear from you. You haven't commented recently, I was getting close to contacting you.

  8. Something tells me that you publishing such a post and trying so hard to clear our minds, means that this is it. You know that we are there, within few days of everything. Maybe you don't want to say it directly. But reading this post somehow makes me think that this is the last post we'll see. Well, I guess I will do my best as a jew in these last days.
    See you on the other side, Rav. שבוע טוב.

    1. We have 42 days left to 5776, the year of Geula. Moshiach is already here, and will be anointed soon. When? The Torah tells us that it will happen when the Star of Yaakov arrives.

      The star, Nibiru is getting close. When will it make its closest approach? I can only guess since NASA and professional scientists are not telling us, but hiding Nibiru with the cloaking device and chem-trails. The lies in the news are very encouraging that they are desperate, because we are close.

      All this is from Hashem and it is all good. All we need to do is prepare ourselves as best as possible; it will happen in the next 42 days at the latest.

    2. 2 days ago Germany has warned its people to stockpile food and water in case of major disasters (and added) an armed attack. What is this supposed to mean?

    3. Talk of worldwide conflict, possibly World War 3, has been prevalent for a while. It is all from the global elite wanting to depopulate the world, and institute the New World Order.

      It will fail, since Hashem's plan is the only one that will happen. Hashem is in charge, and soon will reign through His Moshiach. Everyone who is with Hashem will get His protection, and any major war or disaster will mean nothing.

    4. I came across proof to your theory that Gog Bush with his evil agenda of the New World Order had in plan to eliminate 93% of the world population leaving 500 million people via a nuclear bomb and WW3 and then cancelled his plan upon learning that he doesn't have to be the bad guy after all since Nibiru is on its way and will already do the job of eliminating 2/3 of world's population for a start...
      The following quote I bumped into was said by Gog Bush to Sara McCLendon on Dec 1992: “Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.”

      Yesterday I read that the US Air Force is planning to 'bomb the sky' "to improve radio reception" or is the true reason that they want to speed up Nibiru's arrival by trying to shoot it down or is "bombing the sky" a nice name to detonate a nuclear bomb?

      Shalom E.

    5. Thank you so much. Very interesting. I was not aware of the quote to Sara McCLendon.

      Do you have a source, that I could probe further?

    6. When I came across this quote online I searched [online] for an understanding but didn't find any. I then concluded that your theory is the most logical explanation.

      What do you think about the US plans of "bombing the sky"?

      Shalom E.

    7. I was curious enough to Google it, and found many sources. Go to:

      The most treacherous bombing at high altitude is an EMP burst. One nuclear burst at about 300 km above the center of the US could take out all the electronics and electrics of the continental US (the 48 states). The global elite would be in their underground EMP shielded environment.

    8. Yes, as I said earlier I found lots of sources online but there's no explanation of his statement anywhere.

      Do you think the "bombing the sky" is really a nuclear bombing that they have up their sleeves?

    9. This statement happened after Gog made his famous speech in 1991 about bringing the world into a New World Order. He knew decades before that it would include the elimination of world population down to 500 million, which was put on the Georgia Guidestones in 1980.

      Gog thought for sure that he would be re-elected president in 1992, but Clinton surprised him (actually Hashem arranged that one). It was only a small delay since the Clintons joined the Gog Bush cabal and thought they would help with the evil plan. That is why the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993 in hopes of starting something. The bombing wasn't too successful, since Hashem let them down.

      The Oslo Accord between Israel and the Arafat was an attempt to start a war in Israel. Hashem let them down again.

      Next was when Al Gore won the presidency, Gog arranged to have the Supreme Court change the results and make Gog Jr the president. The next attempt was the false flag operation of 911 which resulted in a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, you know two countries that had nothing to do with 911. It made them lots of money which was part of the goal, but it did not start WW3. One reason was that Israel took out Saddam Hussein nuclear capability in the 1980's. They really wanted a nuclear holocaust, but Hashem disappointed them again.

      This continues with other attempt to get WW3 started with Iran (who attempted a strike on Israel in 2008 and 2010), North Korea (who did the nuclear testing for Iran), other attempt using Israel (the Gaza disengagement, the war with Southern Lebanon), the Ukraine, Syria and Libya but Hashem let them down in every case.

      Now we get to Gog's belief that Nibiru will do the job while they are safely underground. There is a possibility that the US of Magog may do an EMP false flag operation, which will allow them to put Martial Law into effect and leave the populations of the US and Europe (another EMP) in such a devastated state that most of the population will perish. The EMP doesn't kill, but the elimination of everything electrical would cause the population to starve within weeks. People wouldn't have water (the pumping stations wouldn't work), no food (the trucks would not run to replenish stores, mass chaos and killing like in Venezuela when people are fighting over food, no medical care, etc.

      Is this going to happen? They do have it planned as a possibility since there are many countries that have the capability to EMP the US and Europe (that they can blame it on). Your statement of "bombing the sky" just made me think of them carrying that plan forward. Of course, Hashem will be in complete control and protect the good people and use this to eliminate part of the 2/3rd group.

      It is all good news. (Did that answer your question?)

    10. You put it down so well, thank you. I had to read it twice to grasp the depth of evilness in the government. WOW! Good thing Hashem is in control. With so much crime, corruption, immorality and wickedness, (almost?) like at the time of The Flood, good thing Mashiach will be here soon. May we only merit to greet him and live together with him.

      Shalom E.

  9. Here's a question that fits perfectly in with this essay I was always wondering about. We pray "venizkeh venichyeh venireh...lishnei (1) yemos hamashiach (2) ulchayei ha'olam habaah". Could you please explain the difference of the two?

    1. I try to keep everything in English for my readers. The prayer you are talking about is said every day during our morning prayers, and it translated as (I am including more than what you wrote):
      May it be Your will, Hashem, that we keep Your statutes in this world, and [thus] be privileged to live and behold, and to inherit the goodness and blessing of the Messianic days, and in the life of the World to Come.

      The question that you are bringing up is the difference between the days or Moshiach and the World to come. It is not so simple since there are many places that it is brought down with much discussion.

      If I had to summarize, I would say that when the Moshiach is anointed, and the worldwide redemption occurs, a process of many details, many changes will begin. This time of change is the time of Moshiach. It will work into a completely spiritual world which is the World to Come. There are different beliefs as to when these times will be, but suffice it to say that the World to Come will be after the time of Moshiach.

  10. Rav, I really want to make total Teshuvah. However, to do Teshuvah I need to promise that I will not make the same mistakes again, ever. I don't think I could accomplish that, since it would mean to completely change my life from one day to another, and I'm sure I will get mistaken on something. And therefore my Teshuvah would not be accomplished.

    1. I have said that Hashem does not judge us by what we know, He judges us by how we grow. He wants to see us improve. That doesn't mean making promises, it means making changes.

      As we study Torah we gain a better understanding of what we need to improve. Our intentions and our effort is the gauge of success. If we make very small, but consistent improvements every day, we are doing Teshuvah. Not talking about it, but doing it.

      Very often working with someone else also helps. Learning together, and working together helps the effort.

    2. Rav, this link I feel best explains exactly how the Global Elite try to hide planetory, and try to deceive. This link will explain the Green,and Blue colors,and diamond shapes, hexagonal, and creating deception in the sky with light, using solar panels, please see in it's entirety, best explained video I have seen thus far. I think it will serve you well since you are a scientist as well., and you can better explain to people. 42 day left, though this is up to Hashem,
      This is very sad, because I have tried to tell people of what is to come and to be prepared, to be good, and almost all just listened and did not Heed my words, I told them to go to your blog, because I do not have the words or knowledge that you have. Most ignored what I had to say, hopefully a few did. Please see link, and listen to all of it. Thank you. Hashem has blessed you.,always. Rav


  11. R' Robinson, Thank you yet again for your spiritually-sustaining words.
    Question - Is it possible that the "Kochav M'Yaakov" is Moshiach himself? I apologize if the question was asked before, I don't remember seeing it, if yes.

    1. If you look at my blog post of 18 May 2016 entitled:
      So, When is Moshiach Going to be Introduced?

      You will see that the commentary to Balaam's prophecy (Bamidbar 24:17) of the Star says what you are saying that it is Moshiach.

      However, since we know that Nibiru is coming this way and getting very close, and has caused tremendous devastation on Earth already, it is a real star with a real solar system. We also know that Moshiach is a real man, who is working hard to bring the Geula and will be crowned soon.

      We can only conclude that the two events, the introduction of Moshiach and the flyby of Nibiru, will happen simultaneously. Even the wording in many other places in scriptures corroborate the dual events.

      It is the nearness of Nibiru that is most encouraging of the Geula happening 5776 as it says many places, and is encoded just about everywhere. I have mentioned that Nibiru is encoded 414 times in Tenach alone in very significant places.

      Both are real, and both are immanent.

      FROM RAV, MENACHEM ROBINSON continued discussion as NIBIRU is also encoded without a skip interval...The below blog is dated
      Feb, 22, 2016, Monday...Amazing Information from the Rav.


      In doing a search for Nibiru in Torah Codes, I came across four places in the Tenach, the Jewish Bible, where Nibiru appears without a letter separation. In each case there is a definite message from Hashem why He put Nibiru there. Let us begin with a review of the four places:

      Deuteronomy 32:32 talks of the enemies of the Jews, those who do not follow the ways of Hashem. The verse says:
      For their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah; their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter.
      The wording is very strange, yet is describes the 2/3rd of the world population, that Zachariah 13:8 states, who are destined to be destroyed because of their evil ways. The comparison is to the evil people of Sodom and Gomorrah, who are often compared to the immoral situation in the world today. The strangest part of the verse is comparing them to poisonous grapes or even a better translation of the Hebrew would be Grapes of Hemlock. Hemlock, of course is a poison. Why did Hashem use such wording? The Hebrew is:

      ענבי רוש which if you move the two words together and remove the first and last letter we have:

      נבירו Nibiru. Since the verses before and after allude to the end of these evil people, Hashem used the middle five letters to tell us the method of destruction – Nibiru.

      The other three places where Nibiru occurs in the Tenach have the same coding. They all talk of Jerusalem and tell us prophecy about Jerusalem. In Hebrew “in Jerusalem” is בירושלים If the word before ends in the Hebrew letter Nun, that letter combined with the first four letters are: נבירו Nibiru. Let us review the three places and the verses in question:

      Judges 1:21
      And the sons of Benjamin did not drive out the Jebusites who inhabited Jerusalem; but the Jebusites live with the sons of Benjamin in Jerusalem to this day.
      According to the Hebrew Bible, the Jebusites (Hebrew: יְבוּסִי) were a Canaanite tribe who built and inhabited Jerusalem prior to its conquest by King David. The Books of Kings state that Jerusalem was known as Jebus prior to this event. Many Arabs, including such figures as Yasir Arafat and Faisal Husseini, claim that Arabs of today, who incorrectly call themselves Palestinians, descended from the Canaanite tribe of the Jebusites. Such declarations should not surprise us; it is part of their very effective propaganda campaign. The Temple mount is divided in half with the southern half being in the area of Judah and the northern half and above being Benjamin. The Arab quarter of the Old City and the majority of Arabs in East Jerusalem are in the area of Benjamin.

      It is fascinating that there are 80 places in Tenach that we find the expression “to this day.” It is a way that Hashem is telling us that whatever the situation is that is being described in the Bible, it continued throughout history until this very day. Once again, it is impossible for the Jewish Bible to have come from any other source than Hashem. One would lose complete credibility if one wrote prophecies that will continue for thousands of years, unless He knew exactly what was coming up. Our situation is a good example since it basically states that the Arabs will live amongst us in Jerusalem until now, and even tells where they will live. The interesting prophecy is that the verse alludes to the Arabs being eliminated with Nibiru. Stay tuned for the details that fulfill that prophecy, hopefully very soon.

      TO CONTINUE TO READ RAV'S Feb 22, 2016 Blog please see link above. There is not enough space unless I rely twice, but you can
      click the link.

  12. Ever green and all of you:
    ענבי רוש minus נבירו is עש!!!
    MOTH (Heb. עָשׁ, ash and סָס, sas; AV, JPS – "worm"), insect said to eat and destroy clothes (Isa. 51:8; cf. 50:9; Job 13:28).

    The word ash is also used as a synonym for disintegration and destruction (Hos. 5:12; Ps. 39:12). These names refer to the clothes-moth Tineola, the larva of which feeds on wool. The metamorphosing larva (caterpillar) spins a cocoon, in which it develops into a chrysalis, to be transformed later into an imago. The tottering house of the wicked is compared to a cocoon (Job 27:18). Other species of moth that damage seeds, fruit, and trees are also to be found in Israel. The Talmud speaks of the sasa that infests trees (TJ, Ḥag. 2:3, 78a, according to the reading of Ha-Meiri; cf. Yoma 9b: the sas-magor which attacks cedars). The noses that destroys trees (Isa. 10:18) may be the sas, the reference here being to the moth which bores into trees, such as the larvae of the Zeuzera pirina, one of the worst arboreal pests in Israel.
    Please see my last post about it.
    Orna Nitzevet

  13. R' Robinson Thank you very much for all your Avodas HaKodesh, your Holy work; in addition Thank you for answering the question I asked above. I will B'Ezras H', with G-d's Help read up on the post mentioned, later.
    "Yiyasher Kochachem", May H' give you strength, double, plus for being there for us all.