Sunday, August 28, 2016

Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Eikev, 17 Av 5776 (8/21/16) (the Messiah is mentioned 18 times)


G-d, Father in Heaven, Father of Israel and the world that He created, not us, but Him. He is hidden, and whether we want to or not - we will believe in Him! G-d is speaking to the people of Israel in images, signs, and clues.

Everything that G-d has done in this world and continues to do through the forces of nature, conflicts between and within countries, it is all so that the Jews see His strength and power! G-d is showing the Jews of Diaspora to come urgently to Israel; and, all of the Jewish communities in Israel, without exception, Sephardic, Ashkenazi and everyone else, to be happy for them, to unite, and love each other, and be kind. G-d is calling the Jews to reach compromises and be the sons of Jacob our father, because he was one.

G-d is destroying all of the Arab countries and a large part of the world to bring the Jews to Israel. Thousands are coming; millions more will come.

G-d is asking the Jews in Israel: Stop building homes in tall buildings, stop copying Manhattan! You are Jews; settle the holy land of Israel in houses, not apartments! You must settle the Negev, Galilee, Samaria, Binyamin and Golan Heights. Dear Jews, stop focusing on the center of Israel, stop building sky scrapers; it is not G-d's will. The holy land must be villages and towns. The land of Israel will grow one centimeter every day in every direction.

The chaos and Armageddon outside of Israel are signs of the coming of the Messiah King in the Holy Land. The generation of the desert did not want to come to the Holy Land and they sent spies. The spies died as did the entire generation in the desert. That was the first salvation. Now is the second and last salvation and the Messiah is here, working and waiting for signs from G-d to reveal himself. Diaspora Jews: do not miss the train; do not test G-d! Whoever tries will pay a heavy price. G-d is working in Arab countries and protecting the borders of Israel with Fire. G-d himself is in Israel waiting for the Jews to come! There is no more time to wait! The biggest sign of in the world:   G-d is destroying the Arab countries around us so that Jews can come safely to the holy land of Israel! This is not like the time of the spies who didn't want to come to Israel for fear of the people there. G-d is cleaning out all of the Arab countries around Israel and telling the Diaspora Jews: "Look at the holy land of Israel, a beautiful and wonderful country! It has everything - Torah, synagogues that are holy and pure, protection, prosperity, joy, peace, gold, silver, diamonds, oil, gas, iron and the most important of all - G-d is here protecting the Holy Land and the Messiah is working in the Holy Land!"

Our mother, Rachel, is asking all of the Jews in Israel: "Do not leave Israel during the holidays! Come to the Cave of the Patriarchs to your fathers and mothers; come to me, your mother Rachel who has the Messiah in her hands! You have so many righteous men who are dead and alive in Israel. The prayers of the holidays in the Holy Land are not like prayers outside of Israel because the Holy Spirit is only in Israel since 1948 when the state of Israel was established. You must all come to Israel."

G-d is fighting the wars of Israel to protect the people of Israel! G-d will bring down all of the Arabs to worship the Jews in Israel.

In Turkey, Erdogan is in a critical mental state; it is very hard for him because he no longer has control over Turkey. He wants to release all of the Arab refugees in Turkey to Europe without passports. Due to the thousands he has killed, others want revenge and want to kill him. Turkey will turn into chaos, Turkey will bleed. Listen and read, there will be a terrible revolution in Turkey. Jews: run away from there like fire! Come to the Holy Land!

The king of Jordan suddenly got confident concerning the Western Wall and Temple Mount. The Arabs must know once and for all: Everything around the Western Wall belongs to the Jews and Israel! They don't care about the Wall, they only want to get land from Israel; it is an obsession and they don't know why.

The ammunition and weapons that the IDF found in the Arab villages is just a fraction of the thousands that they have.

Sisi is waiting for help from Israel. Israel is helping him clean out the Sinai desert, and he wants more. It is not easy for him. Sisi: watch over yourself! There are plans; they want to harm you in the coming days, in the coming week. Watch over yourself, do not believe the people around you because they are being threatened that if they don't harm you, their families will be murdered. ISIS, Hamas, extreme Muslims are looking for Sisi, and want to overturn his regime. There is great hunger in Egypt. Sisi is being nice to Israel so that we protect him, because he knows that only Israel can protect him.

Gaza is filled with rockets that arrive dismantled through the tunnels and sea. They put them together in Gaza quietly. They are all aimed at Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheba. The government must open its eyes!

Hezbollah and Nasrallah do not have enough ammunition at all; everything they have is saved for emergencies against the Syrian rebels. They can't fight against Israel because they don't have support from Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Iraq is a Babel Tower; it is all destroyed and will continue to be destroyed. It is G-d's doing.

G-d is warning Iran: If you only think of harming Israel, you will receive a blow one hundred times worse than the plagues in Egypt. Lava will fall from the sky and burn Iran.

All of the Arab countries and Arabs in the Middle East are a Babel Tower! G-d is confusing their language. They will fall on their swords and their bows will break. They are killing themselves and they don't know why. This is the Arabs falling on their swords. Their bows are the rocket launchers and the arrows are rockets. The launchers will break and the rockets will blow up before being launched.

Russia doesn't care what anyone thinks or says and loves Israel very much.

The United States is playing hide and seek, they are showing their true face to Israel. The beauty and smile will not determine who the next president is.

Japan will continue to receive earthquakes and the forces of nature will strike at them.

China's economy will collapse. G-d is saying: When a Jew owns a factory, the factory succeeds because it is run by a Jew. When a gentile owns a factory, it fails because it is run by a gentile.

France will be destroyed and will be gone from the world because it is interfering in creating a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, and wants to take land from Israel. G-d will remove them from the world.

Muslims all over the world hate the Xtians, they want to conquer Europe and make it Muslim. Millions are going into Europe, they want to conquer it.

G-d is telling the people of Israel: Many Jews will come to Israel. It will not stop! Continue building houses and spread out throughout Israel, establish settlements and stop with the skyscrapers and buildings. Real estate in Israel will continue, no one can stop it - it is G-d's doing!

The government of Israel must stop arguing about positions in the government. You were chosen to save the people of Israel and watch over every centimeter of the Holy Land.    G-d is saying: You have no permission to touch even one centimeter of the Holy Land, it is not yours!

All of the Jews inventing patents do not be too excited about the money. Leave the inventions in Israel because G-d is giving you the idea to develop in Israel!

The IDF will do its job according to the law, and no Jew will say "it will not happen to me," watch over yourselves. Idleness leads to serious problems.

Jewish parents, watch over your kids from assimilation, drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Always teach them morals.

All of those who steal, cheat, live off of others, take bribes, especially in municipalities and public officials, will be caught. G-d is preparing Israel for the crowning of the Messiah King in public.

The Messiah above held by Leah is judgment, and the Messiah below held by Rachel is mercy. The Messiah above must connect with the Messiah below and turn the Messiah above to mercy; this is "merciful redemption". If there was judgment and redemption, heaven forbid, the Messiah above would come down without the Messiah below and there would only remain the minimum of souls necessary in all of Israel. In a merciful redemption, the Messiah above connects with the Messiah below, it is time!

In the first redemption, when Moses was the Messiah, the nation was not ready. Today, the people of Israel are in the perfect state, with prayers, study of Torah, good deeds - perfect! The people are preparing to receive the Messiah! It is not like in the time of Moses. Today, there is a Messiah in the world, and the crowning of the Messiah King in public is near!

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  1. "Lava will fall from the sky and burn Iran." Hmmm, Nibiru fallout?

    1. Scriptures talks about "fire and brimstone" several places. It sounds like the debris (asteroids, meteors, rocks) that will burn up in the upper atmosphere and full to earth. It is like molten rock or lava (I didn't check the Hebrew to see what word he used, but it probably is something similar).

  2. Shalom, the Rav is aware that we are not allowed to build and settle our land? People are stuck in the center because the medina refuses to grant permits, plus the vast majority of the land in the north is in the hands of the medina or JNF. I wonder what the Rav thinks about this and perhaps he can address some of his comments to the medina that refuses to allow us to build in our land.Respectfully suggested. Shavua tov u'mverech!

    1. It all depends on where you are, and what politician is involved. I live in Betar Illit, which is in the so-called West Bank (a name made up by Arab propagandists, and loved by Jew-haters world wide), and we have no restrictions on building whatsoever.

      In the near future when Moshiach takes over, building will be a frenzy, everywhere.

      I completely ignore the Jew-hating politicians, since Hashem wants me to do otherwise. He is my Authority.

  3. I live in northern Russia and the situation here is quite peaceful. I don't think it's going to be a disaster here. Life is simple here.
    Do I have to go urgently to Israel, still? I ask because Ben Artzi talks as if jews only lived in Europe or the U.S., and all were in great danger.
    Of course, anything can happen, but I don't feel any rush.

    Igor. B"H

    1. The message to come to Israel in the end of days is from Hashem throughout scriptures. Rav Ben Artzi is just reminding us that the entire world will be in peril except for Israel. It is the only place for the Jews.

      Since I am not a prophet I have no idea where or who could remain safe. The fact that debris will come raining down all over the world tells us that all places could be in danger, if Hashem wants it so. We are not talking probability, we are talking the will of Hashem, measure for measure.

      It would be prudent to want to be in Israel. Hashem could send you a very strong message and make your homeland very dangerous instantly. Hashem wants to see the right attitude from His Chosen Nation that we all want to be with Him in our home, Israel.

  4. Hello Rav Menachem.
    That creepy feeling in me has started up know that one that says "it's 5 weeks until the end of 5776 - do you really think that everything that is spoken about will come to fruition by then.....??" It's such an annoying voice - truth to be told - it does feel like we are on a plateau again... - and to make matters worse - I did read Rav Ben Artzi's Hebrew message for this week - Sorry that I couldn't wait for the English version later this week....and the Rav continues to speak of elections in the USA and how Moshiach will be introduced for all - in this generation - no mention of this year - or like 5 weeks etc...... So frustrating and hard to believe and convice - plead with Hashem to hold me together and not fall into this thought-process......

    1. See my post of today. Your statement sums up the feeling of many of us, and I thought I should share my thoughts more formally.

  5. "G-d is destroying all of the Arab countries and a large part of the world to bring the Jews to Israel. Thousands are coming; millions more will come.” While I totally believe that this is why the countries are in flux, are there really millions that will be coming home between ‘today’ and before the end of 5776? Sounds like a fleet of El Al planes rescuing Jews, because I think it is beyond the ability of Nefesh to bring them here. Especially those in far off lands. What’s your take on this?

    1. I once heard that when Hashem brings the Jews and the lost tribes home it will be so miraculous that someone in the US will be here in about 5 minutes. The expression that is brought down it "on the wings of eagles." Does that mean El Al or Moshiach airlines?

      Since I have mentioned that 1/3rd of the world, that will survive, is about 2.5 billion people, does that mean not thousands or millions, but billions will be coming home to a country that is extremely enormous?

      Trying to use the scenarios of this fantasy world on the miraculous plans of Hashem is fruitless, it doesn't work.