Sunday, June 18, 2017

This Explains It All

I would like to give you some insight as to why the world is the way it is and even why history was so chaotic and full of turmoil. What I will be explaining is from Kabbalistic sources so I start off with a disclaimer: I can only give you the details as I learned them and have no idea of the deep ramifications (it is beyond human comprehension). Am I off the hook? I will only accept easy questions.

Let us talk of the beginning of humankind. All my references to Adam are for all people, men and women, since Adam and Eve were created as a single being and were later separated into two distinct individuals. What is important for our purpose is that they did not start out as human beings as is familiar to us. They were at a very high spiritual level. When Adam ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he did it for a very positive reason. He was very close to Hashem but wanted to be even closer. Even though he knew everything he needed to know about the world, he had a great desire to know more. Adam saw this tree as an opportunity to possibly be at the same level as Hashem. Once again, this was out of love for Hashem, since Adam was already at a very high spiritual level. What actually changed after he ate? In Hebrew there are two words that sound the same (unless you are Israeli and can hear the subtle difference) but have one letter difference giving it a different meaning. The word is “ohr.” If spelled with the Hebrew letter alef, it means light. If spelled with an ayin it means skin. When Adam sinned his size was greatly reduced (he was a giant before and now was the size of a human being of today) and the covering of his body was changed from pure light to skin as we know it. In essence he went from being a spiritual being to a physical being. This is really when he became a human being that we can relate to. His knowledge was greatly changed since he now was aware of both good and evil. This is when he became aware of his lack of body covering as an example.

So far so good (I hope). Now we get into the spiritual change. The following explanation is an over simplification of a very difficult concept to understand (the part that is beyond our comprehension). Adam’s soul was actually the soul of all humankind. We were all part of Adam. When he sinned the sparks of his soul were shattered like a broken vessel and scattered throughout the world. This is the reason that the people are throughout the world since the perfection of the world requires the gathering of these sparks to bring the soul of Adam together again. Of course, most of the souls were placed in Heaven – also known as the World of Souls. That occurred with the plan that the souls would come to Earth throughout history to effect the perfection of the Earth and the perfection of each individual soul, us. In other words, history was a gathering of the sparks to make whole the vessel again.

A side note of interest. Where we were as individuals within Adam’s soul determined what part of the world mission for which we would be responsible. If we were the hands of Adam we would come to Earth as a skilled individual working with the hands. If we were part of his brain, we would be of high intelligence here. A soul from his heart might be a very righteous individual. I won’t cover any not so favorable parts – use your imagination. The point is we as the whole of society know why the world has the tremendous variety of skills and intelligence levels. It is interesting to ponder the individual location that you may have occupied in Adam.

What purpose is served by all this? Hashem is allowing very important and wonderful accomplishments by this scenario. One is that Adam (and all of us) had to be sent down to a very low spiritual level in order to gather the sparks. By doing this we are given the opportunity upon completion to surge upward almost like a slingshot effect to a spiritual level even higher than what Adam started with. When the redemption comes and the perfection is put into place, eventually we will experience a level that is close to Hashem beyond our comprehension. In essence, Adam’s desire to reach a much higher level will be accomplished.

There is another aspect of this plan that is not so obvious. Hashem is perfect. Within His perfection is all imperfection. Meaning, that Hashem is complete with everything. Hashem wanted to demonstrate His wholeness by creating this world and us as imperfect beings. At the same time we are being brought to a level of perfection at the end, we have been the vehicle to show that all levels of imperfection exist within Hashem’s perfection. We can glean from all this some of the very difficult concepts that we questioned at the beginning. Why has history been so chaotic full of turmoil? We can now see that the gathering of the sparks had to be done at all levels including the lowest level of our existence. The levels had to include the lowest of evil to the highest of goodness. The levels had to include all the imperfection that exists within the wholeness and perfection of Hashem. Hashem is everything, there is none else. As part of Hashem we were the vehicle to demonstrate His wholeness. The good news is all the sparks have been gathered. The history used to demonstrate His wholeness is complete. This is why I am convinced that the time of our redemption and the introducing of the Messiah are imminent. All is complete, the work is done – the future looks tremendous.

I didn’t say this was going to be simple to understand; but, my purpose in trying to explain this is to encourage everyone to gain the maximum place in the sun, so to speak. We now have the opportunity to obtain the highest spiritual level that Adam craved. It is available to each and every one of us. The last minute acts of rectification will change our eternity for the absolute best. Don’t waste the opportunity. Return to Hashem for everything. Know that everything that Hashem does He does for us and it is for the good. You and your loved ones will see a level of happiness and fulfillment that is beyond our human comprehension and that is the Absolute Truth. Accept it, live it and enjoy it.

We are very close to the worldwide redemption. The only delay is Hashem, in His infinite mercy, giving us as individuals more time to perfect ourselves, more time to do individual Teshuvah and be as perfect as possible before “the great day of Hashem.” I often have quoted Zechariah 13:8 about the 2/3rd of the population not surviving (and with great suffering) and the 1/3rd of the population who will survive and go on to the wonderful new world of truth and happiness. I have never included the next verse of Zechariah 13:9 which gives additional information for the fortunate 1/3rd group who survive. The verse reads:
9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on My name, and I will answer them; I will say: 'It is My people,' and they shall say: 'The L-RD is my G-d.'
This verse is telling us that all the people who survive will be purified before they can live in this tremendous world of truth and goodness. How much purification will each of us need? The old answer of measure for measure “whatever we need.” In other words, as I have stated so many times the more we do now the less we will need to be fixed later. The more we purify our soul now with Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Torah study, helping others and doing the Mitzvot, the less we need later to enter the kingdom of Hashem for all eternity. I can’t stress enough the importance of each second of each day that we are living now before the great Day of Judgment. Each of us as individuals must come as close to Hashem as possible NOW!!!

The messages from Hashem are getting more intense every day, telling us that we are running out of time. The individuals who are taking this seriously are the most favored to survive and thrive and face a much better future than thought possible. The skeptics are fools who will find out soon the folly of their ways. The evil ones will be gone with great suffering for themselves and their loved ones who depend on them.

None of this is speculation; we have thousands of years of prophecies and history fulfilling those prophecies as absolute proof. The skeptics are the ones who don’t study, don’t research the truth, but just sit back with their flawed human logic and make up fantasy.

One last note: the idea of moving to Israel is one of all-of-a-sudden putting yourself and loved ones on the much higher level of purification. I have mentioned that the good people of the world will survive, but what that survival will entail is up to each individual. After the great day of Hashem, the purification that will be needed for the surviving group with either be easy or intense. Being in Israel will afford each of us a much higher level of holiness and a much easier entrance into the world of goodness. Once again, this is not speculation, but fact. The foolish skeptic will find out the hard way.

I know that I repeat myself constantly, but yet I still get many Emails telling me how little my readers are actually doing. Most have a wait-and-see attitude. Most have a “I want Moshiach now,” attitude, thinking that all their problems will just vanish. That is possible, but only for the individuals who prepare now. The “I am good to go” or the “wait and see” groups are in for a very rude awakening. I will only say this a thousand more times: 
Get to work; your entire future and the future of your loved ones depend on your actions NOW!!!!


  1. Thank you for the simplified version of Kaballah. It makes perfect sense to this simple mind.
    Years ago I began wondering why the world's population was suddenly exploding. I came up with a theory (although I call it my theory, I may have heard it explained elsewhere and I just don't remember hearing it). I think that the world's population explosion is caused by the last chance for every soul to have their time on earth to complete their task. There may have been many souls where this is their first chance to complete the task. There may be souls who are in a new incarnation to complete an incomplete task, there may be other souls who are here for just some other reason. It would seem that much of the evil that we see in the world may be from the first time arrivals and those who are on a return trip and who just never found their true task. The seemingly sudden growth of Noahides may be that many of us finally got our act together and decided to search out what is proper and our souls realize that it is now or never. From what I see in various studies, there seems to be an almost explosive growth in frum Jews. My feeling is that the end is so near that every soul that did not take a chance of coming to this earth at some other time were offered the chance to come here and jumped at the opportunity, with 2/3's of them failing miserably.

    Once again, that theory may be my own, I may have heard it from someone else, and for what it is worth, I may be so far off the beaten track as to be standing in the middle of the swamp. Please, if this is published, do not take what I say as being right. It is only a theory and I do not wish to steer anybody wrong.

    1. Your theory has much truth in it. Some additional facts to consider.

      There no person on Earth that isn't a part of Hashem's plan. As I constantly mention that there is nothing random on planet Earth or the life we live here, that also pertains to the world population. It has been compared to an operating motor. There are many very insignificant parts, for example a single screw helping to hold the casing together. Yet, if that one screw came loose and fell out it could cause the casing to weaken and the motor to fail. Every part is needed, no matter how insignificant, and every person is needed, no matter how insignificant. Even the 2/3rd group is serving a definite purpose in demonstrating Hashem's wholeness and completeness (as talked about above).

      Next, rest assure that all the Jews and righteous non-Jews (who may be members of the lost tribes) are all here after several reincarnations. This is the final effort for Tikun, which is why I am so adamant about us doing so much more now.

      As you can see the 1/3rd group is 2 1/2 billion people, which is all the Jews and return of the lost tribes. I feel strongly that all true Bnei Noach members are with Jewish souls and will enjoy the world of goodness and truth in Israel.

  2. "I know that I repeat myself constantly, but yet I still get many Emails telling me how little my readers are actually doing."

    Shalom Reb Moshe. I write this publicly not to boast, but to give people ideas of small concrete ways they can increase their "doing."

    A few months ago, I decided to start caring about Melavah Malkah. I had never been particular about it before, and almost never ate bread Motzai Shabbos. I haven't missed one since. Last night, I was out with my sons and didn't have a chance to eat until very late, way past my normal bedtime. In the past, I would've gone to sleep, but I made a small meal to be yotzai.

    Also recently, a friend of mine suggested I start reciting the daily portion of Tehillim. I liked his suggestion, and started. It takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the day (I'm a slow reader). I do miss days, but I am getting better and better at keeping up.

    There are other things I have undertaken, but I'll leave it at that for now.

    1. Thank you so much for your inspiration. That is exactly the type of Teshuvah that I have been talking about. Small things that we add to our daily activities that will mean so much to us later when we reach Judgement Day and find out how important the little additions in our lives mean.

      Thank you so much my friend.

  3. Dear Rab, you have a divine way to explain dificult thinks in simple words that penetrate our hearts.
    I started reading your beatifull coments since one and a half year , beleive me you are doing an excellent work , me and my family began to do little changes but important changes , we became gueula believers , we are in a way , a best way and it is becouse of you. thanks at all

    1. Thank you for your kind words, but you must realize that it is not me explaining life's mysteries and answers, it is Hashem. The Absolute Truth is the word of Hashem. It is the only path to happiness and the good life, forever. I am just a messenger delivering His words.

  4. Tsunami today Greenland

    With the DR.

  6. We are getting it all wrapped up here. Will be coming home - with the help of G-d - in last half of August

    1. This is the best comment you ever wrote!!!!

      Please send me a private Email with all the details. I have many questions.

  7. יhow do you know that all the sparks were collected? Thank you.

    1. Many Rabbis, especially Mekubalim have stated it. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was perhaps the first one, which means it was a while ago.

      It also is the reason that the return of the exiled began at a higher rate in the 1990's (end of the Soviet Union, Operation Solomon, the great exodus of Jews from Arab nation, etc).

  8. I have now words to describe how amazing I feel your words were. Not only did you explain very complex concepts in a simple and clear manner, not only is this message of enormous relevance today, but you were clearly coming from a place of love and caring and not from a place of gaava or anger. Words that go out from the heart enter into the heart. Be blessed.

    1. I thank you kindly for your words, they mean a lot to me. I do have to admit that I can't take all the credit for it, Hashem made me say it.

      You may be interested to know that I learned this years ago from a Mekubal whose studied with some of the most famous Mekubalim of the 20th century (names omitted on purpose).

  9. It is so beautiful to read the interaction between the readers and you, rav Menachem, in my time of resting.
    Have a beautiful, peaceful and very meaningful Shabbat all! My son prayed on his yom holedet at the Kineret for all Am Israel to do tshuva. I hope from all heart, that his prayer will be heard!