Monday, June 12, 2017

Hashem is Consistent

I have mentioned on many occasions that the details of the upcoming worldwide redemption, the Geula, are a repeat of the first Geula when we left Egypt. Although the details are brought down in many places, the best prophecy on the subject is found in the prophet Micah 7:15 and 16. It says:

15 As in the days when you left the land of Egypt I will show it wonders.
16 The nations will see and be ashamed of all their [unavailing] power; they will place a hand over [their] mouth; their ears will become deaf.
17 They will lick the dirt like the snake and like creatures that crawl on the ground; they will tremble from their places of confinement; they will fear HASHEM our G-d and be afraid of you.
18 Who is a G-d like You, Who pardons iniquity and overlooks transgression for the remnant of His heritage? He does not maintain His wrath forever, for He desires kindness.
7:15-16 Hashem responds with a pledge of great miracles.
7:17 the prophet describes the final humbling of the nations, and their awe and reverence for Hashem and Israel (Radak).
A note from me: in verse 17 it mentions the fear of Hashem of the people in their “places of confinement.” Does that sound like the evil ones in their underground fortresses, who are hiding from the devastation, while we are above in harm’s way?

Very simply put, Hashem is consistent. As we left Egypt with a slave mentality and were not able to fully serve Hashem, do the Teshuvah we needed to help us reach total redemption, Hashem miraculously helped us. Unfortunately, during the 40 years in the desert, we reverted back to our flawed human ways, which continued to plague us up to this day.

In His great mercy, Hashem is now providing the same help to bring us into the time of a final worldwide redemption. This time there is no backsliding possible since the entire world will be different. What miraculous changes will happen to secure a world of complete happiness, no problems, no evil, no hatred, only truth, only peace? We will no longer have a Yetzer Harah, which means that all the good people who go on to this world of love and truth will only want to serve Hashem wholeheartedly. Hashem will no longer be hidden behind nature, which means that when we are totally aware of Hashem we will experience a level of joy and happiness beyond our wildest human imagination.

Over Shabbos I received a very definite premonition of the date of the Moshiach, Nibiru and the Geula. I of course cannot say the date which is top secret (the end of Daniel). I still believe is it not too far away.  The more important thought is that our time for doing Teshuvah is very limited. We must take advantage of this opportunity to make our eternity that much greater.

I remember hearing from a prominent Rabbi of the past that one of the greatest types of pain that we can experience for eternity is remorse. In the near future when we realize how little additional Teshuvah, additional correction we could have done in these last days and what tremendous benefit it would have had forever and ever, we could kick ourselves for not doing the right thing, for being complacent and thinking that Moshiach will solve all our problems. I have said it many times: NOW IS THE TIME TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS AND GO INTO OUR ETERNITY AT A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL, CLOSER TO HASHEM.

If we truly are talking a short time to the end, please, please, please help yourselves and your loved ones to have it all.


  1. Quoting my dear Rabbi during a shiur on the afterlife: the shame the neshama feels regarding mitzvahs we have not done (when we are being judged by the Heavenly Court) is akin to being covered in schmaltz. I try to remember this when I am slacking off. Rav Menahem,how does our observance help our loved ones? Not referring to tefilas for them which seems obvious but the act of keeping kosher,guarding the day of Shabbas, etc. With Gratitude, Ms. AP

    1. I have never heard the analogy of being covered in schmaltz (which is chicken or goose fat), but like everything else in this world I am sure it has a much deeper meaning.

      We are all One, echad. There is no you and me; that is only an illusion. Since there is only Hashem, we are bound together spiritually. Everything I do positively, effects everyone in the world positively; everything negative, ... (you get the idea).

      Our connection to our loved ones is even more of a bond, both physically and spiritually. We set the example and therefore influence those around us, but also when we gain merit, they share the benefits spiritually.

      We are also a reflection on those who have departed this world. When we do things in the name of heaven, according to Hashem's will, the departed actually benefit from our acts and our words. When we do negative actions or speak negative words, ... (you get the idea).