Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Beha'alotecha, 10 Sivan 5777 (4/6/2017)

The Holy One, blessed be He, created the world in His honor only. He created humans, animals and beasts on the earth, birds and fish, created the land and the sea, the wind, the fire, the water and the earth.

What is faith in the Holy One, blessed be He? Faith is something you do not see or hear, but you believe it exists. You do not see the Holy One, Blessed is He, nor hear Him, but everything begins with Him and ends with Him! Everything that happens in the world, the Holy One, blessed be He, does and man chooses for good or evil. The Creator allows the world to behave in nature, as usual, but the wheel is in His hands. No matter how fast and direction the world is going - the Holy One, Blessed is He, holds the wheel, to the ultimate goal, the result is directed by the Creator! People can choose the crooked path, but in the end, whatever Hashem wants will come out.

The Creator holds all the presidents and prime ministers on strings like dolls.

Trump is a smart man and a great trader; he knows how to work. He made deals with the Arabs around Israel, in order to maintain contact with them and so they will not work with the Russians and the Iranians. He wants quietly to gain their trust in the US; Trump knows exactly what to do, and the Israeli government must not pressure Trump, and they do not need to be pressured by what he does. He is supervised by the Holy One, blessed be He. We must make our best efforts.

What the Holy One, blessed be He, wants: the main thing is that the Israeli government will not give up an inch of the Holy Land! It is worth a billion times the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem. To this the Holy One, blessed be He, expects the Government of Israel and the Jewish people to fight in every direction! Do not believe the Palestinians, Hamas or any country in the world, do not be afraid of any prime minister or president; do not be afraid of their threats. Their desire is to throw the Jews into the sea; they do not care about the Holy Land. This is what the Holy One, blessed be He, speaks of.

Government of Israel, focus solely on the Holy Land, and not giving up the Holy Land! No matter where the embassy is, the main thing is not to divide Jerusalem! Jerusalem is the capital of Israel; it is the heart of the Jewish people, the heart of heaven and earth - do not touch this heart! You were warned by the Almighty - watch out.

Trump wants to make peace; he wants to silence the Arabs without harming Israel. Do not speak badly about Trump and about the US, just good.

All European countries will be full of refugees and Muslims. In their Ramadan they kill other peoples. They want to rule the world, started small, now they are big. If European countries continue to fall asleep, they will find themselves working for Muslims.

Jews of Europe escape from Europe. Jews of the United States flee the United States. Jews, escape from all over the world, it does not belong to your soul. This is not your place of residence. You're there just because of the money and the materialism. In the end, you will not leave with as much property as they left Egypt. In the plague of darkness, many of the children of Israel died because they mocked Moses and the Holy One, blessed be He, over the issue of the exodus from Egypt. Do not try the Holy One, Blessed is He, whoever tried, they came for him from Heaven

Russia, is not interested in anything, only the sale of arms and ammunition; this is the source of its work and income.

Iran begins to swell and swell until it will swell as a peacock; they brag about their achievements in nuclear development. The Holy One, Blessed be He, says to them: 'Just think of launching a missile in the direction of Israel, and what I did to Syria I will do to you a million times.' Iran will be erased from the face of the earth.

The Holy One, blessed be He, fought the wars of Israel for the Jews in Israel. He fights for us all around us, above and below us, only so all will be good for the Jews! So they will know their Creator and return to Him with great love!

Syria, fighting and fighting, being killed and killing, each time another country comes to bomb. Syria is a training ground for air, sea and land corps of all the armies of the world. A training ground for their old ammunition that they want to get rid of, and new ammunition that wants to test its effectiveness.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah cannot get ammunition from Iran, because every convoy is blown up. IDF blows it up, or other armies, or Hashem, so Hezbollah is silenced and paralyzed, cannot do anything, and is afraid to finish the ammunition it has.

In Lebanon they want to live as in Europe, as if they were modern. Want to eat and drink, live the moment and enjoy the moment.

The Palestinians, Hamas and Abu Mazen are happy, dancing and rejoicing that Trump did not transfer the embassy to Jerusalem.

In Egypt and the Sinai desert there is a war of survival; every day a lot of people are killed. ISIS wants to rule and the extremist Muslims want to rule; there is a heavy hunger in Egypt. Sisi is not calm; he is afraid that they will hurt him and he does not know who to trust. He must take care of himself and must not believe his guards. In Egypt they eat each other - a land that eats its inhabitants.

Turkey ISIS controls instead of Erdogan. Erdogan wants help from Israel secretly, not openly. He is afraid that they will say he cooperates with Israel. He signed a contract agreement with ISIS; he will not bother them and they will not bother him. The rebels will not give up; they will continue to make a revolution.

Iraq - the Tower of Babel in continuation, there is no stability, Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jordan is waiting for Obama and Trump's promises. Waiting to see what would happen. Israel is protecting Jordan, and so Jordan is sitting quietly.

In East Jerusalem and the surrounding area, this is the calm before the storm.

Abu Mazen acts as if he is naïve; yet, he gives tough orders when to harm the Jews.

Most members of minorities in Israel are full of ammunition and weapons, and are waiting for a surprising order. Soon they will be surprised.

It is forbidden to give a platform to the Arab Knesset members, who mock the holy Land of Israel and the Jews. They must have no more immunity. They receive money, budgets and salaries and live on the backs of the Jews.

IDF, pay a strong, a very strong attention to Hamas digging tunnels from the Gaza Strip, who wants to surprise the military bases.

The greatest of Israel and the Rabbis, should hold wide prayer services in order to give the Israeli government confidence and ensure that not one inch of the Holy Land will be taken away!

The thieves, the bribes, the corruptors and the cheaters living on the backs of other Jews - all of them will be discovered next to each other, religious or non-religious, Jewish or non-Jewish - all are being revealed.

Jewish parents, keep your children away from drugs, gambling, assimilation and drinking. These destroy the Jews and harm the power of the Jewish people. When a Jew assimilates, the soul leaves him.

The Messiah is here, acting and working; and even though he lingers, we continue waiting for him every day that comes! Believe in the Holy One, Blessed is He, that this is the process of the Holy One, blessed be He. Dear Jews, in this generation there is a Messiah and a Savior for the Jews in the Land of Israel! This is the time, this generation; this generation has won. All of us, the Jews of all of Israel, should be in prayer and ask Hashem Almighty to continue to develop the matter of the Messiah and to ask that the Messiah will come out in public. Both the religious Jews and the non-religious Jews, the Creator wants all with love! Although most of them know him, the Holy One, blessed be He, says: Jews are hard-core people, so I chose them. It is hard for them to see spirituality; they want to see materialism - until one day, the Creator of the Universe will write in the sky, 'Long live the King Messiah, son of David!' In your generation a huge screen in the sky will appear that everyone will see, and everyone will ask forgiveness, and to be in the first circle. The Messiah will continue to embrace the borders of Israel with a cloud of fire around it, and the Holy One, Blessed is He, covers the entire Land of Israel with a dome!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website


  1. I would be suspicious of a giant screen in the sky. The NWO is perfecting a technology to holographically project images in the sky. There have been photos of clouds that look strikingly like religious images--angels, crosses, a horse, cities in the clouds (taken in China) and other strange phenomena. Some say that the geoengineering aerosols sprayed in the atmosphere could create the screen that these images can be projected on. All this to reiterate that I would be suspicious of a giant screen in the sky.

    1. I believe that when we see a giant screen in the sky FROM HASHEM, the global elite will already be gone. They will not be privileged to see the miracles and wonders of Hashem.

      What the people of the NWO are doing these days is bearskins and knives compared to the infinite intelligence of Hashem. Not to worry.

  2. Watch this video. Is it Nibiru knocking at our door?

  3. Wow this makes sense.
    Before Purim, still being in South Galil, Jaacov pointed to the sky after seeing huge, beautifuly shaped letter zajin going toward a dove shaped anan.
    So the big screen...hopefully all of us will look up to the Sky. Hashem might give us reason!

  4. This CNN article just came out 5 minutes ago,at appox,1.40am, I am up late,
    Thought many of you may find this interesting, Is this a Hint??


    DOVID B.

    1. More deception from NASA. Who cares about a heavenly body 650 light-years away? We can all come back in about a thousand years and see if it means anything to Earth.

    2. Yes, I agree, the deceptions clearly shows us there wicked ways and tells us that the Nibiru Binary solar system is getting closer. I only sent the link as an example of deceptions the Global Elites use, but indicates to us the STAR OF JACOB IS FAST APPROACHING, and MOSHIACH will be revealed soon, everyone we are close, be good and righteous, help others change there ways, give more, each of us have the ability to tip the scale, and bring Moshiach sooner. We are so close.

      DOVID B.