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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Chukat, 28 Sivan 5777, 25.6.17

The Holy One, Blessed is He, King of Kings, loves the Jews and not everyone knows it. Some know in the heart, some know with thought, but all the Jews are connected in their hearts and souls to the Holy One, blessed be He. Every Jew has a spark that feels the Holy One, blessed be He.

The Creator of the Universe says to the people of Israel: Everything I do in the world - everything is in your honor. The first redemption was of the ten plagues and the splitting of the Red Sea. This redemption is Gog and Magog and chaos throughout the world except for the Holy Land of Israel. The Holy One, Blessed be He, is making Gog and Magog and chaos in the world, in order to expel the Jews from the Diaspora so they will come to live and settle the Holy Land. This is in order to awaken the Jews in the Land of Israel to understand the power of the Creator and what he does in this world, and to destroy, tear down and dismantle the impurity in the entire world. The Holy One, blessed be He, wants a new world. This new world means a new set of characteristics for human beings, who will no longer know evil, who will be free from hatred, murder, adultery, theft; and, in short who will fulfill the Commandments in their entirety. There will be a world of love, and a world of all following the goodness of the Torah.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah occasionally provoke Israel at the border. Nasrallah wants to warn the borders with Israel, to show that he is strong. The Holy One, Blessed be He, tells the Israeli government not to treat him or his actions seriously, only that the IDF must be on alert and check all. Nasrallah wants to show that he exists and did not disappear.

The Holy One, blessed be He, protects the Holy Land, and its borders. We, the Jews, will continue to try "and protect ourselves." The IDF will demonstrate its forces, as the Almighty surrounds the entire State of Israel with a dome.

Trump, the US President wants to make peace; and, Nasrallah and Hezbollah only want to provoke troubles against Israel and against Trump. In the Middle East and in the Arab states surrounding Israel, there was never peace and never will be peace. Peace does not mean that Palestinians and Hamas want to take part from the holy land; peace means that they want Israel to help them repair, develop and grow –this is peace, to build one building that a thousand people can live with respect, not neglecting the Gaza Strip. Digging tunnels and looking to make war against Israel is not peace. Peace means that everyone stays in his place, not to take parts of the Land of Israel and be happy that Israel should support and feed them, fix their infrastructure, provide electricity and water – that is peace. Taking parts of the land of Israel is a declaration of war. They want to destroy the Jews in Israel, so they say: there is no peace. No one in the world loves the Jews and the Land of Israel.

When the Messiah King begins to reign in Israel and abroad, there will be peace! With their agreement or without, there will be peace!

Trump sends messengers to make peace. If the emissaries are coming to take parts of the land of Israel and give the Palestinians, there will be no peace. If they come to help the Palestinians live, without giving them an inch of the land of Israel, there will be peace. The messengers see how Abu Mazen is lying and distorted, playing like he is "pure and clean" and blames everyone. He is cheating the American messengers. Trump! The Arabs, Palestinians and Hamas do not want to change!

Abu Mazen is the head of the snake, the head of the troubles, sending terrorists to harm the Jews. Hamas praises him for his actions against Israel.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels at the rate of fire, as if they were working to 'discover' something underground; they are looking for their cemetery. “May their sword pierce their hearts, and their bow be broken.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Egypt and Iran - there will be endless complications between them. This is a divine move; “May their sword pierce their hearts and their bow be broken.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, is teaching them by causing complications and troubles; they do not know what today is.

The Creator of the universe reveals Egypt in its nakedness; there is a great mess there. Egypt is being eaten by ISIS, Hamas and the extremist Muslims.

In the desert of Sinai there is chaos and wars. ISIS objective is to enter Egypt via the Gaza Strip, conquer the Gaza Strip, and conquer Egypt.

Iran wants to show that it is a superpower; it is provoking Israel with weapons and missiles. The Iranians are scare to death of the Jews in the Land of Israel; they know the power of the Jews in the Land of Israel from the time of Mordechai the Jew and Queen Esther. They know that Israel can blow up all their atomic plants. In Iran it is very active; Hamas and the Shiites want to show that they are a superpower. Iran sends fighters to Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. The Israeli government and the IDF need to be vigilant and to check carefully the borders of Israel very well.

The difference between Israel and the Gentiles of the whole world is that when Jews are in distress they are united and love each other. This is a blessing, a gift that the Holy One, blessed be He, gave to the people of Israel, who, when in distress, become one heart, connected to the Holy One, blessed be He, and no one can overpower them. When the gentiles are in distress, they hate each other and want to steal, kill and eat each other, including their families.

Turkey is trying to help Qatar. Erdogan is controlled by ISIS; he follows what they tell him to do.

Qatar finances terrorism.

Iraq is finished, eaten and destroyed every day worse than the day before.

The Palestinians and Hamas: do not believe them, nor any country in the world; and do not listen when they tell the government of Israel: 'This is your chance to reach peace,' the opportunity is theirs to reach peace with themselves. The Palestinians and Hamas want to take parts of the Land of Israel little by little, and thus, heaven forbid, end the Land of Israel. The government of Israel must not to be subordinate to foreign ministers or to any state.

Syria is being wiped out, people are dying endlessly, and the media is dead. It's a divine move; we must not interfere.

Russia wants to control Syria, wants to connect with all the Arabs in the Middle East, to sell them arms and ammunition.

In the United States they are more modern and intelligent; they live on commerce, on selling food to the world, as if they are at peace with the world.

Europe, all the Arabs speak openly that they want to make it Muslim. There is no connection to Jews in Israel. If they do not agree, they will terrorize all Europe. The Muslims want Europe to be Muslim. Jews with their eyes must see what is happening and must flee and reach the holy land of Israel. This is your home, this is your Father and Mother, the Holy One, blessed be He! Do not worry, there's plenty of work. When the children of Israel left Egypt and had nothing to eat, the Creator of the world gave them manna out of heaven.

Israel has everything in it. There is fresh water and salt water - everything is plentiful.

At Lake Tiberius, if they maintain modesty and complete separation on the beaches, the water will spill! Below the Sea of Galilee there is a well that will open and fill the Sea of Galilee with water without end! There must be modesty, conservatism, and complete separation in the Lake Tiberius, for the well of the prophetess Miriam is in it. This is a holy and pure place, and if you do not observe modesty, the lake shrinks. You do not seem to want to understand - please understand.

The water on the Israeli coastline, from Nahariya to Ashkelon, belongs to the Land of Israel and will contain dangerous jellyfish. If separation will be, it will be good for all bathers.

Jewish parents, explain to your children that the Gentiles are tempting them to assimilate them, to give them money and confuse their heads. Warn them, and explain to them that drinking, gambling, drugs and assimilation are things that are destroying the Jewish people.

Chaos and Gog and Magog are outside the borders of the Land of Israel: volcanoes, earthquakes and floods, winds and fire, buildings will disappear in the ground, buildings will collapse, submarines will collide with submarines, natural disasters, beasts and animals will go crazy. And in the Holy Land of Israel, nothing will happen, ever! A cloud of fire protects and guards the borders of Israel.

Anyone who is asking himself and is not sure about the Messiah and redemption should hurry. hurry up because there is no time left! The Holy One, blessed be He, wants everyone to be in the first circle and not, heaven forbid, as was the case with Korach. The Holy One, Blessed be He, does not want disagreements; He wants all the Jews to be united.

The Creator of the Universe asks all rabbis, intellectuals, and scholars of wisdom in the Land of Israel to guide and teach the people of Israel that "Derech Eretz precedes Torah" and "Love your neighbor as yourself" is the whole Torah. The Holy One, Blessed is He, wants everyone to fulfill the Commandments and be in the first circle. There is rapid progress in the revelation of Messiah in public. Most of them know him and everyone wants to be close to him. The Messiah, his soul rises every night and protects Israel. The wheel goes only forward and quickly. We are at the edge of the edge, the last edge of the King Messiah before he is divulged in public!

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  1. Thank you so much for this posting!
    Its so great to read about BEER MIRIAM BE KINERET!
    When my son asked to be near Kineret during his birthday night, i did not got it, until i saw him praying above the waters for complete tshuva of Am Israel.
    He prayed for TSHUVA, just after that can Geula be completed!

    We have to do TSHUVA with all our passion. Its the only way to survive.
    From our last power...
    And if you are overwhelmed "Ein li koach.."fight it, demand to have power to do TSHUVA.