Thursday, June 1, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Nasso, 3 Sivan 5777, 28.5.17

The Master of the Universe, Father of Mercy, His thoughts are not our thoughts, His plans are not our plans, His times are not our times. There are plans of the Creator of the world to be carried out: to destroy and wipe out all the evil in the world and to bring this world, with all the people who remain on it, to unity and free love, a world where everyone is praying to Him and believing in Him with complete faith, without any doubt. The Holy One, blessed be He, purifies and cleanses the whole earth step by step, and each stage is faster than the other. The Creator of the Universe began the creation of this world thousands of years ago, with Adam and Eve, with no peel and no impurity, without the evil inclination in the body - angels of heaven in a human body. He created them to do only good and good and good and free love. For this reason the Creator created Adam and his wife, and they sinned. We, to this day correct their sin, and the correction is in the final and last stages of correction! At the same time, the Creator of the world dismantles and destroys all evil in the world, through heavy rains, strong winds, fire, earthquakes, complications and conflicts in every country in the world, except in the Holy Land of Israel.

United States, What Trump speaks out is not what he speaks inside. He is talking to others like this and with the leaders of Israel like that. He wants to help Israeli leaders make peace in the world. Trump goes around looking for peace; he thinks that this can be bought in two days. He does not know that the Arabs, Hamas and the Palestinians do not want peace, because whoever wants peace does not ask for land. Trump closed a good deal with Saudi Arabia. They want arms and ammunition against Iran; and, Trump is making a profit that will help repair America's economy. Trump is also a businessman.

The whole world needs Israel, and Israel does not need anyone!

He wants that the government of Israel to do something with Abu Mazen, Hamas and the Palestinians, to give them small parts to silence them.

The Israeli government must not give in to Trump! The Land of Israel is for the Jewish people;, the Holy Land is holy and pure, only Jews can live in it! Thus decided the Holy One, Blessed be He. If, heaven forbid, another people live in it, the world will be destroyed, there will be no remnant of man. Example: Gush Katif – they took it, stole it from the Jews and the curse returned to this place. There's Sodome and Gomorrah with sulfur, and whatever grows, if it grows anything at all, it is cursed! When the Jews were there, there was the best agriculture; when they were expelled, the world's biggest curse was back! This is an example for the whole world to understand that it is forbidden to touch the Israel, the Holy Land, not even one centimeter! In addition, the people who will deal with this, in Israel and around the world, will be severely hurt.

There will not be life for the world if they interfere with the Land of Israel. Every country, state or president, who wants to take parts of the land of Israel, will receive the ten plagues in their home and country. The Creator says to everyone: Do you want peace with the Palestinians? Peace and the great good that the Land of Israel will make, this is a peace in which everyone will sit in their places, without taking an inch of the Holy Land - this is a real peace. If you want territories, this is not real peace, the appetite will grow and the wars and conflicts will never stop. If they do not give them a piece of land and still have peace, it will be a real peace.

The plans of the Creator include building the Temple, not to divide the Holy Land and give parts of it, and it will happen in this generation!

Trump loves Israel, the whole world loves Israel. The Israeli government must not surrender. It must be strong and bold, because it protects the Holy Land that belongs only to the Master of the Universe! And the Lord of the Universe decided that only Jews, clean and pure people, and non-goyim will live there. The Egyptians live in Egypt, the Saudis in Saudi Arabia, in Israel – the Jews, closed and sealed! All those who interfere will go live elsewhere

Father in Heaven says: 'Dear Jews, fulfill the Commandments, have free love, respect each other and be good to each other. I assure you that no one in the world will harm you nor hurt any Jew who lives in the Land of Israel!'

Iran speaks of ballistic missiles - a barking dog does not bite, but bites itself. Iran wants to frighten the world and show that it is on the map, wants to be a power and to control, destroy and conquer all countries around: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. The Creator created the world, and if Iran only tries to think of hindering it, you will see how it will burn completely.

Hamas and Abu Mazen are of one opinion and one hand. Hamas is digging tunnels and killing Palestinians in order to frighten them and take away their property and their homes, and Abu Mazen sends terrorists to murder Jews.

The IDF must be alert because Hamas and the Palestinians say they see no peace and want to surprise the Holy Land.

ISIS, they have no mercy, they murder and kill everywhere in the world, ISIS also reached Asia and other places, everywhere people get up and say they are ISIS, Trump's fear is they will come to the United States.

In Egypt the situation is very difficult, Sisi lives in fear. Listen carefully, listen carefully: ISIS will strike Egypt with the most severe blows that will never be forgotten.

Europe will become ashes - full of Muslims. Terrorist attacks will begin uninterruptedly. Muslims hate the Christians a thousand times more than they hate the Jews; they want to rule Europe and it has nothing to do with the Land of Israel.

Iraq will remain the same, destruction on destruction.

Syria will continue to suffer severe blows from all directions, from the sea, land and air; there will be complications and conflicts until it is destroyed. The Creator will not stop until the destruction of Syria; what it did to the IDF soldiers and what they planned about seven years ago, together with the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Iraq, to strike the Land of Israel on Yom Kippur. The Creator is beating and killing them ‘whoever wants to kill, rise early to kill.'

When the Creator judges a person or a state, he does not stop until he consumes them.

Same for human beings; as soon as they receive clues, they must do Teshuvah (redeem themselves), before judgment comes down from Heaven; for after, no Teshuvah will help.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are making noise. It's all lies, cheating, fraud and pride about nothing; it means nothing good; it is the opposite, it is very bad there.

Turkey, Erdogan is in fear that they will kill him and take over the regime, ISIS controls him.

Jordan is waiting to see what the day will bring. They waited for Obama; nothing came out. They were waiting for Trump; nothing would come out for them. There is a whole 'porridge' in Jordan, the strong are victorious and the weak crumble and die

Russia, Putin loves Israel. Israel is destroying the ammunition and weapons coming from Iran to Hezbollah. The munitions and arms factories in Russia work 24 hours a day to supply the goods to Iran - a beautiful combination.

Dear Jews, keep your sons and daughters away from assimilation, drugs, alcohol and gambling.

All the people taking or giving bribes, the thieves, the scammers, the crooks, all those who desecrate the name of Hashem who steal and cheat, lewd and dirty people will all be revealed, from the greatest religious to the non-religious.

In Israel the economy, science and patents, medicine and army are the best in the world; everything in Israel is the best in the world, except soccer, where they are the least in the world. Why? Because, they play on Shabbat. If they play on Friday or Sunday, Israel will be the best in football. The source of the blessing is the Sabbath; and, whoever desecrates the Sabbath will not receive blessings - measure for measure!

On the holiday of Shavuot, all the great sages of Israel should hold a special prayer, to cancel the decree of handing over parts of the Holy Land of Israel.

The Creator is directing all the leaders in the world, misleading the entire world and preparing for complete redemption.

There has been redemption from 1948; lots of Jews immigrated to Israel. The construction and real estate will continue to develop, with or against our help – this is Hashem's hand. A million Jews must reach the Holy Land, and are waiting for the gates to open. The country is growing and developing, a land flowing with milk and honey and deer. The Messiah is here, acting and working, growing and blossoming; he received the plan of the Third Temple. The Third Temple is built in the sky spiritually. The righteous sleeping in ashes are on alert! The righteous on earth are on alert! The Merkavot in the sky are on alert! The shofars in the sky are on alert, waiting! Waiting for the sign, the last sign that the Creator of the world will give for the revelation of the Messiah in public!

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  1. Just a suggestion, maybe " ‘unlimited’ or ‘unbiased’ love” in place of “free love”? This phrase is associtated with degradation, and I do not think the author means that.

  2. May be it is just the translation of "ahavat chinam"?

    1. You are correct. The Hebrew is אהבת חינם which does translate as free love. But as Neshama mentioned it has a different connotation in English than the Hebrew intent. The Rav is completely talking about the idea of having complete unmitigated spiritual love for all good people without reservations. That means wanting the best for everyone.

      Unfortunately in English we often take spiritual characteristics and give them physical connotation. In the near future when the entire world will be speaking Lashon HaKodesh, the Holy Tongue, the nebulous meanings will be no more.

  3. Hi Rabbi,
    Can you listen and comment on the accuracy of this video
    A)Science and
    B)The Torah they talk about?
    Having to do with Nibiru, it's very very interesting.

    Thank you

    1. To some extent I have answered this on my recent blog post:
      Nibiru Update???
      Gill Broussard sent me a copy of his chart when he was developing it.

      The biggest disagreement that we have is that Nibiru is not a planet but a separate solar system. It is the companion star (sun) to our sun in a binary star system. Nibiru has 7 planets, which are being seen and throwing off many who are seeing different orbs and not knowing what they are. As it gets closer it will all be more apparent. When? When Hashem wants it to be closer.