Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Korach, 21 Sivan 5777, 18.6.17

The Master of this world is good, merciful, loves goodness, honesty and truth, gave laws and rules in the world in order to follow the path of truth and rightness, to correct our virtues, to turn away from evil and to do good.

The parshah of the spies describes exactly what is happening in the world today. Religious Jews or not, have to rise on their own accord, to leave the Diaspora and immigrate to the Holy Land, to leave the materialism, the wicked ways and to go to the Holy Land, urgently.

The Creator continues to destroy. He continues to destroy Europe; He continues to confuse the whole world, except for the Holy Land of Israel. Europe is threatened by nuclear bombs, the United States is threatened by nuclear bombs, but in Holy Land no atomic missile can threaten and disturb.

In Europe, it is dangerous to live because of the madness of the Koreans, the Russians, the Chinese, or the tens and hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees who are destroying and conquering it. And in the United States all the non-Jews hate the Jews. The Jews will soon have very difficult problems there, and anyone who says, 'It will not happen to me' starts a war with the Holy One, blessed be He.

The parshah of the spies was after the Holy One, blessed be He, removed the Israelites from Egypt, redeemed them, and showed great miracles at the sea. They arrive at the Land of Israel and He asked them to enter the Holy Land of their own accord, of their own will and they did not want to enter. He killed all the old male generation in the desert during forty years. This is the first redemption, and so it will be the same in the last redemption with the Messiah. The Holy One, blessed be He, is calling upon all Jews in the world to come and live in the Holy Land of Israel. Some of them are stubborn and some do not want to. Therefore, the Holy One, blessed be He, increases anti-Semitism step by step, every day to a more difficult stage than the day before, increasing the pressure and anti-Semitism against the Jews in the world.

Europe is being wiped out and in the United States the Jews will get in trouble.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, calls upon His children: 'Please come and be under My protection, under My wings in the Holy Land of Israel!' Everything that is happening in the world, the troubles and complications of a country, the problems within a country and a state, conflicts between countries, fires, volcanic eruptions, rivers and streams flooding and earthquakes. The Creator shows the world and the Jews what He can do in the world so that people will understand that their power is not in their hands. In the Land of Israel all is good.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, is entering the minds of people in the world and confusing them among themselves - their sword will pierce their hearts and their bow will break. Everything is done in order to neutralize their thinking about giving away parts and harming the Land of Israel. Jews, immigrate to the Land of Israel!

Government of Israel, develop the Negev, the Western Galilee, the Golan Heights, Binyamin, Samaria, Judea, the Arava and the Jordan Valley.

All the places in the holy Land of Israel, from Eilat to Metulla, through Jerusalem and Ashdod, are all holy and pure. All the lands were delivered by the Israel Defense Forces and returned to the Jewish people.

Gog and Magog is only outside the Land of Israel. Gog and Magog, for those who do not know, it means complications, confusion and wars, floods and natural disasters. Nothing happens in the Land of Israel and it will never happen!

US and Russia, a cat and a mouse, want to rule the Middle East; and, if Russia makes real peace with the US, its economy will go down the drain because they live on ammunition and weapons. Because they are not in peace, Russia sells a lot of ammunition - this is its economy and therefore there is no good friendship between them. The United States has a slippery tongue and speaks obliquely, and Russia, what is in the heart is in the mouth, same thing.

Peace with the Palestinians will not be, because they are liars and because of their desire to destroy the Land of Israel. The United States loves and preserves the Jewish people in order to prevent Russia from joining to the Land of Israel, and if Russia becomes a friend of Israel, the US will weaken, fall apart, and end.

Turkey, Erdogan is acting as if he loves Qatar, because ISIS controls him, and if Erdogan does not like Qatar, ISIS will behead him.

Iran wants to show that it is a powerful country that has the power and seeks challenges to fight.

Syria is being destroyed and erased. All countries are using it to practice, dismantle it and eradicate it from the face of the earth. The media is no longer interested in Syria, interested in Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt.

In England and France severe attacks will continue. Each time a different type of attack occurs, so they will not be detected or suspected.

In the Sinai Desert, ISIS celebrates.

Egypt, keep and watch strongly at the Aswan Dam. Sisi keep your eyes open because the extremist Muslims, Hamas and ISIS are looking for you, and they will do things that will hurt Egypt and Sisi very much, and then the people will turn against Sisi.

Hamas is fighting amongst themselves, killing each other and stealing the money that comes to Palestinian citizens. They will have a great mess; their sword will pierce their hearts. Hamas continues to dig tunnels. They make openings in hiding places so that no one will know where the tunnels start.

Abu Mazen 'plays it' poorly; he lies to everyone and thinks that people believe his lies. All day long, he thinks about how to carry out attacks inside the Land of Israel. He relies on backing from the United Nations, the European Union and the BDS, where all are Muslim and draw strength from them to hurt the Jews.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah, they have neither power nor brains. They know that there is a protector of the Land of Israel, that the Holy One, Blessed be He, Who protects the Land of Israel.

Jordan, millions of refugees eat it and it is still alive, waiting for Trump.

Iraq is continuing to die.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, makes trouble for Trump to prevent him from dealing with the Palestinians and with the issue of peace with Israel. The Holy One, blessed be He, will allow him to deal with all kinds of problems until he realizes that he is one hundred percent with Israel and does not give the Palestinians an inch of the land of Israel! If he understands, this is good; if he does not understand, he will suffer and be preoccupied only with his troubles.

Government of Israel must not be afraid of anyone! Keep the borders of Israel and do not give parts of the Land of Israel, and protect the IDF!

To the people of Israel, everywhere: 'And you will protect yourself' and don’t say, 'It will not happen to me.' The Holy One, Blessed be He, does not want to hear: 'It will not happen to me.' The Holy One, Blessed be He, does not want to hear: right and left. In Heaven there is no Ashkenazi or Sephardic, Lithuanian, ultra-Orthodox, knitted or black skullcap. The Holy One, blessed be He, wants the people of Israel to be united because they have nowhere to go. No country will be prepared to accept the leftists, as long as they are against the right - they all clap their hands and love them.

Dear parents, help the daughters and the sons of Israel. Explain to them how assimilation is a serious problem, so that they will not fall into the trap. Warn them of drugs, gambling, and drinking.

Dear Jews, eat and drink only in strictly kosher restaurants! The gentiles want to harm the Jews through food and to enter restaurants (at a quarter price and for free) sick calves, sheep and birds, which cause the most severe diseases in the human body. It is part of their 'weapons' to destroy the Jews.

All the things and disasters that happen to the people of Israel, it is the responsibility of a person to not choose trouble and death, but to choose life. It's like two drivers who compete with each other; if they do not give in to each other - they get hurt badly, if they give in - they're safe and sound. Hashem gave us the Commandments so that the world would be educated and civilized. The Holy One, blessed be He, makes difficulties for the people of Israel and the world so that they ask for the Messiah.

The Messiah came to save all the people of Israel! He came to save the Jews, to unify and bind them, to solve all the problems and to make them happy. The Messiah is the father of all the Jews! The soul of the Messiah rises every night, protects all the borders of Israel and does not let Gog and Magog come close to Israel!

Getting the Messiah is difficult to achieve, so there is great value when it is difficult to achieve. If it were easy to achieve, people would not appreciate it.

The Messiah cleanses all the cities in the land of Israel. The Messiah is in the minds of all Jews. The Messiah gives blessing to crops and water, fruit and vegetables, science, economics and real estate, studies, prayers, Torah study and complete repentance.

The soul of Messiah disconnects at night from his body, in order to protect Israel - that is his job. This process continues and there is no return; there is only progress until the Holy One, Blessed be He, gives in the heaven and on the earth the long-awaited day of the people of Israel!


  1. Unfortunately, that news site while they profess to have all shomer shabbos writers, is mainly viewed by xtians, and they leave very NON Jewish comments about their man-god. Also their earth dating is way off, nothing is millions of years old! It might be a good idea not to link to it, with all the sticky complications involved.
    The Land of Israel is Suffering from Shatnez

    1. I am aware of the site. I very much liked the article, so I decided to post it. I am presently in conversation with the Rav who writes the articles for the BIN, especially since he is asking me to write an article for BIN. I complained about the comments in a very long Email with lots of detail. I hope to hear from him today.

      The Zohar tells us how old the universe is by giving us a calculation. The six twenty-four hour days, which were actually six twenty-four hour days of creation took 15.34 billion years. The Torah is much more accurate than modern science who put the age at about 13.7 billion years. Yes, it was 6 24 hour days, but please don't think that the universe is that simple in calculations.

      Einstein with his Law of Relativity calculated the 6 24 hour days took 15.75 billion years. He was closer to the Torah answer and more accurate than modern science.

      The 17 million years for the Grand Canyon to form is perfectly alright according to Torah.

    2. Not sure why we Jews keep resorting to apologetics when it comes to creation/evolution. And yes, it is apologetics if we can't simply say things as they are: G-d - the one, only and true G-d - created the heavens and the earth in six 24 hour days. Anything that refutes that is a direct limitation on Him.

      [Fossils, dinosaurs, carbon dating, etc can all be explained in the context of Divine creation. Moreover, science directly contradicts ITSELF in stating that a) life evolve slowly and gradually overtime, and b) the earth has experienced sudden cataclysmic events that have disrupted life and the evolutionary process (Ask a scientist what killed the dinosaurs? How did the universe start?). This is further evidence that all forms of current theory are faulty.]

    3. To try to simplify the creation of the world and the universe into a simple interpretation of the Torah is what needs to receive an apology.

      The Laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology were created by the same One Who wrote the Torah. After studying Torah for 70 years and science for 60 years I can guarantee that they are in total agreement. It is only a lack of scholarship on either subject that causes a conflict.

      It is even brought down in scriptures that there is an evolutionary process. The difference is that ignorant scientists believe it to be accidental and the truth is it happened step by step as Hashem caused it. Before human beings, you know Adam and Eve, there were 974 human-like generations of creatures on earth. All the fossils found are real, just misunderstood.

      For another example, read my post of 3 Apr 2012, The Age of the Universe.

      All of science and mathematics is in Jewish scriptures. The problem is that very few understand the commonality; most just criticize the other. Hashem is of infinite intelligence. To try to understand reality in layman's terms would be like a person studying first aid trying to do brain surgery. It requires decade of study just to scratch the surface of the subject.

      Read the book "The Coming Revolution" by Rabbi Zamir Cohen. He discusses some of the greatest scientific discoveries in the past 50. 100 years and more, and then shows where we find these wonderful discoveries in scriptures, known by the Rabbis thousands of years ago.
      Scientists had to make the discoveries by trial and error, by experimentation; we learned about it by opening the Torah, the handbook of the universe.

  2. The Christian comments need not offend us. Soon everyone will understand and know the One God. For now there is confusion but at least these Christians are seeking truth and light by reading BIN.

    1. I agree with what you are saying, but I have new readers everyday who may not understand. The confusion is great especially when the Xtians quote from their bogus bible and take it for the truth.

      Many are not aware that there are no new prophecies in the so-called New Testament that weren’t already brought down in Jewish scriptures. I have challenged Xtians for over a half a century asking them to tell me one, just one original prophecy in the NT that does not exist in real scriptures. To date I have never had a good answer. Some tell me about prophecies yet to happen. I tell them if it didn’t happen yet, it is not a fulfilled prophecy. Also, if it is yet to happen, it is in Jewish scriptures written long before the Xtians plagiarized it for their bogus book.

      I just don't want anyone to get hurt thinking that Xtianity contains the absolute truth. The only source of absolute truth in this universe is Hashem and His Torah. Even the Torah is greatly distorted in what they call the old testament, since there are about 20,000 differences between the King James Version and our Hebrew Bible.