Monday, June 26, 2017

Do You Have a Few Minutes to Learn A Lot?

I have been told that I am a man of too many words. I discovered over five years ago when I started writing this blog that it was much easier to give more detail rather than less on a subject. Why? I started to anticipate the questions that I would get, and tried to answer them before I got them.

For anyone who wants very quick lessons in a short time I recommend videos from Rabbi Ari Enkin, of the DropsOfLightProject. Here are four examples (the longest one being 100 seconds):

What Makes a True Leader (90 Sec)

Even If It's True, That Doesn't Mean it's Permissible (100 Sec):

Are There Any Shortcuts? (90 Sec)

Tailor Made Marriage? (70 Sec)

Torah is Forever (60 Sec)

Here is the website for the DropsOfLightProject. You can leave your Email and get each new video sent to you. I like the work that Rabbi Enkin is doing. I even made a contribution to his cause.

How was that for a short blog post?

This just appeared on Dani18.

A new message from Binyamin telling us that World War 3 is getting very close. The message is very important, but including the pages of questions and answers, it comes to 7 pages in Hebrew. I am hoping that there will be an English audio translation shortly. It will take me too long to translate everything.

There are also very interesting messages from Meir Yisroel (I don’t know who he is).

"Six new massages from Meir Yisroel."  They are in English.

Go to to view both.


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