Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The End is Here!!!!!!!

If you did not read the very interesting messages from Meir Yisroel (I don’t know who he is) yesterday, please go to these six messages and read them. They are very accurate about what is happening in the world. They are also very scary that he is saying these things are much closer than we think:

"Six new massages from Meir Yisroel." They are in English.
1. http://www.dani18.com/uploads/MEIR_YISROEL_1.pdf
2. http://www.dani18.com/uploads/MEIR_YISROEL_2.pdf
3. http://www.dani18.com/uploads/MEIR_YISROEL_3.pdf
4. http://www.dani18.com/uploads/MEIR_YISROEL_4.pdf
5. http://www.dani18.com/uploads/MEIR_YISROEL_5.pdf
6. http://www.dani18.com/uploads/MEIR_YISROEL_6.pdf
I also mentioned that there is a new message from Binyamin on Dani18   It is in Hebrew, but it is consistent with the messages above from Meir Yisroel and messages we are getting from Hashem through the Rabbis, the Mekubalim and the dot-connecting of worldly events to what is brought down in scriptures. All is coming to fruition.

The talk of riots this summer in many places in the western world and especially the US of Magog is being advertised to begin next week. On 2 July there are plans of great disturbance in 50 states and in other countries. It is billed as a big disruption for the 4th of July celebration next week. I have no idea how successful the evil ones will be in their attempt to bring great chaos and mayhem to our lives, but I do know that there are very definite precautions that can be taken: 
  • Stay home. Do not be in public places that may have disastrous consequences. That includes 4th of July celebrations. This year may be a good year to avoid big crowds that could be targets for terrorist activity.
  • Stock up with extra bottles of water and canned foods, items that do not need refrigeration. Keep it in a very safe place since there is talk of great looting when food becomes scarce.
  • All Jews should take a nice summer vacation in Israel. If Nibiru comes and you find you do not have a house to return to, you will at least be at home with Hashem, safe and sound.
  • Turn to Hashem as you never have before. Step up all efforts in doing Teshuvah (repentance), Tefillah (prayer), Limud HaTorah (Torah study, including all Jewish scriptures), helping others, which includes being more generous with Tzedukah (charity) and much more concentration on doing the Mitzvot (the commandments that you are obligated to accomplish).
What will happen next week and the ensuing weeks? Once again, I am not a prophet, so only Hashem knows exactly what is coming every second. But, the messages from Hashem are many; they are consistent; and, they are definitely fulfillment of prophecies that we have anticipated for thousands of years. 

This is the end of the end. We are out of time. How you and your loved ones will fare in the upcoming craziness is up to you. Simply turn to Hashem and all will be tremendous – guaranteed in writing.


  1. A question that has puzzled me. I know that going to Israel is supposed to be best for all those that can, but is it not to be purified such as with the rest of the world? I always hear that it's going to be safe there compared to the rest of the world. Wouldn't the idolatry and rejection of Torah in the land of Israel, make it much worse to do those things there than anywhere else in the world? For example, wouldn't a gay pride parade who's people have stolen the rainbow of The Most High, and made it into their own sign parading through the streets of Jerusalem, be worse than doing the same thing in San Fransisco?

    When I hear all the time about Israel being the only place of safety from the wrath and retribution coming from The Most High, I am reminded of Zechariah 14:1-21 Is this not something to understand that is supposed to happen?

    Thank you and sorry for any confusion.

    1. You would be correct if it were not possible to completely shut out the upside-down fantasy world. There are many places in Israel that the people have no idea what is happening in Israel. I have talked about where I live; a place of no crime, where there is no TV available, very little radio and even the web is available through Kosher sources that completely block out the trash one sees on the web. Yes, it is possible to be in Israel and be completely isolated from the filth of this world.

      Yet, when I lived in New Jersey in a completely observant community, there were constant low class elements walking through the neighborhood, stealing anything that was nailed down. There was TV, radio and non-Kosher web that couldn't be avoided, especially if the internet was used for business.

      It is completely different here, and I have many, many neighbors to prove it. They don't have a clue about what is going on in Jerusalem, about 15 minutes away. They only have time for Torah study and serving Hashem.

  2. Thank you Rav Menachem, I guess I mean it seems to be stated many times that Israel is the safe place in the world to go, but only for those that are deemed righteous of course. Is that not so much the same for the rest of the world? Meaning for example, a righteous person in lets say Japan should also be spared, or is this not guaranteed unless you are in the land of Israel?
    Thank you,

    1. The problem stems from the idea that we make an analysis of everything based on flawed human logic. Are you aware that most news coming from Israel in the mainstream media comes from Arab terrorist propaganda sources with Jew-haters loving it?

      Right now Hashem is sending us messages that we must come home. Time is up and the horror that is coming worldwide, except in Israel, is not speculation, but prophesied. Hashem's message is clear. It is our interpretation that is flawed.

      What will happen to each individual will be measure for measure what that individual needs and deserves. He who thinks: "I am OK, Hashem will protect me and my loved ones no matter where we are," is ignoring Hashem's message that it will be very difficult for those who think they know better than Hashem.

  3. Thank you Rav Menachem, Yes I realize the news is all propaganda and agenda orientated. I was just wondering because it seems to me by the prophets that Israel will be in a bad way also for what is coming. Anyhow I have no complacency in thinking I will be spared, as I am not as good with Torah as I should be and other things in life. I'm ready to have it all over and face my fate whatever it may be, and pray that this world can get back to how The Most High wants it. If I could ask The Most High for anything as far as my wife and I are concerned, it would be for her to be spared all that is coming and brought under the protection of the Most High.
    Shalom Dave.

    1. You will find that all the negative prophecy for Israel has already happened, finished, over, gamarnu, kaput.

      The only evil yet to occur is for the Erev Rav, the Edomites, the Arabs, the miscreants, the ones who think they don't need Hashem (chas v'shalom); in other words THOSE WHO STILL NEED IT or are doomed not to survive.

      Hashem's plan is perfect; there is nothing random. It is exactly for each individual in this world what he or she still needs, nothing more, nothing less.

      Can you lessen or increase Hashem's plan for you as an individual? Absolutely!!! That is what I have been screaming about for the past 63 months: do Teshuvah, do Tefillah, increase your Limud HaTorah, help others more, including Tzedukah, DO THE MITZVOT WITH MUCH MORE INTENSITY THAN YOU EVER DID BEFORE!!!!!

      My readers who think that all they have to do is wait for Moshiach, and all will be great are shooting themselves in the foot. Hashem is delaying Moshiach to give each of us an opportunity to climb much higher before the great and awesome day. Where we will be on that day is where we put ourselves NOW. Where we will be for all eternity is dependent upon our actions NOW.

      If coming to Israel now is as important as Hashem is telling us, than that is a very important step in our actions NOW. That is not saying you won't survive if you are in the US of Magog; it is saying that you are putting yourself in harm's way and making your survival extremely difficult.

      I know I repeat myself, I know I repeat myself, but survival to what degree can be everything from pleasant to treacherous. That is what is up to each one of us.

      I hear from many who will wish that Moshiach didn't come as soon as is planned, but they won't know that until it is TOO LATE.

    2. Dear HY, You have made many efforts to be closer to what Hashem wants of you. You learn Torah,and have given Tzedakah, I am sure of. You have spent time on line defending the TORAH from those those of idol worshipping., and from the wicked and evil that only spread hate, and destruction toward Isreal and the Jewish People.
      You have much merit in your Book Of Life. From what I see from your words that express a deep love, caring, for Hashem,TORAH and the Jewish People and Isreal. Hashem watches over you and your family.Please understand that those that do not merit the 1/3 group, does not mean they were not righteous, for Hashem has his reasons, they will be brought back during the resurrection.,and will live for eternity. HY, Help your family, learn more Torah, and by your actions, Do not speak Lashon Hara, and give a little more Tedakah. Make the effort, and Hashem will Truly watch over you and your family. For as I say these things to you, I am also telling myself to do better. I posted long ago an epilogue by Eshter Y. Burkholder, That I read in the Jewish Press,as I remember it,

      Sometimes we post pone what should be done today,for Tomorrow. There are those who Fear what tomorrow could bring, while others feel, tomorrow will be there lucky day. There is a Story about two sages walking down the road of time, they shouted out in to the distance.,"Tell us" Tomorrow" what are you like? Shall we fear you, or feast you.? and "Tomorrow" answered back, with sounds that resounded through the MIST, "Come to me neither with anxiety,nor with procrastination, but with FAITH and HOPE, and with Today's Job well done, for you cannot know ahead of time what I will be like(what tomorrow will bring),but when you reach me, you shall see yourself through the EYES of what you ARE.

      DOVID B.

    3. Thank you. An excellent and inspiring comment. I also agree that HY has come across as a very righteous individual who has a wonderful future.

      I know that sometimes I am very stern in my writing, but it is always with the best interest of my readers in mind. If I see something that could make life better, I would be remiss to not mention it.

  4. Thank you Rav Menachem and Dovid for your kind words and instruction. I hope for Mashiach to come soon while focusing on The Most High as best I can. Standing up against statements by misguided xtians and islamists or hateful antisemitic people is what I feel compelled to do. Although it takes it's toll, so sometimes I withdraw from it all for mental peace. I'd love to just go live in the wilderness away from everything as I find peace there, but I have my wife to think about.

    Rav your words are never like stern, more like a crying out for people to wake up and take heed and pay attention. This is a good thing and how I take it anyhow.

    Blessings and Shalom

    1. Dear HY, Your comment"I'd love to just go live in the wilderness away from everything as I find peace there" Heed these words,and to all. for it is written "A person that seeks tranquility is Beset ten times the Worry. Rabbi Meir kahane said"That life was not meant for tranquility, but it was meant for difficult times, sometimes dangerous missions, in this world, meant for us to grow spiritually, HY,everything we do has a profound effect on ourselves and others. Do not seek tranquilly, in this world, though, try to find a balance., for this is the last cycle, to fix our souls.,before Moshiach comes and the resurrection. SEEK OUT MITZVAH'S and HELPING THOSE TO KNOW, THAT TIME IS RUNNING OUT.
      HY, quote"The Rabbi's said,"Who ever gives a small coin to a poor man is blessed with 6 Blessing's, and if he also consoles him verbally, he is blessed with 11"(Bava Baltra 9b), Would you rather be in the wilderness with peace or do you want to have blessings from Hashem, I know you would pick, helping others.,and receive blessings.,but this is not the reason you do these things, for we are expected to do these things for it is written in the TORAH, This subject is far more involved than a few lines here., but I hope I made myself clear.

      Dovid B.

    2. Very well said. The problem with living in the woods is finding a minion. Yes, we must be involved with others in order to pray, study, help people, do the commandments, etc.

    3. To know Hashem is the best when to be in between the pure Creation.
      To do HITBODEDUT is the best between the grasses (SHIR HA ASAVIM) as rabbai Nachman did, and before him Itschak Avinu.
      To find balance is very important.
      Without balance, there is no beauty of LIFE, no SOD of the HATORAH.
      Go out, to nature and connect.
      Then use the Energy of Creations pureness to face your TIKUN.
      Ever green said it well.
      I wish someone could translate it to ivrit, so i can let to see these words to someone i spoke just yesterday about the same.
      Please see my post about the seven species of Israel.
      To achieve the Kingdom of Hashem on Earth is just possible by following a certain path. If Hashem not decide other way, off coarse.
      To survive in raw nature is a easy path (i know what i speak about). To DO what we have to do, is the real struggle, and worth every minute of the hard times. Because there is something waiting, very hard to explain with words. Just people that peek into the other side could "see" what, coma and hardship is a matana to let us see this. Mashiah, Hashem, Beit ha Mikdash, Gan Eden, Olam Haba, OR INSTEAD OF OR (AJIN=ALEF).
      Or ha Ganuz, just for the pure ones.
      Now go and do your TIKUN with all the power left. Real TSHUVA, no excuses.
      Thats the only way.
      I guarantee the end of it is a start of something so beautiful, that i have no words for that!
      Shabbat Shalom!

  5. What if my family and I are on a vacation right now in the US (Miami)? Is there no hope for us?

    1. I have absolutely no way to know how Hashem feels about you being in Miami for vacation. Is it for Shalom Beis? Is it to help relatives move to Israel? Is it a short vacation that Hashem knows that you will be out of harm's way in time? Do you live in Israel? Will Hashem see it that rather than you visiting relatives in Miami, you should have convinced relatives to visit you in Israel.

      I have no idea, and I really shouldn't have any idea. This is between you and Hashem. That is where all the hope is.

    2. No, I am not from Israel, I am from Argentina. I live in a place that I think can actually be very safe, where there are mountains and no ocean. I guess I will just have to have hope and think that if Hashem wanted us to go for a vacation on a deadly place right when the chaos begins, it must be for a reason. We are not visiting any relatives also. But well, if Hashem wants us to die, as hard as it sounds, then I can just accept it... No way round...
      By the way, I'm the same person who wrote that comment

    3. How safe a place might be is up to you, and how you serve Hashem. If you live the Torah, Hashem will make the place where you are safer, no matter where it is. My point is that there are many, many levels of safety based on what level you are with Hashem.

      Obviously, Israel is just automatically much safer.