Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Shelach, 14 Sivan 5777, 11.6.17

The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, leads all this world, all the worlds belong to Him and He created the earth solely for His glory. The Holy One, blessed be He, created people, animals and beasts, birds and fish on earth in His honor, and created the Jewish people in His honor only!

We are at a time when the whole world is complicated and confused, and continues to get more complicated and confused. The world will go on and on, problems will be stronger and stronger, except for the holy Land of Israel, which is protected from every missile and every trouble. The Creator of the universe is closing an account with the whole world; He purifies and cleanses the whole world to bring about a new world. The Creator began slowly in 1948, and during the last seven years, until this moment, He increases the blows on the earth, the most severe blows will continue and intensify until everyone understands that there is a Creator of the world who leads it and wants everyone to repent and follow: 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' and live with unselfish love.

The Creator uses the verse "Their sword will pierce their hearts" - they will kill each other everywhere in the world, "and their bow will break" - the missiles will explode inside the launching facilities. Every barrel and missile aimed at the Land of Israel, the Creator of the universe breaks and turns. This is what is meant by "and their bow will break," the bow will break and the arrow will fly to the target from which it was sent, because when the bow breaks, the arrow will change direction.

Those who have eyes and ears in their heads must see and hear what is happening in the world; the whole mess - and in the Land of Israel nothing happens! In the land of Israel we have the best economy. Building is going on in the Holy Land of Israel. The Land of Israel is waiting with its hands and arms open to accept all the Jews of the world! It is worthwhile for them. Jews should 'run on foot' to the Holy Land. If you stay there, you lose; you lose everything! The Creator of the world will not wait for you. The Creator has been warning us from 1948 until now; and, for the past seven years He has been warning strongly.

Every country and state in the world, except for the Land of Israel, that 'digs a hole' for another country in order to overthrow it, will fall by itself. Whoever digs a hole for his friend to drop in it will fall in it. Measure for measure this is the way the world was created.

Iran sends ammunition and weapons in all kinds of ways in order to interfere with the Land of Israel, indirectly. The Creator began to beat it and this will continue to increase; it will be severely beaten. They feel confident having missiles and planes, but for the Creator everything is sand and dust.

Trump, what he's saying is not what his heart believes. He has power, wisdom, and knowledge, and knows exactly what he is doing. He knows that the government of Israel is forbidden to give up an inch of the Holy Land! Trump loves the Jews in the Land of Israel. The Jews in the US are not liked by anyone.

In the United States, in South and North America, they hate the Jews and they are preventing them from living with dignity.

No one can harm and disturb the Holy Land of Israel. Anyone who tried, was erased from the earth, and it will continue.

Abu Mazen has decided to change his path so that they will say that he is loyal and loves peace. He is like a cobra that makes itself look dead and attacks whoever gets close to him. Everything is one big whole show; they do not have a soul that is part of Hashem in Heaven; and, they will never walk in the path of righteousness.

Turkey reveals its true face; they talk about Qatar but stay in touch with them. All the forgery is revealed – ISIS is doing it through Erdogan, and Erdogan is afraid that ISIS will cut his head off and so he listens to them when they tell him to stay with Qatar. The Holy One, blessed be He, reveals them all.

Russia, nothing interests it, just to produce ammunition and weapons, they love the Jews in the Land of Israel.

Syria is being wiped out and destroyed. Everyone bombs it and everyone uses it for training. It is amazing to see the work of the Holy One, Blessed be He!

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are deep in the mud and want to prove they exist. The Creator has turned the backs of their supporters on them (Syria and Iran); they are experiencing a very complicated situation with the events occurring in Syria; everything is like a big mess.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels. They are afraid that they will not get money, so they are working in slow motion. Money keeps them from going crazy. In the Gaza Strip they eat each other daily.

China, Japan and other countries, copy and steal Israeli patents. Jews must not sell patents; leave everything in the Land of Israel. The Land of Israel and the Jewish mind are one. The Jewish mind invents patents because the soul is connected to the Holy One, blessed be He.

In Egypt the hunger is heavy, and Sisi makes efforts to stop the troubles in Egypt and tries to overcome all the obstacles. The extremist Moslems and ISIS are making a mess.

Iraq is being destroyed.

Jordan is full of refugees, millions. Every day it dies a little more.

Every country that wants to spoil and harm Israel, the Holy One, blessed be He, will give them the ten plagues in the most difficult manner. The Creator of the world is making all the nations of the world like the Tower of Babel, except for Israel. They fight each other; but in Israel the borders are surrounded by a cloud of fire; the Holy One, blessed be He, from above envelops the land of Israel with a dome; and, the Messiah is in the Holy Land of Israel! His job to help every Jew; the choice is in the hands of each Jew. Life and death are in the hands of the Holy One, blessed be He, which soul to leave and which soul to rise. It is possible to pray that the decree will be annulled, but in the end, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will decide what to do. Everyone should be strong and have faith in the Holy One, Blessed is He. Every Jew who acknowledges and knows the goodness of the Holy One, Blessed be He, will be blessed by Heaven. It hurts, it hard, but despite everything, you have to move the pain aside and open a new path, then you will get help from the Holy One, blessed be He.

The Israel Defense Forces and the Jews in Israel, need to be vigilant in East Jerusalem and everywhere. Some of the gentiles with blue identity cards are very dangerous. The blue ID allows them to move from place to place as if they had a type of license to kill Jews.

The government of Israel and every Jew must work honestly and truthfully. This brings joy, peace and success. Anyone who does not follow the path of God will have the opposite way; it will not happen in many years, they will be caught shortly.

Those who know the Messiah, merit; and those who do not, must work hard to reach the Messiah. Whoever mocks ridicules and chuckles, Heaven is not favorable towards him.

Dear Jews, you have to understand well: this generation is the last generation to discover Messiah! All the remnants of the repairs from all previous generations have all gathered to this generation; and, this generation is the last to be repaired; there will be no more generation to repair. The end of the correction of all generations rests on this generation; the last generation of the world repair is the generation of the Messiah King!

Everything that happens in the world today, in this generation, all natural disasters, accidents of airplanes and ships, floods and eruptions volcanoes, everything is related to salvation and Messiah! Anyone who is wise and has eyes in his head can see what Hashem is doing in the world.

The Messiah is next to the simple, innocent and humble people. For all the gigglers and mockers, I have for them a gift to save their lives forever, it is the Messiah. They will pay heavier, heavier, because it reminds Hashem that when Moses descended from Heaven with the tablets of the Law, they mocked and made a calf.

The Messiah has not yet been discovered in public. It is not too late, nothing has happened; rely on our Creator! The Holy One, blessed be He, can announce the revelation of the Messiah in the middle of the night; He can proclaim when you sleep that the Messiah is present and exists and has gone out in public! The decision of the United Nations General Assembly to establish the Holy Land of Israel was also during the night. The Holy One, Blessed be He, will come at night to every Jew to reveal to him the name of the Messiah and his revelation in public! There are shofars ready in heaven and in Israel!

After the Messiah is revealed in public, people will have a light and constant joy, everything will be true - true joy! Everyone will see eye to eye with the King Messiah!

When Messiah will be revealed, the sky will be yellow, light blue and purple. These three colors will surround the Messiah – his area of residence, and it will be around him wherever he is!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website


  1. Could this word actually be "complicit"?
    "they are complicated with Syria; "

    1. I have reworded it for clarification. It now reads: The Creator has turned the backs of their supporters on them (Syria and Iran); they are experiencing a very complicated situation with the events occurring in Syria; everything is like a big mess.

      It is not easy to translate the Hebrew into fully understandable English. There are many details of which sometimes I am not aware. I very often want to write additional paragraphs explaining the deeper meaning of the Rav's messages, but I count on people like yourself to just ask questions where clarification is needed. Many of my readers consider me a man of "too many words" anyway.

  2. Rav, I embrace all your many words!

    1. Thank you, but I hope it is the words of Hashem that you embrace, I am just the messenger.