Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Source of Your Strength, the Blind Justice Richard Bernstein

Please watch this very inspiring video about a Jew whose life was as challenging as can be. He knew the challenge, but also knew how to use it to his advantage:
Also read the article from that introduced us to this amazing individual. Don’t miss a word since it ends off with the true inspiration:

We have talked about how each of us has a life to accomplish in this world. Some came to this last of reincarnations with much accomplished and little more to do; some find challenges that are insurmountable. Whatever our burden in life, it is measure for measure what we need, and it is worth the effort for the great eternity our soul has available.

Justice Richard Bernstein met the challenge over and above what most of us could ever do. The more inspiring concept is how he uses his life's challenges to help others; that is what Hashem wants from each of us.  Justice Bernstein will receive a Tikun of such a high spiritual level. We should all be in awe of what this little time on Earth means, and how it could lead to a tremendous eternity beyond human comprehension. This is how one extraordinary individual is doing it, B”H. With a positive attitude, there are no limits. Knowing Hashem is there to help, makes it all work.

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