Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayikra, 28 Adar 5777 (26.3.17)

The King of Kings Blessed Be-He does not skip, does not give up and does not forget all the Gentiles and states that are annoying, harassing and disturbing the people of Israel, and want to take parts of the land of Israel and harm the people of Israel. The Creator is warning them that He will hurt them badly, and will give them hundreds and thousands worse treatment for what they are doing to the Holy Land and to the Jews in the Holy land. The Creator tells them: terrorism will continue to strike Europe and anti-Semitism will greatly increase in Europe. In the USA anti-Semitism is strong and very deep, also there it will be disturbances and they will hurt the Jews so they will leave and come to Israel. The European Jews also will pack and come to the Holy land.

The Creator will keep the chaos going on in the world outside of Israel. After the flood at the time of Noah, the Holy One swore that He will not destroy the world, but when they disturb and want to harm Israel and the Jews living in the Holy Land, this is disturbing and annoying the Holy One, and then He does chaos in the world, so they will leave in peace the Holy Land and the Jews living in Israel. It is too bad for all countries, goyim and states who want to disturb the Jews in the Holy land of Israel. They will be busy to save their skins and themselves.

Floods, fire, eruptions of volcanoes, wind, storms and earthquakes will continue all over the world, except for Israel.

Jews living outside the land of Israel, the Creator warns them to immigrate urgently to the Holy Land, to settle the Negev, the Galilee, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, Benjamin and the Jordan Valley.

The Holy Land of Israel will grow and evolve and the whole world will need the help of Israel. The Holy One is in the Holy Land of Israel, protecting the Jews living in the land of Israel, and yet you have to follow "you will protect yourself very much." In the land of Israel there is everything, and all is the best. There is real estate in full expansion; they are building houses all the time, roads, shops and businesses. The land of Israel is growing and strongly developing, the strongest army in the world is in the land of Israel. The Creator is opposed to the fact that they will take centimeters from Israel, the Holy Land, and is increasing the land of Israel every time by a few cm.

Russia wants to control with its weapons. It is acting like it is for the Arab countries - it only seems like it. Russia wants to sell weapons, want a good economy. Putin doesn't deal with Israel, the land of Israel and the Jews in the Holy Land.

In the United States they are not calming down. There are large amounts of immigrants and they are making troubles against Trump. Trump is looking for honesty and truth; he wants to fix the United States and the world; he wants to fix all what is twisted and crooked. He's not a politician, he is an honest man, whatever there is in his heart, it is in his mouth. All what he promised, he will do.

The world media is diffusing false and not accurate information to inflame and complicate the people in Israel. Be suspicious of everything they say and do.

Iran continues to produce nuclear and chemical weapons. They work in facilities 24 hours a day, they want to be ready and prepared for the time when the United States will one day open the fake contract; they one day will discover it.

Turkey, Erdogan is fed up with the infiltrators and the refugees; they make havoc in Turkey and he wants to get rid of them and send them to Europe. Therefore, for him it is perfect the crisis with Germany and Netherlands after receiving hundreds of millions from Europe, he wants to open the gates. The rebels are continuing and planning to make a revolution in Turkey.

Egypt, Sisi is fighting in the Sinai desert against ISIS and Hamas to prevent them from entering in the center of Egypt and to prevent a revolution. He also has the radical Muslims who don't let go of him.

In Gaza, Hamas and the Palestinians are full of rockets pointed at the big cities. IDF must be careful so there will be no surprises because of the tunnels dug to reach the military camps.

Mahmoud Abbas is not telling the truth, plays out the world and the people. He is playing the ones that love peace, and he is sending terrorists to harm Jews.

When Jews in the land of Israel and IDF soldiers become complacent, Mahmoud Abbas orders his soldiers to harm Jews. When Jews are on alert and check everything, he is not sending them.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, most of the ammunition arriving for them the IDF is blowing it up.

Lebanon doesn’t want to get involved with anything, except when it is disturbed.

Syria is poised for total destruction. There will be no peace; there will always be killing and being killed. Syria is being deleted and erased, its end is close.

Iraq, its people are leaving for Europe; Iraq is torn to shreds.

Jordan will descend and fall into great the abyss. Although its king is a good friend of Israel, it is only out of interest. He wants a Palestinian State, to alleviate all the infiltrators and the refugees.

Some of the Goyim living in Israel, with a blue identity card, are very dangerous.

The infiltrators and some of the goyim are creating havoc in Israel, causing most difficult situations; and, everyone is turning a blind eye. Jews are afraid to leave their homes. It is required to get the infiltrators out of the country legally.

The Creator says to Jews abroad: stop living in illusions, and overseas, there is no father and no mother. In Israel there is the Shekinah of the Holy One.

It is forbidden for the Jews to assimilate. The soul of the assimilated leaves him, and this angers the Holy One. Parents pay attention to your children, to prevent them from doing drugs, drinking, gambling and assimilation. Too bad for our youth! Their lives are destroyed and they do not have a future.

All bribery, thieves, frauds, obscenity and profanity will be caught, some publicly and some quietly, between them and the Creator. If they repent, the Creator will reconsider and perhaps forgive them all.

The creator of the universe wants us Jews to submit to Him and understand that everything that happens to us without our knowledge, it's to our advantage.

The freedom holiday is a great holiday - Passover. The Holy One descended and will descend, help and will continue to help in the Holy Land of Israel. When the Messiah will be public all will be good for the Jews, there will be no death for the Jews. The world is in suspense about its existence; this is a very accurate divine process. The soul of the Messiah works 24 /7. The Messiah works, acts and strengthens the Jews and heals the people of Israel. The Messiah is strongly moving forward, there is no looking back. The Revelation of the Messiah in public is very close.

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"


  1. What is a blue identity card some goyim have?

    1. He is referring to the Israeli ID card that everyone has. He is just mentioning that there are many bad people who have these cards as though they are just regular citizens.

      They obviously shouldn't have them, but as apposed to the Apartheid country that the world likes to advertise for Israel, this country is the most generous with giving citizenship and full rights to everyone, including terrorists.