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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parshat Tetzaveh, Shabbat Zachor, 7 Adar 5777, 5.3.17

The Holy One, Father of the entire world, good and beneficial, give anguish to the righteous to redeem the generation because the soul of a righteous can redeem tens of thousands of Jews. The Holy One gives anguish to the righteous so they will pray and cry to Him to atone for all Jews. Because some Jews do not understand and believe in the Holy One, mainly for the Jews living abroad; they supposedly believe in the goyim, G-d forbid, and this makes the Holy One angry.

Goyim that ingratiate themselves to the Jews are doing so purely out of interest and for their own good, not for the benefit of the Jews.

The Holy One asks the Jews, sons of Israel, that they should ask for everything directly from Him, and also from His messengers, He has in Israel. The Jews must ask the Creator's messengers, mercy for Israel and the Jews.

The Holy One says to all righteous: your crying to Heaven is tearing up and cancelling persecution of the Israeli people; we all must cleave to the Holy One and ask Him to anoint The King Messiah.

From Rosh Chodesh Adar, the Creator judges the world as He does on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. In the month of Adar there is a lot of happiness, and happiness will redeem the sorrow of every Jew.

The Creator wants all the Rabbis and the Jews in the Holy Land to raise their eyes to the Holy One and pray so He will have mercy on all Jews and reveal the King Messiah!

The Creator asks the Jews in the land of Israel and the greatest in the Torah to pray so the Jews abroad will stop assimilating and come to the land of Israel to settle the Holy Land.

Hamas wants to provoke Israel to start a war. May their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken.

In the Gaza Strip there will be confusion and they will kill each other.

Turkey, ISIS and all kinds of helpers are helping to destroy it, and Erdogan is busy killing the traitors. A revolution in Turkey will be, whatever they will do, there will be a revolution.

Europe, Millions of refugees and infiltrators will desecrate her, make it Muslim, young, old and women are coming. Europe's mistake is that they think the refugees belong to the Palestinian issue in Israel. All European countries must understand: there is no relevance; this is the Hand of Hashem acting for the conquest of Europe. The land of Israel is a small country almost invisible on a map and this has nothing to do with Israel.

Antisemitism will be severe not only for Jews, it will also spread to the Christians, because they hate more Christians than Jews.

In Russia and the U.S., people are living covertly. A lot of them are spies, each country is sending them.

Hezbollah is waiting to receive ammunition from Iran. The IDF must be alert and pay attention to everything.

Syria, the Holy One is destroying and ruining, erasing it from above the Earth.

Lebanon is afraid of Israel and more afraid of Hezbollah.

Jordan, the King gives to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinians and Hamas to do his dirty work for him; he is still asleep. Suddenly the day will come and Hamas and Palestinian refugees will destroy Jordan, not that they aren't destroying it now.

Egypt is acting like it is with Hamas in the media. They are destroying tunnels so the world and Israel will say to Egypt 'Good work.' There is Famine in Egypt and hidden war. Sisi be strong, extreme Muslims are waiting for you everywhere.

Iran is scared that Trump will cancel the agreement made by Obama. Threats against Israel are coming from fear.

Iraq, They all fight against each other, except for ISIS which is fighting among them.

Every country and state that harms Israel, with bad language or bad talk, the Creator will hit it immediately, with natural disasters or conflicts.

Natural disasters will continue as usual.

All thieves, scammers, lecherous men and those who take bribes will be caught.

The Jews should observe the Commandments. Rather than say 'I can't believe what's happening in the world, with the Almighty Creator everything can happen.

The Holy One collects all the Jews to be the first circle!

The Messiah is acting and working.

The Messiah is an ordinary person, humble and simple, a man of G-d, he is above all. He has power that no one has! He has speech, strength and stability that no one in the world has! The Creator has plans to make him public and it will happen. Meanwhile, everybody knows for sure the person who will be the Messiah, the Jews in Israel and the world.

Happy Purim for all people of Israel; in Purim there will be very good things for the people of Israel!

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  2. Thank you Rav, as always, for your posts. And thanks to Avrohom as well for the link.

    Rav, regarding the concept of asking H'KBH for anything we want through davening, isn't this counter productive in a sense? We know H'KBH only does what is best for us, so why would we daven for 'anything' we want, not knowing whether or not it is good for us? For example, we surely wouldn't want our reward to be in Olam HaZeh.

    Secondly, on this topic, considering we're in the days before Moshiach. Unfortunately, not enough in Am Yisroel are following the Torah and doing Teshuvah, and in some cases, talk against it. Would it be bad a idea (on the topic of davening for anything we want) to ask H'KBH to minimally interfere with this group's free will so that they begin repenting? Or would that be considered going against nature in a way?

    With HaShem's help, I started doing kiruv. Sadly, there are some who are very deeply entrenched in the secular society that any conversation they hear related to the Torah, even creatively in different angles, results nowhere. In these instances, would it be a good or bad idea to daven to H'KBH asking Him to slightly reduce their free will, with the hope that it results in them making BT, even if their end reward is minimally reduced as a result? Of course, this is considering without this interference that they chas v'shalom would not repent at all if they continued on their path.

    Chalk u'Baruch
    Dovid S

    1. As usual you are asking very good questions.

      A very important part of our Torah learning is understanding what is best for us, and what we should not ask for. Hashem gave us a system that allows us to get our prayers answered whether they are good for us or not. It is a great way to learn, by experience, the finer aspects of prayer.

      As an example: King David asked Hashem why do we say the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Why not say the G-d of David? Hashem answered him with: they were tested with very difficult tests and passed with complete faith and trust in Hashem. David then said the worst thing possible: Hashem. test me too. He was tested and made to fail. We should never challenge or bribe Hashem for anything. We should never be so arrogant to request testing; Hashem will make sure we fail.

      Nobody wants to receive something that will be a hardship to his or her life. Learning what is best for us before we pray for things is by far the nicest thing we can do for ourselves.

      I will give you a pleasant catch 22. Proper prayer that works is not easy and takes years to develop and perfect. That same individual who spends that amount of time perfecting the art of prayer will also learn what is best to pray for. It is a win-win situation. All the instructions are in the Torah.

      A big tip on doing Kiruv. We don't do Kiruv, Hashem does. We are only the messenger to deliver the word of Hashem. Only Hashem knows who He wants to be observant and when He wants it to happen. Of course, in the end all real Jews will only be following Hashem, especially since the Yetzer Harah will be removed, and we will only want to live in total faith of Hashem. Since we do not know Hashem's plan for each individual on Earth, including ourselves, Hashem wants us to help everyone. In other words, we can't judge whether a person will see the light or not, but Hashem wants us to love our fellow enough to want us to try and help that individual.

      I will tell you a secret that I have discovered. Hashem will often put you with individuals who you will help and see success. Hashem knows in advance and wants us to feel good about helping others, so Hashem will arrange for success. That is a secret I have learned, so make sure you tell everyone.

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