Monday, March 27, 2017

In light of Nibiru

In light of Nibiru, this commentary on Shabbos by Ir Giborim is astonishing. This was written in the 18th century:


  1. The third meal called also shlosha seudot, is mostly eated just because of the mitzva and not out of hunger. While in the evening we are mostly hungry after holding food away from the noon until after kidush, and so in the morning, the third seuda is consummated mostly after the afternoon Shabbat sleep. This one is the real mitzva of eating and rectifier of all other meals during the week.
    Thank you for the reminder rav Menachem!
    Chodesh NISSAN tov to all.

  2. Not sure if it's a good enough reason, but my home is heated by wood all winter.. It gets really cold here into the -30's and colder, although now it's around -2C and snowing out. I think about the prohibition of the kindling of a fire on Sabbath.. My wood stove stays burning all the time so on Shabbat I am only adding wood to it to keep it going, not starting a fire from scratch. I am not Jewish but still think of this every Sabbath and it weighs on my mind every time I add a piece of wood if what I do is good enough. One day I will know I guess and look forward to it. I know it will be said because I am not Jewish it does not matter, but I'm not so convinced when it weighs on my mind to what God thinks and see's of my actions.. In any event Blessings and Shalom and thanks for listening.

    1. A Jew cannot light a fire, but also cannot transfer fire on Shabbos. When you put a new log on the fire you are transferring the fire from one log to another, in essence lighting a new fire on a log that is not burning.

      The good news is: a non-Jew is not responsible for such actions and can do so on Shabbos. You do not have the commandment, and therefore need not be concerned.

      However, your concern that Hashem may not want you to do so is admirable. Hashem likes to see people concerned about doing His will, so you receive merit for even worrying about what Hashem thinks.

    2. Dear HY at March 27, 2017 at 10:33 PM and to all who are not Jewish, the below is a repost from a another user that has offered
      advice to another.

      Advice by J. M. "Bennett Greenspan at FamilyTreeDNA. There are tests that can tell you if you are Jewish, especially if you're Ashkenazi, but I think it's developed even beyond that now to being able to identify tribal lineage. Ask him, I think that several tribes have been identified now by DNA. He's a good person to ask about it all, very, very knowledgable and has been in the business of developing those tests for years."

      On a further note, to all non-jews. I have seen many that repeat the same statement that you are not Jewish, I tell you this, that unless you do a DNA test you can never say for certain that you are not Jewish or that your ancestors are not Jewish., and even with out this
      you may have a Jewish Soul finding your way back. There are great advancement in DNA testing and Isreal are the most advanced in the world in these practices.

      For further information regarding these matters or taking the path to conversion., for this matter you need to speak with a Orthodox
      Rabbi, I can only share this information above, For it is forbidden for any Jewish Person to try in any way, even if our intent is for the good, we cannot directly ot indirectly bring someone to Judiasim., to convert. That person must take this journey on there own free
      will, and that person heart must be pure with it's intentions of taking the path to G-d, Judiasim, the Torah, and Isreal, as one.As Tovia Singer has said, That once a person converts to Judiasim that person is Jewish, and it cannot be undone, for if that person then leaves Judiasim it is a great SIN, and punishment so much that it would have been better for that person to have never converted., to begin with and just follow the 7 noahide laws.

      And to ALL, non-jews watch Tovia Singer on line, he can help all of you greatly, as well as Rav Menachem Robinson,. Everyone ask questions seek the answers from the TORAH, and do your best to live a good and righteous life, Life has many challenges, and difficult times, and the tests from above keep coming, and they are all meant for us to grow spiritually to a higher level,,,,When you understand this, this get a little easier, When a teacher has all the answer, does he give you the answer to the test before hand.? NO,
      he does not,the Rabbi want you to learn, and take the knowledge and wisdom in your heart and soul so that you can live a good and righteous life...I hope some of this information helps to those seeking?

      DOVID B.

    3. Thank you Rav Menachem for helping.. On another note unrelated to this could you please read through my comments on the latest Rabbi Glazerson video.. There have been many video's where people bless the Rabbi in a false god and false messiahs name.. And it's even been said that the Rabbi believes JC is the messiah.. Could you please check my comments to see if I have answered properly, and also if maybe I should just stay away from now on.. It bothers me of what people have been saying on countless video's and their falseness to the Rabbi and his videos.

      Here's the newest video I mentioned

    4. Good effort, but not really worth it. You are trying to do away with decades of false indoctrination that the idolaters have lived with your short statements. The statements may be the absolute truth, but the effort is a waste of time. I know, I did it many times myself, even with some success, but the amount of time that I spent trying to save people who are obviously in the 2/3rd group was not worth it.

      Writing meaningful information to help fellow Jews and righteous non-Jews is much more worth our time. The better approach, if you have time, is to address the good people who are reading these lies from the idolaters and reassure them that Hashem is the only One and that the real Messiah is already here in Israel. There is no doubt that the two thousand year old debate is over and that the prophet Obadiah will be fulfilled soon (the end of Edom, which is Xtianity).

      Help the good people see through all the lies and don't worry about the lost souls, who only get nasty with us when they try to refute the truth.

  3. Thank you Rav Menachem, I will heed your advice and try and keep my comments to where they may be best used. It's a shame how angry many get at the actual words from Tanakh when used to help show them their errors, and then they just glaze over those words to keep perpetrating their false take on scripture and odd doctrines. Much circular reasoning and not answering to specific questions, but jumping around with differing statements etc.. The xtians remind me of what the far left are like in what you see in US politics.. Whats right is wrong, whats wrong is right, up is down, down is up, embracing lies or just looking over them etc etc.. I don't think I was that crazy when I used to be xtian.. I thank God so much for showing me out of it via debates I watched on YT of Rabbi Singer. When I learned that scripture was changed and altered to fit the xtian agenda, and also the lame answers and runaround of the topics by the xtian(s) that he would be debating, I knew right then I had to drop the beliefs I previously held. I can't even see how I use to believe in that nonsense, when I knew many times inside that things just did not add up.

    Blessings and Shalom

    @ ever green, Thank you I will look into getting dna done when I am able. Looking at the site it seems like they are interested only in specific last names?? Maybe I need to explore it further and see.. And yes I do watch Tovia Singer, he's the one that while watching his debates made me realize I need to flee from xtianity, that was about 3 years ago now.. I watch Rabbi Singer, Rabbi Skobac, Rabbi, Mizrachi, Tenak Talk etc and others for some years now.. Plus I have learned to come here via a link you put on Tenak Talk before in the comments I think..

    Blessings and Shalom

    1. I have said it many times that the Torah, you know the real Torah that came from the Creator of everything, is the most difficult subject in the world. Since it is the Handbook of life, it covers all the deepest secrets of life and the world we live in. Unfortunately, very few (and I do mean very few) people on Earth really study Hashem's absolute truth and have even an inkling of its meaning and importance. Most people only get a false indoctrination by people who understand almost nothing about reality.

      That is why it says in the Bible, Isaiah 55:8: "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways," declares Hashem. The entire idea of studying Torah and all of Jewish scriptures is to understand the truth, Hashem's thoughts and ways, and to live it. It is the only way to happiness and success, but it takes several lifetimes of study and living the truth to go in the right direction that Hashem provides.

      It is nice that you discovered the truth, but to try to get it across to others with distorted indoctrination, decades of falsehood, is just about impossible. Only Hashem can do such a miracle, and He does for those He will save.

    2. Dear HY, I am so glad that you found the link and has brought you
      to absolutetruth613, Rav Menachem Robinson, Yes,I have posted the link from this site, with Tovia Singer's video's and many others,
      in my efforts to bring people to the absolutetruth. I just plant the
      seeds and even though most will not grow, you are proof that some will. It took some courage for you to except and see the truth that The TORAH is from G-D. and you must have been given an extra
      spark from heaven into your soul, because to come to terms with what is the absolutetruth was a blessing from Hashem, and will only lead to being in the 1/3 group that will survive. Remember, no Lashon Hara, give Tzedakah, be kind, but stand strong, in who you are and in your beliefs, with the TORAH. Please spend an extra hour
      per day studying TORAH, and try to find a Orthodox Rabbi with a kind heart and Soul to learn with, so that the both of you can learn from each other. This happens when two are learning together.

      DOVID B

  4. Thank you Dovid B and I feel very lucky and Blessed. I will heed your advice and do my best. I have still been answering to a few xtians, as I feel because I was brought out from it, maybe something I could pass on may get others thinking as well, and someone else may come out of it?. In saying that I offer not my own ideas, but only what I have learned of how JC cannot be "The" messiah according to Tanakh, via the teachings of Rabbi Singer, Skobac, Mizrachi, and others..

    In my area it's a smallish town and there is one Jewish Synagogue, however I do not know what their doctrine is?, meaning is it in keeping with Torah? Also there are some concerns I have which I haven't quite worked out yet, so I learn mostly from Rabbi's on YT and online Torah etc. My wife and I are very much to ourselves here where we are, no friends, family etc.. It would be nice to be with a group of like believers in Truth.. I will look into the Synagogue here at some point, but at the same time I do not want to approach things in the wrong way, or offend etc. Hard to explain what I mean via my words in mail etc. I guess it's because it's an unknown to me, and I won't know if when I walk in, if I'll need to walk right back out again etc. It's anxiety I guess..

    Thank you and Shalom and Blessings