Monday, March 6, 2017

A Reply to an Involved Comment on BIN

The article that I posted last week from the Breaking Israel News drew many comments in the BIN comment section. Unfortunately most of them were from non-Jews who really knew very little about the Absolute Truth. I decided to reply to most of the comments since I was sending my readers there to review a very good article. I didn’t want their misinformation to be read by my readers.

All of them received my reply except for one that had so many false statements that it took me about four pages of typing to respond. I decided to bring the answer here instead and invited the one who made the comment to read it. I am not going to post his comment, but just the answers that I wish to convey to him. Here they are:

I have been working diligently for the past 25 years to help people find true happiness and a good life for them and their loved ones. My source of inspiration for all this is Hashem who told us 3329 years ago on Mount Sinai exactly how to succeed in life; this life on Earth and our eternal life, forever and ever. There is no mystery about how to live with goodness even in this evil upside-down fantasy world. My 70 years of studying scriptures has made it totally clear how to accomplish Hashem’s goodness and I have tens of thousands of people that I have worked with as absolute proof that Hashem guidance works.

Then along comes someone like yourself who did some bogus research on how I have greatly helped people (actually it has been my teaching them the instructions that Hashem gave us, meaning that is was Hashem that gave them the success, not me). After five years of my blog (over 1300 pages being read in 191 countries) and a book that is on, Barnes and Noble and other places, you came to tell me I don’t know what I am talking about.

What did you get wrong? Let us start with the money that I have made. I have spent much, much of my own money to help people. If I did a spread sheet, you would find me many thousands of dollars (if not tens of thousands) in the negative. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

The second thing about which you are greatly misinformed is Nibiru. Obviously you have very little or no scientific scholarship to go along with your lack of scriptural scholarship. Please tell me what is causing all the upheaval in our solar system, especially on planet Earth? The tremendous increase in earthquakes, the increase in volcanic eruptions, the crazy weather, the shift in our axis, the fact that magnetic North is now in a westerly direct, the fact that the North Star has move easterly, the vast amount of floods, fires, sinkholes, the great number of birds, fish and animals who have perished, the rotation of the moon (the man in the moon can be seen now by tilting one’s head 90 degrees clockwise), the sun rotation (the storms have also rotated about 90 degrees), the planets in our solar system are all in adjusted orbits, the increase in the ocean levels, an increase in asteroid and meteors, etc, etc, etc (this list is too long for me to continue here).

All this has happened because our sun is in a binary star system with another solar system. That system is now in our solar system and basically consists of the binary companion, a dwarf star named Nibiru, its seven planets and all the debris that is accompanying the system (asteroids, meteor, rocks, etc). All the devastation that has happened so far is due to the gravitational and magnetic effects of the Nibiru system. The hundreds of pictures and videos that have been taken and appearing on the web, along with the all the phenomena that is happening is absolute proof of Nibiru’s presence in our solar system and the fact that all is increasing is proof of it approaching. I am honored that you think I caused all this devastation by just coming up with conspiracy theories, but I am sorry I can’t take credit for Hashem’s work. If you really read my blog you would see that Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, is aware of Nibiru, but knows very little about it. You were giving him too much credit for the Nibiru information.

Where do I have proof from Hashem about Nibiru, what its purpose is and what is yet to occur? I am glad you asked, rather than telling me what I know and what I don’t know. If you go to the Bible (a Hebrew Bible would be much easier to show the absolute truth, but I guess we have to settle for ???), look at the prophecy in Numbers 24:17 where Balaam is telling us that in the end of days the Star of Jacob will come. It is important to understand that this star is the announcement of the Messiah. Your so-called New Testament plagiarized the idea by calling it the Star of Bethlehem, but it has been verified that Nibiru was not here about two thousand years ago. The second important fact is that Nibiru is encoded in the Torah right across that verse about the star.

Hashem has given many other proofs (actually hundreds), but I will only mention what I believe to be the most important. The end of the prophet Malachi, just before the verse telling us that Elijah the Prophet will come in the end before the great and awesome day of Hashem, it tells us (3:20) about a sun of righteousness that will come to heal the righteous and wipe out the wicked. That verse also has Nibiru crossing it since the sun is Nibiru. We also have the verse in Zechariah 13:8 that tells us that 2/3rd of the world population will be erased (the wicked) and 1/3rd will survive (the righteous). Nibiru is there also.

There are so many more verses throughout the Bible that are so clear as to this phenomena happening in the end, NOW, and they all have Nibiru encoded in the area.

As an Engineer I have many college credits in advanced mathematics including statistical analysis. I assure you there is no such thing in this world as coincidence, and that the messages from Hashem are crystal clear and very significant.

As you can see these definite messages from Hashem refer to this star, Nibiru, which is here to bring in the world of goodness and truth, the worldwide redemption, the Messiah, the third Temple, and much, much more that we were told thousands of years ago would happen in the end. But, the greatest message of all is that those who truly follow the ways of Hashem, do His commandments, live His Absolute Truth and turn to Him for everything, they will be in the 1/3rd group, which is approximately 2.5 billion people.

If I, at an age where I am required to give Mussar, wouldn’t be helping people to survive and thrive forever, I would be sinning. That explains why I have spent thousands of hours writing over 1300 pages on a blog to teach the ways of Hashem. I get tremendous pleasure in doing so, but you would never understand unless you experienced all the success that I have achieved. It is brought down that the greatest reward for doing a Mitzvah is the Mitzvah itself. I have been living that reward for decades. By the way, I am close to 73 years young and are very familiar with the Torah requirement to respect one’s elders. It also includes respecting someone who has studied the word of Hashem for 70 of those years. Age is only one requirement for Mussar, genuine scholarship to help Hashem’s people on Earth is a much bigger factor.

Let me summarize another subject that I have covered very seriously on my blog that you are dangerously overlooking. The world right now is being run by very evil people who are interested in one thing fulfilling the agenda of the Illuminati by implementing the New World Order. The NWO is a very vicious plan to have a one world Communist government that would be run by the global elite. As part of their agenda, all the people on Earth would be their slaves to do all the work, with them owning everything. If you review the Georgia Guidestones (if you’re not familiar with the GG, Google it and get scared). The first commandment on the Guidestones is to bring the world population down to a workable 500 million slaves. The way the global elite are planning this is by a world war, if necessary, if the Nibiru devastation doesn’t satisfy their evil plan. They know what is coming and have planned for it by building a multi-trillion dollar system of underground fortresses in many countries. Once again, if you have done any real research you are aware of the evil plan to protect the rich while the poor people get killed on the surface of the Earth (they are counting on it). They have already started the killing process with about 800 FEMA concentration camps that are in operation. However, the most devastating event to come is the raining down of asteroids and meteors, vast areas of flooding, and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions like never seen in history (the Bible talks of fire and brimstone raining down).

Since the global elite control the media and government organizations like NASA (Never A Straight Answer), the entire Nibiru event has been a massive cover-up. It started with NASA getting pictures of Nibiru in 1982 and the decision to make it Top Secret by executive order (number 12356). That is why the truth cannot be found in the mainstream media and not even from the scientific community (who are being help to secrecy with penalty of death). If you want more information go to my blog post of 23 Feb 2016, entitled “Let’s Talk About the History of Nibiru.”

One last word pertains to the “when” for all this to happen. Hashem told us in scriptures in many places that the year 5776 was the year of Nibiru and the worldwide redemption. At the end of the year, we were told through various sources (the Facilitated Communications individuals, mystical Rabbis, and even in Torah codes; I started with these sources decades ago and they totally meet the test of prophecy found in the Torah) that we were not ready for the redemption; that we are in much greater need of repentance, prayer, Torah study, giving charity, helping others, doing the commandments, etc. Yes, Hashem knew where we would be at end of the year, He knew what our achieved spiritual level would be, but He also knew that given more time would make it that much better for us for all eternity. We accomplished a lot last year because of our fear of the end coming, but the additional accomplishments we have achieved by the delay of the end was always Hashem’s plan. His plan is perfect and we will see that in the near future when all is complete.

You as an individual have a choice, you can help me in trying to save the world, which would include you, or you can fight Hashem thinking you know better. I am not a prophet and not able to tell you exactly when things will happen, but Hashem has given us so many signs that it is obvious we are very close. You just have to decide whether you are for or against Hashem’s plan; I think you know very well which is the best approach for you and your loved ones. I approach you as a friend trying to save your life; join me and help yourself as well as others.

If you have any more questions, I will be glad to discuss the matter further by Email:


  1. BH
    Kol HaKavod Rab Menachem.
    You have a sweet, loft and strong neshamá (all of its parts I think).

    Sara from Mexico City... still

  2. Rav Menachem,
    I think your blog is the most interesting of all the blogs that I read because it just makes good sense. Also, it keeps my spirits up while I wait for the Moshiach to reveal himself. Please keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your kind words; it raised my spirits too. We can keep each others spirits up together, plus thousands of other readers. That alone should bring Moshiach, very soon.

  3. just my.opion but the next war will not be fought with nukes but with germ wa , the fema camps with guns pointing in are quarientine zones. for the "infected" . how do you keep the masses from gathering in the street and previnting rebelion when u dont want to send in the militay law) and curfews. realese an airborn virus / droplet in mass transit hub like an airport . and bunker up and watch the world burn. and if i can think of it why do u think a country full of people.straping a bomb.on thiwr chest would not?

    1. That is a pleasant thought to start out my day.

      Actually, it is all of the above. The Chemtrails are toxins and biological agents; the protests are to further divide the nation and throw more people in the FEMA death camps; the plans for war are brewing with North Korea testing missiles, Iran testing everything including our patience and many other hot spots in the world, etc.

      Have a nice day.

    2. what is beutifull is know and understand when one is being carried on the creators shoulders( so to speak) . millions of thing could go in the direction of the dinosaur, however each day we awake pray as a community scraggle by and they do not. it is.beutifull to know that umlimatly this ride has an endpoint and this is the last generation for diaspora jews. all roads lead to jews doing another mass migration very soon . or forced to leave when the well drys up .

  4. Rav Menahem, Thank you for years of dedication and hard work. For patiently answering our questions and explaining the finer points of everything you post. I credit you for stopping my lax practise of eating non kosher food outside my home, for committing to daily tefilla and much, much more. Just a heartfelt thanks with much appreciation for all you do. I now try to help as many friends and acquaintances to turn fully to Judaism and, like me, do a bit better everyday. Ms. AP

    1. It gives me great joy to hear about your accomplishments, but please thank the True Source, Hashem. He is my boss and gives me all my assignments, I am just a messenger.

  5. "They have already started the killing process with about 800 FEMA concentration camps that are in operation." What do you mean by "they have already started"? FEMA camps are already operating??? Don't you think people would notice if suddenly millions of human beings disappeared? It's very clear the massive depopulation hasn't begun yet.

    1. I don't have all the details since it is a covert operation, but their are several facts that are little known.

      Pres Obumer signed an Executive order a few years ago allowing him to detain anyone he wants INDEFINITELY. There have been many who have disappeared without notification. As an example there are 37 major cities in the US that have made homelessness illegal. They have picked up many, many homeless people and put them in FEMA camps, never to be seen again.
      Go to YouTube with the title: Americans disappearing. There are videos that claim 200,000 homeless have been taken to FEMA camps. I have no verification of anything since this is a very hidden operation.

      There are people arrested at protests that never got their day in court, but disappeared. This actually began several years ago when the camps were funded, I believe under the defense budget (I saw the exact place years ago).

      How many people have disappeared, I have no idea, but it is happening. There have been many people who have been hospitalized and who have even died due to the Chemtrails, vaccinations, man-made diseases and other ailments not talked about in the news.

      Google Americans disappearing and see the results:

      Also Google: national missing persons list, and never seen or heard from again, and other such titles. This is not mainstream news since it is being perpetrated by the global elite who are preparing for the New World Order meltdown.

      There are many more details that would be too long to discuss here, but they are happening. Why aren't people talking about it? The dumbing down of the population has everyone occupied with the latest TV shows, movies, popular music, sports, drugs and many other distractions. The bogus election was a good one.