Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why Isn't There a Palestinian State?

I found this very interesting:
Of course the real answer is: Hashem owns the land and gave it to the Jews!!!!

If you want much more detail, read my blog post of 29 March 2012, entitled:

Who Owns This land?



  1. Hashem owns the Whole Wide World..


  2. Will Hashem for sure redeem us this Nissan 5777?

    1. There is a good possibility, but you will have to ask Hashem, only He knows for sure.

  3. The Arabs will never say 'yes' to any of those three 'no's.' Any Arab leader that does will be assassinated the next day. Only Hashem has the solution!

    1. The solution is that Moshiach will be announced soon and all non-Jews and Erev Rav will be gone, history -- problem solved.

    2. "In the future, the descendents of Ishmael will rule the Holy Land when it is desolate for a long time, just as their circumcision is empty and imperfect and they will prevent the people of Israel from returning to their place until the Ishmaelites' merit of circumcision is over done with"
      - Zohar, Parshas Va'eira 201-203; see also We Are Not Alone by Adi Cohen, page 202

    3. That has been fulfilled. The Muslims received a hundred years for each of the thirteen years up to circumcision. That is 1300 years, which began in 638, the beginning of Islam, and ended in 1938, just before WW2. The land was desolate, then the Jews came in and the land flourished.

    4. The Bris is seal of hashem on the sexual sins ans sealed to be holy and chosen
      What we see worldwide with MASS Muslim immigration into Europe that this in particular seems to be their problem! attacking foreign women!

    5. Yishmael is described in the Torah as a wild donkey. He is not civilized. That is the prophecy that has been fulfilled all over the world.

      It says in their Quran that all the world must be Islamic. If a person understands and accepts that, they are tolerant to that person. If he doesn't accept it, they must kill him. Everyone knows that it is the end of days, so it is time to take over the world in the agenda of Islam. Doing what they want to the infidels is exactly the mindset of Yishmael. No surprises here.

  4. Cyclone today Australia,-winds,-floods/8402788

  5. Replies
    1. No. Whether the information is accurate or not, it is still indicative of rough times ahead, and our need to step up the Teshuvah.

    2. Greater Monsey, I personally thank you for all your posting and efforts you have brought here to Menachem's blog, you bring attention to the imminent events unfolding around the world, and your efforts are needed, As Each of us brings something here to add and bring attention, to what is to come, we also bring apart of ourselves, our personality and uniqueness, as each person that posts, we can see the person's character to some degree over time.
      ,..and you are part of the make up and character of this blog. As we all grow with it. a part of the success to bring people from all around the world closer to the absolutetruth613. You have spent time here, your personal time, This is a Mitzvah, and it is because we are all here helping each other, that enables us to help others., and to be apart of making a difference in people lives. Thank you.

      DOVID B.

    3. Thanks
      Sometimes I feel like Rav Weismandl during WW2
      screaming out to the truth with his cries falling on mostly deaf ears! Deaf Jewish ears!
      These times are earth shattering and even the "frum" community is sleeping soundly except for this Blog by the tireless Reb Menachem a true light an beacon for all for his sincerity pounds thru the darkness!!
      Mosiach for Goyim also Its is well known Proof and we say in Oleinu tefila 3 times a day Ki licha tichrah kol berech ... To you Hashem will bow all of mankind and with your holy name all nations will Swear thats why I also bring proofs from sincere goyim also . Batya bas pharaoh who was a Goyta is Now the name of the highest Gan Eden in heaven for women! see the Zohar !! Moshiach is a worldwide event.
      Very soon Amen.

  6. HuH?????

    you said all non-Jews and Erev rav will be gone. history..

    that means me.. to and many others...
    so i am nothing again...

    There are lots of good people in the world that are not Jewish, but good as they do good, and harm no one.

    May Mashiach come and clear all minds.

    I am shocked at what you wrote.

    But you are entitiled to what ever you believe as you see yourself as upright and holy and good.
    Hashem bless you and yours. and

    Shabbat Shalom


    1. Be gone from Israel, which is the only Jewish country in the world (the size of New Jersey)!!!! You will definitely still be here; you are in the 1/3rd group.

      However, if my belief that all Noachides are members of the lost tribes, you too will be in Israel. I have told you that I look forward to you being my neighbor; I don't care for all this long distance impersonal communications.

    2. Okay Rav,

      your reply made me happy :-) and still a little

      Only Hashem when Hashems sends Mashiach will all be then as Hashem wants. Amen and Amen.
      I am trying and trying and failing and trying again..
      thats all i can do is keep trying.

      i am weak ... i am not what i should be.. but i keep trying.

      I wish you Rav and all your famillya Happy and Peaceful Shabbat... and to all who come to this blog..
      Gd bless you all..

      Gd bless all good people too plese Hashem... toda.


    3. Dear SC, at scMarch 31, 2017 at 3:44 AM
      RAV Menachem Robinson has said that all Jews and all righteous non-Jews will survive and be in the 1/3rd group. Please note that Rav and many others Including myself, can, and from time to time have writings that are misinterpreted from others. Again Rav, has said many times that all the Jewish People and Righteous non-Jews will survive and be in the 1/3 group. I read RAV's comment, that you are referring to, and based on everything
      that has been posted the last several years by Rav Menachem Robinson, He was very clear about who will be in the 1/3 group
      So NEED NOT WORRY Stella/SC, Hashem is watching over you., and Menachem has your best interests at heart., AND TO ALL please do not misinterpret things, if you have a personal question, please e-mail Rav Menachem Robinson. My Dear Stella/SC, need not worry
      Hashem is watching over you. I will give you a personal Blessing
      come Shabbos, and for you to ease your heart and mind, and that you do have merit for the world to come.,survival for the 1/3 group. I do this because I have read all your posts., and you have shown a love for the Jewish People, and that you believe in G-d, Isreal and the Torah as one. Please give some Tzedakah this week
      and learn some Torah with a Orthadox Rabbi, so that my prayer for you can be elevated higher spiritually,.

      DOVID B.

    4. You are doing exactly what Hashem wants. He does not want us to be satisfied with our progress. That is what Teshuvah is, not being satisfied, but always looking to do better, to improve, to grow spiritually.

      You are an inspiration to all of us. If 100% of the people on planet Earth were not happy with their spiritual growth and were more like you, Moshiach would have been here a long, long time ago. Keep up the good work my dear friend.

    5. Thank you Dovid B.

      I have one correction. The 1/3rd group idea did not come from me, it came from Hashem through His servant Zechariah. I was just passing along to give everyone incentive to sign up for the group -- it is a good deal. It includes "frequent living mileage."

    6. I love that, "Frequent Living Mileage" and when we do Mitzvah's our card gets extra points on our "Soul Card, As a Reminder to all,
      as I have said before, The greatest Mitzvah's we can do for others are the one's we do not want to do. That is a MITZVAH. When the Yetzer Hara, tests you (and it is different for each person) for the tests come when you are at your weakest moment. Win the battle,
      do the MITZVAH, When a poor person asks us for money, Thank that person for HASHEM just gave you the opportunity to help another person. The Mitzvahs we do are what is expected from us
      in Heaven for being born Jewish, and following the TORAH, not for
      reward., but when you do a profound, MITZVAH, when you seek out to help others and improve people lives in so many ways. Then the sages in Heaven scream out and say "TZADDIK", TO ALL, we come into this world on a 120 year battle between the Devine Inclination
      and evil inclination(The Yetzer Hara), The Yetzer Hara is clever, and changes everyday as you change, he is sneaky, like a camouflage, deceptive and will try his best to keep you from the TORAH..

      What is Life's Purpose

      Want to here some life changes for the Good from all of you., and BE PREPARED For it is written in the TORAH
      חוְהָיָה בְכָל הָאָרֶץ נְאֻם יְהֹוָה פִּי שְׁנַיִם בָּהּ יִכָּרְתוּ יִגְוָעוּ וְהַשְּׁלִשִׁית יִוָּתֶר בָּהּ:
      And it shall come to pass throughout all the land, says the Lord, two parts of it shall be cut off. They shall perish, and the third shall remain therein.


      When Rav. Menachem Robinson tested all of you to see how many would down load his book for free and if you want you can pay the $5.00, more than 1000 of you did not do the Mitzvah of sending the $5.00 nor did you follow the simple "moral obligation", only 6 of you did. Out of respect for Rav's Blog, I will hold back my choice of words of how I felt when I read this fact., and ask all of you,... have a second chance to do this MITZVAH. A TRUE MITZVAH..IT WAS NOT JUST RAV'S TEST, HASHEM ACTUALLY TESTED ALL OF YOU

      DOVID B.

  7. B'H.!

    Dear Dovid B, and Dear Rav,

    I read this loving comments from both of you.

    To you, Dovid B, I thank you for the blessings and I will give Tzedakah, in my mind I will have your name when I do it, and Hashem will show me where to.

    Rav, I thank you too , and I have been helped many times by you and the encouragement you have given me.

    Really, though I am not as you say, I wish I were.

    Dovid B, and Rav Menachem, you along with other beautiful Jews on some many blogs I go to, have all been such a blessing to me.

    May Hashem, hold each of you and shower down blessings on all of you and your families too.
    Hashem bless all of Am Israel, Amen v'Amen,...

    and all good peoples too, Amen.
    Thank you,
    Thank you both of you, and

    I am really lost for words to express what is really in my heart.
    I shall post this comment, and then turn to thank Hadhem..

    For you and for all those others, whe have constantly helped me whenever I have reached out in despair..
    Despair I know the greatest evil.. I will do all I can to be worthy of how you both see me..
    I do not see me that way.. Hashem give you all what you need.

    Shabbat Shalom..

    I am deeply touched.

    stella c.

  8. To Stella C, you are not alone. While born Jewish, I too must fight despair on a daily basis, even a moment to moment basis. Having lost several dear friends to cancer over the last few years, followed by my young adult daughter and my elderly father, I am finding it difficult to trust that Hashem does not have much more pain in store for me, even though I am trying to improve in emunah and practice of mitzvos in His Torah. I envy those of you out there who can love Hashem the way I want to when I only fear Him. All I want is to be in Israel but my family will not cooperate and I am stuck in the worst possible place, NY, full of the worst delusion even among Jews, who do not know what is coming. So I tell you this just to make you realize, being born not Jewish is not what puts you in this scary position, for many Jews like me who are trying their best but can't seem to reach high enough, also feel afraid. Praying to meet you and Rav Menachem soon in Israel.

    1. Dear Rachel, thank you for your help to me.

      I am keeping you in prayers, with Hashem's help.

      Also i would recommend that you go to, its for all Jewish women, and do try to get that book of hers, "Talk To God:

      As non-Jew i do visit her blog, and a lot of others too.

      I got that book sometime ago, and just gave a furtive glance, and continued on to that worrying mode, which became a habit for me.
      this last week, a reading this post, and my comments, and the others, including you and Ms AP, helped me so much.
      I think the prayers and blessings i got from so many of all you lovely people, has broken through that wall of self-pity and some other things.

      I picked up the book.. and i am reading it and gaining so much.
      It is also helping me tremendously.
      Like i have read and heard from many... everything happens at a certain time, as Hashem controls everything. So Rachel, Hashem has heard you and will answer your heartfelt prayers to H-m. After all you are a special child of Hashem.
      I thank you Rachel once more, and may Hashem bless and help you in all you need, and bless all your family too.
      Hashem bless all of Am Israel.. and

      all good peoples too... Amen.


  9. Rabbi, I have a question that has nothing to do with this but it sticks to my curiosity. Seeing from the Jewish perspective, can there be extraterrestial life out in space? If so, would those beings be "Jews" or at least would they know about the existence of the Torah? Sorry if these questions sound silly or make no sense but they make me really curious. Remember I

    1. Since everything that exists is Hashem's imagination, there are ET's and they are angles. Hashem has created many mysteries in the history of the world including giving people-kind fantasy occurrences and even beings to ponder. Are they real? Only in the eyes and minds of the people Hashem wanted to test.

      Hashem can produce any illusion He wants that keeps this world looking random. It is like the movie producer who uses computer graphics to create anything he or she wants on the movie screen. Hashem does the same and keeps us busy trying to determine what is reality (our reality) versus what is fantasy.

    2. Dear FRANCO, and TO all who may have thought about Life on other Planets this link is from is A VIDEO
      that discusses Devorahs Song, Spiritual World, and I have provided
      the second link of commentary. Both link are from
      and is very informative. Good Shabbos.!

      DOVID B.

  10. Dear Rachel, Stella or any reader who feels a deep sense of despair: Please try to internalize that Hashem loves us deeply. We cannot even start guessing what each of us needs to achieve tikkun but, as we despair, let us remember that the world to come will be all joy, filled with Torah, enduring peace and lovingkindness. Be careful, VERY careful with your thoughts. I believe that if you operate out of fear and expect the worse...the other shoe about to drop may just get that. Train your mind to see and expect joy and beauty and you may be in for some pleasant surprises. No idea how it works but it does. Happiness is holiness. Opens up the channels for shefa. I love you ladies and send you many hugs. Ms. AP

    1. Well put. I have mentioned that a positive attitude towards everything results in a positive life on Earth. Negativity breeds negative results. How does it work? It is Hashem's system for us on planet Earth to perfect ourselves and prepare for eternal bliss.

      Once we realize that living by the Torah replaces the involuntary hardships of life, we receive our Tikun, our final correction, the easy way with joy and happiness.

      If you are saying "I do live by Hashem's instructions, yet I have plenty of problems." The answer is you may only think that you are living correctly, but still need much Teshuvah. Only the deep study of Torah can solve that dilemma.

    2. So, in other words, if we cannot control the fear, Hashem won't help us to overcome it but will instead give us what we fear? I cannot believe that Hashem would be so cruel. I study Torah as much as I am able given constraints of time and ability, can always do more and always strive to do more. But it is the constant fear that as hard as I try I am still falling short that, while motivating me always to keep trying, also will not allow me to have positive feelings. I'm stuck. And trying still to get unstuck. At what point does Hashem intervene and hear my cries and give a leg up?

    3. Hashem absolutely does nothing cruel to anyone. We are our worst enemy. He is totally merciful in every situation.

      The system in this world is not that we have a problem, we pray to Hashem and He decides whether to help us or not. THAT IS NOT THE SYSTEM.

      The system is that we are partners with Hashem in the creation. He gave us the ability to cause our prayers to be successful. If we use His system correctly, with a very positive attitude of faith and trust, all goes well and we don't have problems. If we are convinced that Hashem is picking on on instead of the fact that He is helping us grow and perfect ourselves with the tests of life, then the results will be negative. I have said it so many times: our positive attitude gives us positive results; our negative attitude does the opposite.

      Hashem never decides anything; His system is perfect. We are the ones who are imperfect. Blaming our problems on Hashem is ignorance of the system. See the answer I gave to Glenn Parker below, who has the right attitude; it applies to your statement here.

    4. Dear Ms.AP, I thank you so very much for your uplifting and caring words.

      Hashem bless you with all you need for you and yours.

      Thanks for your hugs and love..
      it comes back to you a hundred fold.

      with gratefulness to you Ms.AP.


  11. I have found that in times of being tempted to despair that it helps to focus on being grateful for anything and everything, from your shoelace to the fact you were able to rise out of bed and function. When I am thanking HaShem for the little things I can draw closer to Him because of how much I appreciate all that He does for me and hasn't allowed to happen to me. Every trial in our life is designed to have us call on Him more as we evaluate our lifes before Him. It is easy to get down and lose focus of our purpose in life, our mission, when tragedy strikes, but you are still here and you can keep drawing close to Him and make someone's life better.

    1. Thank you. I like what you are saying. It is the positive approach, rather than the negative approach.

      In the Talmud (I don't remember the place) there is a story about a Rabbi whose pinky finger was hurting. What did he say to Hashem? Thank you Hashem that the other nine fingers feel fine. We always have to decide is my glass half empty or half full? The positive approach will heal the pinky finger.