Thursday, March 23, 2017

Don't Expect What You Expect, but Expect the Unexpected

Hashem works in mysterious ways. Trying to interpret the news and what it means and where it will take us is an impossible task. Many of my readers have been sending me news articles asking: did you see this, and what do you think it means?  I think Hashem will make sure that we can't figure it out since He wants us to just trust Him and have faith in Him, and all will work out for the best. 

There is no truth in the news -- so what is really happening, only Hashem knows for sure. Just take care of yourself by doing Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, helping others, studying Torah and doing the commandments. The rest will work itself out -- Hashem knows what He is doing; His plan is infallible. 

I believe the much more dangerous time that is coming up will be from natural disasters, not war. That is when Hashem will, measure-for-measure take care of everyone on Earth (goodness for the righteous who follow His ways and suffering for the wicked who do what they want without regard to their Creator and His instructions).

I have been asked about the too-late-date. The concept which I have been talking about for years. It didn't come from me, but from Hashem. It refers to Yom Hadin (judgment day). I’m the one who changed the name to the “too-late-date” to impress upon everyone the urgency of preparing for the day.

We are all judged by Hashem for everything we do and say. Do we get the immediate report card from Hashem on Judgment Day? Yes, and it determines the path of our eternity. We will know the level of Tikun, correction/perfection, that we accomplished in all our lives on Earth and what our destiny is forever.

All I have been saying is not to mess around with the system Hashem has set up, but to use it to our great advantage. The world situation is pointing to the final judgment and redemption being a lot closer than we think. Is it today? I don't know; but, I do believe it is the most significant day for everyone on Earth, spiritually. When the final results are known for each of us, all will be made totally clear.  Hashem is merciful and loves us, and we are in Good Hands. All we need to do is keep up the good work as we have been instructed to do in the Torah and all will turn out amazingly well. Just never forget the system is measure-for-measure – what you put into it, is what you will get out of it for all eternity.

The most important thing to remember is that there is nothing random in this world. Many Rabbis believe that if there is a final war, the war will be very rapid. Tenach hints to the concept of Hashem taking over with natural disasters, as mentioned above, making the war insignificant. The final outcome on an individual basis will not be random but, as it was in Egypt with the plagues, measure-for-measure according to the behavior of each individual. The righteous (the ones who follow the ways of Hashem) will not see suffering or even discomfort. The wicked will (use your imagination). Every one, of course is somewhere in-between and will receive exactly what he or she needs to complete his or her rectification.  It is all by design with nothing random. I have said it before and will say it again: those who think they can just blend into society, assimilate into the world population and not worry (after all armies will be protecting us – right?), are in for a big shock. When the natural disasters greatly increase, you are on your own with only, I repeat, only Hashem’s mercy and help will get you through the rough times.

Is today judgment day? Yes, every day is judgment day. Is today more significant than days before? Yes, but we will not know until we get our final redemption (sort of our report card) and we know for sure that we did the right thing, or that we were stubborn enough to defy the truth about this world. Can we still continue to grow in our ways by making changes and following the truth of the Torah, our handbook of life and in this case our survival kit? Absolutely, as long as we are still alive on this Earth, we still have opportunity to get it right. How much longer do we have to get our act together? That is completely up to Hashem and what He has planned for the near future. If the war starts today and/or the devastation of earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc, greatly increases, you have your answer as to how much time you still have.

Please, please, please take all this seriously. I have thousands of years of history that has been accurately told to us in prophecy to back up my plea. I am not speculating but totally knowing and trusting the word that Hashem has given us. It is the Absolute Truth. Anyone who wants to gamble that this is not our destiny is a fool. It is so obvious what is happening in the world and where it is going. The specifics we won’t understand until it happens, after all, “don't expect what you expect, but expect the unexpected.” Just be completely reassured that we know exactly how to make it all come out favorably for each of us. Don’t fight the system but use it to your advantage. It is your eternity and the eternity of your loved ones at stake. Do the right thing and thank Hashem for His merciful guidance – you will be extremely happy about it and probably very soon.



  2. MORE flooding

  3. I am not sure how all this may fit in (there is nothing personal in this, but it is all personal) I am not sure if my emunah is so strong that I no longer see troubles in my life or if things are actually just going so well that I have no troubles. At this moment it seems as if Hashem is taking such good care of me that it may appear that He is saying that "here is your reward in this life, I don't wish to bother with you in the next." Of course my life is no bed of roses, but it also seems that I have very few troubles. Sure, I have some illnesses that cause me pain, but the pain is so minor that I can easily cope. Sure, I have bills to pay, but I can get them paid. The only time that I feel like I have troubles is when I am not able to send a donation to the Shul that has accepted me as a Noahide associate member, but I also know that I will be able to get the money to fulfill my promises. The weather has been harsh in my area, but all of the storms seem to pass me by and I have only minor concerns that the roof on my house will withstand the storms. Once again, I am being well cared for by Hashem. I know that every gust of wind comes from Him, and I also know that my roof holds out the water because if Him, and I thank Him so much for that. It seems that whatever comes my way is really no reason to panic because nothing is in my control except for how I react to whatever comes my way. I pray that this is strong emunah instead of just laziness. However, the future does not worry me. If the big earthquake comes along, then it will come along whether I worry about it or not, and whatever happens to me is exactly what I need. If Hashem sees the need to take everything away from me, then that is what I need. Sure, it will be painful, but there is no need for me to worry and get upset because that is what Hashem knows I need. I only pray that He temper His judgement of me with mercy and that I am doing what He wishes for me to do.

    1. It appears that you are passing all the final tests before the worldwide redemption. Everyone in the world is being tested now and the level of severity is measure for measure what each of us needs. You appear to be handling it with complete faith and trust in Hashem, and that is all we can do until the end.

      You are definitely in the 1/3rd group to survive and thrive in the time of the future, but you also appear to be a very good candidate for being a member of one of the lost tribes. You will know fairly soon and probably finding yourself in Israel enjoying the world of Moshiach, truth and goodness. You also sound like the type of guy that I would like to have as a neighbor; let me know and I will look for a place for you and yours.

    2. Dear Stephen WilliamsonMarch 24, 2017 at 8:38 AM,

      Perhaps HASHEM is giving you the opportunity to help others that are suffering and in need, even if you are limited to giving financially, you can help others by your words of wisdom, and by your actions. Instead of questioning your lack of toubles, look at your situation, as HASHEM is giving you the "opportunity" to use your time wisely, to learn more TORAH. These are just a few of my thoughts, for it says "man that searchers for tranquility will be beset ten times the worry", Let us read the Rashi commentary (37:2) where this appears:
      "Jacob wanted to dwell in tranquility but then the ordeal of Joseph (sale into slavery) came upon him. The righteous seek to dwell in tranquility but God says 'Is it not enough for the righteous what has been prepared for them (reward) in the World to Come that they need to seek tranquility in this world!' "TO READ further here is a link from AISH

      My reply to you is not meant to insinuate that you are seeking
      tranquility, but to show the depths, and meaning in life, that one should always seek purpose, meaning, and lead a productive life filed with Miztvos.

      ISREAL has the most advanced DNA testing in the world, perhaps
      you should follow this path and see if you are actually Jewish, or
      you may very well ,could have a Jewish Soul, that has made his way back., I hope my message to you is clear and it's intent is taken
      in a positive way.

      DOVID B.

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