Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Torah Codes Hint Korean Nuclear Threat Could Stir Legions of Angels in Apocalyptic War

A very interesting article appeared on Breaking Israel News: 
This is the actual video from Rav Glazerson about the find:

On 31 July 2016 I wrote how “Torah Codes are Very Tricky; Plus What is with Nibiru?”

I am bringing this up to not deceive you on the above video about a nuclear holocaust.

It is true that the term atomic holocaust appears one place in the Torah but with a separation of 3133 letters. That puts it starting at Numbers 29 and going to Deuteronomy 8. That is enough of a letter separation to include many other possibilities.

He found 5778 encoded in that chart, but he ignored that 5777 appears 3 times on the same chart. If North Korea is planning any type of attack, they wouldn’t advertise it a half a year in advance.

The month of Adar, our present month appears 4 times with no skipped letters on the same chart.

He found Gog, but did not mention that it appears 52 times in the Torah with a skip of only 10 letters (3 times on this chart with up to a 6 letter skip).

When you only have three letters, the statistical significance becomes very low. I don’t know if he is intimating that Korea is Magog, with its leader being Gog? The fact is: a general statement of “a country to the far north,” is found in the Tenach, and Korea, which is much more to the east than to the north, does not satisfy that statement. Since the statement in Tenach is “the far north, it sounds much more like it is telling us about United States of Magog, which if one goes exactly north from Israel, over the poll, you come to the US.

Another statistic shows that along with Gog being on this chart several times, I found Bush 9 times with no skip. If I add a skip of only 4 letters, Bush appears 700 times in the Torah.

Please, find these Torah code videos interesting, but without a statistical analysis, they are not telling us the absolute truth, merely possibilities. One thought is: if North Korea is planning a Nuclear attack on the US, that plan would be in the Torah, even if it does not actually happen, just the plan. Everything is in the Torah, but it is very tricky what it means until after the fact.


  1. Perhaps, Rabbi Glazerson is limited so some degree., but he certainly has had an impact on a great many, as well as you Rav. Menachem Robinson. Your Book of Life is a best seller in Heaven among all the great books of Life, you truly have lived a like of Goodness and Kindness, a life well lived with merit., and for eternity.
    I believe and feel, that the day will come that, perhaps HASHEM will reveal
    more and more details of what is to come and provide to Rabbi Glazerson and
    to yourself RAV, the imminent events leading up to the coming of Mashiach,
    in order to tell all the Jewish people to leave and to come to Isreal NOW!! COULD
    there be an announcement, a calling, and discovery, to all the Jewish People around the world that HASHEM has said to come to ISREAL,? and all the Jewsih People and Righteous non-Jews LISTENED to the message from HASHEM.?
    For, there are millions of Jewish People around the world that do not know
    what is to come, regarding NIBIRU and ZECHARIAH 13:8,חוְהָיָה בְכָל הָאָרֶץ נְאֻם יְהֹוָה פִּי שְׁנַיִם בָּהּ יִכָּרְתוּ יִגְוָעוּ וְהַשְּׁלִשִׁית יִוָּתֶר בָּהּ: 8And it shall come to pass throughout all the land, says the Lord, two parts of it shall be cut off. They shall perish, and the third shall remain therein

    I SENCE THAT HASHEM WILL MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT THROUGH SOME PROFOUND WAY, WETHER IT BE THROUGH YOU, RAV, OR RABBI GLAZERSON'S TORAH CODES AND FINDINDINGS THROUGH YOUR WISDOM,KNOWLEDGE AND TORAH CODES,..considering the both of you and many others have reached a great many already, what about an announment to all the Jewsih peole around the world.??? I hope my thoughts were clear as to my question. In short will HASHEM find a way to tell the entire world of what will come though the means of a discovery, or by a person.etc? Will HASHEM disclose this or Just leave this to a few.?


    1. Your comment as always is very well written, and my answer as always is too long to post here. You bring us some very interesting points that need to be addressed.

      I know that Hashem uses readers like you to spark my thoughts about what to cover, what people need to hear today to help them. This is a good example that has made me put aside my plans for tomorrow's post and address your concerns.

      Hashem works in mysterious ways and you are obviously one of His agents to send me messages.

      I do apologize to some of my readers who have posed questions that I was going to answer today and have put off for tomorrow and now possibly until next week. I try not to cover more than one topic a day; I need about ten day week to do it all.

    2. Dovid B., I am no person of such great wisdom, but my opinion is that there are a GREAT MANY Tzadekim out there already telling the world what is to happen soon and how to get ready. The problem, Dovid as I see it, is that not many people are listening. It is like they are comatose when it comes to the Spiritual world that some of us live and breathe in. The world attached to and hypnotized by their electronics and other gashmius. Those things have become their gods. They "listen" to them and turn a deaf ear to HaShem, the TRUE G-D! This is merely a repeat of a repeat of a repeat of history. Only WE are the ones experiencing it in this generation, up close a too personal for comfort. HaShem is disclosing, has disclosed and will continue to disclose His Truth and His plan...but only 1/3 will listen. Hopefully, please H"S, that includes you, the Rav and the other teachers, all the readers here and me...Things are going to intensify quickly and then it may be too late for most.....in the news this morning: On Friday, Syria launched the biggest ever missile since 1991 with a 200 KG explosive warhead, The Arrow-3 missile was launched to intercept it successfully. The IDF reported that had it landed at its intended target, it would have resulted in heavy damage and casualties. THIS is just the beginning! I don't want to see how much clearer this threat needs to be. May all our loved ones be protected by The Holy One of Israel and come Home safe.

    3. Well said, but tomorrow, B"N, I will have specifics about the announcement of the Moshiach, as Hashem told us it would happen.

  2. If you go directly North from Israel, you have to go thru TURKEY first. There is also the prophecy of Rav Nachmani, ”A Nation from the End of the Earth”

    1. Here is Hashem's opinion:
      Ezekiel 38:15 – “Then you will come from your place out of the far north, you and many peoples with you…”
      All Rabbis agree that Magog is the superpower of the Earth today, Turkey is neither far north nor a superpower (ISIS is more powerful in Turkey, than Turkey is).

      Also, what does Magog mean? Since Gog means George (I have presented a vast amount of proof on that point, including proof from Hashem), Magog means "from George." In our case George Washington, the father of the US. Every subject that hints to Gog and Magog has a George in its proof.

  3. Hi Rabbi i have a question. Is it possible that David was actually from the tribe of ephraim? Because he is called an ephrate however samuel is also called an ephrate in 1.1 samuel and samuel in the english is called ephraimite and david ephratite. Have you heard such ideas before?

    1. The family of King David came from Ephrata, not the area of Ephraim in the north.
      “But you, O Bethlehem-Ephrata, who are little to be among the clans of Judah, from you shall come forth for me one who is to be ruler in Israel, whose origin is from of old, from ancient days.” - Micah 5:2

      There are many places in scriptures, including the blessing that Jacob gave to his son Judah and the quote from Micah above, that the kingship shall be handed down through Judah.

  4. I've been posting here and there on Rabbi Glazerson's YT page against much of the bs being said in the comments, which are pretty much 100% xtian most of the time.. I've even mailed the Rabbi a few times encouraging him to close the comments section down as it's not needed for people to learn, and it's basically just become a xtian playground for their agendas. The Rabbi never monitors the comments, and many time's you see people even stating that the Rabbi will one day accept JC, or that he should before time runs out for him etc.. Most all the video's are bombarded by xtians that go unchecked.. I've responded against some of these idolaters who claim to hear from God at times under my username HalleluYah, which I know would bother some here which I also will never understand.. We need to praise the creator of us all more than ever imo.. So sick of hearing xtians rebuke people in JC's name when his means nothing and the Name that does cannot be said.. That's another story I guess, and King David if he were reading these types of posts nowadays would surly be telling the xtians the real and only Name above all...

    In any event re the codes it's my belief that we are in for major war and vast war. It will be nuclear, biological, chemical and devastating like no other.. Not me prophesying, it's just a given that makes sense from all that has been going on. MY opinion and Shalom and Blessings.

    1. Thank you for your effort. I agree that the Rav's comment section needs to be controlled or blocked. I also know that this is the last hurrah for the idolaters, since the end is near and it includes the end of all false religions of the world.

      I am not worried, the solution is all in Hashem's plan and under Hashem's control. Hashem wants us to protect each other by having unity against the idolaters. It is part of the testing that I have talked about which includes Jews helping Jews see the truth and avoid the evil lies of this world.

      It will all have a happy ending soon. Meanwhile, keep up the good work.

    2. Thank you Rav Menachem. I'm not one for confrontation but when I was visiting some of Rabbi Glazersons videos and reading the comments, I just felt compelled to answer to a few.. I also wondered if I was just to ignore someone who may not really know any better when they say such things as JC is our savior, and if I could have offered a quick correction and didn't, how would I then be seen in the eyes of God?

      In any event there was one such person there recently I responded to that mentioned she was Jewish, but that she believes in yeshua. It really hurts me inside more than it be any other person, when especially I see Jewish people that have fallen for false messiahs, gods, or prophets.. I had a nice exchange with her that I hope may have helped, and now have her thinking about her faith and who she is..

      I'm not Jewish myself, but like to believe that I would rise up to protect them if challenged to do so.. I am not versed in Torah/Tanakh as those that live and breath it everyday.. I do believe in some things that do not fit in with Orthodox ways, especially to do with not saying the Most High Name.

      I hope I answer well enough to some of the Christians as I have learned through Rabbi's such as Tovia Singer and Michael Skobac.. And show them how and where all the error's and corruptions are.. May it be that everyone that has the will, find their way back to the God of Israel, the One True God and Only God of all Creation.. Shalom and Thank You!

    3. I would say thank you for all your efforts, but even better is that Hashem thanks you for everything. The most important thing that we could do these days is to help others. When you take the time to try to help someone who has gone astray, you are doing Hashem's work exactly as He commanded us to do.

      Rav Tovia Singer tells many stories of very simple bits of information told to Jews and even non-Jews that have great impact on their lives and brought them to the Absolute Truth. You never know what little effort it may take to have positive results. It actually becomes obvious that when we do a little something to help, Hashem takes over and brings success. The person being helped greatly appreciates the attention, the concern for his or her welfare; Hashem appreciates the desire of us helping others; and, we get a very good feeling, a great reward knowing that we were there for another human being (or even a family). It is a big win-win situation.

  5. " Hashem wants us to protect each other by having unity against the idolaters."
    Indeed, love for no reason will bring Mashiah Tzidkeinu.
    It is beautifuly said, Rabbi Menachem.

    1. I thank you, but it was actually Hashem Who made me say it.