Monday, April 23, 2012

What About Iran?

I have had several requests asking my opinion and also what scriptures say about Iran.  Even though I generally don’t do opinion, there is one aspect of Iran that I am very opinionated about.  Does Iran have the bomb?


The news is all lies.  Don’t believe what comes from any source as to the status of the Iranian nuclear program. Iran under the Shaw got into the nuclear business in the 1950's.  With the help of its friend, the US of A, it started an aggressive program.  It accelerated in 1986 (for the purpose of weapons) under the previous president, Rafsanjani, and in the early 1990's Iran purchased completed nuclear systems from the then defunct Soviet Union and from China.  In the 1990's there were an estimated 15,000 advisers from Russia in Iran helping them set up their nuclear program.  They have been testing missiles, delivery systems, for decades.  I used to be in the missile development business.  You can only design a missile after you have the ordinance package (nuclear bomb) already determined.  After all, you design a missile to carry a designated weight to a designated target with a designated arming capability.  Having a missile without your bomb already designed is useless.  A nuclear bomb is not so difficult to design -- I know how (don't tell anyone).  Let's go one step further.  Iran has nuclear submarines.  Where they purchased to deliver a bomb they don't have yet?  How did Iraq (before Israel knocked out and saved the world), Pakistan, India, Korea, etc, etc, etc get nuclear capability and Iran couldn't?  In the news recently I saw that Korea actually is performing nuclear testing for Iran and even disclosed how much Iran is paying for the effort.  Iran arranged for Syria's nuclear capability before Israel knocked it out.  Now comes the best part of the story.  Iran has already tried a nuclear attack on Israel, twice.  In September of 2008 with an immense dirty bomb and again in 2010 with who knows what?  Do you remember seeing all the details in the Jew-hating news?  No way!!!  The news is only interested in condemning Israel when they defend themselves.  That sells more media time.  Never, never would Devine intervention ever be printed in the media.  In both attempted attacks, an act of Hashem curtailed the attacks.  Details are too extensive to go into here but both attempts would have started WW3.  We know in Israel exactly Who protects us and watches over us.  Israel is the safest place in the world.  All wars fought by Israel, 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2006, 2012 (maybe) and internal intifada wars have all been miraculous, even impossible.  The Israeli IDF would love to take credit for these victories, but I have known many who fought in these wars who will tell you what really happened.  Don't believe the news.

So, what does the future hold in store?  Now I put on my other hat (actually the yarmulke never comes off except the shower and the mikvah) since there are very interesting messages from scriptures and commentary.  The Talmud (Yoma 10), for example, talks of the battle in the end of days between Edom (led by the US) and Paras (Iran).  The bottom line of the discussion says that Edom will attack Persia and win the war.


YALKUT SHIMONI (usually referred to as "the Yalkut" of Simeon of Frankfurt) the best known and most comprehensive midrashic anthology, covering the whole Bible.  Written over many years about 1000 years ago.  This Yalkut says:

Yalkut Shimoni Yishayahu Remez 499 - "Rabbi Yitzchak said: The year that the Messiah will be revealed, all the kings (leaders) of the nations will be struggling against each other.  The leader of Persia (Iran) will contest with the leader of Arabia, and the leader of Arabia will go to Edom (US) to get council from them (this has already occurred).  The leader of Persia will respond and destroy the entire world.  All the nations of the world will be trembling and shaking and falling on their faces.  They will be seized by pains like labor pains.

The Jewish people will be trembling and quaking and saying: "Where can we go?  Where can we go?"  And Hashem will say to them: My children, do not fear!  Everything I did, I did only for you!  Why are you frightened?  Don't be afraid--the days of your redemption have arrived!"

A very interesting concept to know about prophecy is that if it is a positive decree, it will happen.  If it is negative, involving great death and destruction, it can be curtailed by us simply doing the voluntary will of Hashem.  The two attempted attacks on Israel in 2008 and 2010 (mentioned above) were curtailed by the efforts of certain Rabbis in Israel (another long story).

Both sources above talk about Edom at war with Iran and never mention Israel’s involvement.  I do believe that there will be a conflict but it will not be Israel attacking Iran.  Of course, those clever Israelis have already attacked Iran using cybernetics.  The Stuxnet computer virus supposedly developed by Israel with US involvement has already provided chaos to the Iranian nuclear program and other Iranian industrial efforts.  


There is an interesting Op Ed on Arutz 7 discussing the trust that one can have in Obama.  Obama goes back and forth on the issue of Iran making it look like he doesn’t have a clue as to what he should do.  I think Hashem has hardened the heart of Pharaoh and making him do His will.  Here is the article:


An interesting thing about the Israeli leadership is they don’t know to turn to Hashem for help.  Throughout history, Israel has asked nations, who they thought were friends, to assist in domestic problems.  A little known fact is that 2000 years ago when there was much conflict amongst different factions within Israel, we invited the Romans to help settle the situation.  What, we invited the Romans who proceeded to kill us and exile us?  I rest my case.  Take the Oslo Accords as a modern day example (please take Oslo).  The most one sided agreement between Israel and terrorist organizations, had to be the most foolhardy, ridiculous arrangement for Israel to get into.  Yet, with the help of our dear friend America, we have lost thousands of Israelis to the Oslo war that pursued.


I saw today that:

White House closes Israeli option on Iran
By agreeing to 'peaceful enrichment' of uranium by ayatollahs, the White House
allows Iran a whole host of nuclear activities:
- to keep upgrading its centrifuges well beyond the capacity needed for nuclear
- to break the commitment to buy uranium rods in Russia, exchanging them for the
depleted rods; now Iran can produce its own rods,
- to build any number of reactors despite them being economically non-viable in
an oil-rich country,
- to keep the spent rods from all the reactors, providing a stock of plutonium.

After the US signs such agreement with Iran and starts lifting the sanctions,
Israel won't be able to attack Iran, as such actions would lack international
legitimacy. Strictly speaking, to carry out such attack in the absence of
international sanctions, we would need a simple leader like Menahem Begin or
Levi Eshkol, while all we get now are facebook-savvy bunch in the government.


Another indication that I noticed is that the US seems to be setting up another False Flag operation.  A False Flag operation is where a country wishes to provoke a war with another country and does so by attacking itself and blaming the other country.  This would take allot of explanation, but every major war that has occurred in the past 100 years has been a False Flag.  Just a few examples.  The US was totally aware that the Japanese were approaching Pearl Harbor.  The US moved out some of its best ships and move in its worst.  The White House never notified Pearl Harbor command and the rest is history.  The US wanted to get into the war and that False Flag did it.  The Gulf of Tonkin Incident or the USS Maddox Incident was a False Flag operation where the US claimed to have been fired on by the North Vietnamese.  It was the False Flag that got us into the ten year conflict with Viet Nam even though the attack on the US never occurred.  911 was a False Flag Operation that is the most controversial of them all.  It was even called the new Pearl Harbor.  It got us into a war with Iraq and Afghanistan even though neither country had anything to do with 911.  Why do all these False Flag Operations occur?  War is a big money maker.  The bankers and the big industrialists make a fortune selling bullets, tanks, planes, ships, etc.  Viet Nam served no purpose at all but made allot of money for the already rich and greedy (and may I add evil) %*#@% (I’m sorry I couldn’t think of a word to call them especially after talking so much about positive speech).  The staggering number of deaths caused by these wars is mind boggling; yet, the perpetrators couldn’t care less about the horror -- after all, they made allot of money.  Why am I bringing it up now?  I saw recently that the US was moving into the Gulf region, around the Straits of Hormuz (to where we have seen many scriptural references), the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.  This particular carrier is the oldest ship in the US fleet and is due to be mothballed in the near future.  Is this setting up a False Flag as an excuse to attack Iran?  I believe that the Pentagon had that in mind but recent disclosure of the possibility may change the plans.  Something else, that should make the US leery of such a possibility.  There are terrorist sleeper cells all over the world even with nuclear capability that are ready to carry out their plan to make the entire world Islamic.  I believe that Iran is the go-ahead source.    


It is really cute what is happening.  Whatever assessment I could give as to what the truth is – whatever guess I would make, I just need to wait until tomorrow and it will change.  What is really happening?  Why are Obama and many world leaders playing such games with Israel and the future of the world?


Hashem is running the show.  We are told that when all the Jews of the world do repentance, the Messiah will be announced.  One would say that that is impossible to get all the Jews to just turn to Hashem.  But the plan is that when the world gets so frightening because of war, terrorist activity and even natural disasters, everyone will look up and say “help.”  I believe that a day is coming that people will realize that Obama isn’t the solution, Netanyahu isn’t helping – only the Master of the Universe can help, and He will.  If Iran gets destroyed, it will probably come from earthquakes, measure-for-measure.  I believe that  Ahmadinejad is the reincarnation of Haman and that, in the same way that Haman tried to do away with the Jews and met his doom, ol’ Mahmoud will also discover a hell of an eternity.


In my final analysis of the situation I can give you a definite maybe about nothing (I sound like the news media where the experts agree with each other on nothing).  I was thinking of changing the name of this blog, just for this one post, to The Absolute Speculation.  Tomorrow back to The Absolute Truth.


Hashem works in mysterious ways and I totally trust that He will take care of His faithful followers.  Those who turn to Hashem are protected and have nothing to worry about.  I am not at all worried; because, one thing I know for sure is that this all will have a happy ending.  I know – I read the book.



  1. I agree with the basic premise of what you say and that we must rely on Hashem only but am a little disconcerted about 911 being a False Flag operation. I have read many of the conspiracy theories, some seem plausible but in most cases there is specific flaw. Can you please elaborate on what convinces you about 911 being a False Flag and also can you give some more information (or links) about the attempted attacks by Iran on Israel. I vaguely recall something about a ship being intercepted but not much else. Thanks in anticipation.

    1. The proof of 911 being an inside job goes way beyond the conspiracy theories. I am one of over 1600 Engineers and Architects that have confirmed that the government's explanation was totally against Hashem's laws of physics, in other words, totally impossible. Since I was working in central New Jersey and was able to see the black smoke pouring into the sky as it happened, I knew that is was an Oxygen starved fire that could not have melted the steel structure (jet fuel burns at about 1300 degrees F, the steel would need at least 2800 degrees F to soften). I knew on 9/11 that it was an inside job. I had it confirmed by friends of mine in the Pentagon who were killed. When I got to talk to these friends after they were killed, I suspected something. The proof is overwhelming. The most disturbing thing is the world honoring Amalek instead of destroying him. Also, to give credit to an Arab in the Boro Boro Mountains for perpetrating the most sophisticated controlled demolition in the history of the world on three buildings, is insulting. Even the planes that hit the twin towers were not commercial flights but Air Force E-8 transports that were radio control guided by a system that I helped develop (worked on that program for 11 years). My proof would stand up in court but there have been many that have had unshakable proof and they have all been killed. Enough said for now. The two attempts to attack Israel and the details involved could be another blog post. Any questions send me an Email and I will try to accommodate.

  2. I believe HaShem will protect Noahide people, too during His wrath time. Amein!

  3. I pray for Yisrael. It is wrong for them to depend on USA President for help. I wish they depend HaShem because He is Mighty Creator. Who can challenge Him? Look what HaShem did to them in Tanakh. I pray that HaShem will destroy the world of lies and materialism ASAP.

  4. Anonymous , Hashem will stick up for all those who are with him !

  5. It would be enable me give thanks to Hashem after hearing about the greatness of Hashem regarding those 2 attempts.

    Please took a look at the sefer "Ahavas Chaim", on the haftorah of parshas Tzav. If you do not have the sefer, I can email you the pages. The author of the sefer was Rabbi Menachem Menashe, who passed away about 44 years ago, and at that time was likely the head of the lamed vov tzadikim.

    All the best,

  6. Sorry - I wanted to add - in Ahavas Chaim, the Rabbi says that the atom bomb will never reach Eretz Yisroel.

    ALl the best,

    1. Thank you for that comment. I find that comment very profound and very true.

  7. I just want to say I enjoy your post's very much and appreciate you doing this for those of us who really need this. Can you please tell me how to email you and get further information about the attacks on Israel which did not succeed. A; Shalom

    1. Email me at
      The two attacks were:
      September 2008 when Iran sent a ship containing a large amount of nuclear waste material surrounded by explosive. Their plan was to travel from the Persian Gulf to the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean Sea. There they would explode the cargo causing the radioactive fallout to be carried by the wind into Israel. It would have probably caused thousands of Israeli casualties and started WW3. The ship, as it past Somalia, was commandeered by Somali pirates and prevented it from reaching Israel. About 25 pirates died when checking out the cargo. Thank you Hashem.
      The second incident was planned for 2010 when the volcano erupted in Iceland sending ash over all of Europe. The ash was approaching Israel and would have grounded the Israeli Air Force. Iran saw this as an opportunity since the IAF was a deterrent to any attack on Israel by Iran. They waited and just as the ash clouds approached Israel, a very strong wind came and pushed the clouds north avoiding Israel and cancelling the attack. Thank you Hashem

  8. Amazing POST!!!!!!
    Can you talk more about the rabbis that tried to save Israel from the dirty bombs please.