Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Being Positive

Positive attitudes generate positive occurrences.  Of course, negative attitudes generate negative occurrences.  We talked about the tremendous benefit of proper prayer but we must also concern ourselves with every moment that we are awake.  If we have positive thoughts, words and actions, all will result in a very happy and enjoyable experience in this life.

In 2006 there was a film called The Secret.  It is consisted of a series of interviews related to the idea of thinking. It states that everything one wants or needs may be accomplished by believing that one will receive that outcome, repeatedly thinking about it, and maintaining positive emotional states to "attract" it.  Although this was a secular movie, it very much touched upon the metaphysical realm.  In other words, everything they professed can be found in scriptures and leads one to a very positive attitude that Hashem exists and that His system can work very positively in our favor.  When you apply the information in the movie by using prayer and meditation to cause the energies to flow (as I mentioned in previous posts), the outcome is even more successful.

Positive attitude is really a display of faith and trust in Hashem.  I know that He wants the best for me and my family and will be there to help.  When my thoughts, words and actions are all according to Hashem’s will, the tools He gave me to cause positive results bring those positive results.  As an example, I retired ahead of my years because I had such a positive attitude that Hashem will help me in whatever I needed to accomplish.  I discovered how important it is to help people and bring them to the ways of Hashem (for years I was invited to give lectures and I invited many people to my home – especially for the Sabbath).  This definitely was more important and rewarding than doing Research and Development on electronic equipment (the plight of an Engineer).  Being ahead of retirement age meant that I still had about 6 years to wait for my full retirement pay.  But, I just happened to have some stock that I purchased eight years earlier that was going nowhere.  After praying and asking for Hashem’s assistance, both stocks went up to a point where I was able to sell and put a down payment on a house (and all the expenses needed to move).  The house more than doubled in price allowing us to sell, move to Israel and live on the profit until retirement time.  The true miracle was that of these stocks were owned by many of my fellow employees before I retired; but, I was the only one of the group that made money on those stocks.  After I sold them, both companies went bust.  Everyone lost their money except for the individual that turned to Hashem for help – me.

When people make negative statements they very much set the pace for what will happen.  We have all said “I hope this happens but I really don’t think it will.”  And then when it doesn’t happen as desired we feel justified in our prediction.  Positive attitude is saying and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will happen the way we want.  Why?  Because I prayed that it will and my very positive prayer caused it to occur.

Prayer is just one tool.  Other very positive actions that Hashem gave us to do is study Torah, give charity, do repentance and do the commandments.  These are all positive actions that give positive results in more ways than one can imagine.  Praying for someone’s speedy recovery is greatly enhanced by studying Torah in that person’s name.  I am about to tell you a fact that you may or may not believe but it is absolutely true.  Since the words of Torah are the genetic code for the universe (refer to my post of MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012, Sources of Absolute Truth), If at any time there isn’t someone in the world studying Torah, the universe would collapse and cease to exist.  It is so well known by the Torah observant Jews that the continued existence of the universe is dependent on the words of Torah being said continuously (difficult concept to grasp but absolutely true).  There are many places (such as the city where I live) where study groups cover all 24 hours a day with activity.  Fortunately, Hashem provided a globe to live on with 24 time zones and Jews all over the world to accomplish 24/7 Torah study. When that study is channeled to a particular need such as helping sick people, it works.  One additional hint to helping the sick and many other situations is reciting Psalms.  Which Psalms to say is the subject of tomorrow’s post.

Giving charity is an interesting event for the Torah tells us when we give to help others, we get a return that is 10 times the value.  I don’t believe that one; because, I have always experienced at least a 100 fold return (even thousands of times the return).  Lucky me?  No this happens to everyone with a positive attitude working within Hashem’s system.  They say “you can’t take it with you.”  I don’t believe that either.  The best investment in this world you can take with you and that is the money or possessions that you use to help others.  This investment has the best return with the highest yield dividends possible.  The best part is the payoff is forever and ever.

Both Repenting ones mistakes, correcting them with words and actions, and doing the commandments are so positive a way to live that the reward is beyond comprehension.  The reason is it will be rewarded on Earth but it will continue for all eternity.

Everything I am mentioning here has to be done with a very positive attitude to be effective.  If one studies Torah with complete joy, gives charity willingly, with a very positive attitude towards helping people, and performs  the commandments with complete love and devotion to Hashem, life will be totally successful in every way.

A very important personality trait that helps greatly is humility.  One should not think that positive attitude means being arrogant.  If one is boastful about his or her accomplishments and not open minded to learn new things, Hashem does not look at that person favorably.  Having a positive attitude does not mean “look at how great I am.”   Judaism is always concerned about embarrassing others.  It is not always easy but one should consider everyone’s feelings and treat every person with respect not disdain.  If someone is impossible to get along with, just avoid the person if possible.  Revenge or even making fun of someone should be considered a very negative act and doesn’t get you points in Hashem ledger (He keeps track of everything).  I personally experienced Hashem’s reaction yesterday.  I was very pleased at the fact that my blog seams very successful.  My count of new countries and visitors has exceeded my expectations.  I bragged about this to my wife and others and Hashem sent me a message yesterday morning and wiped out my counter.  I had to reinstate the count by reapplying for a new counter account.  At first I was greatly disappointed but knowing that everything happens for a reason and for the good, I thanked Hashem for the message and did repentance for my boastful mistake.  I have mentioned that there is no such thing as coincidence as proven by the fact that this should happen exactly at the time that I wanted to talk about arrogance.  One of the most important messages from the Torah is not to speak lashon hara, literally the evil tongue but better understood as gossip.  Talking about people even if it is something good is dangerous and not a positive act.  Words are a powerful weapon and when used to hurt others, one loses favor with Hashem.  When we say something about another person it is often believed.  If it is a negative statement, whether true or not, that person’s reputation is harmed.  Even if it is a positive statement it could harm a person since the individual may not live up to the statement that was made or may even fail miserably – disappointing everyone who heard the gossip.  There are so many ramifications about gossip that once again many books have been written.  The subject is a very important to Hashem since He wants us to be nice to each other.  Rule of thumb, just don’t talk about someone unless it will greatly help the person you are telling and is not gossip.  Example would be to warn someone that so-and-so is planning to kill him.  That’s not gossip.  Let me tell you a secret about lashon hara.  When we leave this Earth on our judgment, we do appear in the heavenly court to plead our case (not a myth – I’ll have proof in a future blog post).  The accusing attorney presents all the evidence against you of what wasn’t done correctly on Earth.  What he will be saying is lashon hara unless it is against an individual who never spoke lashon hara.  He cannot testify against such a person.  That person gets to speak directly to Hashem and obviously is destined for a wonderful eternity.  Don’t take this lightly, it’s your eternity.

One last word is that Hashem not only pays close attention to every small detail in our lives but He sends us messages to help us.  Learning to recognize messages from Hashem and reacting to them is a very positive habit to have.  It does help us greatly though life.

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