Thursday, April 12, 2012


What is a good way to help sick people and, for that matter, many other situations?  I’m glad you asked.  Actually, you did ask for I am writing this to answer a question sent to my Email by one of you.

We talked about prayer and how effective it can be.  To be more specific about how to help those in need.  Hashem gave us an additional tool that works, Psalms.  Not replacing but supplementing prayer, the 150 psalms also are the powerful words that I have mentioned that cause energies to flow and problems to be resolved.
This chart tells you the best Psalms to say for the purpose you wish to help.

Although, as in the daily prayer, it is best to say these in Hebrew, any language that you understand fully can be used.  All languages originate from Hashem and work.  Saying these Psalms in a group in unison or individually enhances the cause.  One reason is, like prayer, some people are weak and others are strong in both pronunciation and determination.  All are heard but the strong help the weak and make the group reading more effective.  Like prayer these words should come from the heart with a very positive attitude that the words will help.  Also like prayer, lip service is far less powerful in helping others.  With confidence and maybe even with tears in your eyes say the Psalms and think about the person or people who need help.  This will help you pour it out with great feeling.  You will succeed if you feel the pain or even the joy of the people for whom you are reciting Psalms.
It works.