Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Horrors of Gaza

You have heard so many dastardly tales about the plight of the Gazan Arabs.
Here is some documented proof of the horrors that are occurring on a regular basis.  This is not for the squeamish nor do the terrorist want you to see this. (Please, turn down the sound it isn't needed).

What’s wrong with these videos?  This is not what the Jew-hating media has shown.  Where are all the starving, downtrodden children and the shortages that make flotillas so necessary?  It looks like the Arabs of Gaza have achieved the American dream which is ironic since you can’t get it in America anymore.  They moved it?

Gaza is Israel.  It has never belonged to the Arabs and never will.  The Philistines occupied it but that ended when Samson brought down their temple and their idols.  It was back in the hands of the Jews.  When a Roman incorrectly renamed Israel Palestine, a poor pronunciation of Philistine, it was still the homeland of the Jews even though most were exiled by the Romans (the threat of death is persuasive).

There are many interesting miracles from Hashem that happened in Gaza in modern times.  These of course don't make the Jew-hating news except in Israel where the message is necessary to hear.  One of my favorite is dealing with Gush Katif.  

In the Katif Bloc’s unique greenhouses, a uniquely developed advanced technology was used to grow bug-free leafy vegetables and herbs answering to the strictest health, aesthetic and religious requirements.  Most of the organic agricultural products were exported to Europe. In addition, the community of Atzmona had Israel’s largest plant nursery, and with 800 cows, the Katif dairy was the second largest in the country.

The total sum of exports from the greenhouses of Gush Katif, which were owned by 200 farmers, came to $200,000,000 per year and made up 15% of the agricultural exports of the State of Israel.  

In 2005, 8600 Jews were removed from their homes, businesses, farms and places of worship just to appease the terrorist groups and the evil political establishment of the world.  We gave the Arabs our homes in hopes that the daily rockets and mortar firings on innocent civilians in towns surrounding Gaza would end.  It not only did not end, it was stepped up to the tune of about 12,000 rockets that have come out of Gaza over the years.  They proved once and for all that they are not interested in the land; but, as they have said repeatedly, all they want is to see all non-Muslims dead.  First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.  Just as the total failure of the Sinai peninsula, southern Lebanon, Samaria, Judea, Jerusalem, etc, giving away land helps the barbaric terrorists succeed in killing us, not bring peace.  Our deaths are all they want; since, their only goal is to make the entire world Islamic.

But, what was the miracle of Gush Katif?  After the evacuation of the Jews, the Arabs tried to continue this very lucrative business of insect free produce.  But, guess what, the bugs returned.  There was an infestation of Gush Katif that hadn't existed in the area for thirty years, according to some Arabs who remember before the Jews came in and set up the greenhouses.  As long as the Jews were there, the bugs stayed away.  Hashem sends very definite messages about who the land belongs to and who should be there working it.  One of the greatest miracles of all is that Palestine was a total wasteland where nothing could grow.  Mark Twain visited Palestine over a hundred years ago and questioned what the big deal was all about.  Everyone wanted what he called the most useless land he had ever seen.  There was no way anyone would be able to grow anything in Palestine.  But, is says in the Torah, when you return to your land, it will become fertile.  And after close to 2000 years of exile, when the Jews returned and the land went back to its real name, Israel, the land became some of the most fertile land in the world.  There are places in Israel that have three harvest a year due to the tremendous land and weather conditions.  This little nothing of a farmland, the size of New Jersey, exports so much produce a year it can only be called miraculous (but then that is what Hashem promised).  It's comical to drive through such plush farmland area and see on the corners of many fields cactus.  We know what was once there.  This is also the reason that the area where the Jews live is called within the green line.  A satellite photo shows exactly where the Jews are and where the Arabs are.

Rashi commentary on scriptures says exactly that.  When the people return to their land, it will produce.  That is the surest sign that you are in the time of the redemption.

This can only mean one thing.  MOSHIACH IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!! 

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