Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Near Death Experience

One of the sources that I have used as proof that there is a Heaven and Hell is the many stories of people who have actually died and come back to tell about it.  The whole question as to whether this is the real life here on Earth; or, as I have been saying, that this a very temporary existence and our eternity is the real life.  Even people who have had an out of body experience without going to Heaven or Hell, have testified beyond a shadow of a doubt of our spiritual existence. 

The most important thing about these stories is the tremendous consistency giving them total validity.  The first commonly described experience is that of floating above the physical body.  Witnesses describe being aware of all of the events that happened around them even though they may be in a state of anesthetization or even in a coma.  Afterwards, most of them describe finding themselves in a place of light and great inner beauty, and then "gliding" through a dark tunnel towards a bright light.  Many describe a voice speaking to them.  Disabled people describe a sense of freedom from their limitations, and almost everyone notes the evaporation of human fears from the mystery we call death.

I could never do justice in describing the experience as well as an individual who lived it.  Watch this video of a wonderful story by a Mr. Alon Anava.  He was born in Israel, but lived in New York at the time of his life changing experience:


The well known American psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, has seriously investigated the matter of near death experiences for many years. "I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that life continues after physical death," says Ross, summarizing research of more than twenty years. "I am very skeptical at heart and this is why I tested every aspect of this phenomenon with rigor.  I discovered, for example, that people who have lost limbs told of how their souls were whole again when they left their bodies.  Moreover, people who were blind from birth described to me with incredible precision what the people in the room with their body were wearing — the jewelry they had on, and what they were doing.  This is impossible! How could they have known that?"

Kubler-Ross does not feel any need or reason to convince other people of the truth of the phenomenon: "Those who are open to hear it — will hear it.  And, if they close their ears, then they are in for a surprise."

Research into the realm of near-death experiences points to shared elements reported by millions of witnesses (an estimated 30 million!) from around the globe.

Back to me.   One day while I was involved in our study group, we got into the subject of out of body and near death experiences.  Some in the group were skeptical until a particular Rabbi walked by and overheard our conversation.  He immediately exclaimed “Oh, it’s real!  I experienced an out of body experience during a recent operation.”  He told us how he watched the entire procedure while hovering over his body and was even able to relay all the details after he had recovered.  He observed every individual in the room, what they were wearing and even disclosed details of conversation during the operation.  The most fascinating detail he told us was that he felt more alive than when he was in his body.  He knew that his spiritual experience was the real life.  Being a very righteous and honest individual, the Rabbi was very credible in his story and convinced the skeptics in the group to believe such experiences do exist and are real.

Rabbi Akiva Tatz, a renowned Rabbi and doctor explains that this is not the real world.  He gives as an example: sometimes when we sleep we have very realistic dreams.  We wake up in the morning thinking – that was realistic; but, now I am back in the real world.  When we come to the end of our lives and change address, we have the same sensation of “that was a very realistic experience, but now I am back in the real world.”  Our entire life on Earth will seem like a dream.

I have been asked by a couple of my readers: who was the Rabbi who verified that Hashem had curtailed the first attempted nuclear attack on Israel in 2008.  Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, 'a"h was sick in the hospital and died.  After, I believe, 20 minutes he came back to life and told of his experiences in Heaven.  He met the 8 yeshiva boys who had been killed that summer in a horrific Arab terrorist attack at Jerusalem's Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva.  The sacrifice of those boys was an atonement and the reason Hashem stopped the attack.  Rabbi Eliyahu said that the 8 boys were very happy and had a wonderful eternity that came from their sacrifice.

There is no doubt about our experience in this life on this physical planet being an opportunity to perfect ourselves and set up an eternity so wonderful, so great it is beyond human comprehension.  It is worrisome how people using their flawed human logic think they know better.  Please, please you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to open your mind, search for the truth and take advantage of the great opportunity of a perfect future.  It is a gift and a blessing from Hashem.  Just remember the too late date is approaching rapidly.  

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