Friday, April 6, 2012

So, When is Moshiach Going to be Announced?

First, I have two questions.

1.    Don't most people, Jews and gentiles alike, believe that we are close?

2.    Is he going to be a little baby or an adult?

If you answered yes to number one and adult to number two then you have just admitted that the Moshiach is already here and just hasn't been introduced, yet.  The fact is “Moshiach is alive and well and is living in Jerusalem.”  What is my proof, you ask?  The list of signs and proofs are longer than I could cover in a blog post but I will give you my sources and you decide.

I could write books on each subject or I can just point you to hundreds of books that I have already devoured that prove that we are there.  Each of the above sources deserves its own blog post and hopefully I will cover many of them in the coming weeks.  For now, the best that I can do in a limited space is to tell you some of the most compelling facts (some of my personal favorites that give me the most chills) and let you check out the rest.

We have lists of events that will happen before Moshiach comes.  The sources that I am talking about include the Torah (prophecies fulfilled), the remainder of the Bible (prophecies fulfilled), the Talmud (prophecies fulfilled), the Zohar (prophecies fulfilled), commentary by many great righteous people throughout history (prophecies fulfilled), the Autistics and others using Facilitated Communication (prophecies fulfilled), the mystical Rabbis (prophecies fulfilled), scientific discoveries (that’s a good one), hidden codes, numerology, secrets of the Hebrew letters, the 600,000 ways that facts are encoded in everything (even what the Rabbis said over thousands of years), hints in our daily prayers (I hope to talk about soon), everything happening in the world (especially the weather and natural disasters), people’s attitudes (much more important than one would think and another that is planned for an upcoming blog), everything occurring in the news and much more (I think this is a run-on sentence, but you get the point).  So what?  If I have all these sources and happenings, what does it mean?  The exciting answer is “all of them already have occurred or are happening as we speak!!!

Rav Yosef Hayim Zaccai Shlit"a, from the city Betar Illit, who merited to learn many years as the Havruta of the Elder Kabbalist Rav Yitzhak Kaduri ZTVK"L, and in addition, acted as the Hazzan of his Yeshiva for 15 years, reveals to "Or Elyon" the awesome secret that he heard with his own ears from the holy mouth of Rav Kaduri ZT"L on the time of Mashiach Tzidkeinu's coming:

The Rav repeated the aforementioned question again and again, and then, I understood that the rabbi is interested that we speak about the Mashiach. I got the courage and asked him, "Our rabbi! When will Mashiach come?" The rabbi answered me, "I cannot reveal," and laughed a big laugh. I asked him again, "Our rabbi! When will Mashiach come?" The rabbi answered in 2 words, "בשנת תשעב [In the year 5772]," (which is the year in which we are currently), and he repeated this twice. I was very shocked by his words, and immediately, when I left the rabbi's home, I went up to the Kollel of Kabbalists in the Yeshiva of the rabbi, and told over what the rabbi said to them - they were all amazed.
About 2 weeks later, in the beginning of Tevet, 5766, the rabbi was admitted to Bikur Cholim Hospital in Yerushalayim. I would arrive daily to the hospital to learn with the rabbi. And then, I asked him again, "Our rabbi! In what month and in what year will Mashiach come?" And the rabbi answered me, "In the month of Av, 5772." And he repeated this twice. It is important to note that the rabbi retained consciousness until 2 weeks before his passing. The rabbi died on 29 Tevet, 5766 (as is known, he died at the age of 113 years old!!).

From that day on until today, I publicize and tell this over to everyone I meet. A short while ago, people showed me an essay by the name of "Sod HaHashmal", which Rav Fish Shlit"a authored, and there, it is brought down a testimony from the great kabbalist Rav Morgenshtein Shlit"a, the author of the "Yam HaHochma" books on Kabbala, that he has a tradition from the Vilna Gaon ZT"L that the Geula will come at the end of the year 5772. I was very happy to see that even the great Ashkenazic kabbalists predict Mashiach's arrival at the end of this year.

It is important to note! There is a time for Mashiach's coming that in Haza"l's terminology is called "Be'ita" (in its time) - this time is hidden from all. On the other hand, the Mashiach can come at any moment if Am Yisrael will do Teshuva and will be worthy of his arrival. In Haza"l's terminology, this time is called "Ahishena" (I will hasten it). In my humble opinion, it appears that the intent of the rabbis ZT"L is that Av, 5772 is the most auspicious time for the coming of Mashiach. And it's true that we see many signs that we are extremely close to the time of the coming of Mashiach Tzidkeinu, as we showed many times in the newsletters (see, for example, the essay about Gilad Shalit in the current newsletter [YY - which is also great stuff on the same pdf, page 3]), it is incumbent upon ourselves to worry not to cause with our actions that the aforementioned set time that is auspicious for the Geula will be delayed.

As we said, we are currently in the period of the "End of Days". To what can we compare our situation today? To a giant hall full of people, and in the middle of the room, a large screen is being lowered down which will divide the room into 2 parts. Everyone that is on the right will merit "all goodness", they will benefit and be happy, whereas those who remain on the left will suffer hardships. The screen continues to fall and all that remains are a few centimeters until the screen will reach the floor. In such a situation, everyone is diving under the screen and going to the right side, and everyone is carrying his friend to give him the chance to come over to the right side. The moral of this parable is that the Holy Zohar says that only those who keep the Torah and Mitzvot will merit the Complete Geula. We are currently at the "Zero Hour". We now need to dive through the narrow opening that is left open to the world of Judaism and Teshuva, and also to carry as many good souls as possible toward Judaism with us, so that they will also merit the Geula soon, Amen.

The Jewish people will be trembling and quaking and saying: "Where can we go? Where can we go?" And [Hashem] will say to them: My children, do not fear! Everything I did I did only for you! Why are you frightened? Don't be afraid--the days of your redemption have arrived!"

Rav Kaduri ZTVK"L Told His Havruta When Mashiach is Coming: Av, 5772
A Hebrew-language monthly newsletter called "Or Elyon" tells over some very interesting information, which I will translate below.

It was on Hanuka, 5766, about a month before the passing of Moreinu VeRabbeinu the Elder Kabbalist Rav Yitzhak Kaduri ZT"L, we sat and learned the Holy Zohar as is our custom every evening. Suddenly, the rabbi asked me, 'Why did Yehuda do this?' In other words, why did Yehuda bring the Mashiach with the story of Yehuda and Tamar in a way that appears not proper? I answered him, 'The honored rabbi knows all the secrets, and definitely, that which the Kabbalists explained is not hidden from his holy eyes - that HKB"H wanted to hide from the ס"מ, who is the head of the forces of the Sitra Ahora (impure forces) in the world, that He is bringing the Mashiach in order that he will not be jealous and prevent his coming to the world. Therefore, HKB"H brought the Mashiach in an outer form that looks - Kivyachol - like it is being done in an unholy way, and by doing so, the matter will be hidden from the eyes of the ס"מ.'

Note that Av, 5772 is 4 months from now.

You may want to investigate Facilitated Communications which is a technique that has been used for decades in many countries.  FC has been very successful in communicating with autistic, severely retarded individuals and individuals in a coma.  Anyone who has no communicative skills can be reached by FC.  FC is actually a way to talk to an individual's soul, not his or her physical existence.  The results have been amazing even spooky since these individuals are in touch with the metaphysical realm and have even provided prophecy of what is happening in the world and what is coming.  I have been following this since 1997 and there are individuals who have been totally accurate in their predictions.  I could write a book but I don't have to since several already have been written.  Several thousand years ago it was predicted in scriptures that in the end of days prophecy will return though children and those who are not able to speak (Bava Basra 12).  That prophecy has come true.  I even know of an individual who is in his mid thirties and has never spoken.  His father told me that whenever the father has a question, he goes to his son and he already has the answer without even having to ask.  The son told us years before it happened about the financial situation coming (housing, dollar decline, stock market, etc.).  One month before it happened, he told us the exact day a big explosion would occur and that was the first underground nuclear test of North Korea.  He and others have had 100's of predictions that have come true.  What's coming is not too good for some and very good for others but the best part is that the Messiah already is here and will be introduced in the near future.  There will be more war and natural disasters before his announcement.

I forgot to mention in my original post the most important thing about the messages from the Autistics:  The messages from the Autistics, that I am including in the documents of further details (the 80 pages) mentioned below, were their last messages.  They have all said that we are close enough to the time of redemption and they didn't need to say anything further.  This is after 15 years of messages.  What a profound proof of the end that I forgot to mention on this blog.  Sorry.

One last thought about children saying prophetic words.  I have a 4 year old granddaughter who lives in Tzvat who goes to school everyday by a particular root that includes a particular stairway.  She has told my daughter on several occasions “Moshiach has walked here.” when they walk on that stairway.  I once saw a message from a great Rabbi who said he knows who Moshiach is and even talked about the fact that he lives in Jerusalem.  He also mentioned that Moshiach had traveled to Tzvat (for reasons more involved than required here).  Out of the mouths of babes.

Yalkut Shimoni Yishayahu Remez 499 - "Rabbi Yitzchak said: The year that Melech HaMoshiach will be revealed, all the kings (leaders) of the nations will be struggling against each other. The leader of Iran will contest with the leader of Arabia, and the leader of Arabia will go to Edom to get council from them. The leader of Persia will respond and destroy the entire world. All the nations of the world will be trembling and shaking and falling on their faces. They will be seized by pains like labor pains.

It sure looks like this is occurring now (in the year that Moshiach will be revealed).

I have about 80 pages of proof from scriptures, Rabbi’s, numerology, codes, etc, etc, etc.  Anyone with the time to read and be amazed at this collection of documents is invited to go to my Email address at and request the information.  I will be happy to Email most of the documents that I have accumulated of the years.

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson has a website that I recommend highly -- mostly because of the books that he has authored on the subject of Moshiach and Geula.  His website is  The Rav also has made many videos about information encoded in the Torah.  Many of these videos are on Youtube at

A fascinating source of information about the year 2012, which is captivating the world right now, is the Mayan prophecies.  As described in Rabbi Glazerson’s book “The Mayan Culture and Judaism,” the prophecies are all of Jewish origin.  The Mayan culture, which is greatly talked about these days due to their calendar and prophecies, dwelled on the Yucatan PeninsulaYucatan is an improper pronunciation of Yoktan who was a descendant of Shem, the son of Noah (yes the same Shem that all Jews are descended from).  The information that the whole world is excited about has more validity than meets the eye and is very compelling proof that Geula and Moshiach are this year.

History repeats itself.  The story of Pesach is happening again with this year being the time when we leave Egypt for good.  There are many greats of today that are expecting a very enlightening and maybe even frightening time during and/or just after Pesach.  Is it the final stage of the redemption leading up to Moshiach?  It is looking very promising.  Stay tuned for further developments.

I will not be posting anything the first two days of Pesach.  Even though I am in Israel and only have one day of holiday before I get into the intermediate days of Pesach (chol hamoed), I respect the second day of observance outside of Israel.

Happy Pesach (Chag Somayach)


  1. You might find this interesting:

    Novelty Theory and Timewave Zero:

    Here is the time line:

    You can set the year and month and get the results of an entire year or specific months. I'd like you to compare it to the Jewish calendar for 2012 -especially Rosh Hashana and Chanukah -- how the graph descends into extreme Novelty. It's very interesting.

  2. It's already 5774 and this article predicted mashiach would have been here 2 years ago

    this is why i don't go publicizing that mashiach is coming even though i believe that he is on his way

    1. I compiled over 100 pages of evidence that 5772 would be the year and since I am not a prophet, I never stated that 5772 was the year that he would be announced. However, Moshiach is here -- he lives in Jerusalem and he has already been anointed Moshiach in Shamayim (I believe in 5772 which makes everything said about that year a reality). When he will be announced on Earth you will have to ask Hashem. There is much evidence that the Geula, including the announcement of Moshiach, is soon -- probably 5774. The evidence is very extensive and way too much for me to talk about here, even though I have had many posts on the blog disclosing my proof.

  3. I believe that Moshiach's arrival is imminent. Look what a mess the world is in - ebola spreading like wildfire in Africa, weather patterns becoming quite severe, unending war and acts of incredible brutality. So many people are in deep slumber, not yet making the spiritual connection. We are here to improve ourselves and serve H-shem. Yet, who will guide us towards teshuvah, tzedakah and teffila? How can we merit Moshiach?

    1. You are correct that his arrival is imminent. It is brought down that Moshiach will arrive when all the Jews do Teshuvah. How is that possibly going to happen? When the world is so scary, so chaotic, so difficult to bear, that all the Jews will look up and say HELP. That one word is all that will be needed and Geula will be upon us. Hashem is consistent. In the first Geula we were so scared (a mountain hanging over us), we all said "Na'aseh V'Nishmah." This time the one word -- not trusting Obama or Netanyahu -- but turning to Hashem and saying "help." As you pointed out things are getting so bad that the moment of Teshuvah is imminent, followed by the happy ending, B"H Of course, Tefillah, Tzedakah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, etc, etc, etc are all contributors to the cause.

  4. I find this significant, "One last thought about children saying prophetic words. I have a 4 year old granddaughter who lives in Tzvat who goes to school everyday by a particular root that includes a particular stairway. She has told my daughter on several occasions “Moshiach has walked here.”

    1. I recently talked to that grandaughter, who is now 6 years old, and asked her if she remembered the incident. She replied that several of her friends knew that Moshiach was there. It only gets better.

  5. What if he is not in Israel, nor ever has been?

    1. I apologize that I don't remember exactly where in scriptures it is written, but the actual region (possibly even the town name) of Moshiach's birth is told to us. The fact that there are many Rabbis who know who he is and even where he lives is also a testament to his being an Israeli. I personally know of Rabbis who know him and have spent time with him. This is not speculation, this is a definite.

  6. I just had an epiphany. There is no appointed person who will be moshiach. I think what the credentials are stating are that ANYONE who fulfills these credentials of moshiach, IS THEREFORE the Moshiach! Very interesting. Perhaps there be no need for a specific person etc. Everyone can try (so to speak!) but only ONE will succeed, or will he? Perhaps it is up to us to also fail utterly! What do you think of this?

    1. Interesting theory, but not true. I know Rabbis who know him well and have verified his existence as a living person. A neighbor of mine studied with Rav Kaduri for 15 years and verified the meeting that the Rav had with Moshiach on 9 Cheshvan 5764. I have other stories to tell, but they are too long for here.

      I do not personally know his name, even though I suspect certain Rabbis as possibilities (no, I am not allowed to tell you for various reasons). I do know that we are talking a definite person, which is in total agreement with many references in Jewish scriptures.