Thursday, April 7, 2016

We Have a Choice: Turn to Hashem or Turn to Hashem

One of the problems I have had with this blog is that with new readers every time I post, I receive Emails asking many of the same questions that I have received for years. Since we are close to 500 blog posts that I have made in the past four years, I honestly have to say that I don’t always remember everything that I have covered.

Recently, I have received Emails questioning whether I have seen the 15 year old boy who supposedly had a near death experience and came back to tell us details about what is happening in the world and when events will happen. I have been asked that question about two dozen times. I tried to keep a very open mind about his predictions, but when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has said incorrect information, I feel an obligation to my readers to set the record straight.

I am not going to comment on everything he said, but there are two items that totally disagree with my research, and even are questionable according to scriptures, Hashem’s opinion. The most disturbing aspect of the statements is that it could hurt my readers to believe such misinformation – I will explain.

The two statements that bother me the most are:

The war of Gog and Magog started on the 27th of Elul, the 11th of September 2015.
The leader of the free world is known up above as Gog. Gog is none other than... Barack Hussein Obama.
According to Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Zachariah 14, there will be three battles of Gog and Magog. The Chofetz Chaim explained it very miraculously by stating after World War 1, that a second and third world war will occur and they are the three battles described in Gog and Magog. Since WW1 was called the Great War and not WW1, the Chofetz Chaim had no way of telling that there would be a WW2 and WW3, except through Ruach Hakodesh from Tenach interpretation. He also miraculously predicted the year of WW2’s beginning giving his predictions great credibility.

He explained that WW3 would be a spiritual war, which is exactly what has been going on for years. Yaakov has been attacked spiritually by both Edom and Yishmiel (there are many prophecies that have been fulfilled with this spiritual battle). The Chofetz Chaim was very correct about Gog and Magog, with even more proof. The boy, however, stating that it began in 2015 was very inaccurate and deceiving information. There are other Rabbis that believe that the 1948, 1967 and 1973 wars in Israel satisfied the three battles. No matter who you believe, there is no way that it started 27th of Elul, the 11th of September 2015, especially since there are no significant events that happened on that day.

That brings me to the other problem. If we believe that Gog and Magog are the three world wars, who was Gog and even where is Magog? Since Obama was born in 1961, that leaves him out of the picture. The statement that Gog is the leader of the free world is true, but placing Obama as Gog has no basis except for the present spiritual war (which started long before the Obama presidency).

Another problem: what do the words Gog and Magog mean? Are they code names of leaders and a country that we haven’t figured out?

My research has proven that Gog means George. Believe it or not, within the Hebrew and English the name Gog appears – GeOrGe in English, and ג'ורג in Hebrew which contains גוג. There is no J sound in Hebrew unless you hear the Sephardi or even the Tameni pronunciation which is closer. No matter what the pronunciation, the letter gimel in Hebrew is equivalent to the G in English. In other languages, George has the soft G sound, not a J sound.

If I am looking for a George in the three world wars, who are they? WW1 was King George the 5th. WW2 was King George the 6th. WW3 is King George the Bush. The entire effort by the New World Order cabal to institute WW3, eliminate 93% of the world population and put in a Communist one world government is being honchoed by the world leader, former CIA, former Vice-President and former President, George H W Bush, Sr. He is the chief of the evil cabal and Obama is one of his puppets. Obama is not Gog, but he works for Gog to try to destroy the world and, even Israel. Remember that Gog Bush, Sr. created Al Qaeda, the Oslo Accord (which definitely was for the purpose of destroying Israel) and is even involved in creating and supporting ISIS. Gog is running the show, not Obama.

Why would Obama do such a thing? As of a few years ago I have verified that Obama has over 3 billion dollars in illegal off-shore accounts (I believe in the Cayman Islands, even though the recent Panama Papers are very incriminating). So Obama and the Clintons and Kerry and etc, etc, etc, are in this for the money and power – what a surprise. By the way, the word in Hebrew for shame or embarrassment is Busha. What a coincidence?

But how about the name Obama appearing in Ezekiel 38 with only a 7 letter separation? Well, as I said, Obama is very involved, since he is in the White House now instituting the Gog Bush agenda. He is an important Cog in the cabal, but not a Gog. Yes, we find Obama in Ezekiel with a skip rate of 7. But, let us look at a more pertinent verse, 38:3, which reads:

Thus said Hashem: Behold, I am against you, Gog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tuval: Verse 4 I will lead you astray…
In Hebrew:
The Hebrew word for prince is נָשִׂיא which happens to be the word used in modern Hebrew for President. But the best part is in the name of the place Meshech and Tuval in Hebrew we find with skip rate of two (every other letter) BUSH. It even goes from left to right just like English:

In the next word, we just happen to find BUSH again, this time no letter skip and also left to right:
By the way, I did some research as to where Meshech and Tuval are believed to have existed. The answer: in the country of Georgia. How that name George keeps cropping up.

What a coincidence and far more impressive than the Obama code.

But, what does the name Magog mean and how do we know it is the United States? In Hebrew the letter Mem before a word means “from.” So Magog means “from George.” What is the significance? The US is identified by the father of the nation, George Washington. To say that the US is described in the Bible as a country from the father of the nation, or “from George,” or Magog is very accurate. We also should note that the colonies gained independence “from King George, of England,” Magog.

Extra note: WW1 was a false flag operation from the US of Magog. WW2 included false flag aspects, but there is nothing more telling than the source of financing that hitler received for his war. He did not have the money, the armament, the fuel, etc to stage such a massive war until it was setup for him by, of all people, Prescott Bush, the father of Gog. Yes, WW2 occurred only through the auspices and help of the US of Magog (and what a money maker it was for the global elite). This is well documented. The WW3 plans are from the Illuminati, that we can see engraved in the Georgia Guidestones. I have talked about that subject quite a bit, but I just love how it just happens to be in the state of Georgia.

There are many more details to all this that I can’t go into, because they come from my secret sources in Washington and Europe (if I disclose the sources and/or the information, I will lose the sources as I would get them in trouble). Just know that my research on all this is extensive and over decades including my time in the military and government that gave me access to very telling classified information.

I also know and have confidence in the Midrash about the King of Damascus, Assad, and the war between Edom and Persia (Yoma 10 and the Yalkut Shimoni), both of which will happen before Moshiach, and both of which have not occurred yet. However, both seem to be on the verge of happening. Two news articles from last week were:

Russia, US agree to dethrone Assad, send him into Exile

Khamenei: The future is missiles, not negotiations

There are other Georges that are prominent in the chaos of the world these days. George Soros is helping Gog Bush with the total collapse of the world economy that will happen soon.

Of course, Gog Bush, Jr who escalated both Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of the false flag operation of 911, for the purpose of trying to get the NWO agenda implemented and WW3 started. He did that for his father Gog, Sr. It was actually easy since the Bush family has been good friends with the Bin Laden family for decades. That was how Gog Bush, Sr started Al Qaeda as former CIA director and then Vice Pres, in the 1980’s. His friend Osama helped him. Later it was easy to break off a new group called ISIS in an ongoing effort to get WW3 started.

The evil global elite really want their war and their evil NWO agenda under way. You have probably seen the latest news that ISIS probably has nuclear weapons and is planning to use them on big cities. Since, ISIS is trained and funded by the US of Magog (easily proven), we have another chance at WW3 thanks to the Gog Bush cabal (and others like the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati and probably the UN).

One more George who needs recognition. George Mario Bergoglio is definitely doing his part in the chaos of the world. You don’t recognize the name? Well, he goes under the name of Pope Francis these days. What is comical it that the name
George Mario Bergoglio includes Gog MaGog. Cool.

The most important message I wish to convey is that we have a mitzvah in the Torah to eliminate Amalek, our arch enemy. If we find it hard to believe the truth about our enemies, we instead honor Amalek by releasing him from the evil deeds he does. We also honor Yishmiel by giving him credit for being intelligent enough to pull off such vicious evil. We did the same thing with 911, honoring Yishmiel by giving him credit for the most sophisticated controlled demolition in the history of the world, while we honored Amalek for helping, rather than carrying out such an evil plan and killing so many innocent people. It may seem like a simple mistake, but it is nothing short of a Chillul Hashem to desecrate a Torah mitzvah. If we take the killing of millions or perhaps billions of people lightly, as Amalek has planned, by accusing the wrong person, we do ourselves and the world a great disservice – one that we may pay a horrible price for eternity. If I am sounding over-dramatic, then heed the fact that you and your loved ones are the target of Amalek, chas v’shalom. Don’t take it lightly.

Even the messages from Hashem to move to Israel, is found many places in scriptures. But, if you are honoring a place like Magog and thinking it is alright to remain there until Moshiach is announced, it is very questionable as to whether you are following Hashem, or just living the excuses for not going to Israel. The point that I am making is that it is your attitude that Hashem is judging. If you say emphatically: “Hashem will protect me and I don’t need to go to Israel,” you are putting yourself and your loved ones in jeopardy, which will result in a very difficult time ahead. If you have the attitude: “I know we should be there, and we made a big mistake not planning it sooner,” Hashem looks at us much more favorably. We have the right intentions; we just didn’t do it correctly. When we had the Temple, if we sinned accidentally, we could bring a sacrifice to the Temple and be forgiven for our sins. If we did it intentionally, not caring about Hashem’s instructions, that sin was not forgivable. Please, please, please do the right thing in the Eyes of Hashem and turn to Him for everything. Do Teshuvah by correcting mistakes and not just admitting them. We are definitely running out of time. Your entire future is in the balance.


  1. Shalom Rav,
    Have a question.. do `goyim`` which also includes noahides, have a yetza hara

    Will wait for your answer. Thank you in advance.

    1. Yes they do, but to what extent, I don't know. The subject is much deeper than we think and my education is very limited in that area.

  2. Thank you so much!
    Awaiting the real crowning of Moshiach for so long already! Truly hoping that this month which is the month of the Geula will really be the actuality of the dreams that we have been dreaming and yearning for! How much longer can all the madness go on? How much longer can Hashem hold back and watch? How much longer until all the testing and the darkness is over Over OVer OVEr OVER.
    May all the righteous and good hearted people of this planet be spared and march oh so proudly into the light of Hashem. Amen.

  3. Yaakov ben YehudaApril 7, 2016 at 7:16 PM

    is netaniayhu member of the evil global elite working for Bush in the region

    1. A good question, but I don't know. I heard from one source that he may be, but the source might be a Jew-hater who includes every Jew. We may find out soon, and then it won't matter since Moshiach will be in charge.

  4. Rav Menahem, Your love and concern for every Jew, Noahide and Righteous Gentile is really inspiring. It is one of the main reasons i visit the blog everyday - other than Shabbas of course. Please clarify to us in the diaspora the issue of why our North American leadership remains totally silent about the need for aliya. There is nothing and i mean really nothing being shared in the congregations, in Jewish newspapers, etc.. People go to Israel, visit relatives, attend simchas and come right back to their jobs, school, homes, etc. Most of us are in deep slumber and only the lucky ones that find similar blogs have any idea about the FC individual's messages, Rav Nir's and other Rav's warnings, the Gog evil cabal's plans, etc. So many good people just going about their daily routines without a clue about Nibiru and the approaching danger. People in coastal areas will not make it, this is a given. So i have to ask...why this seeming conspiracy of silence outside Israel? Trying to broach the subject with frum or not frum people yields the same results: the "funny" looks. I don't even try anymore. Do you have any thoughts about this irrational state of affairs in the diaspora? With Gratitude & Shabbat Shalom to you and fellow bloggers. Ms. AP

    1. You are witnessing what has been brought down for thousands of years that in the end of days there will be almost no leadership. Most of the great Rabbis are no longer here. Most remaining Rabbis have very little cognizance of the world today and what is happening. As I have repeatedly said, the only truth is from Hashem and following His ways.

      Part of Hashem's plan for the end time is to have no great leadership. Along with a scary world to make us do more Teshuvah, our craving for leadership will only be satisfied with Moshiach. Exactly what you are expressing in the way of shortcoming and need for help, is only satisfied by turning to Hashem and demanding Moshiach, NOW. It may seem like we shouldn't demand anything from Hashem, but it is the exact opposite, Hashem is waiting for us to turn to Him and insist. That way we finally catch on to the only solution to the world's craziness, the only Source of salvation.

      Most people today review the military, political, financial, social solutions to our world problems. When they realize the absolute truth and start living it, they feel consoled and even have a positive attitude about the future. There is much more that can be said, but I believe you are catching on to my rhetoric.

      If you see people who can't get enough of analyzing the election or paying attention to the military plans to take care of Iran, North Korea, Syria, etc, etc, etc, then you are looking at the people who are living the upside-down fantasy world and ignoring reality. The only reality is Hashem. Those who are with complete faith and trust in Hashem have no problem with the future -- they have the solution.

  5. Just saw this:
    Albert Einstein quietly fumed at the US for not doing more to stop the Nazis, a letter being auctioned later this month reveals.

    "You can imagine how the new crimes committed by the Nazis in France make me suffer, crimes assisted to by the 'fascist' Vichy-traitors," Einstein wrote, in a letter dated September 3, 1942. The letter was published in full Thursday by the Daily Mail.

    He hesitated to approach Washington on the issue, however - saying the US government was "a government controlled to a large degree by financiers the mentality of whom is near to the fascist frame of mind."

  6. Yet long ago I hated Bush with whatever cells I had left in my body, because of his asserting a stranglehold on the advancement of stem cells in America. Back then I was like a mid-ager, even worse; these days I'm more like a geriatric, in excruciating pain systemically. All because of that EVIL rasha who no doubt reserves the right for himself and fellow NWO guys to get ongoing maintenance stem cells in the Cayman Islands. And if you can believe it, nowadays the reshaims' goal has been to patent peoples' own stem cells as a DRUG! Why don't I ever hear Nir Artzi or the autistics commenting about this topic? It's very unkind that they address their messages to young healthy people, to the exclusion of those of us who are suffering. In fact, frustratingly infuriating!

    1. If Rav Ben Artzi and the FC individuals commented on every commandment that the global elite are violating or wanting us to violate, their messages would be 613 paragraphs long.

      I agree it is an important topic, but what topic isn't important these days (I just thought of one -- the election)?

  7. P.S. just wanted to add that I'm the one who posted about Gog-Bush strangling stem-cells, as well as that post about the girl rambling re: the Bushes & mother-theresa, as well as about Chofetz Chaim predicting 70 years (which many heimish had interpreted as starting from 1939 even though it could just as well have meant 1945.